The Potent Ergogenic Effects of Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy to Enhance Athletic Performance

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Last week, I introduced you to a little device you put on your collarbone to help you with sleep. The device uses something called “PEMF”.

But I've actually been digging into PEMF for quite some time.

As a matter of fact, it was three years ago that an inventor named Paul Becker joined me for a podcast entitled “How Something Called Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy Can Make You Sleep Like A Baby (And Do Much More Than That)“. In it, Paul talks about a special “PEMF” device called “The EarthPulse“.

I also mention my own use of this little doughnut-shaped magnetic device for enhancing sleep in the sleep-hacking chapters of my book Beyond Training and also in the recent article 5 Biohacks To Beat Insomia, Sleep Better On Airplanes, And Shut Down Stress.


Today Paul's back.

But he's not here to fill us in on how PEMF can make us sleep better.

Instead, we're going to talk about the legal performance enhancing effects of PEMF, and exactly how to use something like The EarthPulse for way more than sleep.

During this episode, you'll discover:

-How electrical stimulation can be used to kill bacteria and viruses…

-How to triple your mitochondrial density while you are sleeping…

-Why earthing, grounding and sleeping outside on the earth is much different than use of a PEMF device…

-Why the PEMF emitted by a device is different than what is emitted from a cell phone…

-The correct way to use PEMF to increase rate of tissue repair…

-How PEMF affects the nervous system and HRV…

-And much more…

Resources from this episode:

Athletic Performance Enhancement results with EarthPulse

-100lb Bench Press increase

-Information on specific harmonics in Earthpulse

Sensitivity to electrical stimulation of human immunodeficiency virus type 1 and MAGIC-5 cells

Bob Beck protocol for cancer

David Hood (1989) 10 Hz triples 2 key enzymes responsible for oxygen metabolism

NASA / Goodwin (2003) 4x Tissue Regeneration and Epigenetic Effects of 10 Hz PEMF

James Tong (2007) 10 Hz Triples Nerve Synapse Energy & Doubles Mitochondrial Density

Click here to learn more about the EarthPulse PEMF machine, read more of the research or to get one for yourself now.

Do you have questions, comments or feedback for Paul or me? Leave your thoughts below, and click here to learn more about the EarthPulse PEMF machine, or to get one for yourself now (use coupon code “bgfitness” to save 15% anytime between February 27 and March 31, 2016).

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179 thoughts on “The Potent Ergogenic Effects of Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy to Enhance Athletic Performance

  1. Julie says:

    DO NOT BUY THE EARTHPULSE. I just had cervical fusion surgery and my Earthpulse screen die one week before. They claim to have a warranty program but DO NOT honor it. I emailed them and I got one email back that said to send them a video which I did showing the screen broke and then they stopped replying to my emails. I tried 2 more times. Their company phone number is disconnected. DO NOT BUY IT. When I really needed them the most, they really let me down.

  2. Moe says:

    Fantastic, Ben!

  3. Jerome says:

    hi ben :) I’ve been using this earthpulse device for a few months now at “recovery mode and 80%” when i sleep but I have not felt any improvement. I’m not complaining or unhappy.

    I’m just wondering – would you still recommend using this? or should i just buy another pemf or sleeping device?

    1. Anonymous says:

      Ben, I’d suggest you take down your recommendation of earthpulse. I bought one because of this podcast and blog. It didn’t do anything for me. I returned my order under their 90 day trial and never received a refund after being told by customer service months ago it’d be processed. That’s $950. After looking at their Facebook, it looks like they’re hiding comments but others are complaining about never receiving orders or getting refunds – we’re essentially being scammed. There’s no other way to get in touch because they’re ignoring emails. Just wanted to give you a heads up because it doesn’t look like I’m the only one here and it’s seriously disappointing.

      1. Evan says:

        I just ordered a V7 Pro on September 10, 2021. I got an order confirmation but nothing else so far. I’ve emailed them 3 times for an update but nothing back yet. I hope this isn’t a scam but I’ll wait and see.

        1. Evan says:

          I ordered an earthpulse after listening to multiple podcasts with Paul Becker. I didn’t get any reply from my email asking about shipping and didn’t get a reply. A few more emails and still no reply so I sent a dispute to PayPal and then got a reply from a staff person asking me to wait but after reading this thread and others I decided to continue with my cancellation. Today, September 20, 2021 I got this reply from Paul himself which shows that my decision was right.

          “no idea why people think is ok to open a case and just not ask for a refund first. then open a case. why over nearly 20 years i’ve grown to know that most people are retards THIS REFUND WILL BE MADE WITH PREJUDICE if not already refunded by my last trip to ppal.
          sorry times are bad, but we’ll never ship you EVER.
          good luck.
          Paul F. Becker, Esq. – Inventor, Product Developer, Futurist & Visionary”

      2. Julie Armbrecht says:

        Ditto the company phone number no longer works. Mine died and they will not fulfill the warranty promise. They emailed me back and then stopped when it came down to actually fulfilling the warranty.

  4. Matt says:

    I have a used unit for sale. I moved to a cabin with no electricity, so I can’t use this anymore. 808-419-1321

  5. Jessi says:

    I’ve had chronic sleep-maintenance insomnia for a couple of years, tried all the supplements and have excellent sleep hygiene (& nutrition) but haven’t made much progress.

    I decided recently to buy an EarthPulse but my experience so far has been dismal. The first night, it kept me awake ALL night (on Sleep 3) and gave me a headache that lasted a few weeks. After working up the courage to try again, I did a few 30 minute day-time sessions on RECOVER with the intent to acclimatize. Then after 5 days, I tried ENTRAIN-DOWN (Air Core, 70%, on the floor under my feet) at 9pm for just an hour before bed. But even though it was off when I would normally be asleep, I was tossing and turning all night, much more than normal. I usually sleep well from 10pm to 3 or 4am, but after just one hour of ENTRAIN-DOWN, I was still up all night.

    Of course I’m too scared try it all night again.

    Has anyone had an experience like this and was able to overcome it? This has made my insomnia much, much worse but I’m hoping its a temporary adjustment situation.

    1. Paul Becker says:

      hi sorry, just saw this. hoopefully you returned for refund or got help. was about to say maybe too strong, but if you used on the floor already no hope there. we’re not here for everyone,…nothing works on everone but if this ididn’t work on a vast majority we”d have been out of business a long time ago before we even started. pb

      1. Jessica says:

        Thanks for the reply Paul. I did talk your customer service team many many times and they were helpful which is great, however I didn’t make any progress.

        I tried a lot of other settings- I took it down to the lowest power setting possible and had it on the floor without the ring on SLEEP4 which took away the negative side effects, which was a good start. So I was at baseline. However as soon as i started to turn it up to a little more amplitude, it kept me awake all night. I’m just not sure how I could attempt to acclimatize to it, so I gave up. I couldn’t find a way to use it consistently to get any breath test data.

        I’d be interested to know if others who have a bad start somehow manage to acclimatize to it. Its well past the 90 days so I cant return it, but I’d still be willing to keep trying if I knew there was a point. What’s unclear to me is if the small percentage of people who it doesn’t help initially do end up getting good results if they persist. Or if you are just forever in that group.

        1. Paul says:

          lookkng back over this; yes, about 1/2 those needing guidance get sleep results. that being said on local issues it either works out of the gate or not at all. fortunately it does what we say and works for a vast majority of users. and at the start of all this in 2002 i never saw it fail first hand. boligical law fortunately.

      2. Elizabeth Chalifoux says:

        Hi Paul is your company shit down? Is there no longer a discount code for Ben Greenfield? I have sent email asking about the difference in 2 of the machines but nobody replies. Hope you can help!! Thanks

  6. TImV says:

    Hi Paul and Ben,

    Is this similar to and/or do you have an opinion of the spooky2 rife machine?

    1. Paul Becker says:

      we’re smaller than most. spookie two is a rife system. pb

    2. Paul Becker says:

      not very familiar with the spooky but we do use a square wave as Rife did. i started in stim with Rife machines about 20 years ago. pb

  7. Paul Becker says:

    for those still reading:

    i’ve since had to go to 2.4 hz, as 9.6 hz feels just too fast for the first time since 2002.

    1. Paul Becker says:

      and have just read that Schumann is up to 113 hz now (big change from 7.8) and based on the data by the Russians (now more than 1 year old and done in suberbia) i take them to mean urbanly, i wonder how the average person sleeps at all.

  8. Yaniv says:

    I am considering getting this or the SR1. Is there still a discount code that works for the earth pulse?

    1. Hey Yaniv, the code was only valid temporarily, you can find further details about the product here

  9. Matthew Ladd says:

    Hi Paul and Ben,

    I have the EarthPulse (the manual mode one with 2 magnets) and have been using it since mid-June. I’ve had huge problems with getting quality sleep and since mid-Sept I’ve been using the Oura ring (which is awesome) to quantify my sleep. I’ve been trying many frequencies: 9.6, 7.8, 4.8, 3.6, 3.2, 2.5, 2.4, 1.5, 1.4, 1.2, 1 hz (generally at 100% strength) so far but can’t seem to get any deep sleep. This is a long time problem for me along with too much awake time during the night. My recent data from the Oura ring shows that my average sleep during the night is only 5 hours, with 2% deep, 40% light, 27% REM and 30% awake time. These are nowhere close to the numbers (especially for deep sleep & awake time) where I should be for optimal health. I’m an athlete and know that good sleep is important for recovery and getting to the next level in training. I have no plans to return the EarthPulse but would like to figure this out as I’m doing all of the right things otherwise but realize it could take a lot more experimentation. If you have any suggestions for me it would be much appreciated. I do feel better using the EarthPulse and know that eventually I will see the full benefits.

    1. Paul Becker says:

      Hi Matthew, cut the field amplitude by 40% to 60% at any of the frequency settings you’ve listed.

      Have you been doing your breath-hold-tests?…it gives us a window into how your cells are responding.

      I’ve got to take the opportunity to tell you how bad these wireless gizmos are. If that thing is supposed to broadcast to your phone app continually it’s exposing you to bluetooth all day and all night. From the ring and from your phone. Hopefully, it only tries to broadcast the data when you choose, and isn’t trying to connect continually until your phone is found. Evidently it can record days of data. If you can turn off the phone and keep it from searching for a network, fine. if it searches for your phone until it finds it, that’s horribly designed from a health standpoint. The entire video is filled with people sleeping near their phone (BAD) and carrying their blue tooth enabled phone in their pockets (Worse). Been following this issue to over a decade and it’s all a giant technology ruse. The next 10 – 15 years we’re going to see a horrible rise in cancer and neurological disease prevalence. I called it here in India in 2001 when i saw all the rooftop cellular masts. I said “in 10 – 15 years you’re going to see a spike in neurological diseases here”. I arrived in 2010 to the bi-monthly Indian Times health magazine insert with the cover story “Why are Diseases of the Old Attacking the Young”. My intuition on this stuff is scary accurate.

  10. Paul Becker says:

    RE: RETURN RATE: we had two more people request returns after the 45-day extension had expired. Pushed us slightly above 5% total returns. Considering the up to 60 Days extension on the Satisfaction-Guarantee, we couldn’t have been more pleased.

    After reviewing all the Feedback Forms and tech-support emails this week, I’ve concluded that the BG Fitness crew is a tough one… that required lots of tech support :-). Much of that was due, however, to very intelligent questions. Many hypothetical ones but, very intelligent ones just the same.

    Subsequently, we found out more from this new group than any one before it. One thing that stood out, was needing to dial down the power for more people than usual. We’ve been at same power for two years. It could be that training hard increases sensitivity to the field. As a group, you train harder than most.

    We look forward to more questions and have been honored serving all of you.

  11. Paul Becker says:

    Hi, sorry, i must have missed a notice from BG Fitness after your question was posted. Some have found headboard placement a solution for them. Kind regards.

  12. Brian says:

    Paul & Ben,

    Has anyone velcro’d the Earth Pulse magnet to their headboard rather than putting it under their pillow? That would seem to be much more comfortable solution. Thanks.

  13. Paul Becker says:

    We’ve hung our hat on better sleep and recovery since 2002. I’d say you’re a perfect candidate for the EP. The Bob Beck devices while having some good repair qualities, are primarily used to rid the body of stealth bacteria. We all have them and so the Beck devices are essential to lower the load these critters put on the immune system. Without them in the system, the immune system will work far-far better responding to new threats like the cold or flu being passed around the home or office. the pro or pro basic with two electromagnets and your issues would dictate one coil under the mattress corresponding to both the disks and the knee. a good joint formula like glc-2000 and the connective tissue should heal close to, if not 100%. If after 3 months you don’t find it effective for any goal you set for it…just return it to our Florida, USA repairs center for full refund. After giving the Greenfield clients of March an extra 45 days to be sure the system did what they may not have been convinced it had at 90 days, our returns came in just a shade under 5% for the entire group. Thanks for the question!

  14. Phil says:

    Hi Paul & Ben:

    This podcast is from Feb 2016, so I don’t know if you will see this question. I am interested in the EarthPulse since I have sleep problems, which results in chronic fatigue—a major problem. Other issues include: herniated discs (L4, L5, L6) plus fairly mild kyphosis (probably genetic, since my mother had severe kyphosis). These spinal issues do not cause pain, but sometimes I feel a little stiff in these areas. Plus they limit my flexibility. Also I had a fairly small knee injury about 4 months ago. It has healed, but the knee problem still lingers on a bit. I have 2 questions. Would you recommend the EarthPulse v5 or the v5Pro? Also, would you recommend I use any devices by Bob Beck as well. Any suggestions would be GREATLY appreciated.

  15. Rachel Browne says:

    FYI From EarthPulse:

    The 90 day satisfaction guarantee on all the coupon sales has finally expired. Return rate was a bit heavier early due to acclimation issues but very light toward the end. If anyone out there was sitting on the fence as to whether they should have returned it or not and would like a 30 – 45 day extension on that satisfaction guarantee, please contact us through our customer-support email address.

    We’ll only be too happy to accommodate you. We don’t want any EarthPulse™ systems out in the field where the owners aren’t absolutely thrilled.

  16. Scott says:


    I’m trying to submit my 90-day forms but your website submission is terrible. I’ve spent a couple hours emailing with your IT over how to get the website submission to work, I realize the Ben Greenfield submission form is a little different than the standard feedback. Fortunately, after the 3rd time of having to retype my submissions, (after getting some 403 forbidden error) I’ve decided to save them on my computer.

    Is there a better way?? Can I email my submissions to you or something?? I’m all filled out through day 90 and would like to submit. I emailed again with your IT guys via the website. But I feel like I need to hedge my bets here. I love the earth pulse, but your IT design/support is laughable compared to your products.

    1. Here's a response from Paul: So sorry for that online feedback-form being problematic. We never should have tried it on such short notice because several people have had the same issues. Hopefully you’re seeing impressive results. We had someone go from 2 minutes baseline breath hold (which is pretty darn good) to 4 minutes at 90 days. CRAZY! We’ve never had a client break 4 minutes before. We normally only see a doubling where it’s depressed to begin with. So, that’s a record for us in terms of % change where length of hold was so long. Our U.S. Swim Team members only increased theirs by about 30 seconds to just over 3 minutes. Far smaller percentage increase than we’re seeing with v5. Recently we had a geriatric female client who did not purchase through the Greenfield program who reported 72 seconds at 90 days vs 26 secs at baseline! In terms of % change that’s also record for us at 90 days. All and all it’s been an interesting 3 months so far. We’ve learned a lot. One particular thing is that more people than usual needed to use amplitude settings BELOW 70% to start with. More acclimation issues than normal, Perhaps a slightly higher return rate. Maybe 5.5% when it’s all said and done. i’ll report the final tally when we do our follow up show. cheers, pb

  17. Paul Becker says:

    This article provides good background knowledge on history of electric and electromagnetic field therapies. This page was published was published in 2004 or ’05. The Tim Bolen article Big Pharma Fears Electricity (2/3 down the page) is a must read for any serious biohacker. It’s always exiting to read my name next to Rife, Lakhovsky, Becker and Beck.…

  18. Paul Becker says:

    Our Feedback program on the sales from the 5 week long coupon promotion is revealing some very impressive reports. If you’re still training on your own without the ergogenic effecs of the EarthPulse™, you’re still training the “old” way and working way too hard. Boost your performance to the next level. If it doesn’t work for you, you can always return it for refund.

  19. Paul Becker says:

    for real, this is the first random check of a Ben-client participating in our rebate contest. hopefully if you became a client through this episode you saw our announcement email.


    Blood O2 up from 99% to 100%

    Static-breath-hold (we call it resting breath-hold or RBH) from 120 seconds to 225 seconds!

    Bent over single arm row 120 lb x 6 reps TO 120 x 10 reps

    Deadlift 225 lb x 10 reps to 225 x 20 reps


    My Age 44

    My EarthPulse™ model ProBasic

    1) My Sleep Quality is.. 6

    2) My Energy Level is.. 8

    3) My Physical Performance Level is.. 7

    4) My Mental Performance Level is.. 6

    5) My Resting-Breath-Hold (RBH) is.. 120

    6) Saturated Blood Oxygen if known 99

    8) My Pain Level is. 1

    If Pain, Please Describe Left lower back with deadlifts and residual post discomfort. Chiropratic helps but returns when I do deadlifts.

    9) Do you take Thyroid supplements or drugs? No

    10) I usually wake to urinate how many times per night 1

    Issue 1 Anxiety over last 2 years. Might be linked to green tea or stimulants.

    Severity 4

    Issue 2 Overeating especially at night.

    Severity 3

    Issue 3 Left knee joint swelling.

    Severity 2

    12) Describe in as much detail as possible your current workout routine, sporting activities and goals Been involved in fitness and athletics since 1985. Did 4 Ironmans from 2010-2014, ultra marathon 1x. Enjoy running and cycling.

    Currently I run 3x per week MAF method. I race 5-21 km but not competitively. Strength train 2x per week. I still have an excessive amount of muscle mass (225 lb at 6’2″) was previously 275 lb for 15 years. I have an 18 month old that keeps me busy and sleep deprived. I hope to improve that with the Earth Pulse. I cycle to and from work 1-5 times per week 30 minutes each way. Current abilities: Bent over single arm row 120 lb x 6 reps.

    Deadlift 225 lb x 10 reps

    Pushups 51

    Chin ups 20

    Half Marathon 1:58 (recent)

    DAY 28:

    1) My Sleep Quality is.. 7

    2) My Energy Level is.. 8

    3) My Physical Performance Level is.. 8

    4) My Mental Performance Level is.. 8

    5) My Resting-Breath-Hold (RBH) is.. 225

    6) My Agitation issues 1

    7) My Pain Level is.. 2

    8) I usually wake to urinate how many times per night 1

    9) Describe in as much detail as possible your current workout routine, sporting activities and goals HRV dropped to 34 on day 28. Decided not to run.


    Want to get weight down to 215 lb. Currently 224 lb.

    Cycled to and from work 30 minutes each way 12 times last week.

    Strength training 2x this week.

    Running 2x this last week (2×3.5 miles Thu/Sun).

    Focus is now MAF method for ScotiaBank Half Marathon June 26. HR not exceeding 132 bpm.

    10) Comments from Day 28: Please write as much as you would like in this space. Particularly helpful would be your comments on any changes in diet or nutritional supplementation during your 90 day trial. Finally, let us know if you feel any younger and if so by how much.


    Amazed with no training on RBH that it has improved to 3:45.

    Sleep still disturbed by son.

    This is the first week in the last 28 days HRV dropped for one day.

    No naps this week.


    Biking to work more than usual.

    Less running this week.

    Had a mild cold over last week.


    Continued intermittent fasting 7/7 days per week and eating over a 7-8 hour period.

    Overall eat primarily plant based nutrition, meat 1-2x per day, high fat 50%, CHO 30%, Protein 20% fairly consistently.

    Added more fruit into diet this week.

    Drink in moderation on weekends only 1/2 bottle of wine 1-2 days last week. No beer.


    Amazed at RBH which continues to improve.

    Lucid dreaming every night with EarthPulse.


    Tested muscle endurance today:

    Bent over single arm row 120 lb x 10 reps.

    Deadlift 225 lb x 20 reps

    Pushups 51

    Chin ups 22

    Daily tracking of the following:

    Health: 7, Had a cold that started Friday gone.

    Sleep: 7, 7.25 hours, Watched Walking Dead before bed. (not a good idea). Foam rolling MELT method before bed.

    Earth Pulse: 9.6Hz, 40%

    Energy: 8

    Emotion: 7, Stress higher this week.

    HRV: 34, will opt to run tomorrow or Thursday due to low HRV.

    Weight: 224 lb.

    Issue 1: Anxiety, Severity 0/10

    Issue 2: Overeating at night 2/10

    Issue 3: Left knee joint swelling 2/10

  20. Marni says:

    Just wanted to drop a note here– I have had a terrible time getting a good nights sleep for the past 8 years– Menopause and no control over my work schedule; the no control over a sleep schedule.. (flight attendant)

    It has been 10 days now that I have had the Vprobasic; It has done exactly what I had hoped for — I have had the best sleep these past 10 days.

    I’m aslo a cyclist and I’m feeling great on the bike as well.

    1. Paul Becker says:

      Great news Marni, we’re happy to hear it you’re getting what you paid for! Give it another few months and you’ll feel invincible. We’ve got a nice flight attendant image at our gallery page about jet lag that you can download and email your fellow flight attendants (and Pilot friends); they’ll get free shipping and you can start earning rebates against your purchase. Thanks for the post!

  21. Paul Becker says:

    Adam, the code is done now. probably should have said to clear you cache first, but i’m a bit weak on the i.t. side of things. send us an email. we’ll give you the same discount. sorry about the problems. thanks for a great episode Ben! cheers.

  22. Adam says:

    just tried, code did not work

  23. Paul Becker says:

    code expired 12 hours early due to time zone difference. we’ve extended it to 00:00 April 2, PST.

  24. Brie says:

    Code does not work and today is 3/31/16. Please help.

    Thank you,

  25. Gregg S says:

    Hi Guys,

    Can you expand on the use of Earth Pulse to treat migraines?

    1. Paul Becker says:

      While we can’t suggest using our device to treat medical issues we’ve been told for years by most migraine sufferers that it has been a very valuable tool for them. If not, you simply return it for refund. We don’t care why you get an EarthPulse, if it doesn’t live up to your expectations, just return it.

  26. Mark says:

    Hey great show. I have a question about the Beck device. After listening to the show my brother and I bought a Beck device and were wondering your recommendations for using it. Should we use it everyday or just when we start to feel sick, and how long do we keep it on for. Thanks.

    1. I can't vouch for and have never used the Beck device, so call this into the podcast and I will check it out!

    2. Paul Becker says:

      you should have received an envelope with their protocol. it should be 30 minutes every other day for a week (vein and artery placement on one wrist). week 2 – 30 minutes per day. week three 60 min per day and week 4 you can go as long as you want. if you start getting flu like feeling/symptoms of aches and such you back off for a day or two and let detox catch up. my 4th week i slept with it on my wrist all night. it’s 4 hz signal is conducive to sleep. put the amplitude as high as y ou can comfortably handle it.

  27. Paul Becker says:

    no, sorry. nothing from you in our inbox. don’t know what problem we’re facing trying to communicate. happens every now and then for some reason we have problem communicating with a particular person. kind regards.

  28. Tom says:

    Hi Paul…I sent you another email through your website again this morning.

    However I did not receive anything from you as of yet…just the auto response.

    Hope to get things going soon…

    Thanks Tom

  29. Tom says:

    Hi Ben, Hi Paul, after listening to the pod cast on this subject I had several questions that I addressed to Paul on his web site. I received an email back …auto response…that you received my inquiry and you would be back to me shortly. ….That was about 2 weeks ago now…I sent another one about a week ago and got another auto response stating the same thing. I tried to call your customer service as well, I wasn’t to impressed with that recording.

    So Paul, how do I get my questions and concerns answered before I consider going ahead with this purchase. Thanks, hope to here from you soon, Tom

    1. Paul Becker says:

      Evidently there was a glitch in our response to a missing email, but believe you received an answer to that Dr. Tom. pb

  30. Marcus says:

    Sorry this is coming a bit late in but just to clarify Your PEMF devices are different from the original EM stim device from Bob Beck . I was just curious on the ability to treat viruses & bacteria & from what I gathered this was an early device from Bob Beck though he later developed other PEMF devices. The Earth Pulse has all the other benefits of improving delta wave sleep, ATP production & mitochondrial density to aid recovery etc but that is separate from the original EM stimulation device. Looked at the Bob Beck Protocol & other sites & the information wasn’t 100% clear as he seemed to have many devices that also crossed over into the PEMF type device.

    Many thanks


    1. Paul Becker says:

      The Magnetic Stim unit by Beck works great, but trade-off to charging the capacitor fully to reach anti-bacterial levels is a very slow pulse. My Beck Magnetic unit pulses once every 4 seconds but it does work great for my girlfriend’s tooth that’s under threat of a root canal for the last couple of years. She only uses it till the pain subsides even though i’ve told her to kill the infection fully is going to take several weeks of at least 20 minutes a day. Not everyone listens to me. The full Beck-protocol is the blood stim, the magnetic pulser for lymph nodes, colloidal silver and ozonated water. While i’m a big proponent of C.S., i couldn’t get past the smell of the Ozone and so never experimented with that much. I have heard that the Beck Magnetic pulser works really good on healing injuries. Perhaps the 1 Hz model (less powerful) does a better job than the 1 pulse per 4 seconds. I never seem to get much effect like that with mine. Primarily, the Beck Protocol is for killing micro-organisms. Cheers.

  31. CG Fit says:

    Thank you for answering my question. I’m still confused. I could never survive on six hours asleep and I want to sleep eight. Wouldn’t it be unhealthy to only get six hours of sleep for so long?

    Is it possible for me to get a solid 8 hours of uniterupted sleep on the basic $400 model?

    1. Paul Becker says:

      I’ve not personally experimented sleeping on other than 9.6/4.8/3.6/1.2 Hz. I found i slept average 6:30 hours. I do have one guinea pig that mistakenly was using 9.4 Hz and sleeping 8 hours easy. Big stone lifting strength guy. We just corrected that a few days ago. Will check how long he’s sleeping now. I suspect sleeping on 7.8 or anything other than the “harmonic” frequencies above and you’ll probably sleep longer. You might be safer with the 10 Program v5 as we’ve had years of sleeping 8 hours on Recover and Sleep modes programs. Cheers.

  32. William says:

    Thanks Ben & Paul!
    While I do not intend to treat any medical condition I sure want natural ways to help me feel and perform better.
    I have a lot of inflammation a bit all over the place ( C4 C5 + shoulders neck ankles one wrist (too many accidents) ), and some gut inflation as well, reduce blood flow to extremities (thus cold hands) and occasional numbness on finger tips, huge lack of sleep over the past 4 years or more, waking up in the middle of the night, I had ankle and shoulder surgery 5 weeks ago… Wishing to fix the above + enhancing performance amd longevity reduce mental foginess, and more I am thinking about buying the v5 Pro to use both 2 magnets on me. Can you add more magnets with a splitter?
    With which product I am better off
    The v5 Pro gives 1100 Gauss vs 2200 from the pro basic?
    Which one shall I buy I’d the question, please help me get in the right product.

    1. Paul Becker says:

      In 2002 i was suffering from many of those same issues, though not post surgically. based on personal past experience and feedback from many people on just those same issues, i think you’d really find EarthPulse™ valuable in your personal experimentation. if not, you just return them for full refund. both the v5Pro and ProBasic max at 1100 peak Gauss per magnet, so 2200 combined but thrown at two different parts of the body. the Pro has all 10 programs, the ProBasic just the Manual mode program. When i was experimenting with multiple magnets I found 3 and 4 magnets overkill, and a bit unsettling. not sure why. you could split 4 magnets between two people rather nicely. the v5Equine uses that splitter set-up. 4 magnets at 750 Gauss peak. Cheers.

    2. William says:

      Thanks Paul,

      I just placed my orer for a V5 Pro!

      Cant wait to have it

      1. Paul Becker says:

        Nor can we. Do your breath-hold-test. Watching that rise every week is a trip. Cheers.

  33. Raj says:

    Paul, I listened to your podcast and have explored your website. There is one thing that I don’t think I understand. Can you please explain why the goal is to sleep in recovery mode (which per the podcast does not get you into Delta sleep) rather than the lower frequencies to get into Delta sleep?


    1. Paul Becker says:

      I believe i said that “theoretically if we were entraining to Alpha that we wouldn’t be getting any delta sleep” but that i wasn’t sure if we were reaching delta at some points during the night or not. that after 14 years of sleeping in an alpha frequency if i or my closest guinea pigs were suffering from some lack of delta sleep we’d have shown signs of it long ago.

      the other thing is length of time sleeping. since dec 2013 and using Manual mode pegged directly on 9.6 Hz i’ve gone to sleeping nearly every night 6 or 6 1/2 hours. on recover mode i used to sleep the 8 hours and sometimes sleep through the wake up mode. the last 13 or 14 months i don’t think i’ve slept till the wake up mode more than 5 or 6 times. recovery is accelerated so much more when set on 9.6 Hz that i don’t even want to sleep longer. and i love to sleep.

      so, i think that either when cellular energy levels are amplified then you don’t need the delta sleep to recover all the body systems (immune function, hormone production, memory consolidation, cellular detoxification, cellular repair), or, we’re floating into delta despite entraining at alpha.

      my gut suspicion is that Delta sleep is a requirement only because it lowers body’s energy consumption, allowing that energy to be sequestered for those repair mechanisms listed above. and why, it could be possible that we don’t need Delta at all,…that Delta is just the only way to conserve the energy for those repair mechanisms.

      sorry i can’t give you more definitive answer than this.

  34. Paul Becker says:

    well, it’s not that “i feel great” with that… i go to sleep and my body is well enough rested at somewhere around 6 hours that i wake on my own and want to get up and be productive. i slept 8 hours for years on the digital Recovery-Mode program, right up to the morning before i started using 9.6 Hz manual mode. my other close guinea pigs tell me the same thing since I urged them to try it.

    as for long term use. all we have is our early group of guinea pigs and a few thousand people who purchased back in the early days…. end of May will be 14 years of regular use for us. i’d think that if there were some negative repercussions of long term use, we’d have started to feel them by now. as for 75 years of this, i dunno, ask me in 61 years.

    we all agree that without the system we sleep normally, or better than we used to, but just don’t wake up feeling as “on” as we do without it. if i go a week without it (occasionally i’ll take a trip and forget it or show up missing one of the components) i start feeling a bit more my age, which at 58 is no fun.

  35. CG Fit says:

    Hi Ben and Paul,

    Paul, you mentioned that you only get 6 hours of sleep on 9.6 and you feel great with that. Does that mean you are in a much deeper sleep in the higher stages most of the time? With the basic manual model, what frequency would I use if I want to still get 8 hours?

    Another thing I’m afraid of is after using this for years and years what happens if we want to go off it? Is this something that can safely be used for the next 75 years on ones brain? How do we know the long term effects?

    Thanks so much for all that you do!

  36. damian says:

    Paul- I have read every one of your comments ( and Ben’s too) and wow- thank you for your time- you have answered a LOT of burning questions/misconceptions and enhancements for pemf that would take years of research. I own an ICES and will be buying your basic earth pulse forthwith :)

    1. Paul Becker says:

      if you like your micropulse, you’re going to love your EP. cheers. pb

      1. Paul Becker says:

        And thanks very much. Glad I could help.

  37. Greg says:

    Sorry couple more questions….What about long term effects on the brain and sleep cycles? Say one starts using this and yes, miracle sleep for however long. Then after some time they stop using it, I can see the brain becoming so used to it that without it sleep will never be the same.

    I am really interested in buying this, but skeptical at the same time. It just seems too good to be true. Why wouldn’t this be more popular? I am also nervous about sending my brain signals night after night and what effects that would have on my brain and my circadian rhythms.

    Thank you…Greg.

  38. James says:


    You mentioned you travel with your EarthPulse. Do you put it in your carry on? Do the magnets cause any issue with airport security?

    1. It goes straight onto the belt in one of those plastic bins and gets through security just fine.

  39. Greg says:

    Paul, do you realize if your company had a 1-800 # how much more business you would get? It seems like it would be a major hassle to deal with returns/warranty service thru emails.

    I also don’t understand why you would wake up in 6 hours if this thing is so good, why wouldn’t you get a solid 8 ours of sleep?

    I have been suffering with insomnia. I have no problem falling asleep every, but wake up in the middle of the night around 2:30 after about 5 hours of sleep and there is no hope of going back to sleep. I want to be able to get a “straight eight”. Is this possible with the $499 basic model? And can you please explain how.

    I would love to hear from actual Ben Greenfield listeners who are presently using this.

    1. Paul Becker says:

      waking in the middle of the night is a tough nut to crack…but EP is one hellova nut cracker. it does what we say it does or we return your money. we answer emails promptly. while offering phone service is good for the client, it wouldn’t be good for my tech support assistant or myself. i’d be on the phone hours a day and get less done than is required of me.

      as for 6 hours on 9.6 hz, the body tells me i’ve had enough sleep and God know’s i’ve got too much to do and not enough hours in the day, so 6 hours of sleep works very well for me. after 14 months of sleeping 6 hours a night, i’d have felt dragged out by now if it wasn’t adequate. plus i trained very consistently more than 6 days a week for 3 months prior to that show and felt recovery was spot-on. if you want to sleep 8 hours use the sleep modes or recover mode. i had no problem sleeping through 8 hours (and the wake up phase) when i was using recover mode since going digital in 2005. i can count on one hand the number of days i’ve slept more than 6 hours on 9.6 hz since December 2014. my close circle of guinea pigs are telling me the same thing.

  40. James Murray says:

    Hi Ben,

    You mentioned you travel with your earthpulse. Do you have any issues with airport security when traveling with the device? Do you take it in your carry on?

    1. Never been an issue. I take it out and put it on the security belt in one of those plastic containers for your wallet, keys, etc.

  41. Mike Sage says:

    While listening to another podcast, the HigherDOSE infrared sauna team mentioned their saunas were EMF free, which was a benefit. Is this a direct comparison to PEMF? Are EMF/PEMF different? Are both beneficial? Thanks!

    1. EMF and PEMF are way different: Lots of confusion is going on in respect to safety of PEMF's compared to EMF’s. Real PEMF devices only generate pulsing frequencies under 100 Hz which is classified as Extremly Low Frequencies (ELF). Most PEMF is extremely low frequency pulsing energy ranging from 1 Hz to 50 Hz.

      1. Paul Becker says:

        Dozens of animal studies show that exposure to frequencies over 20 Hz cause stress hormone production and above 15 Hz causes negative behavioral modification. This is a function of brain entrainment to mid-high Beta brain-rhythm. I’d check tech specs of any system you’re thinking about purchasing. If the manufacturers failed to recognize that relationship, and built that range of frequencies into their systems….i’d question just how much they actually know. one or more of the popular matt systems use 20 Hz in their “pick-me-up” program. users confuse feeling amped out with feeling truly energetic. organically energetic. cheers.

      2. Mike Sage says:

        Thanks Ben!

        1. Mike Sage says:

          And Thanks Paul

  42. Matt says:

    Just about to hit the buy button. Last question: Why not use EarthPulse every night? Ben says he uses it, “only if jet lagged or in a highly inflamed scenario.”

    1. You can totally use it every night. I personally found that I'm more responsive to a when I fluctuate with my dosage, just like say, testosterone supplements.

    2. Paul Becker says:

      Your comment is awaiting moderation.

      I’ve suggested to Ben he use the system nightly no matter what. the only nights i’ve not slept on the system since Memorial Day weekend in 2002 is when i forgot to pack the power supply and landed somewhere i can’t find a power supply to use, ….or ending up in a place for a few days with no electricity,… or ended up being stranded away from home unexpectedly.

      i sleep just fine without EP, but after a day or two i’m just not “on-it”. not as sharp as i would be. the real magic happens when you immerse yourself in that field every night for at least 5-6 hours.

      beside organic sulfur, and some vitamins and multi minerals, i’m purely where i’m at, at 58 y.o. because of the EP (and my bowflex and hunter gatherer diet). i used to carry a tacklebox of vitamins just so i didn’t have to screw the top off of 25 different bottles twice a day (1980’s Durk Pearson and Sandy Shaw Life Extention program).

      when i popped my rotator cuff in 1986 all those vitamins and then in 1990 glucosomine, chondroitin sulfate and superoxide dismutase added to the mix didn’t stop it from deteriorating (though the gl. and chon. and SOD and a million cable pulls did help contain the problem for aabout 4 years) until my left arm was basically useless in 1998. one surf session would cause such HUGE pain for 4 or 5 days that i wouldn’t want to surf again until the waves were too good to not go. numb fingertips, chronic pain, no grip strength. grip strength was so bad, that i used to have to bear hug my board with my left arm when duck-diving waves or the thrashing of the broken wave hitting me would pop the board right out of my hands, EP in 2002 and BOOM. instant gratification.

      patience is not one of my virtues.

      another for instance… i love Wim Hof. the guy is a mind blower the stuff he does. climb M.Everest shirtless and barefoot i think i read? truly incredible. impossible. but, if cold was so good for you, why does he look 100 years old?… o.k. well that’s an exaggeration …but he does look his age right?

      he’s younger than i am.

      I’d give Wim a gratis device if he wanted one…just to see what he thought.

      my exercise regimine is 15 minutes per day. while i may not be in ironman shape, before i got poisoned 2.4 years ago i could run in deep sand faster and further than average kids 1/3 my age and i get no aerobic activity at all besides super-setting the Bowflex for 15 minutes 5 days a week.

      i’m chained to this desk far too many hours per day for my own good, just doing my best to help people help themselves.

      1. Paul Becker says:

        long story short: using the EP every night seems to accelerate the affects of exercise and at 58 y.o. can definitely say it slows down the aging process to a crawl.

  43. Aaron Ellis says:

    Hi Ben and Paul,

    I’m super keen to get an Earth Pulse. I have a few questions.

    I live in Australia would I get a refund if doesn’t work for me?

    Ben have you seen an improvement in your performance?

    Paul will it help with osteoarthritis in the elbow and spine?

    I currently sleep with 9.6hz bineural beats with headphones, my sleep has improved, is the Earth Pulse is going to be heaps better than this?

    When does the bgfitness coupon end?

    1. Paul Becker says:


      yes, of course no matter where you live you post it back to us and we refund your money. if posted international, we refund the shipping fee you paid when you ordered as well. Not so if you live in US where we have our returns and repairs facility.

      we can’t recommend our system for treating medical conditions. we don’t care what you buy it for. it either works or it doesn’t, and then you return it. pretty awesome. with a policy like that, we’d have been out of business before we even started if EP wasn’t everything we say it is… and more.

      who makes 9.6 Hz binaural beats??? of course it’s going to be better than sound. all BBs are going to do is entrain your brain. 1 dimensional effect; sleep or meditation or whatever it happens to be you’re trying to do with it;

      it isn’t going to help promote body healing or provide much performance enhancement… any more than slightly better sleep might. pb

      1. Aaron Ellis says:

        Thanks Paul. It makes sense. I’m going to give it a go. Expect an order from Australia very soon

        1. damian says:

          Aaron- want to go halves on shipping? am in Perth

  44. Paul Becker says:

    good for the baby at that range. 4 – 6 feet. for newborns anywhere in the room or within 15 feet of the system through a wall will work too. enhance the sleep gently without any measurable field amplitude that could accelerate growth.

  45. Mike Cave says:

    What is the effective range of this thing? At 1 meter are they still having much effect?

    The reason I ask is i sleep with my 3 month old toddler in the crib next to the bed. I guess these things aren’t tested on babies, and whilst they probably do no harm, I would guess its not worth the risk?

  46. Matt says:

    I sleep on the floor on a thin futon (in Japan) and am wondering how this will fit underneath without making a problematic bump in the futon.

    1. I doubt you'll notice it at all unless you have some pretty significant princess and pea syndrome… ;)

      1. Paul Becker says:

        Right…exactly. I had a standard futon on wood frame between 2004 and 2008. we had our coils on the floor under the futon frame. about 12 inches away. That’d be about the same distance away from body as a 12 inch mattess.

        1. Paul Becker says:

          actually that futon was more like 8 inches off the floor. pb

  47. Paul Becker says:


    Not familiar with the Stem Machine. If you meant stim as in TENS or muscle stimulation sure. Probably more. If not “stim” drop a link as a reply so i can check it.

    The EP is very calming and rejuvenating and while we can’t suggest the use of the EP system to treat medical conditions one way to find out is to try it. We don’t care why you purchase the EP, if it doesn’t exceed your expectations just return it.

    The EP is designed to go between the mattress and box spring. If you have a metal bedframe and just the mattress i’ve stuck mine right on the metal slat before. If there is any effect due to the metal frame (or metal springs in mattress) i’ve never been able to tell a difference. Thanks for the questions. Pb

  48. Dean B says:

    Is there a user manual pdf for the Earthpulse pro basic? I want to study it so I’m ready when it gets to me in the mail.

    1. Paul Becker says:

      If you purchased, you have at least one email directly back from the server with your link to user documentation.

      If you can’t find it, write us to the same address and we’ll resend you the link.

  49. Ted says:

    Hi Ben,

    This was a great podcast. I have a partially torn rotator cuff. Will this help to heal the tear? Also, what was the coupon code for the earth pulse?

    1. Paul Becker says:

      While we can’t recommend the device to treat medical conditions, PEMF and joint formula will have that thing healed just a shade less than good as new. You need both. GLC2000 from is the best stuff out there and relatively cheap. Double dose the glc and sleep with the EP coil under your mattress aligned to shoulder (or with it in bed with you all night somewhere under or close to the shoulder) and you’ll be amazed. If not, return it.

  50. Allison says:

    Hello Paul & Ben!

    Great podcast! I’m really intrigued by PEMF and did some research on it after the show. It seems really promising.

    A few questions…

    1. Would this promote muscle recovery as effectively as a stem machine would?

    (asking for my CrossFit hubby :)

    2. Would this be helpful for someone recovering from adrenal fatigue and who has a low white blood cell count?

    3. If used with a metal bed frame will this reduce the effect?

    Thank you so much for your time.

    1. Paul Becker says:


      Not familiar with the Stem Machine. If you meant stim as in TENS or muscle stimulation sure. Probably more. If not “stim” drop a link as a reply so i can check it.

      The EP is very calming and rejuvenating and while we can’t suggest the use of the EP system to treat medical conditions one way to find out is to try it. We don’t care why you purchase the EP, if it doesn’t exceed your expectations just return it.

      The EP is designed to go between the mattress and box spring. If you have a metal bedframe and just the mattress i’ve stuck mine right on the metal slat before. If there is any effect due to the metal frame (or metal springs in mattress) i’ve never been able to tell a difference. Thanks for the questions. Pb

  51. Vashti says:

    I’ve had an Earthpulse for the last 3 years and I LOVE it…I sleep well…never did before…I’ve used it for wellbeing of my pets and my injuries or just keeping my muscles healthy. I exercise a lot and its been brilliant…I am absolutely desperate to get the 30% more power tho! So I’m saving hard. I can’t recommend this product enough and Paul has always been brilliant answering questions. Great podcast….on an alternative note…I use it to charge my crystals…and I really feel the difference :-)

    1. Paul Becker says:

      Thank you! :-) Our customers helped us create the perfect wellness and performance enhancement tool.

  52. Jeffrey says:

    Expanding on the question about the King Size bed and one system for two people. We have a queen size bed… I can afford the ProBasic model with two magnets. Would you lay the two down the center of the bed OR one magnet under each person?

    Awesome Podcast Ben and thanks Paul for the passion with PEMF.

    1. You have to have one magnet under each person…..

      1. Paul Becker says:

        Depends of you like to sleep close together in the center of the bed. If so, one under chest and one under hips would be an equally good option.

  53. Tim says:

    This guy is full of it he first says he hasn’t been sick for 20 years then says he had an infection? Why didn’t Ben call him out on this? Ben must be making a mint from this.

    1. Paul Becker says:

      No, I said I hadn’t had a cold or flu for 20 years. I got a staph infection in my eye…twice actually. Is a staph infection a cold or flu? Go back to sleep.

  54. Mike S says:

    Hi Ben & Paul,

    I have a couple of herniated disc in my lower back, would this device help me repair those discs? If so, do you have case studies? I’ve tried everything trying to avoid surgery suggested by the neuro. If not @Ben any suggestions? I have a compex, tried a lot of things but it’s not getting better.

    1. Paul Becker says:

      I think the 100 pound bench press increase interview at the top of the ergogenic pemf page includes just that issue exactly. while we can’t recommend our system to treat medical conditions, it should prove very useful in your experimentation. If it fails to provide satisfactory results no matter what your expectations, just return it for refund.

  55. Michael says:

    I have no real sleep issues. I typically sleep 4-6 hours a night but can function pretty well on the short amount of sleep, which I like because it gives me a longer day. Every week or two I crash for a long sleep to “recover”.

    I also have no specific pain issues, however after listening to the podcast I am tempted to get one just for the hell of it. Will the earth pulse provide many benefits to someone like me? Most people have a targeted use for this product, but seeing as I don’t, Im curious what benefits it could still provide for me

    Thank you!


    1. Paul Becker says:

      you don’t want to be stronger and leaner? raise your stamina levels? then just return it for refund between 30 – 90 days.

  56. Fran says:

    We write about vaccines a lot here at SBM, and for a very good reason. Of all the medical interventions devised by the brains of humans, arguably vaccines have saved more lives and prevented more disability than any other medical treatment. When it comes to infectious disease, vaccination is the ultimate in preventive medicine, at least for diseases for which vaccines can be developed. We also know that when vaccination rates fall, it opens the door for diseases once controlled to come roaring back. We saw this phenomenon with the measles a year ago in the Disneyland measles outbreak. We’ve seen it around the country, with measles outbreaks occurring in areas where a lot of antivaccine and vaccine-averse parents live.

  57. Matt Gallant says:

    Slept on 9.6 last night (was sleeping in setting 3 and 4). Woke up (usually don’t wake up).

    Does it take a few nights to adapt?

    1. paul becker says:

      this comment was a reply to #14 above. how it got here is a mystery :-|

      1. Paul Becker says:

        SORRY, there’s a glitch somewhere thats adding some replies in the wrong place.

        if 9.6 is waking you up. try it’s lower harmonic 4.8; the recovery is amazing and i wake after 6 hours just like 9.6. In testing the lower harmonics of 9.6 (4.8 i used for a couple of weeks and felt little difference in time to recover. at 2.4 hz i was feeling a bit “slow” after 5 days). just work your way up to 9.6 by using 4.8 for a week and let us know how that goes – from 4.8 it’s a pretty big jump to 9.6, you’ll take stabs at that intermittently until you get it to work for you. some, never are able to get there.

  58. Blaine says:

    Hey, Ben & Paul,

    I read in my EarthPulse manual that it can negate the affects of the EMFs from my other electrical devices. Would that mean that I would not need a grounding mat if I am using my EarthPulse?



    1. There is no need to use a grounding man when you're using your EarthPulse. But you can use a BioMat.

    2. Paul Becker says:

      RF and power frequency cripple mitochondria. The EP supports the mitochondria 6-8 hours per night so that they become far more resilient during the rest of the day. People are becoming walking dead with low energy, failing thought process and reasoning skills, onslaught of cancer, dementia, diabetes, heart disease. The poisoned food & water, and RF bombardment are perfect slow-kill weapons. Grounding is fine. I don’t see it working miracles but in very rare instances. EP on the floor under your desk is adequate, even running somewhere in the room or next room is broadcasting a pretty big field that’s going to mediate the effect of EMF/RF, i dunno, for about 15 – 20 feet in all directions. Infants sleep better if 15 feet or so away from the parents bed. So it’s getting out that far at least.

      1. Paul Becker says:

        speaking of grounding. before the EP when my head was all messed up in 2001 from years already of cell phone abuse (since 1996-ish) i used the ocean as a grounding pool. i went surfing one day and noticed that my head was “clear” for a few days afterwards so to test my theory i waited till i was having a worse day than normal and went drove over the bridge to the ocean and just floated with my face out of the water for about 15 – 20 minutes. got the same clarification effects. surfers always said, a good surf session washed away your troubles. a lot of that effect we feel is from thorough grounding in mother ocean. the best grounding tool on the planet i suppose. i’d been a surfer for 30 years in 2002 and walked barefoot all around the house and property. other than the mental benefits i got, my shoulder didn’t heal itself until the addition of the all night PEMF. cheers.

  59. Mike Cave says:

    Hi Ben

    Great podcast. I’m glad to here London is getting some of your goodness finally, and I’m looking forward to hearing you speak at the bio hacking summit here in May.

    Are there any research studies yet on the efficacy of this device? It sounds almost too good to be true to be honest!

    Also, do you ship to the UK?



    1. Paul Becker says:

      think of what we and dr dennis at micropulse do, as the world’s largest open-source PEMF research project. the thing that hurts us the most i think is that EarthPulse™ does sound too good to be true. put it this way, with a satisfaction guarantee like we provide, if it didn’t work the way we represented it, we’d have been out of business before we were ever in business.

      our 12 volt DC power supply is 100-240 volts compatible. you get a domestic pin adapter for whatever country it is being shipped to. all systems ship directly from the factory that has built them for me since 2005. the same people who built my microcurrent device that predated EarthPulse™ in 2001.

  60. Lance says:

    I love my Earthpulse. I started with one of the last v4s, then upgraded to v5 so I could let others use my old one. I stepped down the sleep modes until I could sleep in recover, and now I use the manual mode, almost always at 9.6 hz, occasionally 2.4 if I have trouble sleeping. I find that under the pillow works best, but the more powerful v5 works under a mattress for me most nights. A cool thing I discovered is to use it while driving in Alert mode, 14.1 ha. It keeps me relaxed but still alert, and after long drives, there’s none of the usual stiffness and fatigue, physical or mental. Especially good for a long drive after a race.

    RE: Customer service, my magnet died a few months ago, when I contacted Paul, I got immediate troubleshooting suggestions and when that didn’t work, I sent it back and it was all fixed up in a week.

  61. John Perry says:

    Paul, do you have an e-stim device you recommend for sleeping and curing the cold/flu that you spoke about in this podcast? Could you send a link?

    1. Paul Becker says:

      the one i use for emergency purposes is the silver pulser from

      that thing should be in everyone’s bag-of-tricks…

  62. Michael says:

    I have been using the EarthPulse for the last 3 years, and I was always curious on the effect from different density/materials of your mattress in relation to the magnetic pulses. Would the thickness/material which makes up your mattress have any negative effects on the EarthPulse waves, such as decreasing the effects or even completely blocking them? Thanks!

    1. Paul Becker says:

      the only thing that blocks out a pulsed electromagnetic signal is a sheet of ferrous metal. acts like a sponge. other than that, concrete, foam, air, water, wood the signal goes through like it’s not even there. absent metal, distance from the coil is the only thing that can affect it. water beds do seem to improve the effect however.

  63. Paul Becker says:

    Yes, very well can be detox though it is rare.

    Sleep 3 is what most people start with if the Recover mode (or bang-on 9.6 hz) did not result in losing consciousness. We like to see our clients sleep well for 7 -14 days before experimenting with higher frequency settings. In your case from Sleep3, you’d shift to Sleep2 (or SleepEasy mode) and if sleep is good for another week then you try Sleep2 (starts at recover and is a delta program) or Sleep1 (also starts in Recover and then is a theta & delta program. we tried to build the system you have a very wide set of options all within the infrasonic (<20 Hz though we limit it further to low Beta 14.1 Hz) range. iMRS and the rest of them all have settings at 30 Hz or higher. far too high and causes stress in animals. 20 Hz causes stress hormone production, 15 Hz causes negative behavioral modification.

    as for Magnetico Sleep Sheets, i googled it but don't see them. just the full magnetico pads. several or our clients have them. am not sure if they chose to put the EarthPulse on top of the magnetico or if they did away with it. for me, when experimenting with strong static magnet under our electromagnet the sleep was extremely deep and i never wanted to get out of bed. i haven't tested the net increase of the pulsed field under this arrangement. when i get back to bangalore in a few days, will check on our magnetometer to see what happens. it is more powerful, but couldn't quite tell how much stronger it was by feel. I hope this helps.

  64. Ben Leonard says:


    The basic version of the EathPulse is the same price as the Delta Sleeper.

    Which would you recommend for someone who wakes in the night, and why?


    1. if you only wake in the night, and don't have issues such as inflammation and don't travel in airplanes a lot then you would be fine by going with the Delta sleeper.

  65. Angela Shaw says:

    Paul, love to see you here. I’ll be quick. After listening to this podcast, I just bought the v5 Sleep on Command for my mother. She has been battling Interstitial Lung Disease, an autoimmune disease, for the last 5+ years. And it’s taken a toll on her body. She’s always in constant pain, and always tired. I truly believe a lot of that is attributed not only to the meds, one of the major ones being steroids, but also her lack of good sleep. Her sleep is horrible, and she’s literally in pain all the time, probably also due to inflammation in her body.

    My question is, do you think I bought the right one. I didn’t go with the ProBasic, due to money. But now, after reading your comments, I’m second guessing my purchase.

    1. Paul Becker says:

      we relied on the single magnet system for 11 years. if she gets relief you can always add a splitter and extra magnet. i say “if” because EP does fail 4% of the time. we have no idea why. while 30% less powerful per magnet using the splitter cable arrangement you yield 40% more amplitude and better coverage head to toe with two magnets. if you’d like to cancel the order and go with the pro-basic just drop us an email. going to take us 10 days to catch up from the looks of things. unless you ordered early in the day when this podcast was released, you have a couple of days to think about it.

  66. Vince says:

    My wife and I sleep on a king-size sleep number bed. Can we use the one basic model for the both of us? Would we need 2 or is there another version we would have to use? Thanks! This has been a very intriguing podcast.

    1. Paul Becker says:

      My girlfriend and I shared one magnet together for years. Both of you will need to sleep shoulder to shoulder at the center-line over the magnet to get any meaningful recovery effects. Sleep effects are evident across longer distances, but if you have any nagging physiological issues, one needs to be somewhat over a coil and within 24 inches of it during the night. That being said, when testing the system in 2002 (far weaker ouput) with the coil under my pillow the first week, the first issue to rectify itself was my right ankle that popped and crackled all the way to the kitchen every morning. Furthest body part from the coil. A few weeks later i went cold turkey for a few nights (under the mattress) while using it at my desk directly on a (formerly broken) knuckle that showed signs of arthritis. after 3 nights the pain in my rehabbing rotator cuff injury was becoming severe again so that 4th night i put the coil under the bed but on the floor. i slept much better but woke with more pain the morning before. the 5th night the coil was placed under the mattress and the pain subsided by that next morning. so there’s definitely a greater distance the coil will affect sleep, but for recovery where there’s damage, generally the coil should be relatively close. oh, and while i thought the experiment on the knuckle hadn’t gone well, a few weeks later noticed that knuckle stopped hurting. never hurt again.

  67. Ian says:

    Hi, A friend of mine who is a professional sports therapist would like to know the difference between the IMRS 2000 magnetic pulser by swissbionics solution and the Earth pulse. I know IMRS 2000 is expensive but comparing to the unit Ben has ‘the Earth pulse’ is it worth the extra money going for the IMRS 2000.

    Please help clear this up

    1. Paul Becker says:

      Is impossible to retrain the mitochondria in a short 20 minute or several 20 minutes sessions per day. Since i don’t see specific ergogenic reports other than a non-specific mention here and there about strength / stamina, i doubt this is occurring with any reliability nor to the levels we find routine.

    2. Paul Becker says:

      and, you just turn it on at night when you go to sleep. what could be easier?

  68. Brian says:

    Hey Guys,

    I purchased the V5 a few months ago. I set it on Manual Mode at 9.6 all night. I use it at 100% amplitude. I typically sleep with it tucked directly under my belly or armpit (side sleeper). Most nights I sleep 10 hours!!

    The sleep is great, however I have not noticed any other ergogenic benefits. I am considering ordering a second magnet. Any thoughts?

    1. Paul Becker says:

      This is a remarkable comment and highly rare occurrence it provides better sleep but no strength/stamina effects. I’m shocked. Can’t imagine why. Over the years i’ve seen strength / stamina rise in people even where the sleep effects were less than good. This is very rare. Sorry about that.

    2. Paul Becker says:

      try moving the magnet to under the mattress. though i sleep with it a lot in bed or under my pillow, my preference where i seem to more dead-sound is when the magnets are both under the mattress. try it and see if that changes anything performance wise. pb

  69. Matt Gallant says:

    Hi Paul

    I bought a machine a couple of months ago after listening to you and Ben talk.

    Got a couple of questions.

    1. The first week was intense. Seemed like I was detoxing (heavy night sweats) while sleeping. Is this normal?

    2. I haven’t tried sleeping on recovery mode yet. I’ve been using mode 3 and primarily 4. It seems to be working good.

    Should I be sleeping on recovery mode? Won’t that stop me from hitting deep sleep?

    3. Do you feel that Earthpulse and Magnetico sleep sheets are synergistic?

    Thank you!

  70. werner says:

    great stuff

    let me know when the discount code of bgfitness is active and i will order the

    v basics pro that the one recommended

    please and thank you

  71. Damon says:

    Would like to hear more about sacred geometry and your experience

    Fun show thanks!

    1. Vince says:

      I agree! A sacred geometry show sounds amazing!

    2. Sid says:

      @Damon, Sacred Geometry@Earthpulse page –…


  72. David Reeves says:

    Hi Ben,

    I discovered your podcast when listening to the Primal Endurance discussion. I just finished listening to the Podcast regarding PEMF which I found very fascinating. I was interested on what other devices are on the market and discovered this website: Before I make an investment in a device I want to do my due diligence to confirm safety, efficacy and value as much as possible. Any thoughts or comments will be appreciated.

    BTW, I am 64 and have had poor sleep quality for the last 10 years. About 3 years ago I was approaching pre-diabetic like profile, 6’1″, 235 lbs, 38% body fat stressed out w/o any strength training. I did ride my bike on the weekends but ate lots of sugar stuff in my attempt to “carb-up” to prevent bonking.

    I had to stop cycling on my road bike due to herniated C4 and C5 disc which caused my hands to go numb while riding.

    I switched to strength conditioning with a trainer 3 days a week and now 4 days a week starting 2016. My waist dropped from a 42″ to a 35″. And my body fat measures ( DEXA body composition scan) less than 12% with a lean mass of 178 lbs and a weight of 200.

    However, I rarely get more than 5 hours of good sleep. So anything that can help and improve my sleep quality and quantity is welcomed.

    Take care,

    David Reeves

    Houston. Texas

    1. Paul Becker says:

      That “comparison” page is run by iMRS. pb

  73. Rob says:

    Hi Ben, what was the name of the e stim he mentioned again? Beck device or something?

    Also kinda off topic, what drinking water would you recommend in Bangkok Thailand (like I’m here for years, not just weeks trip) I ask cos I know you’ve been there for quite a long time.


    1. Paul Becker says:

      the Sota pulser from

    2. Re bottled water…anything in GLASS and bottled. I believe Chang has a brand.

  74. Ian says:

    The coupon is current giving $15…not 15%. I am sure you guys will sort it, but wanted to let you know.

    I was fasting from podcasts for a while, but now I am back and I am appreciating your knowledgebase, intelligence, and openness.

    All the best,


    1. Sid says:

      Coupon code is working fine since a while now

  75. Christian says:

    Ben great show! I’m interested in this and will do some research on PEMF, I’ll let you know how it works for me.

    Request: Please do an episode on Sacred Geometry!

  76. James says:

    Hi Ben,

    Great show. It appears the coupon isn’t activated yet. Can you let us know when it is good to go?

  77. John says:

    I bought an EarthPulse and used it less than a dozen times before it stopped working.

    1. Paul Becker says:

      Myself and one very sharp lady handle all our tech-support. There hasn’t EVER been a person burned by us. We have a 90 day money back guarantee and 1 year free parts and service; plus a 5 year limited warranty. At up to 90 days if something fails, you get new components from the factory. So Mr. Flame, If in fact you you did have a system that died in the first 10 days, then you should tell the rest of the story and that you were shipped new components. Thank you.

      1. Paul Becker says:

        And those are the best warranty / guarantees in the entire PEMF business.

  78. Tim says:

    In the podcast, Ben recommends getting the “VBasic Pro.” On the website there are listed: V5Basic, v.5 sleep, ProBasic (which I think is the one he’s recommending?), v.5 Pro, and the massive kit.

    Is it the ProBasic or the v.5 Pro that’s the best bang for its buck?

    Thanks for a great show! Really excited to try this.

    1. Paul Becker says:

      ProBasic is the best bang for the buck in PEMF-land. I’ve not used my sleep or recovery programs much at all. 9 out of 10 nights i’m parked on 9.6 Hz or 4.8 if i’ve had coffee or cocao too late at night. Nothing comes close to ProBasic…at any price. It still has a wake up function, just no stepping up and down programs.

      1. paul becker says:

        you’ll rarely need the wake up function. i wake on my own at 6 hours like clockwork. don’t bother setting the timer. manual – 9.6 – 8 hours – start. 6 hours later i’m rolling over going i have work to do it’s time to get up. or occasionally i’ll roll over and sleep the next 1 1/2 or 2 hours. same reports from my core guys for well over a year.

        1. Scott says:

          is there a way to try avoiding waking a 6 hours? I’d prefer to sleep closer to 8.

          1. yes, you can completely sleep at eight hours with a device like this, do is make sure you take care of ambient noise, blue light blocking, etc.

  79. Liza says:

    The model I have is single magnet, with 4 “N”s showing on top, and a metal ring on the outside. I’m still confused about specific injury use. When you ace bandage it on, do you remove the ring? Love the podcast! I have one daughter with TBI and one pro athlete so discussion on both would be fantastic! Thank you Ben

    1. Paul Becker says:

      Liza, the ring is designed to be used when you can position coil perfectly. Using ace bandage on a knee is one such situation. So, you’d use recover mode or the Manaul-mode set to 9.6 Hz. Poke around on the knee with your finger tip and find the spot with the most pain, put one wrap of the bandage then place magnet so center core of magnet is directly on that spot, then wrap it securely in place without being too tight and cutting off circulation. You can use this set up all night by placing the controller on the floor beside the bed and run the cable up under the covers to the knee. With all the bandage over the top, it’ll trap heat and provide a nice local heat source that will work synergistically with the PEMF. Use all night like that. If 9.6 Hz is too fast for you to be able to sleep, use 4.8 Hz. Check our research section… there is a page in the bibliographies for TBI.

  80. Josh says:

    Ben, I think you’d benefit from speaking to Dr Dennis (ICES PEMF). As far as I understand it he was the one who actually did the original research at NASA. Other producers have copied him whereas he has kept improving the technologies.

    Keep it up!


    1. Paul Becker says:

      Dr. Dennis? You mean the guy that says he discovered 10 Hz PEMF because he cut the universe (of frequencies) in 1/2 a few dozen times to arrive at 10 Hz? You mean the genius that didn’t see that the Russians were using 10 Hz with greater success in the 1970’s and 80’s than other researchers in the world were getting with any other frequencies they could pull out of their a**??? You mean the Dr. Denis that nicely infers i’m a hack and don’t know what I’m talking about? That Dr. Dennis????

    2. Paul Becker says:

      My patent was filed in 2002. The NASA-Goodwin paper was published in 2003. Prior to that, any work Dennis did with NASA was under wraps. I can’t find any of it. Show me a citation!… I sure can’t find them. I’m sure Ben’s audience would love to read it. We’ve had too many updates to count. In fact we stopped counting after v4.7. This is v5 point something,… and it’s the BEST thing out there.

      1. Josh says:

        Thanks for putting your point across, Paul. I guess it’s a competitive field.

        Here is the micropulse bio that I read:

        Would you contest what Dr Dennis says here?


        “The original NASA TVEMF – PEMF systems were developed by Dr. Robert Dennis for NASA under contract in 1997 – 1998. Recently corrected NASA patents verify his status as original inventor. Four additional recent patents (1 2 3 4) demonstrate the recent advances that have been made since the original work at NASA, leading to modern ICES® DigiCeutical® technology developed in 2013 – 2014. ”

        1. Paul Becker says:

          If you can find any of those early studies i’d love to see them. I searched unsuccessfully for those works he refers to but haven’t been able to find them. It’s neither here nor there. I wasn’t even aware of the NASA Goodwin study till 2005. I’ve never seen a paper with Dennis name on it. Dennis identified 10 Hz effects no one else had up to that point or since. My hat’s off to him for that. He did NOT however discover 10 Hz out of the infinite combinations of frequencies “by cutting the universe in half” and then half again a dozen or more times. the Soviets where using 10 Hz with good success in the 1970’s. And regardless of what the Good Doctor has done or didn’t do, 9.6 Hz fits into the Geometry of life,… 10 Hz doesn’t. Our post surgical recovery appears to be close to 70% reduction in time to physical therapy. That beats anything out there from him or anyone else.

  81. James says:

    Great podcast, thanks! Do either of you have an opinion on the idea of attaching it to the abdomen to help heal a broken gut – worth a try? Also a few brief comments from Paul about when to adjust amplitude or whether to just always use 100% would be great.

    1. Paul Becker says:

      Hi, while the system helps promote recovery nicely at up to 16 inches and primarily designed for under the mattress use, it does seem to accelerate the process used locally and this can easily be done all night while it promotes better sleep.

      1. Paul Becker says:

        I always use 100%. Only where a person senses it’s too strong or use with children should it be used at lower amplitudes.

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