#294: How Many Calories Do You Burn With Cold Thermogenesis, How To Build Muscle On A Vegan Diet, How To Use A Powerlung & More!

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Sep 17, 2014 Podcast: How Many Calories Do You Burn With Cold Thermogenesis, Dangerous Ingredients In Muscle Rubs, Building Muscle On A Vegan Diet, How To Use A Powerlung, and Autoimmune Issues In Kids.

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Listener Q&A:

As compiled, deciphered, edited and sometimes read by Brock Skywalker Armstrong, the Podcast Sidekick and Audio Ninja.

How Many Calories Do You Burn With Cold Thermogenesis?

Jared asks: He has been searching all over the net for the specific amounts of calories that are burned in an hour long session of all the different forms of Cold Thermogenesis.

more Cool Fat Burner breakthroughs

Autoimmune Issues In Kids

Andrew asks: His 4-year-old son has itchy skin (visibly fine) and a persistent cough (for 3 years now). He also has “insane mood swings”. He eats a real food diet (with some fruits and starches). He has tested positive for mould sensitivity. They dealt with as much mould as possible. They live in Australia so they can't get tests without going through their doctor. What would you suggest they get tested?

Building Muscle On A Vegan Diet

Mark asks: He is looking for a soy free, vegan, muscle building program. He is a vegan athlete looking to put on some muscle. What food, meal plan, nutrition, supplements that would you recommend to put on some muscle?

How To Use A Powerlung

Michael asks: He wants to go “beyond training” with a Powerlung. He has read the book and listened to the interview with Gregg Wells. In it you said you use it twice a week but the instructions say to use it twice a day. What is the best way to use the Powerlung to get maximum benefit? Best sets and reps? Best rest? Should he use it in the morning or will that effect his run or spinning session? Is it better to use after a training session? Should he use it under a cold shower doing static lunges, with a weighted vest, being hooked to am EMS device with training bands on his legs to build up extra lactic acid while reading your book?

Dangerous Ingredients In Muscle Rubs

Mori asks: He came up with an ointment made up of coconut oil, topical magnesium and caffeine. He has been rubbing it on his sore knees, ankles and calves and it seems to be helping. He got the idea from a dream he had… do you think it really is helping or is it all in his head?


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7 thoughts on “#294: How Many Calories Do You Burn With Cold Thermogenesis, How To Build Muscle On A Vegan Diet, How To Use A Powerlung & More!

  1. Ben is such a good speaker, worth listening.

  2. Aja Hicks says:

    Great podcast! I am a woman interested in taking the Creatine you mentioned to achieve better results in my workouts and to decrease my body fat. However, I am very weary of fe negative side effects of Creatine supplementation for women such as bloating and looking larger in appearance due to retaining water. Is this bloating just an issue with lower quality creatines? Or does it differ from person to person? Do you recommend Creatine supplementation for women as well as men?

    1. No issue with water retention if you use that CreO2 stuff I talked about, but sometimes that retention can indeed happen with creatine monohydrate. I recommend creatine for women as well as men – your physiology is no different in that respect!

  3. darcieg76 says:

    Question sorta related to the blue-light light bulbs you installed: I have a pair of Gunnar computer glasses, and I know they don't block much as much blue light as these cheap-o orange ones I got from Amazon because I can still see blue LEDs with them on. But is it counterproductive to wear them during the day at a computer desk job because you want to get as much blue light as possible? I find that they reduce eye strain. so I like to use them.

    1. The Gunnars are great for reducing eye strain but not as effective for sleep as the lenses that block 95%+ of blue light wave spectrum. I’d use the Gunnars anytime you feel your eyes getting fatigued (if you can’t just walk away from the screen, that is). Use the higher blue blockers before bed.

  4. nolongerfatdad says:

    Wow! Who Knew?!! My father is 63, has never exercised (other than some high school sports waaayyy back, but is fit, trim and has a 6 pack. In past physical exams, docs have chalked it up to good genetics and luck. I say WRONG! He has work in meat plants since age 16, spending hours every day in huge freezers. After hearing this (and I will show him the TNation article), he will now be able to educate his doctors. Also, it's pretty cool to realize that the body doesn't adapt to the cold over time. It will be interesting, albeit potentially sad, to see what happens after he retires and no longer spends time in the freezers. The good news is that my parents have a pool, so he will still be able to get fairly cold, if he so chooses, for 4-5 months each year (they live in southern US, so not a long cool/cold season. So, look for an update in 3-5 years! :-)

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