#273: How To Make Bread Healthy, Which Chocolate Is Good For You, How To Increase Fertility And More!

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Feb 26, 2014 Podcast: Do-It-Yourself Fix For Leg Length Discrepancies, Which Chocolate Is Good For You, Best Ways To Learn More About Health Exercise and Nutrition, How To Increase Balance, How To Naturally Increase Fertility, and The Best Supplements for Inflammation.

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Listener Q&A:

As compiled, deciphered, edited and sometimes read by Brock Skywalker Armstrong, the Podcast “Sidekick”.

Do-It-Yourself Fix For Leg Length Discrepancies

Ben asks: He has Short Leg Syndrome and is wondering who to see and what the treatments are for it. His chiropractor just wants to give him lifts.

Which Chocolate Is Good For You?

Bill asks: There is a new Dark Chocolate product out called Zen Evo Dark Chocolate. There are some different options: one with caffeine, one with Vitamin D and one plain. What are your thoughts on this product and dark chocolate in general… he knows that you are a fan!

Best Ways To Learn More About Health, Exercise and Nutrition

Erin asks: She has been listening to the show for 2 years and is always blown away. What do you do on a daily basis to keep up to date with the knowledge to have specific recommendations and the latest studies. How do you prepare for the podcast? Do you get the questions ahead of time and do research or do you just have things on hand to reference? Can you give and specific recommendations for someone who wants to be… more like you?

How To Increase Balance

Michelle asks: She had an acoustic neuroma tumour in her brain. She had surgery in 2001 to debulk the tumour and she lost all hearing and her vestibular nerve on her right side. She knows that her left side compensates for her right side but are the imbalances she has today from the surgery or just regular imbalances? Can she improve them with one legged exercises? She has trouble with one legged balances and has to really focus or grab on to something. Is there anything she can do to improve her balance?

In my response I recommend:
-My article on How To Increase Balance
Envi airtubes

How To Naturally Increase Fertility

Mike and Laura asks: They want to have a baby. He is already training for a race and she is wondering if things like riding a bike and taking ice baths will hurt his “swimmers”. He wants to know what kind of food or supplements guys can take to help maintain or enhance his fertility. Any other advice for people trying to conceive?

In my response I reccomend:
-Dave Asprey's Better Baby Book
-Chris Kresser's Healthy Baby Code
Cod Liver Oil (e.g. Superessentials) – 6-8g/day
Vitamin D – 2000IU/day
Vitamin C – 2g/day
-Any of the following herbs used regularly:
Red Raspberry Leaf
Nettle Leaf
Red Clover
Vitex/Chaste Tree Berry
Folate – 2000-5000mcg/day
-Many of the nutrients above are in Fertility Blend for Men and Fertility Blend for Women
-Consider progesterone cream WITH testing or sublingual progesterone
-Shellfish or a good zinc supplement, best when combined with a B-Vitamin complex
Brazil nuts in the shell

Best Supplements for Inflammation

Rob asks: He is in rehab from coming off his bike last year and it is going well although he is in near constant muscular discomfort. He is avoiding NSAIDS and supplementing with Fish Oil, Magnesium and Tissue Salts. He saw some research that showed CLA had some pretty potent anti inflammatory properties. Have you seen that and do you think it is worth supplementing with?

In my response I recommend:
Injury Pack


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14 thoughts on “#273: How To Make Bread Healthy, Which Chocolate Is Good For You, How To Increase Fertility And More!

  1. funkstir says:

    Hey Ben,

    Listened to the show whilst on my bike ride…didn't feel that much harder.

    Just for info

    The Borg RPE scale is from 6-20 so it matches up with "normal" people's heart rates when you multiply by 10

    6 for rest = 60bpm
    20 for max effort = 200bpm

    1. Very cool! Thanks.

  2. Scott G says:

    Hey Ben,

    Great podcast. Do you think that sourdough bread would work for a pizza crust? My wife makes a homemade pizza with a cauliflower crust that is pretty good but it is hard to replace a wheat dough based crust. Thanks

    1. I don't see why not – good call! But remember that any bread is still a significant source of carbs (unlike your cauliflower crust) so take it easy.

  3. jeffleonard90 says:

    Earthpulse or magnetico or Biomat????? They are all a pretty big investment, whats your take? I listened to what Dr Kruse had to say about the magnetico and seemed convinced after reading about it…now this one….

    1. Totally different. You could technically do either an Earthpulse or a Magnetico (both are good for magnet therapy) and combine with a Biomat for the infrared/crystals. If I had to choose ONE – for versatility, ease of use, etc. I'd choose Earthpulse:

  4. darcieg76 says:

    How do you know your Brazil nuts in the shell aren't already moldy? (that's why you keep them in the freezer, right?) Do you know how long they've been sitting around before you get them from Amazon?

    1. There's no 100% guarantee they're not moldy but FAR less likely to be when they are in the shell because that means they haven't been exposed to same amount of moisture – which is also why I keep them in freezer.

      1. darcieg76 says:

        Right, I understand why you keep them in the shell–I meant that freezing them after they may have been sitting out for however long before they're shipped might not do much, but I guess it can only help.

  5. darcieg76 says:

    Have you tried Alter Eco Blackout chocolate? 85%, no soy, no dairy. It's really smooth and has a bit of a fruity flavor. I love it. Also am a big fan of the Navita Natural raw cacao powder–any reason you use the nibs instead of that?

    1. I use the nibs because I like to chew on something. ;)

      1. darcieg76 says:

        I'd recommend the Alter Eco Blackout for bar chocolate–so good! :-)

  6. feerlessfood says:

    Hey Ben! Can you talk about this study about "abdominal fat accumulation prevented by unsaturated fat" in next weeks show's New Flashes and whether or not we should care about it? Thanks!

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