#267: How Root Canals Can Destroy Your Health, Natural Remedies for Ulcers, The Best Kind of Garlic to Use and Much More!

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Jan 8, 2014 Podcast: How Root Canals Can Destroy Your Health, Natural Remedies for Stomach Ulcers, The Best Kind Of Garlic To Use, How to Get Rid Of Car Sickness, How Long Should You Rest After Interval Training, What Supplements To Use Before Workouts, and How To Train For An Ultramarathon?

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As compiled, edited and sometimes read by Brock, the Ben Greenfield Fitness Podcast “sidekick”.

How Root Canals Can Destroy Your Health

Steve asks: Whats your take on root canals? I have seen and read alot of info by Dr. Mercola saying how bad they are . What are my options zirconia implant? Extraction partial i really dont wanna be toothless but i do wanna be healthy please help.

Natural Remedies for Stomach Ulcers

Anna asks: I have a question regarding stomach ulcer. I got one and I was wondering if you could tell me what I should do to fix my problem.

In my response I recommend:
My top 7 ways to reduce stress
Mastic gum
-High dose Vitamin C

The Best Kind Of Garlic To Use

Brian asks: My name is Brian and I am a firm believer in garlic raw and supplement form, I am wondering what is the best brand of garlic and what should I look for in the supplement?

In my response I recommend:
Standardized garlic extract

How to Get Rid Of Car Sickness

Betsy asks: I live in Denver – we have a house in Breckenridge at 11,000 ft (near Mt. Quandary) .   Since we have had kids, it's been difficult to make it up for weekend adventures.  The last two times we have attempted mountain trips our almost 3 year old gets really car sick.  The drive is about 1 hour 3 min.  She has puked both times.  The route isn't too too swirly.  We've tried the regular advice – roll down the window (even though it's freakin' cold), light snack before we go – tell her to look out the window…  No dice.

In my response I recommend:
Acupressure wrist bands
Viban view limiting device

How Long Should You Rest After Interval Training?

Jacob asks: I do triathlon and had a question about training. I work out two to three times a day and when I swim, I always do intervals. My question is this: Should I do hard intervals in both bike and run workouts in the same day and then make the next day a recovery day? Or, besides swimming, keep the intervals to either the bike or the run for that day and then do the intervals in the other discipline  the next day. I have heard of some cyclists smashing themselves with hard intervals twice a day and then going very easy on off days. I am wondering if this or if doing intervals everyday ( except for weekly rest day ) in just bike or the run is the the way to go. I would appreciate your input.

In my response I recommend:
HRV testing

What Supplements To Use Before Workouts

Peggah asks: So I read your personal vitamin regimen, and specifically, the supplements you take pre-workout. I don't take any pre-workout supplements now and was wondering if you had any recommendations. I workout usually after sitting at a desk for close to 10 hours, and feel like I would definitely benefit from having additional energy and would love to take something that would help me burn more fat/build more muscle. But I'm also not training for a triathlon or doing crazy-hard workouts, so I imagine (but am not sure) that something like the X2 Performance would be overkill. I'm 28, 5'4, 130lbs (would like to lose 10 and just get more toned), can run like 4 miles at a 10 min pace, workout 3-4 times a week, and generally do a combination of cardio and weights for 45 minutes at my apartment's gym. Anyway, if you have any thoughts on pre (or post) workout supplements for a pretty average gym-goer who wants to step it up a little, would love to hear your thoughts!

In my response I recommend:
Master Amino Pattern
Trace Liquid Minerals
Hormone Pack

How To Train For An Ultramarathon

J asks: I am a chiropractor & have been doing triathlons for about 4years now & I love the endurance side of things. In 2014 I plan on tackling a different beast, an Ironman in Jan, a 75k ultramarathon in the Victorian mountain country then a 100k north face ultramarathon in the nsw mountains. I was wondering if you would have any recommendations/suggestions for a training regime that would require me to go from ironman athlete to ultramarathon man?


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10 thoughts on “#267: How Root Canals Can Destroy Your Health, Natural Remedies for Ulcers, The Best Kind of Garlic to Use and Much More!

  1. alcazar13 says:

    So I tuned in to one of many Dr jack Kruse's webinars. This one went in depth with DR John D. Sorrentino on everything teeth, tooth decay, and of course root canals i asked about the safety and efficacy of root canals, if I should remove them once I have them. Also a lot more info, Dr Kruse was once a dentist as well before becoming a neurosurgeon he shares some interesting Info . I had a specific issue I was dealing with I had three root canals on my bottom right quadrant. I spoke to countless dentist hollistic non hollistic IAOMT certified, huggins applied dentist. Many had different opinions comments and reccomendations maybe some more intrested in just $$$ ??? I really cant say if there honest but i dug deep to find a solution. Are these root canals realling jacking me up is the alternative of extraction necesary ? I asked dr john these questions as he seems like a pretty credible individual to ask , he said root canals were fine and safe and if i already have them that i should be fine he stated no one had ever died from a root canal , also mentioned if my reddox potential was good i should be ok , and if there were to give me any problems in the future then extract them then. He also spoke on dr weston a price and his findings . heres the link check it out if anyones interested http://jackkruse.com/dentistry-dr-john-sorrentino…

  2. alcazar13 says:

    Hey Ben can u help me out with this ???..OK u said to get the spectracell analysis test aka the ion test to see if I have fully eraticated the heavy metals from my body I searched for spectracell ion test didn't get any info but then I seen these test are they the same test ???
    Toxic Metals, Fecal-DD
    Toxic metals urine
    Toxic Metals, Whole Blood-Metametrix kit
    I also read this….
    (("Hair Toxic Element Exposure Profile"))
    examines hair samples for levels of toxic elements. The test includes measures of pervasive and potentially damaging toxins such as lead, mercury and cadmium, along with some crucial mineral nutrients that can be toxic at higher levels. This test can help pinpoint toxic substances that may be triggering such symptoms or conditions as chronic fatigue, depression, hyperactivity in children, "brain fog," stress, thyroid dysfunction, and many other conditions. What's the best test Ben please help me the hair test is the cheapest but does it work ??? Look forward to your answer , keep up the great work…

    1. The test you need to get is the ION Profile w/40 Amino Acids-METAMETRIX KIT at http://goo.gl/JJoOT

  3. Kate says:

    You talk Aminos in the podcast…I know you love MAP, but do you have a second favorite brand? I have a college student client that can’t afford MAP. Thanks!

  4. shiri55 says:

    Hi Ben&Brock, In response to the question on motion sickness. From my personal experience as a kid, going out on spinning rides , ocean fishing, car rides, planes, trains, sailing….It was not fun! I was curious if the 3yr old had any kind of sugar in her diet. Especially white. I say that because as an adult I was lucky to come across books and people who helped me "detox" a year or so later I was on a piece of equipment upside down and waiting to feel sick when I no longer felt the motion sickness that plagued me for so long. I suspect sugar as a main culprit or catalyst.
    For me sugar is like rat poison? angel dust? crack? ha! That article on motion sickness made so much sense to me!!
    Thank you for a great show. I really enjoy you guys!

  5. RBelz says:

    Thanks so much for sharing the info on root canals!! My Dad has been a biological/holistic dentist for 33 years and it's amazing how hard it is for the public to find the truth about conventional dentistry. We need people like you to share the word! FYI- calcium hydroxide still isn't a great option, unfortunately :( You can do a Dental DNA test which looks at the anaerobic bacteria found in and around root canal teeth, and even with a "biological" root canal.. it's still toxic. Best option is to extract the tooth. Sorry, I know people don't want to hear that. Thanks again for your great info!

    1. Interesting. Thanks for the info!

  6. Steve says:

    Thanks for the root canal info ben, most definetly doing the metalfree chelation, how do i check if i ultimately eliminated all heavy metals from my body? Hows high vit c intravenous will this help?

    1. You can do a Spectracell analysis, also know as an Ion test. Check DirectLabs and click order tests. It is listed there: http://goo.gl/JJoOT

      I've never seen evidence that high dose Vitamin C is necessarily helpful for chelation, etc. That is better for immune system and adrenals.

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