The Myth About “Grounding”, Acupuncture Without Needles, 400% Increase In Stem Cell Production & Much More.

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Having healthy cells is not a passive process. Active, regular tuning-up of our cells is not only feasible, but also necessary to slow aging and reduce the risk of cell dysfunction. We are, after all, only as healthy as our cells. Imperceptible cell dysfunction that is not corrected early can lead to disease.

Some claim that fine-tuning of the cells can be done daily in only minutes, using something called “pulsed electromagnetic fields (PEMFs)”. So I figured I'd turn to an expert to find out whether or not this is really true.

Dr. William Pawluk, MD, MSc, my guest on today's show, is a holistic doctor near Baltimore, MD. Previous academic positions at Johns Hopkins and University of Maryland. He is trained in acupuncture, homeopathy, hypnosis, and bodywork. He is considered the foremost authority on the use of Pulsed Electromagnetic Field (PEMF) therapy in North America, and has just completed a comprehensive book on healing with magnetic fields called “Power Tools for Health”.

This book describes what magnetic fields are, over 25 actions of magnetic fields in the body, how they work for over 50 health conditions, how to get one and how to use it. This is supported by over 500 scientific references and is the most authoritative, yet readable, book on the topic available to date. To help promote this healing concept, he has well over 50 radio, podcast, magazine and TV interviews combined. He has also been a co-host of a 2-hour holistic health radio show in Baltimore for 10 years.

During our discussion, you'll discover:

-Why Ben wore a PEMF called the “Flexpulse” on his butt during the whole podcast… [00:05:55]

-The difference between harmful EMF and beneficial PEMF… [00:11:32]

NASA discovered about a 400% increase in neural stem cells and turned on about 160 genes that control growth and regeneration… [00:17:14]

The fascinating effects of electric fields on circadian rhythmicity and jet lag (and which frequency you would want to use)… [00:19:18]

-Which PEMF frequency is best for increasing circulation and decreasing inflammation… [00:24:24]

-Dr. Pawluk's favorite frequency for rapidly inducing sleep… [00:31:38]

-Why it's a myth that the earth produces a frequency of 7.8Hz… [00:36:57]

-Whether it is true that certain body functions, cells or organs respond to specific frequencies… [00:49:30]

-Which frequency is best for depression… [00:54:20]

-Why you may want to consider using calcium and magnesium if you are doing PEMF… [00:57:18]

What kind of “biohacks” or other modalities Dr. Pawluk likes to combine with PEMF… [01:02:02]

-And much more!

Resources from this episode:

The Flexpulse


The research on the use of PEMF for stem cells

The effects of electric fields on circadian rhythmicity and jet lag

Topical magnesium lotion

The “NES” device Ben discusses

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102 thoughts on “The Myth About “Grounding”, Acupuncture Without Needles, 400% Increase In Stem Cell Production & Much More.

  1. Jennifer says:

    It was really informative. I enjoyed listening to the podcast. Thank you!

  2. I love the humor your post has offered. I enjoyed this site a lot. Keep posting article like this. It is fun. Nice photography too!

  3. Amazing knowledge and I like to share this kind of information with my friends and hope they like it they why I do.

  4. Amazing knowledge and I like to share this kind of information with my friends and hope they like it they why I do.

  5. Thanks for sharing, specially body functions, about the calcium and magnesium, many thanks!

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  10. Holley says:

    I bought the $2000+ mat and am over the moon with this technology. I’m so sensitive to electronics and toxic EMFs and have chronic Lyme/Bartonella to boot. I use every biohacking tool out there and adding these frequencies while sleeping is a game changer. I used to wake up stiff and in pain but not anymore. I am a keto carnivore, so I know My diet helps so much but it’s not enough. The pain sometimes is excruciating. I’m determined at 47 to never have to take any mainstream pharmaceuticals. So far so good 😊 . Thanks Ben. I really enjoyed this one. ❤️💗

    1. Meg says:

      Hi Holley, I was curious what setting you are using to run your mat all night on. Thanks so much. -Megan

  11. verhuislift says:

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  15. Gary R Lombardo says:

    Would love to purchase the FlexPulse. The promo code GREENFIELD says it’s expired. any chance it could be reactivated?

  16. Very Informative information about PEMF Therapy.PEMF machine really does wonders for humans health.if used correctly.

  17. Hans says:

    I am a self-proclaimed barefoot bandit. I simply love walking barefoot, this is the first I’ve ever heard of how it can be beneficial regarding frequencies. For me it was always the textures, pressures and freedom I felt, but perhaps I was subconsciously feeling something more deep. Many stubbed toes and sharp rocks in the foot arch to which I’d always reply to the naysayers ‘A touch of pain for a whole lot of pleasure… it’s worth it!’

  18. Ryan says:

    Hello Ben and/or Dr. Pawluk! For the last two months I’ve been paying for PEMF treatment sessions. It’s with Pulse Center’s Pulse X unit. I know you own one of their units, Ben, and described on another podcast the strong, deep pulse sensations it gives you. It can almost bounce you off the mat. I just purchased the BioBalance unit from your website, Dr. Pawluk, and I don’t feel anything at all. I set the intensity to 100% and the animation is playing on the screen. Is this correct? Should I be feeling something similar to the Pulse X unit or not? Thanks so much guys!

  19. Paul Brockland says:

    FYII just tried to purchase the zflexpulse and the Website says the GREENFIELD coupon code is expired, any way to re-activate?

  20. Denys says:


    For increasing deep sleep, is there any difference between FlexPulse P3 and the DeltaSleeper SR1? I have used SR1 for almost 2 years and found it to help me falling into sleep faster but not improving/increasing my deep sleep, not at all (according to my nightly Ōura ring data for the past 20 months). I am considering getting the FlexPluse. Would it be worth it to they the FlexPulse if the SR1 already has been proved to be not helping my deep sleep?

    Great podcast. Thank you.


  21. lee says:

    Ben — please stop saying “Hertz frequency” .. makes you sound dumb to EE folks. Hz is a unit of frequency. Common usage is “what frequency is Alpha?” … “Alpha frequency is 10 Hz,” .. good podcast!

  22. Andria says:

    Hello Ben and Dr. Pawluk,

    Thanks for an excellent podcast on ‘all things PEMF’. I have question regarding using the FlexPulse for sleep. I see that there are two coils. For two people to share the FlexPulse at night, I’m assuming that one unit will suffice and that the cords for the two coils are long enough to extend under separate pillows?? Or, is that not truly necessary to maximize benefits. Dr. Pawluk mentions having the coils directly on his head at times… The site also mentions diminished power of each coil when both are being used, as well as increased battery use. Will the unit remain powered through the night (i.e. 8 hours) while in this mode?



  23. Paula says:

    That was a fascinating podcast! I listened to Dr. Pawluk on YouTube. He was discussing osteoporosis and stated it would be best to use 30 gauss and a full body may at least 30 minutes to an hour every day. The Biobalance looks like it is just 5 gauss. Am I missing something or am I confused about something? I have early stages osteoporosis of the spine only. Other than this, I’m in good health. I’m 64. Could Dr. Pawluk please respond. Thank you so much!!!

    1. Hello Paula. . Actually, 30 Gauss is probably the minimum intensity that one should use for osteoporosis on a full body mat to get the best results. I regularly recommend starting at 70 Gauss and higher. Osteopenia and Osteoporosis are whole skeleton problems. That means all the bones of the body need to be stimulated with sufficient intensity to do the job. Because bones don’t grow rapidly, it can take up to two years to see results. So, not only is intensity important but also the total treatment time. This is a complex issue and may best be dealt with by contacting us at [email protected].

      Dr Pawluk

      1. Paula says:

        Thank you so much, Dr. Pawluk!! I will contact your site and take your advice!!

  24. Perry says:


    You spend so much time talking about avoiding EMF and now you are applying an EMF device directly to your butt! US mains power operates at 60Hz and the FlexPulse operates right in that range. A 10Hz square wave for example will generate a 3rd order harmonic at 50Hz at an intensity of about 40,000 times what you might experience in a normal house. You’re going to die!

    1. Hello Perry. EMF generally means environmental email frequencies, including the power from mains that coming from, produces dirty electricity, which means it’s not just 60 Hz but all sorts of frequencies, including very high frequencies. EMFs also include microwaves, Wi-Fi, etc. The output of the FlexPulse is pulsed DC, so it is not EMF. This is a common misconception. PEMFs have been used for over 50 years therapeutically, with hundreds of millions of hours of use around the world, and there is no outcry about people being harmed or at risk of dying from their use. The FDA considers PEMFs to be wellness devices, ergo, very low risk.

      Dr Pawluk

      1. Perry says:

        Thanks for your response. I have never heard of “environmental email frequencies”. Even if the FlexPulse is pulsed DC, the fact that it is a square wave means there will be a infinite series of odd harmonics of increasing frequencies from the fundamental. That is unless you’ve got some sort of filtering in the product which will mean it won’t be producing pure square waves.

      2. Donna says:

        I always thought EMF stood for ElectroMagnetic Field (I’ve also heard Frequency used). But looking it up I see it can also stand for ElectroMotive Force. But Environmental Email Frequencies doesn’t make sense to me. At all. Is that a typo/autocorrect mistake?

  25. Ray says:

    Hi Ben & Dr Pawluk,

    You mentioned a possible upcoming possible discount for the bio balance. Can you let us know if that is still in the works?

    Many thanks,


    1. Hello Eric. Thanks for your comments. Good questions. There has been absolutely no research to verify that PEMFs help the hypothalamus and pituitary recover from mold exposure. As with most tissues, brain stimulation, and hence hypothalamus and pituitary, benefit from PEMFs by virtue of reduction of inflammation, improvement in circulation, increasing ATP in the cells, stabilizing cell membranes, restoring charge at the membrane, improvements in elimination of cell waste, stimulation of DNA, reduction in edema resulting from cell injury, improvements in apoptosis, etc. Therefore, even secretory organs such as the pituitary and hypothalamus will improve in their function. It’s really not possible with PEMFs in general to only have one function, such as stimulating MSH or VIP. When a tissue is stimulated it will tend to improve its output, whatever it is producing. Even if specific frequencies are used, the totality of PEMF stimulation is still involved and it’s very hard to separate out one of its actions from any other actions. The body makes that decision. There’s a whole section in my book Power Tools for Health and 25 different mechanisms of action of PEMFs and this is even a limited list.

      Dr Pawluk

    2. Soon. We’ll let you know.

      Dr Pawluk

    3. Hi Ray, Sorry for the delay in getting this. Go to, and enter code: BENGREENFIELD

  26. Eric S says:

    Ben, have you noticed any improvement in the amount of deep delta sleep when using the Flex Pulse evidenced from data on your Oura Ring? Just curious if you have been able to increase it or make it more consistent.

    Dr Pawluk, any anecdotal evidence or otherwise on using the Flex Pulse to help the hypothalamus and pituitary recover from Mold exposure? I am particularly curious if it would help increase the output of Melanocyte Stimulating Hormone (MSH) or Vasoactive Intestinal Peptide (VIP)? Thanks!

    Best, Eric

    1. YES, it definitely increases delta sleep.

  27. Eric S says:

    Dr Pawluk, first thank you so much for the very informative, thoughtful, and detailed responses to the posts on this podcast episode. I do a lot of podcast listening and online research into health and biohacking and its not often I see this level of response from a busy doctor and business owner. Kudos.

    Regarding the tech in the flex pulse, is it based on ICES or is it something you have developed yourself or with other partners?

    Thanks! Eric

    1. Thank you Eric for your feedback. I have worked with Dr. Dennis for years and collaborated with him to produce the Somapulse device which is no longer on the market. ICES stands for inductively coupled electrical stimulation. This simply means that PEMFs indirectly cause the production of charge in tissue but do not introduce charge into tissue such as happens with direct electrical stimulation with estim devices. ALL PEMFs indirectly induce electrical charge in tissues. This indirect charge production is one of the main mechanisms of how PEMFs heal tissue.

      The Flexpulse uses square wave signals developed by a German electrical engineering firm with my input into the design.

      Dr Pawluk

  28. Cassandra says:

    Hi, I have a 4mm cartilage damage in my knee, and am looking to regrow this small amount. I’ve had some success so far with great nutrition, ultrasound, and laser treatment, but started running again too soon (since it started felt so good). What is the efficacy of the FlexPulse for regrowing cartilage damage? Possibly a 400% increase in stem cell reduction, among other things? I’ve done some brief research on the web about cartilage damage repair with pemf and found this promising study:…. I’d be interested to learn more about possible regrowth and thickening of cartilage with the FlexPulse. I’m 22, and otherwise in great health. Thanks!

    Read more at:…

    1. Hello Cassandra. There is some research that PEMFs can indeed regrow cartilage damage. It is hard to prove this in humans because of the ethical considerations in doing human research. In this study you quote, the research was done in rabbits. Rabbits, guinea pigs, and other animals have a much higher metabolism than humans and tend to regenerate tissues much faster. In addition, it’s hard to regrow cartilage where there is no cartilage. In the study quoted they used a scaffold in the defect that was created. A scaffold is a place where tissues can engraft. In a living animal, the repair of the cartilage defect is going to come from migration of cartilage cells from the edges of the wound. This is what happens in human wounds as well. So, in your case with only a 4 mm area of damage PEMFs stand a good chance of helping to stimulate cartilage cells around the wound to migrate into the area of the wound. The reason that PEMFs might work better than the other therapies you’ve tried is because of the depth of penetration of PEMFs, the field intensity levels required and the possible length of time the treatment can be conducted or continued. In many research studies the amount of treatment time is limited for various practical reasons. Results still appear but wouldn’t be as good often if treatment times could be longer. All the best. Dr. Pawluk

  29. Steve Muller says:

    I had my rootcanals and mercury fillings removed yesterday. I’m also dealing with brain cancer. I was considering using a local provider for a PEMF treatment. I can’t afford to purchase a unit with all my medical expenses.

    Would you recommend this therapy to aid in healing my oral surgery?

    Thanks Ben for all the great info.

    1. Hello Steve. I’m so sorry to hear about your health problems. The FlexPulse is great for recovering and healing faster after oral surgery. You can use the FlexPulse for hours at a time to the surgical areas. It should reduce the swelling, reduce soreness, improve circulation, help with the natural inflammation that initiates healing, and stimulates stem cells to repair the wound. While the FlexPulse will not do any harm to the brain cancer and it may help the body to control the cancer, it may not be strong enough to help with the brain cancer. Unfortunately, seeing somebody for magnetic field therapy is probably not going to work that well unless treatments are every day. Given your medical expenses treatments every day would end up costing more in the long run than the cost of your FlexPulse.

  30. gerry says:

    Hi Ben,

    Would you please discuss the difference between the pemf devices and the biomat that you have in your store?

    Are their benefits similar?

    Best regards,


    1. Hello Gerry. The Biomat is a nice little device for whole body health maintenance. The magnetic field intensity from the Biomat is much lower than the FlexPulse. The FlexPulse is not a whole body magnetic therapy system. Combining use of the Biomat and the FlexPulse will produce even better results, especially if you already own a Biomat. The primary use of the FlexPulse is to treat local areas that have problems, such as the brain, shoulders, elbows, knees, etc. In addition, devices such as the Biomat require an electrical outlet and laying there to get your treatment. The FlexPulse on the other hand has a rechargeable battery and is therefore portable allowing freedom of motion and to carry-on one’s daily activities while doing treatment.

  31. william says:

    Great show. I would really love to buy this for my mom with chronic back pain around lumbar L3-L5. I read several research papers last few days and also some articles from skeptics. Is this really worth the price? but most importantly will it work?

    Thanks much!

    1. The value of PEMF therapy for chronic back pain, or for any pain for that matter, is a personal choice. I know of people who would be very glad to spend $20,000 to get rid of their back pain. I also know people who would not spend a dime to get rid of their back pain, thinking that somebody else should cover that cost. The research clearly supports the use of PEMFs for pain of almost any sort. This is clearly laid out in my book Power Tools for Health, for those who are looking for research evidence. As far as skeptics are concerned, I have almost never found a skeptic who used PEMFs. It is reasonable for anyone to want to see evidence that any therapies work. Skeptics often are not willing to even look at the evidence. Beware the skeptic who says that he doesn’t believe a meteor is coming until he can personally see it!

  32. Rich says:

    Ben, comment with comparison with SR1 Delta Sleeper. Sounds like ‘SR1 Delta Sleeper’ is very restrictive in comparsion.

    1. Well they're two different devices, and the Delta Sleeper's main goal is to improve sleep while the FlexPulse is a bit more versatile.

  33. Gino Cipperoni says:

    Great episode, but what do you suggest someone to do take advantage of the features of the Flex Pulse device who cannot afford a $1200 piece of equipment? Thanks.

    1. I'm not aware of any cheaper systems as they tend to have little value because their intensities are too low. The best suggestion I can come up with is to maybe go in on a device with a friend. Cut the cost in half, and you both can reap the benefits of PEMF.

      1. Leo Yang says:

        Dr. Robert Dennis’ ICES/PEMF devices are much more affordable.

        He’s the inventor of the SomePulse/MicroPulse, and he also was the one who did the NASA research.

        I have his newest M1 model device and it is the best Biohacking tool that I’ve ever used.

        Ben, you should contact Dr. Dennis. He is a real expert in advanced PEMF technology. He would be a great guest.

        1. Pat says:

          I’m considering the M1 as well.It’s certainly seems at least equivalent or better than the Flexpulse. Dr. Dennis states that Dr. Pawluk uses one of his portable ICES devices. I would really love to know if the much less expensive M1 is truly the better value. Does yours appear well made and durable?

          1. Leo Yang says:

            Yes, I think it’s very well-made and durable. I’m in engineer and I can see that many of the design features are very good. For example, they use 3-D modeling material for the plastic case which is more expensive but gives the surface a somewhat rough texture that helps keep the unit in place when wrapped in bandages. The case is not shiny smooth plastic, so it doesn’t “look” as good, but the function is much better. And I have used mine every day for many months, and it keeps working very well. Plus, the M1 is very small and compact and light weight, so it is easy to wear inside clothing, pockets, bandages.

        2. nonegiven says:

          Yes, the ICES 6.0 M1 is a MUCH better device than the flexpulse and it’s half the price! You won’t get any comments from Ben who’s being paid to endorse the inferior product and the “doctor” won’t have the integrity to comment either.

  34. ray says:

    Mind Blown! Thank you for this podcast :)

    I’m wondering if Dr. Pawluk or Ben is familiar with a pemf device called OMI PEMF Therapy Mat?

    I ask because this is available on amazon and I have amazon gift cards that I can unfortunately only use on Amazon.

    Many thanks for some great cutting edge info.



  35. Enid says:

    Great information – many thanks to you and do Dr. Pawluk. I’m interested in following up about stem cells and their effectiveness in treating osteoarthritis. You mentioned that 10Hz will stimulate stem cell production by 400% – how effective would this be in treating OA? Is it possible to quantify the difference between this method of stem cell release with those cells introduced via injection? I’ve also read that NIR light therapy will stimulate stem cell release – how does the Flex Pulse compare with light therapy in its ability to stimulate stem cells?

  36. Arthur says:

    Great interview Ben. I have used PEMF a lot and I can tell you everything in the interview is true about PEMF! Robert Dennis would be a great guest. He is smart, smart, smart. I believe Robert Dennis and Dr Pawluk have been friends for years. Great stuff.

  37. Bill Montgomery says:


    Lithium batteries blowing up! My hands are shaking thinking about my Lithium powered SR1 Delta Sleeper. Are you going to discontinue use of yours? If this better than it or just different?


    1. I'm not that concerned about lithium batteries blowing up. This thing is made really well.

  38. jon says:

    hey Ben, thanks for the show.

    i m a muay thai fighter that got stroked with strong arthritis in my knees,foot and shoulder. i m immobile at the moment struggling with multiples inflammations.

    should i get this device? i m in germany and we have some different funky ones with lower intensity.


    1. Hello Jon. Being a fighter you need to absolutely own a PEMF system. You will always have something to heal. The intensity of the FlexPulse device is 200-300 Gauss. It is only a local device, in other words, it only treats local spots that need attention. The advantage is you can wear it and continue activities. Compared to most other whole body magnetic systems available in Germany, including the iMRS, Bemer, QRS, Medithera and a slew of other comparable low intensity systems, the FlexPulse is about 200 times stronger typically. There are very few portable magnetic systems that compare to the FlexPulse. The FlexPulse is made in Germany and can be shipped from an address in the Netherlands. If you wish to order one, simply go online to and put in the coupon code at checkout.

      Dr. Pawluk

      1. jon says:

        hello doctor,

        thanks for the reply. i just placed my order and cant wait to start the therapy.

        i got a low intensity ones meanwhile that i m sending back, i had a good response already with a devce from 2004 so i think yours will work wonders.


      2. Tony says:

        Dr. Pawlak,

        I went backwards down a flight of stairs and landed on my upper neck/back with a severe whiplash/concussion injury. I have a lot of soft tissue damage in multiple muscles, ligaments, tendons in the neck but especially stemming in between c5-c6 where there is much ligament damage also tore the infraspinatus tendon (I have Tendonapathy now surrounding the shoulder blade) and some ligaments surrounding the AC joint. It’s been two years. I’ve tried accupuncture which helped with the pain but didn’t solve the issue. Multiple chiropractors with multiple techniques and schools of thought (gonstead, upper cervical, applied kiniesioligy) didn’t really help some actually hurt me.

        The only therapy to help thus far has been Prolotherapy but still left with a lot of neuro muscular issues surrounding the spine at c5-c6 t5-6t6 L5 and c2-c3. What do you recommend?

        I also deal with ADHD symptoms as an adult what frequencies (binaural beats) do you recommend for sleep?

        1. Hello Tony. You certainly have a significant health issue. I’m sorry to hear that you’ve tried so many different things with only modest benefit. In your situation the clear advantage of PEMFs is that they penetrate the tissues very deeply. The FlexPulse is a moderate intensity PEMF system. It’s likely that it would have to be used hours a day, if not all day long for you to be able to get significant benefit. Even then the benefit may not be obvious for a considerable time because of the amount of damage you probably have. However, in my experience, persistence will pay off. It’s also possible you may need a much higher intensity PEMF system to be able to finish the job. The FlexPulse is a good place to start given that it costs considerably less than the higher intensity PEMF systems. As far as ADHD symptoms, the FlexPulse has 3 programs that could be very helpful for that as well.

          1. Jonathan Esposito says:

            hey tony , start your own thread ;)

            mister Greenfield and mister Pawlak ,

            i received the product after a long wait, not the couples of days stated and my emails to your customer services were without replies. but fair enough i gave a real try ,giving my body all nutrient needed , after 5 days using it so far my condition is WAY WORST. my RA is now spreading from my right leg to all area of body , i m having RA fever all night long and my body is now completely stiff.


            [email protected] if you prefer settle this in private

          2. Jonathan, I'm sorry this device didn't work out for you. I've reached out to Dr. Pawluk, and he's assured me that he will be in contact with you. Best wishes to you.

  39. Cara says:

    Is the flexpulse any better for sleep? I have the basic earthpulse.

    1. For sleep, the FlexPulse and the Earth pulse are very comparable. The major differences are that the Earth pulse is bulky and difficult to use for other purposes, being difficult to hold to the body, is not portable, and does not have a rechargeable battery.

      If you want the additional advantages of a FlexPulse you would have to buy that for all the other value that it would have for you, especially portability.

      Dr. Pawluk

    2. I've found them to be comparable!

  40. Cara says:

    If I have the basic earth pulse and just want to use it for sleep, is this just a efficacious as flexpulse

  41. dani ellis says:

    Can one use these devices with ICD or will it affect the machine/leads to the heart.

    1. Hello Dani. A FlexPulse can be used with an ICD, but treatment coils have to be kept about a foot away from the control unit. That means the treating around the heart or where the control unit is implanted need to be avoided. That means that you can still treat the head, the shoulders, the lower back, and anything from the ribs down. It’s still possible that the FlexPulse will not interfere with the ICD control unit but we are being very cautious and conservative. This also means that you should not use the FlexPulse coils during the night unless they are below the level of the bellybutton and secured in place so they have no chance of accidentally drifting into the area of the control unit.

      Dr. Pawluk

  42. Rokas says:


    Great podcast now I understand what PEMFs are. However, like always with the body it’s all acomplished through experimentation with diff. frequencies, since we are all different. I wonder if there is a home device which could measure the avg. brain frequency, so we could track the actual impact by the delta program of 3hz and see how it actually anchors the brain.

    What about binaural beats tho? Do you have a podcast on those?

    Also, I remember I was offered a diagnosis test with a device which runs low voltage of diff. frequencies and “detects” parasites in the body as these vibrate in diff. frequencies. Then I was offered to buy a what now I know was a PEMF device with 71 programs specifically designed to treat individual parasites by particular freaquencies. I still got the brochure haha:)

    I was always wondering if this was a hoax or not. I do believe in getting our magnetic fields intact with PEMFs, but killing individual parasites through the effect of ressonace… I am quite sceptical. Anyone heard of it?

    1. Hello Rokas.

      Unfortunately, I am not aware of any device that realistically and reproducibly measures the average frequencies of the brain. The problem with measurement is that the brain, as I mentioned in the podcast has many frequencies in various parts of the brain. This kind of testing can only be with an EEG array of multiple electrodes. Even then, this only measures the superficial activity of the brain and not the deep levels. We can say that even superficial level treatments of the brain with devices like the FlexPulse, have been shown in research to affect the entire brain including very deep levels. These kinds of tests would require very sophisticated and expensive equipment. I would be very wary of anybody claiming they can measure the average frequency of the brain!

      In my book, Power Tools for Health, there is discussion about infections. Parasites are difficult to “blast” with frequencies. They would require very high intensities and very precise frequencies, which have not been shown in research, never mind hearsay, to reliably get rid of parasites. Most of these testing tools that say that there are parasites, using energetic patterning, our notoriously unreliable. When these tests are repeated multiple times you will see that there is amazing variability in results. In other words they are not consistent or reliable.

      I have seen studies that have shown that a healthy body rejects parasites. Some parasites cannot be eliminated, such as those associated with eating infected pork, called trichinosis. These parasites surround themselves with a calcium shell and are very difficult to penetrate and get rid of. The body produces the calcium shell to isolate the parasite, essentially making it more or less permanently dormant.

      Also, it should be said that there is a huge range of possible parasites in the body, which are generally very challenging to detect by any testing methods, unless they become obvious by producing a problem.

      Dr. Pawluk

  43. Sven says:

    Hi Ben,

    Can you use either the Flexpulse or the BioBalance when you sleep on a magnetic bed, such as from the company Nikken? I sleep on such a bed and I fear interaction of the magnetic field of the bed with the magnetic fields from the devices.

    Because I know that leaving my phone on the magnetic bed has decreased the battery efficiency of my phone.


    1. I use both my FlexPulse and my Biobalance every night. As it happens, I also happen to have a whole body static magnetic system on my bed that is much better and stronger than the Nikken mattress pad. Each of these different whole body static magnetic systems are different in the way they’re designed and their intended purpose. In any event, PEMFs such as the FlexPulse and Biobalance can be used alongside a whole body static magnetic mattress system. Let me explain that the Earth’s magnetic field is a static magnetic field. Research is shown that the absence of the Earth’s static magnetic field does not produce a benefit when only pulsed magnetic fields are used. That means that, generally, whole body or local PEMFs, likely positively interact with static magnetic fields. Another words you will still see a benefit from the PEMFs that may well be enhanced by a static magnetic mattress system.

      1. Carson Danyluik says:

        This really through me off. Almost all the pemf companies i have talked to advise against this. Would your recomendations here also apply to the earthpulse system?

        1. Carson Danyluik says:

          Also how would you configure this set up? Do you put your biobalance on top of the magnetic pad or under it?

  44. SlyNate says:

    Great show Ben, I love Dr. Pawluk’s work. I’ve had a pinched long thoracic nerve injury that has bothered me for years, do you think this device would help me? I have tried so many applications, therapies, etc. with little to no effect at this point.

    1. Since the long thoracic nerve arises from the fifth, sixth, and seventh cervical nerves (C5-C7), and innervates the shoulder area muscles, the FlexPulse may well be an ideal device for treatment of this problem. This is because the FlexPulse can be used relatively continuously to the C5 – C7 area of the neck. I would not treat the area where the problem is felt, but the source of the problem in the neck. As far as the FlexPulse is concerned I would use either program one or program two.

      Dr. Pawluk

      1. SlyNate says:

        Thanks Dr. Pawluk!

  45. Chris Collins says:

    How does the Flexpulse differ from an earlier product Dr. Pawluk was selling, the Somapulse?

    1. John Mills says:

      Yes. Good question. The Soma is one third the cost.

      1. The Somapulse was about the same price originally as the FlexPulse, without the discount. The Micropulse signal is the same as the Somapulse signal, one single program repeating many times. Yes the price is considerably less. If you want the flexibility of the FlexPulse, as discussed in the podcast, this is a better option in so many ways. The FlexPulse was designed to improve on the original Somapulse signal and device configuration.

        Dr. Pawluk

    2. The Somapulse was a much simpler version. It had only 1 program 10 Hz for 10 minutes/the 100 Hz for 20 mins, then continually cycling that basic program, and only 1 port. Also it used 9 V batteries. The Flexpulse has a built in rechargeable Nickle metal hydride battery, a display and 2 independent ports.

    3. The Somapulse was a much simpler version. It had only 1 program 10 Hz for 10 minutes/the 100 Hz for 20 mins, then continually cycling that basic program, and only 1 port. Also it used 9 V batteries. The Flexpulse has a built in rechargeable Nickle metal hydride battery, a display and 2 independent ports.

      Dr Pawluk

    4. The Somapulse was a much simpler version. It was discontinued. The Flexpulse replaced it. The Somapulse had only 1 program 10 Hz for 10 minutes/the 100 Hz for 20 mins, then continually cycling that basic program, and only 1 port. Also it used 9 V batteries. The Flexpulse has a built in rechargeable Nickle metal hydride battery, a display and 2 independent ports and has 6 programs, discussed in the podcast, instead of one.

      Dr. Pawluk

  46. John says:

    What about coming the FlexPulse product while sleeping with offline “Nighttime Sleep” session?

    1. Probably can be combined. Music hits the auditory cortex first and the cascades through the rest of the brain. The brain effects are therefore indirect. The Flexpulse acts directly on the brain cells themselves and is able actually heal the brain through direct cellular effects and stimulating neural stem cells.

  47. John says:

    I looked at the FlexPulse website and the product that they sell is for localized areas but in the podcast he mentions a mat and/or pillow which is not included within the FlexPulse product so how can I incorporate the FlexPulse product with a mat?

    1. John says:

      I found the answer to my own question by re-listening to the podcast which is called the BIOBALANCE

    2. The mat and pillow are not Flexpulse products. They are available as the BioBalance. The Flexpulse can be used alongside the BioBalance. You can use the two overnight so all the cells in your body are getting rebalanced while you sleep, augmenting the natural repair happening during delta sleep.

  48. Joanna Mathews says:

    Thanks for another amazing show Ben! A pleasure to finally hear the truth about PEMFs from the legendary Dr. Pawluk himself! Will surely give FlexPulse a shot.. thanks for the discount!

    1. My pleasure, thanks for listening!

  49. Federer says:

    Where is the link to the actual audio?

    1. Hmm, not sure what you're seeing. Do you not see a play button under the image of Dr. Pawluk?

    2. John Mills says:

      Check the browser extensions you have installed. Many of the “ad blocking” ones will remove portions of web pages. Simply disable and reload the page.

      Hey Ben. I have two Earthpulse systems. One double mag under my bed and one single mag under my office chair. I remember Dr. Pawluk mentioning that the Earthpulse was the least expensive most powerful PEMF device on several podcasts. I’m surprised it wasn’t mentioned and wondering why Dr. Pawluk uses the Flexpulse instead for sleep? I usually set mine (bed) to 1.2Hz for deep delta and it works very well. Do you still use your Earthpulse every night? Don’t know if I can afford the Flex right now but it sounds interesting with it being able to produce higher frequencies (100 and 1000Hz).

      1. I kind of go back and forth between trying all sorts of different PEMF devices, so to not "Muddy the waters" I'm currently only using the Flexpulse in the bedroom, but have the Earthpulse in my office…

        1. alice says:

          How do you use the earthpulse in your office?

          1. I use it for focus and alpha brain wave, and then also for injuries. Here's my podcast with them:…

      2. alice says:

        Do you have a manual I could download for the Earthpulse. I have not found the frequencies to use for whatever, etc.. I usually have it set on manual for 7 hrs at 9.6. When you’re in Delta, do you a problem waking up and being alert?

        1. The best place to get that sort of thing would probably be Earthpulse. No issues with sleep when in recovery mode. More info on my podcast I recorded with them:…

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