How To Get Fit For Sex (WARNING: Explicit Episode)

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I'll begin with a quick story – and a warning that we're about to venture into the realm of “adult” oriented topics…

…a few months ago, I sat in on an online presentation given by one of my friends, Jordan Gray.

That night, and for the week following this online presentation, I took massive action – as I usually do when I am exposed to new and exciting ideas.

I began implementing Jordan's tips – and immediately my sexual performance went through the roof. My sex drive was amplified ten-fold. I became, as Jordan might put it, a “beast” in the bedroom. It even got to the point at which my wife asked me “What happened to you?” (and this was meant in a very, very good way).

You're in luck, because today Jordan is going to share those same tips with you. I'll warn you that we really get down to brass tacks, and this is an explicit episode. Jordan's information is probably most applicable to males – but whether you're a guy or a girl, you're going to benefit bigtime from this episode (and women – trust me – you want to send your significant others over to this episode!).

Jordan is a #1 Amazon best-selling author and relationship coach who helps people remove their emotional blocks, and get into (and maintain) thriving intimate relationships. He has worked with over a thousand students over the past five years, including married couples, dating couples and single men and women…

…and as you can probably imagine, has more wedding invitations from his former clients than he can keep up with!

Jordan's books include:

How To Be The Most Engaging Person In The Room…Every Time

50 Powerful Date Ideas: Brag-Worthy, Cost Effective Dates From A Professional Dating Coach

The Introvert's Guide To Dating

Keep Her Captivated: Lead Your Relationship To Its Maximum Potential

During my chat with Jordan, we discuss:

-How to overcome the fear or nervousness of leading your partner into sex or being more “aggressive”…

-How to ensure that communication channels are 100% open in your relationship…

-Whether or not pornography can be used to enhance your sexual health…

-How to breathe the right way during sex…

-Whether you should go long periods of time without orgasm or ejaculation…

-Which time of year you have the most sexual energy…

-Special exercises you can do maximize your pelvic strength…

-What kind of workouts, stretches and exercises to do before sex…

-Relationship tips for introverted or shy people…

-And much more!

Do you have questions about how to get fit for sex? If so, leave your comments, questions and feedback below!

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8 thoughts on “How To Get Fit For Sex (WARNING: Explicit Episode)

  1. Joshua Weir says:

    Wondering Ben if you have an opinion on which is the best if you had to choose one. 1. o shot 2. gains wave 3. Penis gym I know you have done all three and I don’t want to drop money or effort on all three but instead pick the one that has the most effect. Love to hear your Thoughts.

    1. I'd say GAINSWave… <a href="http:// .” target=”_blank”> <a href="http://.” target=”_blank”>.

  2. kccrush says:

    Hi Jordan,
    I'm in a gay female relationship (e.g. I have a girlfriend) of +2 years. How does this apply to women? I feel like women are already so good at connecting emotionally. What are other areas where we can improve on the physical aggression (although I'm not sure that's the right term for me to use with my desire…)

    1. jordangraycoach says:

      Hey Nikki,

      Great question. Many of my clients (male and female) are in gay relationships and the same rules apply. Generally one of the partners in any relationship carries more of the feminine or masculine weight for the couple. Regardless of orientation, LGTBQ and straight couples all have to stay aware of where there masculine/feminine polarity is… and it is always sliding around. One of you will be the leader in one moment, and then the nurturer in the next.

      I think less in terms of "physical aggression" and more in terms of masculine/feminine energies. To stoke the masculine, penetrating energy, exercise rigorously, pin your partners arms down, wrap them up, envelope them in your body. You can really polarize your sex life by experimenting (further into, or for the first time) into 'kinkier' pursuits such as taking turns tying each other up and playing with the dominant/submissive (or leading and opening) energies.

      Only you and your partner will know how to rev up your specific internal engines. Have an honest talk about things you've wanted to try with each other, fantasies or other wise.

      Best of luck!

  3. lowechristopher says:

    What was the Taoism referencece Jordan speaks to? Is it a book?
    Also, what was the name of the Women's relationship coach he works with?

    Great podcast, already implementing and finding that my relationship with my wife is becoming so much more.


    1. jordangraycoach says:

      Hey Christopher,

      Taoist sexual philosophy is a vast subject that I didn't have time to delve in too deeply on this call. It revolves around ancient Chinese philosophy that touches on semen retention, masculine and feminine energies, and a lot more. You can find out more here –…

      The women's relationship coach I referenced regarding women's sexuality was Kim Anami. You can look her up on her website.

      Glad you're enjoying the content, and I wish you the best of luck in your continued success and growth within your relationship.

  4. lilmunchkin88 says:

    I definitely think that finding the aggression in your masculine energy, as Jordan mentioned, is quite important… and it's often a trait that men fail to incorporate within their intimate relationships. Being able to lead your partner (in any capacity but ESPECIALLY in the bedroom) is a very desirable quality in a man. I really appreciated all the new ideas that were presented in this podcast.

    I'll definitely be passing this along to my boyfriend (and a few friends whose boyfriends could also benefit from listening)!

  5. Bromantic says:

    Wow… I was expecting the standard sex advice you always find in Maxim or Men's Health, but this was a lot different. I could actually see myself applying this stuff pretty easily, and what's more, I could see myself talking to my girlfriend about this stuff without her getting weirded out (NOT the case for the Maxim/Men's Health tips).

    The part about advanced PC training made my brain explode. I can't wait to try it. Great episode, Ben.

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