How Hidden Sources Of Heavy Metals Are Destroying Your Health, And What You Can Do About It.

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Do you ever get chronic fatigue, poor mood, disrupted sleep, headaches, get sick more often than you think you should, have low hormones, or experience brain fog?

While there's certainly no such thing as a “catch-all” term for symptoms like this, one cause tends to fly under the radar – and that is heavy metal exposure.

All of the issues listed above can be signs of heavy metal exposure, and as you learn in today's audio interview with Dr. David Minkoff, you can get heavy  metal exposure in all sorts of sources that go way above and beyond having metal amalgams, fillings and mercury in your mouth, including:


-Car keys…

-Chinese toys…

-Second hand cigarette smoke…

-Pesticides and herbicides…

-Protein powders and dietary supplements…

-“Pristine” water (like my local Lake Coeur D' Alene) that in fact has high amounts of mining runoff…

-Food stored in metal containers…

-Big fish like tuna and dolphin…

-Nuclear run-off from Japan…

-And the list goes on and on…

The problem is that it can be confusing how to know how to test for heavy metals, the best way to heavy metal detox, and the sources of heavy metals in your personal life.

So in today's podcast, you'll going to learn everything you need to know about hidden sources of heavy metals, and how to protect yourself against heavy metals and also detox your body of heavy  metals.

Dr. David Minkoff

Dr. David Minkoff, in addition to being on the Superhuman Network Board of Advisers, is the creator of the “Master Amino Pattern” amino acid supplement and the Metal Free Heavy Metal Detoxification Formula, and has also been on the following BenGreenfieldFitness podcasts:

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During our interview, Dr. Minkoff mentions and as a good testing resource for heavy metal detox through chelation.

For optimum heavy metal protection, Dr. Minkoff also recommends using 6mg of iodine per day, magnesium in supplemental form (around 400-600mg/day, or until you get loose stool), and a greens supplement.


Dr. Minkoff also highly recommends the following “Metal Free Heavy Metal Detoxification Formula”, and discusses in more detail in our interview:

Metal Free Heavy Metal Detoxification Formula

Metal FreeThe word chelation comes from the Greek word, “chela,” or claw, and refers to the way that a specific chemical molecule, the chelating agent, binds to a heavy metal. Chelators are used to bind heavy metals and move them out of the body.

Chelators bind by way of ionic bonds. These are the attractions between the plus charge of a heavy metal and the minus charge of the chelating molecule. They have a natural attraction and that is how they work.

Metal Free is not a chelator. It does not work that way.

Instead, Metal Free is composed of a unique short protein chain, called a peptide. It is very small and easily absorbed. The way it interacts with the heavy metal is to wrap around it in such a way, that the heavy metal is not free to interfere or block an important body process. This interaction is called “cage binding”.

This is because the Metal Free actually forms a surrounding cage around the mercury, arsenic, lead, aluminum, uranium or cadmium which the body then removes by excreting it in the stool and then out of the body.

The Metal Free ingredients are as follows:

Microactivated algae, lactobacillus and bifidus extracts

This is a culture of bacteria involved in a microfermentation process with algae and the following nutrients. Certain nutrients from the culture are then extracted and filtered using a four-step process.


Peptidylgluconase is an enzyme with binding properties produced by the lactobacilli during fermentation. It is also involved in glucose metabolism.


Glycine is a component of a vital bile acid, and along with glutamic acid and cysteine, makes up glutathione, a free radical fighter and key detoxifier of the liver.

Ionic sea minerals

An ionic mineral is an element that has either positive or negative charge. Ionic minerals are part of a process that allows the body to facilitate changes that move nutrients to the areas that need them. The body relies on ionic minerals and trace elements to conduct and generate billions of tiny electrical impulses. It has long been known that the blood contains the same minerals as are found in seawater.

Hydrated colloidal silica

Silica is found in every living substance on earth, and is a vital component to the health and regeneration of human cells. It is a basic constituent for proper body function and a key element in the following body components: the lungs; the spleen; the lymph nodes; the blood; connective tissues; the nails; the hair; the skin; the skeletal system (bones); the blood vessels; cartilage and tendons.


Glutathione is a small peptide that dumps free radicals as well as being an antioxidant, heavy metal detoxifier, protector of red blood cell integrity and a transporter of various proteins. It also helps to regenerate vitamin C.

Vitamin C

As an antioxidant, Vitamin C can help prevent damage to DNA, lipids and proteins caused by free radical molecules. Studies have shown that Vitamin C can also help remove heavy metals.

Hyaluronic Acid

Hyaluronic acid is a natural substance with physiological therapeutic activity. It is a highly viscous substance with numerous biological functions that is found in a variety of body tissues. In the body, it is part of a jelly-like complex necessary for transportation of essential nutrients from the bloodstream, via the capillary network, to the living cells of the skin.

Fulvic, Ferulic and Lipoic Acids

Fulvic acids are excellent natural chelators and are vitally important in the nutrition of cells. Ferulic acid is an organic acid, and its major physiological role is likely to be its potent antioxidant and photo-protective function. Lipoic acid has been used for many years to protect the liver and to help detoxify the body of heavy metals, such as excessive copper and iron and toxic metals such as cadmium, lead and mercury.


Numerous studies have been done on chlorella's detoxifying effect on cadmium, heavy metals, PCBs and chlordecone (a harmful insecticide).

N-acetylcysteine (NAC) is a powerful antioxidant and a powerful tool in maintaining immunity. It also can detoxify heavy metals such as mercury, lead and cadmium.


Now it's your turn. Do you have questions about heavy metal natural detox, the interview with Dr. Minkoff, or the Metal Free formula? Leave your thoughts below.

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34 thoughts on “How Hidden Sources Of Heavy Metals Are Destroying Your Health, And What You Can Do About It.

  1. Spencer says:

    Hi Ben, just wanted to say that I love your work and that it has been incredibly impactful for me. I am looking into scheduling a coaching consultation with you soon to help me reach my health goals.

    My primary care physician believes I have high levels of metal toxicity – I am currently in the process of testing for this. In the meantime, what are your top recommendations for decreasing my toxicity levels? Also, I’ve been wanting to start far-infrared sauna therapy to help in my detoxification process, but I do not currently have the means to purchase my own sauna. What are your recommendations for exposing oneself to heat therapy for detoxification, in this case? A few gyms in my area have saunas, but I do not believe them to be the far-infrared type. Thank you for your time!

    1. Heavy metal detox definitely needs to be done properly… Here’s a great resource to check out:

      1. Spencer says:

        Thanks Ben!

  2. Tilapia is a very dirty fish! Do your research!

    1. Joseph T. Seminetta says:

      My very well regarded wellness doctor strongly discourages removing amalgam fillings. I believe the ADA and AMA also do not believe they should be removed.

  3. Matt Justice says:

    Hey Ben, Do you know off hand if there’s any reason NOT to use Metal Free immediately after amalgam filling removal?

    In all the other chelation protocols I’ve found online, they all recommend not using (ALA) alpha lipoic acid within three months of mercury filling replacement.

    However, it looks like although this product has ALA in it, the binding agent they use if different so you wouldn’t have an issue with mobilizing tissue mercury, and potentially having some of it get relocated in the brain.

    If you just had amalgams removed, what would you do?

    Thanks in advance!!!


    1. Hey Matt,

      There is no problem with the ALA, since the product is an extract of fermentation, the actual amount of ALA is very, very small. The bond that Metal-Free has is extremely strong and once it grabs hold of a metal molecule, the body sees it as a waste particle and eliminates through the bowels (not the kidneys/urine) and is strong enough that it doesn’t take it from one part of the body and then looses its grip somewhere else, before it is eliminated.

      1. jazmine mitchell says:

        which one is the best ALA to take thanks <3

      2. Jazmine says:

        Ben, which is the best ALA to take? Thank you <3

        1. Brands vary, but the general dosage for a brain-boosting effect is 300-600mg of ALA. Thorne is a well-respected company for both purity and standards:…

    2. Stefanie says:

      Which is better…the formula advertised here, or the Cytodetox that is also mentioned in another podcast?

      1. For a full body detox, go with Cytodetox. Otherwise, for just metals, go with the targeted solution of MetalFree. I own and use both.

    3. Rigo Vela says:

      I’ve never tried any metal detox. But I’ve been looking into getting rid of heavy metals. I recently watched a webinar on true cellular detox which is suppose to eliminate all heavy metals but pricing on it is too expensive compared to this one. So wanted to ask if this one is as effective as tcd?

      1. Not as effective as it's not a whole body detox… I've used both and it certainly is better than nothing for metal detoxing.

  4. nancy hobson says:

    I have hemochromatosis. can I take nanogreens by biopharma ?

    1. I am not a doctor and nothing I say should be taken as medical advice. Yes, you can take it but you really need to listen to my latest podcast episode on CytoDetox:…

  5. John says:


    My wife is getting her mercury fillings removed by our Holistic dentist. I’ve listened to half the podcast and will finish later after work but is this procedure not recommended due to the mercury released?

    1. Glutathione and chlorella are crucial. I'd also HIGHLY RECOMMEND this book: and also this article…

  6. Sandy rivas says:

    I’ve been on thyroid replacement pills most of my life. I’ve been cleaning up my eating etc in past year and TSH level went to zero so am off the pills. I have recently been experiencing a lot of tingling in my hands. Am wondering if it is related to Mercury? I have a lot of fillings from childhood. Would the metal free product help? Or do you suggest something else? Would be nice to stay off pills . Thanks.

    1. This could be anything from a palsy, to nerve irritation, to a spinal misalignment to metal. Probably a comment thread is not best place to "play doctor", and I'm not a doctor anyways ;) I'd be happy to help you via a personal one-on-one consult. Just go to and then choose a 20 or 60 minute consult, whichever you'd prefer. We can schedule ASAP after you get that.

  7. Alexander_B says:

    I've had great results from taking some of the ingredients mentioned in the article on their own, such as glutathione in liposomal form, NAC, glycine, vitamin C and chlorella. The following article contains a detailed list of all the most effective supplements for heavy metal detoxification:

  8. health3211 says:

    Hey guys, Dr. Pompa has a great article on heavy metal detox also. I think this is really important and can save so many lives. Check it out if you want… Here’s the link:…

  9. Exercise says:

    slightly off topice but how long did it take you to make this blog, i have been wanting to make my won for awhile but i have never got around to it, do you think you could hit me up with en email with some advice or tips thanks.

  10. carmen says:

    I looked up the Nano Greens he recommended after hearing the comment he made about taking greens (I used to do that before I was consuming SO many vegetables) and the product has soy as lecithin and soy phospholipids. Are these "safe" forms of soy? I avoid soy like the plague…I was surprised to see this .

    Is this the greens product you are discussing on the show?

  11. Alex Juel says:

    Wow, awesome, thanks Ben!

  12. Alex Juel says:

    I've actually been experiencing all of the symptoms you mentioned at the top of this post. Over the course of the last month my doctor has been running blood tests and we finally found that I have genetic hemochromatosis (iron overload). Looks like I have to get phlebotomies for the rest of my life. From what I've been reading, it's one of the most common genetic diseases in the United States and usually starts to show symptoms in mid-30's (I'll be 31 in March). Luckily I caught it really early so I haven't suffered any damage to my liver, but I thought this might help anyone who might have similar symptoms.

    Ben, would you recommend all of the above tips for controlling genetic hemochromatosis as well? I would like to reduce the amount of blood draws I have to get as much as possible if I can help it.

  13. Allison says:

    Great interview, but the audio from Dr. Minkoff was hard to heard (sounded muffled). This was also true with his interview on Endurance Planet.
    I really enjoy his insight and hope he can upgrade his audio.

  14. Neil Martin says:

    Dolphin aren't fish!

  15. josh says:

    Are there any discount codes to Dr. Minkoff products?

    1. No, we've got those marked down as low as we can! They're super high quality, which is why they're spendy!

  16. Gary says:

    Ben, Always enjoy your insightful podcasts. Right before listening to your podcast, I listened to this one,… . Interesting possibility of a source of the heavy metal toxins.

    1. Nice, I'll go check that out Gary.

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