329: Is The GMO Food Scare Blown Out Of Proportion, Top 5 MMA Biohacks & Much More!

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Aug 19, 2015 Podcast: Top 5 Natural Arthritis Cures, Top 5 MMA Biohacks, J-Shape vs. S-shape Spine, Far Infrared vs. Near Infrared Saunas, and How To Gain Muscle Without Weightlifting

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Listener Q&A:

As compiled, deciphered, edited and sometimes read by Brock Skywalker Armstrong, the Podcast Sidekick and Audio Ninja.

Top 5 Natural Arthritis Cures

Summer says: She has arthritis up and down her entire spine. Her doctor thinks it is because of stress. She is 33 and is using a lot of de-stressing techniques that you have discussed on the show and she follows a mostly paleo diet. She heard that Dave Asprey had cured himself of arthritis but couldn't find out how. What would you do if you had arthritis?

Top 5 MMA Biohacks

Troy says: He is curious about some under the radar performance enhancers. He was reading about an MMA fighter who is using urine therapy to enhance his performance. He also read that the NFL was using Viagra for performance. He'd like to know more about those and any other unconventional enhancers you know of.

J-Shape vs. S-shape Spine

Jon says (sounds like he is running while asking the q): He is interested in the new research showing that spine shapes were J-shaped in the past and are now S-shaped which has lead to back pain. What are you thoughts on this? Do think this is true? And if so, how would you go about getting a J-shaped spine?

Far Infrared vs. Near Infrared Saunas

Barbara says: She is wondering is you can make a comment on Far infrared saunas vs. Near infrared saunas. What are the benefits and differences. Also can you recommend any portable saunas?

In my response, I recommend:
Portable Saunas (check HealthHacksReviewed.com and use discount code bengreen15 on the Clearlight Curve Dome)

How To Gain Muscle Without Weightlifting

Jason says: He came down with prostatitis from lifting heavy weights. How can he best recover from that? He is not allowed to lift any weights, or avoid anything that would induce high abdominal pressure, so how can he maintain muscle mass while he can't lift weights?

In my response, I recommend:
Bodyweight Overload program


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13 thoughts on “329: Is The GMO Food Scare Blown Out Of Proportion, Top 5 MMA Biohacks & Much More!

  1. rywohlfert says:

    Hi Ben,

    I enjoyed this episode of your podcast, especially the parts about the spine. I know you're a researched based guy so I wanted to make sure you had the most up to date and relevant research on the spine and the normal shape (i.e. alignment). You mentioned that if we see a chiropractor that we should choose a hands on chiro that uses his/her hands to put us back into "normal alignment."

    You may not be exactly familiar what the normal shape of the spine should be so I wanted to point you to this: http://www.idealspine.com/what-is-cbp/. CBP (Chiropractic BioPhysics) sounds to be right up your alley because it's the most published named technique in the pub-med journals in the chiropractic profession, making it one of the most scientifically validated techniques in chiropractic.

    Just thought this would be of great interest to you since CBP shows the normal and ideal shape of the spine, and it's backed up by research. Plus, Dr. Deed Harrison would be a great guest for the show and will blow your mind with all the research out there about the spine, not just chiropractic.

    Thanks again for the content Ben!

  2. Bomberlow says:

    Hi Ben – awesome podcast as usual, makes my commuting a useful part of the day! Here in the UK winters are dark, cold and as we are at sea level a cold wet where the cold seems to penetrate to the bone! Very interested in your sauna info over last few podcasts. Unfortunately I have limited space to buy a standalone one but was thinking a solution could be to use our ensuite shower which is about 3 foot x 6 foot with sliding glass doors, I could purchase from here http://www.nearinfraredsauna.co.uk/#!products the 3 x near infra red lamp set up and then make some sort of portable insulating roof to go over the top of shower. A thumbs up from yourself will get this home made sauna into action! Stu

  3. Jasmelacosta says:

    Ben. Thank you in advance.
    Once you spoke about the infrared light bulb out of amazon. Since you being going deeper more about infrared light and benefit; Do you still thinking that the bulb (I use often) still good? very close to a infrared sauna for example?

  4. sniffingratty says:

    somewhat unrelated, but thought you might get a kick out of this: http://savethebros.com/

  5. John says:

    I’ve practiced TM for over 11 years and wasted a great deal of time (and $$) believing the nonsense the TM organisation presented (all the research is fabricated, poorly implemented and biased). TM is a “quick fix (and escape)” and provides no long term permanent transformation. Switched to Mindfulness practices (the research is rock solid and growing rapidly without any vested interests in positive outcomes) and never looked back. TM better at lowering blood pressure? Nope. The studies show taking a short nap is far better. Here’s a link that will get anyone interested in finding out the truth of this organization. http://transcendental-meditation-honestly.blogspo…

    1. I'll keep you posted on how it works for me!

  6. iatitus says:

    Interesting study about CBD increasing the healing rate of fractures considering I snapped my thumb off at the base. I've been supplementing with it for two months prior and now during so we'll see what my prognosis is at 4 weeks.

    Kevin Folta might be a good option for a guest concerning GMOs. He had an interesting talk with Joe Rogan not too long ago about a lot of false information being spread (IMO from both sides). I know passions run high on both sides of the debate, but having a healthy debate helps.

  7. jmills61 says:

    I've practiced TM for over 11 years and wasted a great deal of time (and $$) believing the nonsense the TM organisation presented (all the research is fabricated, poorly implemented and biased). TM is a "quick fix (an escape)" and provides no long term brain changes or insights. Switched to Mindfulness practices (the research is rock solid and growing rapidly without any vested interests in positive outcomes) and never looked back. TM better at lowering blood pressure? Nope. The studies show taking a short nap is far better. Here's a link that will get anyone interested in finding out the truth of this organization. http://transcendental-meditation-honestly.blogspo…

  8. jmills61 says:

    REALITY – Large quantities of industry and public money incentivises academic scientists to
    produce research on GM crops that favors the industry, and underplays contrary evidence.

    MYTH – Genetically modified organisms do not harm human or animal health, and therefore do not have any adverse effects on crops and the environment.

    TRUTH – The report, titled ‘Sustainability Assessment of Genetically Modified Herbicide Tolerant Crops’
    concludes that due to major gaps in the scientific literature, it is not possible to give a scientific verdict on their safety. Monsanto’s dossier, the report concludes, demonstrates a range of methodological
    weaknesses, and highlights the problem of incomplete information and research on GM crops in the
    available literature.

    “Contrary to this assertion, the literature provides indications of harmful and adverse effects to the
    environment and to health (both animal and human), as well as to socio-economic conditions, particularly over the medium- and long-term.”

    “Statements of the safety of GM crops rely principally on the absence of evidence of harm in specific
    research tests, rather than actual evidence of safety,” said Catacora-Vargas:

    “Absence of evidence of harm is a too low standard for adequate protection of human and environmental health… Moreover, today, a large portion of the research on GM crops is based on short-term studies that have inherent methodological weakness for detecting subtle yet significant effects that materialize in the long-term. Another common weakness?—?as indicated in my report?—?is the lack sufficient analytical rigor to derive any meaningful conclusions.”

    FACT – Hunger and poverty are due to structural factors and not a lack of food.

    OBVIOUS – Researchers like Kevin Folta refuse to acknowledge the corruption and revolving door politics, corporate collusion between government bureaucracies and educational institutions and major gaps in the scientific literature that clearly demonstrate the baseless assertions that GMOs/Pesticides are safe, even though there has not been one long-term epidemiological study conducted to show this. He talks about feeding the hungry, democracy and choice yet there is no mention whatsoever of the crimes, cover ups, and decades of environmental pollution (that go on today) that a certain company that forms part of the pro-GMO lobby has been involved in.
    http://earthopensource.org/earth-open-source-repo… https://medium.com/insurge-intelligence/no-scient…

  9. jwilcox90 says:

    Does the small intestine being an alkaline environment effect how the BT toxin effects the body or is it destroyed by the acidic environment of the stomach? Also, how would this effect someone that is dealing with hypochlorhydria?

  10. Jamie says:

    If you guys are interested in GMO, Glyphosate (Roundup), then you should definitely checkout Stephanie Seneff. Stephanie is a Senior Researcher at MIT and after a full career in technology, Stephanie became curious about health related topics like statin drugs, glyphosate exposure, and other nutritional issues.

    Stephanie works with other medical researchers to do meta research looking at all the available science and microbiology science to draw conclusions about the potential threats of toxins and benefits of certain nutritional strategies. All the research is here at her webpage at MIT.


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