Everything You Need To Know About Essential Oils For Fat Loss, Performance, Smart Drugs, Scar Healing, Detoxing And More.

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Two years ago, I got a nasty staph infection.

It exploded into the flesh-eating bacteria MRSA, it took over both my arms and legs, it ate a golf-ball sized hole into my right thigh and I nearly lost my left arm.

The entire nasty story, along with shocking photos, is here.

After trying every natural remedy and topical creme on the face of the planet, I eventually got rid of the entire thing and healed myself with essential oils.

Over the past two years, I went from knowing nothing about essential oils to discovering an entire wealth of knowledge about these amazing natural remedies, and in today's podcast episode with Dr. Sarah Lobisco, you're going to learn everything you need to know about essential oils for fat loss, performance, cognitive enhancement, scar healing, detoxing and more, including:

What exactly an essential oil is and how an essential oil is actually made…

How essential oils work chemically within your body…

The three different ways you can apply and use essential oils…

The best essential oils for your immune system…

The best essential oil blends for stress and sleep…

The best essential oils for fat loss (and for stretch marks too!)…

Amazing ways you can use one essential oil as a smart drug and cognitive performance enhancer…

How essential oils can be used to enhance physical performance…

How essential oils can be used for cleansing and detox…

-Why not all essential oils are created equal, why some can do some serious damage to you if you're not careful, and the exact brand that Dr. Sarah uses

My guest, Dr. Sarah Lobisco, is a graduate of the University of Bridgeport’s College of Naturopathic Medicine (UBCNM). She is licensed in Vermont as a naturopathic doctor and holds a Bachelor of Psychology from State University of New York at Geneseo. Dr. LoBisco speaks professionally on integrative medical topics, has several journal publications, and is a candidate for postdoctoral certification in functional medicine. She currently has a private integrative medicine consulting practice located in Ballston Spa, New York, where she incorporates her training in holistic medical practices with conventional medicine.

Do you have more questions about essential oil? Leave your comments and feedback below, and click here to peruse the Young Living Essential Oils we discuss in this episode.

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88 thoughts on “Everything You Need To Know About Essential Oils For Fat Loss, Performance, Smart Drugs, Scar Healing, Detoxing And More.

  1. Alfred Daw says:

    Nice posts. The information about that bear is very good. I really like it and I hope you will succeed. Thanks for sharing it

  2. Roberto says:

    What essential oils are good for productivity/ concentration?

  3. Kevin Ewing says:


    I’ve noticed, while you have a wealth of knowledge on your podcast, every guest is treated as legitimate. Maybe the next step in the growth of your company needs to be a strict vetting process. You have, I believe, a responsibility, especially with such a large following. A lot of your listeners are looking for solutions to real problems. Young Living seems to be ran by a very shady individual!

  4. Kent Wonnell says:

    Hi Ben,

    I read through your 2012 post about how you treated your MRSA. I am dealing with an extreme case. It seems that part of the protocol you used then is not available now; Be Young Essential Oil no longer has either the anti-fungal or antibacterial blend, and Biobotanical Research only has Biocidin(however I’m not sure which format to use). I’ve read through your entire blog, listened to your podcast with Dr. Lobisco, and can’t seem to find, or put together a workable, possibly more current protocol.

    What am I missing?

    Thanks! Kent


      1. Kent Wonnell says:

        Hi Ben,

        Thanks for your reply. And what would be the protocol; internal, external, and/or diffuser? In addition, you listed a “rinsing” formula for liquid soap to wash your skin. Is that the same?

        Thanks! Kent


        1. I go over a ton in this: https://bengreenfieldfitness.com/2012/06/how-safe… – in addition, I'd be happy to help you via a personal one-on-one consult. Just go to https://bengreenfieldfitness.com/coaching. and then choose a 20 or 60 minute consult, whichever you'd prefer. I can schedule ASAP after you get that.

          1. Kent Wonnell says:

            Hi Ben,

            As I mentioned in my Feb 19 post, I read through your entire story on MRSA, however some of the EO blends are not available now, it seems, and your reply to my question was simply Thieves. Can you expound on that please?

            Thanks! Kent


          2. Kent Wonnell says:


            The link above goes to an experiment in 2004 that seems to have little relevance, and hardly answers my question about Thieves, and how Thieves replaces the protocol of the antibacterial blend and anti-fungal blend that you used in 2012. Can you explain please? I would hope this is straightforward.

            Really appreciate your help!



          3. Hey Kent,

            If I suggested swapping the EO oil for Thieves by Young Living: https://greenfieldfitnesssystems.com/product/youn… and you can follow the same protocol as outlined here: https://bengreenfieldfitness.com/2012/06/how-safe… beyond that, if you want to go into detail, book a consult by going here: https://bengreenfieldfitness.com/coachme” target=”_blank”>www.greenfieldfitnesssystems.com/product/ben-gree… and I can take you through everything there. Hope that helps.

  5. Molly Johnson says:

    Hello again! Now trying to figure out which diffuser to buy and from where… what do you recommend?


    1. Any of these: http://amzn.to/2eGtkrY are going to be fine!

  6. Molly Johnson says:

    Awesome!! Thanks, I will!

  7. Molly Johnson says:

    I’ve just started researching essential oils. This was a great place to start! Since this podcast aired in 2014, I was wondering if Young Living is still the company you recommend. A lot of my online research has pointed me toward Rocky Mountain Oils and Native American Nutritionals (which recently merged). If you still prefer Young Living, can you explain why? Also, I’m very interested in using essential oils on my children. Is there any risk to this? Or are there any oils that are safer than others? Finally, can you comment on using essential oils to relieve night-time congestion and especially night time puffy eyes?

    1. Hey Molly, I still recommend Young Living, yes. I do so because they are the company I have researched thoroughly and can vouch for. It is safe to use essential oils on your children, just make sure you use a smaller amount and dilute them thoroughly if you're planning on putting them directly onto the skin. Diffusing is always a really safe way to use them. Some oils are more potent than other yes, as are the same oils from different brands, so it's very hard to say. I would check out Thieves from Young Living for night-time congestion: https://greenfieldfitnesssystems.com/product/youn…

  8. Jessica says:

    Great post. Essential oils definitely have therapeutic properties but they need to be used in the right way. I’ve used essential oils for acne treatment and it has worked really well. The right type of diffuser is very important to get the full therapeutic benefits. You have to use a nebulizer where the essential oils only touch the glass and don’t get mixed with water/diluted. here is an example of one: https://richaromas.com not regular diffusers that mix the essential oils with water.

    1. Interesting. Are there "hardier" travel versions of something like this?

  9. AshReed says:

    I'm quite new to the whole essential oil thing. I started reading about these a little while ago and picked my first essential oil diffuser a few months back! Now, I'm just looking into more tips to utilize these amazing natural oils in other ways!

  10. Daniel33335_215 says:

    have very happily been using Edens Garden oils for three years. I’ve not been unhappy with any of the single oils and unhappy only with one blend I’ve purchased from them! As a user for that long I recommend them to everyone I know who asks about oils.

  11. Great podcast! Really enjoy this.

  12. danellajade says:

    Hi Ben,
    in the podcast something was mentioned about diffusing essential oils for mould. We have a lot of mould in our house and id love to give this a try. off toy buy an ultrasonic diffuser today. what was the oils suggested and time frame for diffusing. Sorry i was driving so didnt get a chance to jot it down.

    1. I'd recommend:

      A) Thieves essential oil and

      B) any of the cold air diffusers off Amazon or a vacuum that can diffuse using water, such as Rainbow vac.

  13. gcchad says:

    Hi Ben. Is it possible to damage kidneys using Peppermint oil in water (2 to 4) drops a day for 3-4 months continuously?

  14. Chad Johnson says:

    Hi Ben. Love your show. Just noticed the Peppermint article, and had a question. Can continual use of Essential Peppermint Oil (doTerra) 2 to 4 drops a day, for a 3 to 4 month span, cause kidney damage?

    Chad Johnson

  15. Chad Johnson says:

    Hi Ben. I was wondering if it is possible to damage your kidneys by ingested peppermint oil in water (2 to 4 drops daily) continuously for 3 to 4 months.


    Chad Johnson

  16. Mark234122 says:

    Hi. Are there peppermint oil capsules for bloating? When I eat my stomach expands a tremendous amount. It’s awful. On top of that, I had breat reconstruction after a mastectomy that used my bottom tummy to make a breast. I know it sounds awful, but my biggest issue is , it shaped my body like a barrel so I look bloated without eating. Do you think peppermint oil capsules would help with my extended bloating after eating?

    1. Yes, I'm a fan of peppermint oil for bloating and GI upset, and also a fan of ginger, activated charcoal, and, if you need the "big guns" probiotics, colostrum and a cleansing protocol. I'd check out the Gut Fix pack at https://greenfieldfitnesssystems.com/product/deto…. FYI, I'm also working on a comprehensive article about peppermint oil that should release in next couple weeks, so stay tuned!

  17. I am a mother, wife, entrepreneur and daydreamer. Like you, I am trying to lead a healthy life the best way that I know how. I started using essential oils during my first pregnancy when I was experiencing debilitating ‘morning sickness.

    Thanks for your good post

  18. LeiaChester says:

    Thanks Sarah. I'll check out those links. I dig into the research as my profession, as a physiologist who evaluates the validity of medical research..

    you can refer to this site for more usefull information:

  19. raywhitehead62 says:

    I LOVE essential oils for healthcare! In fact, I stayed home sick from work today and I made me a capsule with a couple of oils in it and his nausea/vomiting ceased very quickly. I also went to the doctor this morning for a follow up on labs and am now able to stop taking my cholesterol medication thanks to the essential oil regimen I have been on. I personally use peppermint essential oils and love them due to the high quality and their potent special blends. Thank you so much for covering this topic! I love when people find out that there is an alternative to tradition medicine .http://wellnessappliances.com/

  20. Lewis_ says:

    I'm just not satisfied with this podcast. I'm skeptical of this MLM product with impossible to prove or disprove claims like "mood enhancement" or "immune health". What is the proposed mechanism of these supposed effects, other than an appeal to nature? How do they have similar effects across methods of application (topical, ingestion, diffusion)? There is no explanation and no science here. I'm even more suspicious about Dr. 'Not-a-doctor' Sarah's insistence on recommending these oils for almost every condition mentioned in these comments, especially given that she is a previous employee of Young Living (translation: she is on the payroll).

    When can we expect YL to release the 100% pure therapeutic grade essential snake oil?

    I'm very disappointed in the dubious claims accepted at face value here. I'm a new listener of Ben's and was finding a lot of valuable information here, but I don't think I will be listening any more. I'm disappointed that Ben put this company on without questioning any of it on behalf of the listener, and this calls into question the validity of everything else here. This was not an informative podcast, this was an hour-long advertisement for a scam.

    "If you can't spot the sucker, it's you". Please, if you're considering buying these oils, look around on Google for objective evidence. If they work, surely it's better to have even more proof, and if they don't, you've saved a good chunk of cash.

    1. DrSarah says:

      Hi Lewis,
      I’ve spent a great deal of time compiling studies and abstracts on the mechanisms of essential oils from pubmed and list them in various blogs on my website: http://dr-lobisco.com/category/essential-oils/. I also indicate if the trials were in vivo, in vitro, or human trials. You may like the frankincense blogs (Part 1 and 2: http://dr-lobisco.com/more-than-you-need-to-know-… ) if you are looking for references. I also have blogs on safety and highlighted essential oils.
      You can also access the link to my article in Townsend Letter which explores the mechanisms of olfaction on pain here: http://dr-lobisco.com/the-smell-of-emotions/
      If you aren’t familiar with the education of licensed naturopathic doctors, you can view it at: http://www.naturopathic.org/medicine.
      I do use the oils with clients and they have reported great benefits. When Ben experienced the difference with the Young Living oils, being of integrity, he switched his suggestions. He saw the science and also how they benefited his family. The MLM aspect may make people hesistant who are unfamiliar with how it is implented by this company, and in no way takes away from the essential oils ability to support wellness in my opinion.
      If you are not satisfied with my research or need more information, you are welcome to search pubmed citations for essential oils and their mechanisms yourself.
      Even if essential oils aren’t for you, I’m sorry that you will not be allowing yourself to benefit from all the other amazing wellness tips and tools Ben has to offer.

  21. sinyc says:

    Hi. in the podcast it was mentioned that the some of these essential oils can be take orally. however the product sheet on Young Livings just mention diffusion or topical application. Is this due to FDA concerns and are the oils safe to be taken orally? Thanks

    1. DrSarah says:

      Hi Sinyc,
      Each oil has directions on the label as a guide to how to safely use them. It is true that due to the recent FDA regulation guidelines, labeling of oils is undergoing some changes. Furthermore, some oils and blends can be most effective topically or diffused. However, some oils can also be beneficial taken internally and will have instructions on the label for ingestion.
      For example, see the "how to use" section of lemon: <a sl-processed="1" href="http://www.youngliving.com/en_US/products/essential-oils/singles/lemon-essential-oil" target="_blank"&gt <a href="http://;http://www.youngliving.com/en_US/products/essenti…” target=”_blank”>;http://www.youngliving.com/en_US/products/essenti…
      These blogs may also be of interest to you:
      1. On the purity of oils: <a sl-processed="1" href="http://dr-lobisco.com/can-i-eat-that-essential-oil-why-quality-counts/" target="_blank"&gt <a href="http://;http://dr-lobisco.com/can-i-eat-that-essential-oi…” target=”_blank”>;http://dr-lobisco.com/can-i-eat-that-essential-oi…
      2. On essential oil safety: <a sl-processed="1" href="http://dr-lobisco.com/a-look-at-essential-oils-safety-children-dosages/" target="_blank"&gt <a href="http://;http://dr-lobisco.com/a-look-at-essential-oils-sa…” target=”_blank”>;http://dr-lobisco.com/a-look-at-essential-oils-sa…
      Finally, there is also a desk reference available for essential oil use: http://www.lifesciencepublishers.com/index.php?ro…
      Hope that helps! :-D

      1. sinyc says:

        thanks. will have a look

  22. DrSarah says:

    Hi Daniel,
    That is a great question. Although there are some oils that should be used cautiously or avoided in pregnancy, generally, little ones respond well to the oils. However they should be used in very small dosages and diluted with an organic carrier oil (such as olive oil, almond oil, or coconut oil). I usually suggest to my clients to first use gentle single oils such as lavender, frankincense, and lemon first. The "stronger" oils should be used in very small amounts and in divided doses, very strong oils or those high in camphor may be best to diffuse only for very young children. Peppermint is one oil that I have heard to use cautiously in those with developing lungs. I usually suggest little ones use oils topically on the bottom of the feet or through diffusing, not ingestion. Of course, with diffusing, you will all be receiving the benefit as well. , A wonderful book for parents who are on a natural wellness path with Young Living is "Gentle Babies" found at &lt;a sl-processed="1" href="http://www.abundanthealth4u.com/Book_Gentle_Babies_p/8922.htm" target="_blank"&gt; <a href="http://;http://www.abundanthealth4u.com/Book_Gentle_Babie…” target=”_blank”>;http://www.abundanthealth4u.com/Book_Gentle_Babie… by Debra Raybern. She is more of an expert with children than myself.
    Also, here is a link on young living and safety in children: &lt;a sl-processed="1" href="http://www.youngliving.com/en_US/company/media/news/essential-oils-generally-safe-for-children" target="_blank"&gt; <a href="http://;http://www.youngliving.com/en_US/company/media/ne…” target=”_blank”> <a href="http://;http://www.youngliving.com/en_US/company/media/ne…” target=”_blank”> <a href="http://;http://www.youngliving.com/en_US/company/media/ne…” target=”_blank”>;http://www.youngliving.com/en_US/company/media/ne…
    Another great resource is the Essential Oil Desk References available through Life Science Publishing.
    Young Living has kit specifically designed for children's needs called KidsCents. It is currently out of stock but something that you may want to look into.

  23. Daniel ferrigno says:

    Ive been using the young living line of essential oils. And was wondering if these oils are safe for babies 8months old and todler age kids. Thanks.

  24. briankoe1984 says:

    Isn’t that amazing — that essential oils can offer such healing powers? It’s certainly not an immediate cure-all (nothing is) but if you stick with it, you can lose gnificant weight. It’s especially effective when you complement your existing weight loss program with diet shakes and oils.

    1. Great question!
      You can do either. If you have a sensitive stomach or are new to the oils, you can dilute the oil in a milk alternative (I like coconut). The fat and protein will slow absorption and help with keeping the oil intact to go directly to the lower digestive track. I use the lemon oil for my clients and myself straight (1-2 drops in 8 -16 oz water) in order to help purify the water and to support mood (esters) as well as immune and digestive health (high in limonene, polyphenol). Hope that helps!

  25. DrSarah says:

    Hi physiogirlellen (great name!).
    Glad you liked the podcast!
    Not knowing your exact situation,you may want to consider using essential oils to support oxygenation to the brain. This means choosing oils that are high in sesquiterpenes (cedarwood, sandalwood, myrrh, and frankincense are examples).
    Here are a few blog posts with more information: http://dr-lobisco.com/the-solace-of-cedarwood-oil… http://dr-lobisco.com/what-about-myrrh-a-healthy-…
    Hope that helps!

  26. physiogirlellen says:

    Great podcast…thanks! My question is how can I use essential oils to help my pituitary gland which is suppressed?

  27. icoachurun says:

    Hi Ben and Dr. Sarah,
    Thank you for the great podcast on essential oils. Is there an oil you recommend for Exercised Induced Asthma or Bronchial Spasm. I only experience these for 2 months at the change of the season but the severely limit my performance. I suspect that they are allergy related because as soon as it colds enough to freeze I no longer get them but September-October and than spring it is not fun. I would if an essential oil can help keep my air pathway open and less the irritation from air-borne allergens. Thanks so much!

    1. DrSarah says:

      Hi icoachurn (love the name),
      Glad you liked the podcast
      Fun question because I can go into the biochemistry a bit and geek out for you smarties.
      A lot of my clients have had relief of allergy symptoms using lavender, peppermint, and high oxygenating and phenol oils (such as eucalyptus, melaleuca alternofolia (tea tree), and cedarwood). There is research that I've come across that lavender and peppermint act to inhibit histamine and inflammatory compounds. Frankincense is also great at modulating inflammatory compounds. The cineole constituents you find in eucalyptus blends have research for respiratory support.
      Young living has several blends which provide a synergy of different oils and constituents that I suggest my clients have on hand that combines respiratory support oils- RC and Raven are two of the biggies that come to mind.
      As a side note, you may want to check for cross-reactivity to foods and seasonal allergies: http://www.mayoclinic.org/diseases-conditions/foo… and listen/read to some of the "gut" topics that Ben has done in the past.
      Most of your immune system and neurotransmitters are in the belly and if you don't look at that and nutrition, you may not get the full support you desire.
      Hope that helps!

  28. Kat_f says:

    Thanks, as always, for a super interesting podcast. Ben, in the past, you've said you prefer not to deal with MLM companies as products are more expensive. The oils are much more expensive than, say, Mountain Rose. Any comments?

    1. DrSarah says:

      Hi Kat_f. Glad you enjoyed the podcast!
      Young Living oils are more expensive due to their quality control and assurance of genuine oils that are of European standards. Most companies in the United States don't even ensure ISO or AFNOR standards, much less the tests I discussed in the podcast (see above comments under MegSake and Sam_James). In fact, when a recent listener inquired with another brand about quality, they told the listener that therapeutic standards weren't recognized in the United States. This is true and unfortunate. This is why I use a company that does ensure safety and quality.
      For example, if I see a company with a bottle of frankincense for less than $80, I start to question what else is in the bottle and what solvents were added. Cost of oils are determined by method of extraction, amount of supply needed for an oil's production, availability of the genuine source, and all the quality methods discussed.
      (I encourage you to read this article and view the links and videos: http://dr-lobisco.com/can-i-eat-that-essential-oi…
      When Ben saw the science and experienced the difference for himself with some of the samples I sent him for performance, being of integrity and wanting to give his people and family the highest quality, he now only purchases Young Living oil.

  29. beuss01 says:

    Thanks for this podcast. Essential oils are powerful.

    However, just be aware that a company mentioned in this podcast is a very controversial one. Just use google to check. Here are a few examples:
    http://www.utahstories.com/2012/02/mult-level-mar… http://www.jonnsaromatherapy.com/pdf/Briggs_Real_…

    They are omnipresent because they have very agressive marketing strategies.

    It is simply disgusting to see an "alternative medicine" company behaving worse that "big pharma". It is doing actually a lot of harm to serious people who are trying to prove the validity of alternative medicine field.

    Lately, they claimed they can cure ebola… Come on, use good common sense: only a few labs in the whole world are accredited to handle this virus, so how could this company perform the tests to validate their statement?!?!?

    1. DrSarah says:

      Dear beuss,
      Thank you for your comment.

      To clarify, Young Living Essential Oils (YLEO), the company, have never claimed to cure Ebola. Some of their distributors made claims that YLEO has taken action on to remediate and has been in compliance with the FDA. Letters were sent to all distributors and personalized letters to individual distributors. (See the end of the Washington post article: http://online.wsj.com/articles/fda-cracks-down-on…

      I can also point you to my comments posted above on quality, the company background, and how YLEO oils follow the GRAS regulations and ones that are considered safe for ingestion are labeled accordingly <a href="http://:http://www.accessdata.fda.gov/scripts/cdrh/cfdocs/cfcfr/CFRSearch.cfm?fr=182.20” target=”_blank”> <a href="http://:http://www.accessdata.fda.gov/scripts/cdrh/cfdocs/cfcfr/CFRSearch.cfm?fr=182.20” target=”_blank”>:http://www.accessdata.fda.gov/scripts/cdrh/cfdocs/cfcfr/CFRSearch.cfm?fr=182.20

  30. sam_james says:

    loved this podcast! I recently purchased a bunch of essential oils from Eden's Garden, who claim they 3rd party and GC test. I wonder if Dr. Sarah has any opinion on this particular brand? I am definitely going to look into buying Young Living in the future!
    Also, she mentioned compounds in citrus oils can feed gut bacteria. However, I was under the impression that because citrus oils (like lemon) can be used as strong disinfectants they would not be beneficial for gut health. Could they possibly kill gut bacteria? Thanks!

    1. DrSarah says:

      Hi Sam_James,
      I am not familiar with Eden's Garden, but here is what you'd want to look for at minimum:
      ISO and AFNOR standardized

      Tests for Essential Oils Verification and quality (These are among the tests YLEO does)
      Third party verification and the following:
      Gas chromatography with GC/MS
      Heavy metals analysis
      Microbial analysis
      Flash Point
      Optical Rotation (Fake oil check- this is important!)
      Refractive Index
      Specific Gravity
      Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy

      Lemon as an essential oil contains compounds called polyphenols. They have been reported to modulate optimal microbiome balance. EOs at the same time can make it hard for nasty bacteria to thrive due to their immune modulating properties. Here's a link: http://dr-lobisco.com/how-oils-clean-toxins-and-p…
      Here's another: http://dr-lobisco.com/back-to-school-immune-suppo…
      Hope that helps! :-D

  31. tlmsal says:

    Great interview.

    I was wondering if you have any knowledge/ suggestion using essential oils for alopecia universalis? I've read that it is used as a alternative therapy but if you have any further insight on which oils to use and how to use them (topically, air diffused, etc.) that'd be awesome!

    1. DrSarah says:

      Hi Timsal!
      Alopecia universalis is believed to be an autoimmune disorder. So, you'd probably want to look at the gut again (notice a theme) and note any immune triggers with an integrative doc.
      For essential oils, I've actually had some of clients have some success with using the oils of cedarwood, lavender, and rosemary, and thyme and the YLEO shampoos, but I haven't seen any clinical trials on this in research. Of course, thieves, lemon and the immune oils Ben and I discussed are great for supporting a healthy immune system! Hope that helps!

  32. Chris says:

    Dr. Sarah, what kind of protocol would a person followup they had UTI like symptoms?

    Thank you for a great interview. My mother has been using young living for years. A package of thieves cough drops are a regular Christmas gift!

    1. DrSarah says:

      Hi Chris. That's nice of your mom!

      Ok, without knowing specifics, in general, this is what I look for with my clients who have chronic UTI-like symptoms and want to support their body's immune response to it:
      1. Check for mold- diffuse thieves
      2. Hormonal health and estrogen (if female mostly) balance- hormonal support oils such as lavender, endoflex, are favorites of mine (Estrogen is responsible for the pH in the vaginal tract of women)
      3. Chronic infections/dental health- thieves supports immune health overall, thieves and peppermint are great for dental health (bad bugs in mouth go everywhere in the system!)
      4. Chronic candida can be an issue too. For my clients, I suggest taking thieves with lemon or oil of oregano/thyme as they support their gut and digestion with "leaky gut" protocols.
      5. Food sensitivities- gluten, sugar, and dairy are usually culprits in most of my clients, this causes irritation in the UT.
      6. Make sure to balance excess sulfur intake from insufficient digested or too high of protein content-with buffering minerals. (Ben probably has good suggestions for this or any form of potassium citrate/bicarb). This is to balance kidney and urinary stress/irritation from the sulfur/nitrogen load…maybe they are stressed and need digestive enzymes or help clearing the nitrogen load as well…
      7. Gut and Liver health- microbes can translocate from the gut to ureter if their is chronic inflammation, irritation or high toxin exposure
      I'm a naturopathic and functional doctor, so it's never just a pill for an ill ;-D
      Hope that helps, Chris!

  33. monhank says:

    Has anyone tried Young Living's Ningxia Red? Wow…talk about nutrient dense. My son and I drink it everyday for the overall health benefits…helps with energy too in a really gentle but powerful way. I usually add a Ningxia Nitro before going to the gym, as well as drinking YL Peppermint in my water for cooling. Really helps my stamina.

  34. sklooney731 says:

    Grating lemon peel is called "zesting" ..just FYI ;) Great episode, love the podcast! Very valuable info!

    1. Yes! That is the word. Thank you.

  35. megs1768 says:

    Are there any oils on Amazon that are the same quality or close? NOW Foods or Edens Garden? They say therapeutic strength

    1. DrSarah says:

      Hi Megs,
      I wouldn't suggest purchasing from Amazon for essential oils, especially with the absence of regulations and standardizations in the United States. Oils can say therapeutic and unless its verified and third party tested, it is misleading. Here is the link I shared above on why quality counts: http://dr-lobisco.com/can-i-eat-that-essential-oi…
      At minimum the oil should be genuine, grade A, ISO, and AFNOR certified.
      Hope that helps!

  36. yrlemasson says:

    Great interview Ben & Dr. Sarah Lobisco! My family has been using essential oils by doTERRA for quite some time now. Regardless of what company you go with (I think essential oils are God's gift for us to use, so the more people that use them the better off we all are. I am not here to start a company war, Young Living makes some great products as well!). My family loves how the oils have helped us by boosting our health, improving relaxation and even improved behavior (I am a high school math teacher and I diffuse it in my classroom everyday. My kids say they notice a huge difference.) This interview was informative, tasteful, and highly encouraging. Keep up the great work Ben. And Brock, you are cool too…

  37. monhank says:

    You are most welcome! :)

  38. Megsake says:

    I was really interested in this podcast and looked up the young living oils immediately, I am just confused about their purity after finding all of the lawsuits and discrepancies… I do believe I will give them a try based on your interview but Im concerned that perhaps there is a more pure oil available and I am not certain how to know who is telling the truth about which is best :/ Any suggestions?

    1. DrSarah says:

      Hi. Sure, I posted this above too but it does have the inks and information on purity that will help: http://dr-lobisco.com/can-i-eat-that-essential-oi…
      The internals links have purity and lab testing videos with reference to Gary Young's presentation at the International French Symposium on distilling for genuine oils.

    2. monhank says:

      Hi Megsake,
      I have been using Young Living oils, supplements, and personal care products for almost 13 years. I’ve spent time personally with Gary and Mary Young, who are the founders of Young Living. Gary is obsessed with purity. I’ve been on three of their farms and have witnessed the pristine planting and harvesting, and participated in the distillation process.
      They are beyond organic, and Gary continues to search for plants and oils that will keep us healthy. If there is an oil brought to them that doesn’t meet Young Living’s standards we have to do without until they find one that does. They have 7 farms around the world, and the farms that they partner with are watched and worked with very closely. I can’t say enough about the ethics of this company, and how grateful I am for all they have done for me and my family.

      1. Megsake says:

        Thank you very much! Makes me feel better to hear others experiences with them ;)

  39. Jerzey says:

    Thanks Sarah. I'll check out those links. I dig into the research as my profession, as a physiologist who evaluates the validity of medical research..

  40. Jerzey says:

    Dr. Sarah, thank you for emailing me the Hirsch study that you link above in your comment. I'm glad to see that there is an additional, published study on the weight loss claims, but this study too has little to offer. There was no control group, so you cannot state that any change in the subjects was related to the treatment. The study is further confounded by the psychological assessment which seemed pretty supportive, especially given that the subjects were described as mostly divorced and unemployed..It's well known that supportive contact during studies affects the outcome, and this feature of the study could have explained the results. He had quite a large study group. The least he could have done was randomize into treatment and control arms. I'm frankly surprised that any journal would actually publish this given the poor controls.

    1. DrSarah says:

      Hi Jerzey,
      Right! The trial was an intervention, not a placebo, controlled, randomized study. Although they did assess for confounding factors and stated this in the result section. Intervention trials are a valid trial and used to conduct studies on larger scale.The government uses them for prevention research for example: https://prevention.nih.gov/prevention-research/ph…
      Emotions cause a hormonal and insulin response via the HPA axis, calming the brain can help this aspect, in which lots of randomized trials exist for aromatherapy. I see this with a lot of women in my clinic.
      My website has resources for randomized trials on oils for different subjects: http://dr-lobisco.com/category/essential-oils/, you may like the link on of the articles on emotions to the NDNR journal and how it effects pain pathways. I love that you are digging into the research!

  41. Jerzey says:

    Wait, is the Hirsch weight loss study mentioned by Lobisco "30# in six months" the Sensa claim?! Because there is no other study by Hirsch, either on his website's list of studies or on Pubmed that is related to essential oils/peppermint and weight loss. That so-called study, which he said was published in a journal of the Endocrine Society was denied by the society as ever being accepted for publication or even ever reviewed by them. This claim, with no science to back it up, was the thing that got him and Sensa into hot water with the FDA. This study was not blinded, even to the researchers – who were makers of Sensa; not peer reviewed; not replicated; and results claimed are inconsistent with results demonstrated on their patent applications.

    1. DrSarah says:

      Hi. I uploaded the original study to a PDF for Hirsh published in the J
      Neurol Orthop Med Surg: http://www.aromapatch.com/Hirsch_Weight_Loss_Smel…
      Average weight loss was 5lbs/month for about 30 lbs average loss x 6 months
      More info: http://www.wju.edu/academics/symposium/2008abstra…

      I believe you may have been referencing the patent research which was a product, patent trial: http://www.google.com/patents/US7820208
      FYI: Reference to the study and his work: http://online.liebertpub.com/doi/pdf/10.1089/act…. (pg 4)

  42. hofesara says:

    I know this was about young living brand, but what about the Do Terra brand? Are they equal as far as quality?

    1. DrSarah says:

      DoTerra is actually another therapeutic brand. A lot of the company’s leaders trained under Gary Young and they then formed their own company in 2008. I use Young Living because they are the only company that uses seed to seal (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=toCDNZ4W5_M) and have the most quality control I know of any brand. They are the world leaders and Gary Young is actually working with and training top aromatherapists worldwide. These are some reasons I stick with the Young Living. Young Living is also used in the Mayo Clinc and Cleveland Clinic. Here’s a link to more information on why Young Living is the brand I advise for my clients and use for my family : http://dr-lobisco.com/can-i-eat-that-essential-oi…

  43. Gabusa77 says:

    My boyfriend is having a skin disease Psoriasis for years!!! The patches appear on his knees, elbows and scalp. Do you have any tips?
    Thanks Gabi

    1. Dr Sarah may have some suggestions as well but check out this page https://bengreenfieldfitness.com/2010/07/episo… Look for the question from Lee.

    2. DrSarah says:

      Hi Gabi,
      Psoriasis is actually an autoimmune disorder. Besides getting holistic support for gut health, the oils can help with immune modulation and support. Sticking with some of the basics we spoke of in the podcast can be very supportive and cleansing for the body.
      Most of my autoimmune clients get really triggered by stress (environmental, physical, and emotional), so oils help with this trigger as well. Hope that helps!

      1. mtm1208 says:

        The lemon oll says to dilute in the PDF. but if using in water, can you just put in 2 drop straight?

  44. kelllyb says:

    Dr. Lobisco mentioned her mother used essential oils to help balance hormones. I know it's a big topic, but as a perimenopausal women I'm curious what oils are helpful in this regard and what recommendations and cautions Dr. Lobisco would advise concerning the use of essential oils for menopause and hormone balancing. Thanks. Kelly

    1. DrSarah says:

      Hi Kelly. That's a big topic and great question! A lot of essential oils can modulate hormonal balance in a variety of ways. The simplest is lavender. Lavender is gentle and has many benefits for calming stress, supporting healthy blood sugar, decreasing cortisol. There are also hormone supporting blends such as Endoflex that I use a lot with clients with hormonal issues. I also suggest sage, clary sage, nutmeg, Joy blend, and Citrus Fresh blend with my clients to help support hormonal health. When you purchase your oils, there is a booklet that accompanies it that discusses how to safely use the oils.Ben and I also have various blogs on how to use them. You can view all these oils here: http://www.youngliving.org/bengreenfield

  45. darrendh says:


    I read your MERSA post and plan on listing to this…I had shingles a few years ago and have had a persistent inflammation related rash that feels/looks similar to shingles…any input regarding the essential oil protocol for that?

    1. I would go to http://www.youngliving.org/bengreenfield. Tons of resources there. essential oils like Lemon Balm, Peppermint, Oregano and Ravensara aromatica (Ravensara) may help reduce pain and encourage healing for shingles.

  46. jn100b says:

    Great podcast. My three takeaways:

    1. Put some citrus (orange oil) in my water in the morning.
    2. Lavender at night
    3. Take some essential oils before and during traveling.

    An idea flashed into my mind as I was listening. If a person put a drop of peppermint under their nose, it would give alertness and also help minimize breathing in sickness from others.

    We've noticed with our kids that a couple drops of peppermint on the feet give them a boost of energy and alertness within 15 minutes. Really perks them up when they are sick.

    An alternative to Young Living that is non mlm and excellent quality is Heritage Essential Oils. They have all the blends also. For cleaning, we will get the NOW brand from amazon.


    1. monhank says:

      The great thing about Young Living is that even thought they are mlm, there is no requirement to sell…they just make if easy for people to get the lowest prices. And they are used in several hospitals in the US…including the Cleveland Clinic, who uses only Young Living because they are the only oils that they can count on for consistent therapeutic value. :)

  47. monhank says:

    Wonderful interview with Dr. LoBisco! I use only Young Living essential oils because they are absolutely obsessive about quality. I cannot say enough about the health benefits my family and I have experienced from them. Thank you Ben Greenfield and Dr. Sarah for sharing this important information!

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