315: Fitness Fabrics & Fashion, Can Radiation Be Good For You, How To Do Isokinetic Training & More!

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Apr 8, 2015 Podcast: Fitness Fabrics & Fashion: Exercise Clothing 101, Can Radiation Be Good For You (And Natural Remedies For Radiation), How To Do Isokinetic Training, and What To Do About Sweaty Hands.

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Listener Q&A:

As compiled, deciphered, edited and sometimes read by Brock Skywalker Armstrong, the Podcast Sidekick and Audio Ninja.

Fitness Fabrics & Fashion: Exercise Clothing 101

Alicia says: How should she choose what kind of training gear to wear? She usually wears smartwool in the winter (or the free race shirts) and just a sport bra top in the summer. Is there anything to all the new space-age fabric that is out there for run clothing. Can you let us know about those fabrics? Does she need to be concerned about whether or not fabrics are organic, etc? Especially since they are going to be pressed up against her sweaty body.

In my response, I recommend:
-The article “5 Tips To Choose The Right Exercise Clothing“.
Castelli for cycling/triathlon gear
Kryptek (use code BEN to save 15%)
-Jackthreads Daily drops of new curated collections from the brands you love, a seemingly never-ending feed of limited-run collaborations from mega brands and up-and-coming designers alike, and a growing stable of private label product Jackthreads is building from the ground up that you can't find anywhere else.

Can Radiation Be Good For You (And Natural Remedies For Radiation)?

Todd says: He just discovered that his home has high levels of radon gas. He has gone through the mitigation process of insulating and venting but is wondering if there is something else he can do to lessen the long term damage it may have done to his family (including his 22 month old twins). Perhaps something he can add to his diet?

How To Do Isokinetic Training

Joe says: He wants to know more about isokinetic training for strength and power. He has noticed that the Exer-Genie is still on the market and would like to know what you think of that.

In my response, I recommend:
Vasa Swim Ergometer

What To Do About Sweaty Hands

George says: He would like to know of ways to keep his hands warm and dry. Lately he has been getting clammy hands even when he doesn't feel nervous or anxious. He would like to tone it down on the fist bumps and get back to the man gripping. Any idea what might cause this and what he can do about it?


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9 thoughts on “315: Fitness Fabrics & Fashion, Can Radiation Be Good For You, How To Do Isokinetic Training & More!

  1. Steve says:

    Nice job on the discussion on hormesis. I’m a radiochemist by profession. It’s important to remember that we live in a radioactive world. We’re all exposed to natural background radiation from the earth, in our food and water, from the air, from medical procedures, etc. And it can be quite variable depending on where you live, how often you travel, etc. With so much natural variability it’s tough to determine any beneficial or detrimental effects of low level radiation with any certainty. It was interesting to me that some of those hormesis stones provide a dose that’s 50 or more times the level at which the Dept. of Energy requires employees to be monitored for radiation exposure.

    When it comes to “natural cures” however, I think most of them are clearly in the snake oil category. The main problem I see is that their proponents lump all types of radiation and exposure together and imply that treatments that may help in one specific situation will “detoxify” radiation in general. Nascent iodine, or potassium iodide for example. The thyroid only concentrates iodine, not any other radioactive material. And the most common radioactive form is I-131 which has an 8 day half life, so it doesn’t persist in the environment or the thyroid unless there’s an active source of nuclear fission nearby.

    Another example, zeolites are used to clean up strontium and especially cesium from waste tanks. But unless you’ve just eaten cesium-137 there’s no way that eating clay will get those active zeolite particles into your bloodstream to scavenge any cesium that’s been transported through the body. Cesium is an ion, zeolite is a particle. Same thing with strontium. There are some specific elements such as plutonium where doctors may choose to employ chelation therapy. In that case, a strong chelator like DTPA is used intravenously that will bind and remove plutonium. It also gets calcium and other necessary minerals so it has to be used very carefully. As you stated, ionizing radiation creates free radicals. Just like exercise does. So, in theory, any anti-oxidant supplement or diet should help mitigate that kind of damage. How much is a question for debate, but it’s not a standard treatment.

    In any case, if you took a field trip down to Richland, WA you would find a lab where the bodies of former radiation workers who donated their bodies to science are stored. These folks received massive uptakes of plutonium, americium, uranium, etc. during the early days of the nuclear weapons era and most lived long, cancer-free lives with high levels of these substances in their bodies.

    As for radon, the problem is not radon itself, which we just breathe in and right back out. The problem is the decay products which attach to dust particles in the air and lodge deep in the lungs and bombard the sensitive lung cells with high energy alpha particles at very close range. The good thing is that if you cut off the source of radon, the daughters have very short half lives and are gone very quickly. I don’t want to give medical advice, but my thought is that no further action is necessary once the radon coming into a house has been mitigated.

    Sorry for a long winded comment. Nerds gonna be nerds.

    1. Nice! Thanks for jumping in.

  2. I_am_Steve says:

    Hey Ben, great listening as usual. I honestly wasn't that interested in Quarterly until hearing your pitch for it this episode. Planning on signing up ASAP.

    I noticed there was a link on the page to Bengreenfield.com and I thought it was some new site I'd never seen with all new BG content! Well, it didn't look like anything associated with you or your products and services. Might be something to look into on your Quarterly site :)

    1. Wow! Yeah, that's not me. Thanks for letting me know.

  3. Brian Hyla says:

    Hey Ben/Brock,

    I tried using the Hylete discount code and it says it is not valid. Can you confirm that it is working?

    Thanks- PS- Love the Podcast & All the advice/knowledge.



    1. The BEN50 code is currently active for a 50% off discount. We tested the code, and it seems to be working properly on our end. If you are still having trouble, let us know.

      1. atolsma says:

        Hi Ben, do you know if this is still active? I'm just getting back to crossfit, and would love to get a discount on some new Ben Recommended clothes!

        1. You can click through and try the codes to see if they still work, otherwise you can get my gear here: https://bengreenfieldfitness.com/gear/

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