#299: Does A Vegetarian Diet Reduce Sperm Count, Cell Phones And Brain Cancer, What Is A Good “HRV” Number & More!

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Nov 19, 2014 Podcast: The Best Place to Live For An Active Lifestyle, How To Naturally Increase HCL Production, What Is A Good HRV Number, Meat Broth vs. Bone Broth, and Breath Ketones vs. Blood Ketones.

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The Best Place to Live For An Active Lifestyle

Geoff asks: Given your lifestyle of travel and sport, why do you live where you do? Where do you think would be the best place in the world to live for swimming, biking, running, wellness and living an active lifestyle in general?

How To Naturally Increase HCL Production

Cathy asks: She has tried to supplement with Betaine HCL (for all the good reasons you have mentioned in the past) but it gives her major insomnia, a little anxiety and some joint pain. She can't find any information on why this would be happening. She saw that it could be related to suppression of potassium and magnesium. Could it be a mineral imbalance?

What Is A Good HRV Number?

Annie asks: She wants to start using HRV to avoid over training. She understands that her LF and HF should be balanced with high power and that her HRV and rRMSD should be high… but she is not sure what numbers she should be looking for. What number is “ideal” and what number is “out of whack”? She is 25, if that makes a difference. Do you have any quantitative numbers that she can go by?

Meat Broth vs. Bone Broth

Robin asks: She has heard all about how good bone broth is for us and would like to start using it but she has heard that it is also very high in glutamate. She already has high glutamic acid in her blood so she is reluctant to try it in case it raises her glutamate even more. She is confused. Should she be drinking it?

Breath Ketones vs. Blood Ketones

Amely asks: She recently purchased a Ketonix breath ketone meter and is wondering how the measurements from the breath compare or relate to the measurements from a blood ketone meter? She doesn't want to buy a blood ketone meter but she does want to know if she is achieving a state of ketosis or not. She is worried the breath meter is not sensitive enough. Can you give her a sense of what the comparison between the blood and breath meters are?

In my response I recommend:
Jimmy Moore's Ketone Clarity interview


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