#277: 5 Ways To Get Better at Pull-Ups, Natural Gym Bag Deodorants, Maintaining Muscle When Fasting and Much More!

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Apr 2, 2014 Podcast: 5 Ways To Get Better at Pull-Ups, Natural Gym Bag Deodorants, Maintaining Muscle When Fasting, Acne During Pregnancy, How To Exercise With A Foot Stress Fracture, Recovery Tips for Eye Surgery, and Nutrition for Liver Bilirubin.

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Listener Q&A:

As compiled, deciphered, edited and sometimes read by Brock Skywalker Armstrong, the Podcast “Sidekick”.

5 Ways To Get Better at Pull-Ups

Phil asks: His wife has struggled with completing a proper push-up and a proper pull-up. He knows that this is often an issue for women (and also men) and is wondering if there are some exercises that people can do to gain the strength to complete a proper pushup or pullup?

In my response I recommend:
Perfect Pull-up bar
Perfirmer handles
Chin-Ups: 6 Tips to Help You Over the Bar (Neghar Fonooni)

Natural Gym Bag Deodorants

Jim asks: His fitness gear stinks. The moment any moisture hits his riding, running or yoga gear – it reeks. He is looking for some natural ways to clear his gear and make it smell better.

In my response I recommend:
CoolFeet Powder (use 15% discount code 80244 at http://www.HammerNutrition.com)
-My CreativeLIVE course

Maintaining Muscle When Fasting

Mark asks: He has just started Intermittent Fasting to lose some body fat. He is doing a daily 16 hour fast (eating all his calories in 8 an hour window). His workouts often happen in the morning, which his fasting time. He wants to know if he should have a protein shake after the workout to maintain muscle or skip it to maintain the fast?

In my response I recommend:
Master Amino Pattern
-Concentrated greens (to balance pH). Recommend Enerprime (capsule) or Capragreens (low calorie powder)
Upgraded collagen

Acne During Pregnancy

Alexander asks: His girlfriend is in her 2nd trimester of her third pregnancy and is having trouble with an acne outbreak. She has cut down on almost all sugars, carbs and grains and there has been no change – she might even be getting worse. Any ideas of what else they could do?

How To Exercise With A Foot Stress Fracture

Chris asks: She is 55 years old and has spiral fractured her 5th metatarsal and needs to stay off her foot for at least a month. She had been running and doing body weight workouts. Do you have any suggestions on how to do workouts without putting any weight on one foot?

Recovery Tips for Eye Surgery

Keerthi asks: He is having PRK eye surgery next month where the corneal epithelium needs to be removed and regenerated. Do you have any recommendations of supplements he should take to recover faster? Maybe collagen? Also do you have any opinions of this surgery?

Nutrition for Liver Bilirubin

George asks: He was born with Gilbert's syndrome. He has too much bilirubin in his liver. He's not sure if he should be concerned and wants to know if there are any nutritional guidelines he should be following.

In my response I recommend:
Bitters and Bile salts and Digestive Enzymes


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14 thoughts on “#277: 5 Ways To Get Better at Pull-Ups, Natural Gym Bag Deodorants, Maintaining Muscle When Fasting and Much More!

  1. jstaudte says:

    Iron Bisglycinate or Floradix. When would you use one over the other? (I just tested and my ferritin is low. I'm also vegetarian.)

    1. If iron is low, bisglycinate. If ferritin is low Floradix. If both…both! If you vegetarian, I personally would be on both!

  2. Running_FF says:

    Could you substitute a scoop or two of Living Fuel Super Greens for Enerprime or Capragreens when fasting and trying to maintain muscle?

    1. Not Supergreens (that's a meal replacement, it would break the fast). The others would be fine but to maintain muscle you don't need greens you need http://pacificfit.net/items/map/

      1. Running_FF says:

        Thanks! Been using MAP and MCT oil for fasts. Heard you mention adding greens when fasting while working out so thought I would ask about the Super Greens as I have a container.

  3. kem says:

    Nice lunch. Wanna swap pate recipes?

    At my “office” should I carry my 40kg bags of feed back and forth and maybe those hefty pine rounds could be stacked, unstacked and restacked.

  4. Chuckfeerick says:

    Ben, I take an Animal Pak vitamin pack that has the below amino acid profile. However, the pack has a total of 40 calories, with 6g protein and 4g carbs. Would this be a good or bad idea to take before a fasted workout session in order to protect myself from muscle catabolism? Would this amount of calories take me out of fasting mode? Thanks! Great podcast!

    Amino Acid Complex
    Alanine279 mg**
    Arginine1,213 mg**
    Aspartic Acid498 mg**
    Cystine110 mg**
    Glutamic Acid653 mg**
    Glutamine174 mg**
    Glycine180 mg**
    Histidine92 mg**
    Isoleucine (BCAA/EAA)284 mg**
    Leucine (BCAA/EAA)509 mg**
    Lysine (EAA)418 mg**
    Methionine (EAA)125 mg**
    Phenylalanine (EAA)192 mg**
    Proline203 mg**
    Serine250 mg**
    Threonine (EAA)283 mg**
    Tryptophan (EAA)81 mg**
    Tyrosine164 mg**
    Valine (BCAA/EAA)289 mg**

    1. 40 calories. NO biggie at all. It's just a speedbump. ;) Especially for a lean guy like you. I wouldn't worry AT ALL about this, especially with only 4g of carbs…

      1. Chuckfeerick says:

        Thanks Ben!

  5. Darcie says:

    What’s the difference between the upgraded collagen and, say, Great Lakes grass-fed gelatin? Also, I have to agree with the caller’s assessment of the 1-900 voice. :-p

    1. They're similar.
      The key with any of these is the hydrolyzation of the collagen. This leads to a higher absorption rate.
      Just get the collagen from Great Lakes. Gelatin products are for use in hot/warm liquids/mixtures – as they do not dissolve properly in cold, and then they congeal as whatever they were mixed into cools. Gelatin is more for creations and recipes, rather than daily and easy consumption. But collagen is mixable into almost anything, and will readily dissolve for easy consumption.

      1. darcieg76 says:

        Thanks, Ben!

      2. Kat_f says:

        Hi, Ben,
        What is the advantage of taking collagen over MAP or whey? Is it all broken down to amino acids in your digestive system? (If so, I guess the difference is just the profile of amino acids?)

        1. MAP is best. Collagen takes a bit more digestion but is second best. Whey takes the most energy to digest and would be least favorable. This assumes we are talking about using this pre- or during- workout.

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