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Quick question: when was the last time you listened to music?

Or white noise?

Or “binaural beats”?

Or any other form of audio?

And did you ever give any thought to the frequency of the actual wavelengths of sound contained within that audio?

Until recently, I didn’t. I had no clue that frequencies of sound, frequencies of music, and even the frequencies of the piano that my kids practice each day or the guitar and ukelele that I practice each day can actually affect cognitive function, heart health, liver, kidneys, digestion, drive, mood and much, much more.

But at a recent health summit, someone handed me a book called “The Sound Of Healing”, written by author Michael Tyrrell…along with a handful of CD’s that Michael had recorded. These CD’s, called “Wholetones” are described as music that “heals, repairs, and protects against disease.”

So, skeptical but curious, I sat down and read the entire Sound Of Healing book, and I began occasionally listening to the CD’s while driving, while getting a massage, while sitting in my sauna, etc. Every time I finished a CD, I had such a unique feeling of elation and satisfaction after listening, I downloaded a digital tuning app and retuned my guitar and my ukelele to the “frequencies” Michael described in the book. This may all seem a bit “woo-woo”, but it made a huge difference in the ability of a song to make me feel uplifted and full of positive energy as I played it.

I managed to get Michael on today’s podcast, and during our discussion you’ll discover:

-Why the music and sound you listen to every day is not tuned the right way and can actually be destroying organ function…

-How sound frequencies affect the human body, water, plants and more…

-How to “re-tune” music and sound to heal organs and provide therapy to the body…

-How to combine light and sound to de-stress your body…

-Why digital sound from CD's and mp3's are not as good as analog sound from things like vinyl albums, and what you can do about it if you don't want to buy a vinyl record turntable…

-The best way to use the sound to heal your body and to target specific organ systems…

-What Michael thinks about the use of tuning forks as vibrational sound therapy…

-How can a musician “re-tune” their instrument to the correct frequency…

-And much more…

Resources from this episode:

The WholeTones Healing CD's

The Sound Of Healing book

Digital tuning device

The fluoride “deception” conspiracy podcast I recorded

The Biomat device

Royal Rife

DETA electromagnetic bioresonance devices

DELTASleeper device

Earthpulse device

SADIE recording software

Tuning the Human Biofield book (tuning fork therapy)

Do you have questions, comments or feedback for Michael or me? Leave your thoughts below and one of us will reply.

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48 thoughts on “Unleashing The Phenomenon Of Using Sound & Music For Performance, Recovery, Healing & More.

  1. Andrew S Lankes says:

    Hey Trolls, get off these boards! Man, you guys are losers!

    Anyway, frequencies work – for good or bad. Goebbels during WWII wasn’t pushing standardization of 440 Hz for no reason! 7 Days in listening to Wholtones, and this is the most powerful music I have ever heard and felt. My calm, and mood is through the roof. Thank you Ben, and thank you Michael. PS Highly recommend listening to the full story of this really came about. Live to 110 Podcast interview is great and goes into more detail on that. You will be blown away.

  2. Usman says:

    Checkout healthtunes.org

  3. Chris says:

    Many people “feel great” after using this kind of stuff. Many people “feel great” after using placebos, in many different modalities.

    These “frequencies are used all over the world and people ‘feel great’ and ‘heal themselves’ using sound frequencies”. Yeah, the placebo effect also heals (to a limited degree), is used all over the world, and sometimes makes people feel great.

    How to account for placebo effect? If it makes you “feel great” fine. Relaxing music in general has that effect. But selling this stuff as a magical cure to PTSD, depression, etc.?


    Please show the “control cases” and “mountains of evidence” mentioned on the Wholetones website as published medical studies, using controls. As in, plain ole’ relaxing music versus Vibrational Frequency Ultimate Healing Toned Super Deep Star Music. Hint: there ain’t one.

    The “revolutionary medical study” trumpeted on the landing page of the website? Look it up. Just a simple, anecdotal study done on the effects of relaxing music on victims (many of them soldiers) of trauma and depression. And it took about four minutes to figure that out.

    Dress it all up in a nice website, do some razzle-dazzle, push all the hot buttons of human nature and marketing jargon (patriotism, credibility triggers, etc.) that make the modern day snake oil seller into a money printing machine and “Voila!” a new “cure” is born!

    But it’s fake.

    Please, RESEARCH the claims. Do the actual reading before handing over your cash.

    Stick to real, Ben. This is nonsense.

  4. charlene Gail Cooper says:

    I just purchased the cds and digital wholetones. How often does one listen to see any changes,for instance gerting rid of cholesterol( or lowering it)losing weight etc

  5. Ryan says:

    He should release these on vinyl. :)

  6. Gosh you do a great job. It is a service really. I have been enjoying your Podcasts since July. I’ve been supporting it via your sponsors and recently purchased Michael Tyrell’s cd’s and book.

    26 years as a professional Massage Therapist, I’ve used tuning forks on specific points here and there now and then but I am SO LOVING the CD’s with my clients and YES I HAVE noticed definite mood changes within the sessions. I usually allow my clients to sleep after their massage once they dose off and I leave the cd’s playing. I’m pretty sure I’ve helped a few more sales for Michael thanks to you. Happy Dopamine rising, Cathy

  7. Mark says:

    I’m very open to the woo-woo and do find that binaural beats help me focus at work and the Pzizz app is awesome for naps. Bought this product and listened to Open Door every day and other tracks every day as well – at least an hour a day of listening. Left them on in the background for hours and was hoping it might help with my kids sleep too.

    I noticed zero anything for myself or kids. Was hopeful, but nothing. Returning the product was easy so it really is no risk to try it.

  8. Matt says:

    Ordered the product out of intense curiosity and interest after listening to the podcast. Have experimented with it for about two weeks and noticed absolutely no effect. No better sleep. No mood change. No differences whatsoever. This is, of course, an N=1 situation. I will be returning the product since I cannot see evidence that it actually does anything. I do like the music, though.

  9. Yes, I am a Massage Therapist (my 26th year working full time) that is open minded and I implement this into my practice so of course I ordered Michael’s CD’s (like half way through the podcast). I have a few friends that are pioneer teachers of sound vibrational medicine and I have put off the tuning forks education because of the short term sound exposure….alas, thank you for the explanation of this and so much more. You asked great questions, a few I have pondered myself and a few I hadn’t thought of. You continue to impress me in your podcasts and I hope you continue on this path that feeds me freely. Thank you both for escorting me through a vibrational field, I am so excited to get this podcast and incorporate it into a few client’s sessions straight away. CHEERS!

  10. There'sa says:

    OK. I’m an imbecile. What is the difference between the DVD’s and the CD’s? Do the DVD’s have the music or just the images?

    1. We talk about that in the podcast. The DVD is the visual component.

  11. betsy maldonado says:

    I get the skepticism because I can’t tell if this is legit or not but seriously people when the product offers the following and I quote what it says on the website:

    “Take all the time you need to try WHOLETONES for a full 365 days.

    If you’re not satisfied, you can get a full refund within 365 days. ”

    There really is nothing to loose. We get a full year and if we are unsatisfied guess what a full refund!

    1. Michael says:


  12. Chris says:

    Hey Ben, love your work and listen each week but had to comment on this one – great to explore new areas of health but this came across as a full on snake oil salesman – as soon as he went on about curing rheumatoid arthritis overnight…yeah yeah…! What drew to me to your podcast and has kept me listening was that peer reviewed research backed up the content presented. Can you post up links to any please? Cheers mate

  13. Amy says:

    Hi Ben, I found this podcast really interesting because I have been hearing more and more about frequency and how it’s carried through various mediums lately. It’s fascinating to me. I have recently begun being treated by my chiropractor and holistic health practitioner using a system called Field Control Therapy (FCT), in which small vials of water are tuned to “healthy” frequencies for specific organs and systems in the body, then the drops are introduced orally in a systematic prescription to help the body adjust back to health. That’s not a very scientific explanation, and I hope you check out the website in which they go into much more detail:
    I’m being treated for quite a few things that this testing discovered in my body, some of which are extremely old damage. Metal toxification, hormone imbalance, lymphatic system health, an injury which has caused joint, muscle and tendon distress, even a parasite. Anyway, Tyrell and yourself both explained things about frequency in this episode that helped me understand how my therapy works. Thanks!

  14. Luigi says:

    keep rockin ben, thanks for your podcasts, i have learnt so much from them and some, gonna order the wholetones cds!

  15. Perry says:

    To make it clear from the outset, I love the BG podcast. I’ve learnt so much over the years and it has exposed me to all manner of interesting material. But…

    This is the episode that just keeps on giving; a veritable duelling in utter nonsense statements and claims; a cornucopia of head spinning utterances. Following a few threads of the show quickly leads to parts of the Internet inhabited by those living in a alternate universe. I had to listen through it a second time to try to work out which of the plethora of false statements and misconceptions to focus on. It was a difficult task but one that often led to side-splitting laughter.

    The use of the term “frequency” was employed in the episode as if it had some ontological reality (“Frequency has been around as long as there has been anything to be around.”). No. No. No. The term is simply a concept invented by humans that is useful in describing periodic phenomena. Similar concepts include amplitude, phase, and offset. There is nothing magical about frequency or frequencies. It’s just a descriptor. It could describe the rate of rotation of the back wheel of my bike. Or it might give information about how often my son takes an English class. It is simply ridiculous to say that frequency or frequencies having healing powers. Frequencies do not affect the human body – they don’t even exist.

    To claim that sound frequencies influence cells or DNA is outrageous. Sound frequencies are in the order of 100s of cycles per second and it describes the motion of longitudinal waves in air. The chemical bonds in cells have resonant frequencies in the order of 10000000000 cycles per second and these describe the motion of quantum particles – different phenomena, vastly different vibrational scales.

    The episode moved through Schumann resonant frequencies (electromagnetic waves at 10s of hertz), sound frequencies (longitudinal motion of air at 100s of hertz), crystal frequencies (molecular movement at 10000000 hertz), and light frequencies (electromagnetic waves at 1000000000000 hertz). As long as it had a frequency, it had the magic! Hey, I have bowel movements at a frequency of 2 per day! Come and sniff those for some real healing.

    Perhaps the highlight was: “Once we exhaust the audio frequency realm we just begin the frequencies of light”. What does that even begin to mean? We are talking about completely different phenomena, separated by 10 orders of magnitude in frequency!

    Certainly sounds and music evoke emotional responses. And this can have a powerful effect on the body’s biochemistry. But the mechanisms described in this episode are simply bollocks. Ben, you run the risk of losing credibility with material like this.

  16. Tim says:

    Ben, lot of criticism /skepticism / calling out here….

    What’s your thoughts on all of this

    1. All I know is I feel like a million bucks after using the CD's…and it affects my heart rate variability too!

      1. Perry says:

        As a long time listener of your podcast, I would estimate you use literally 100s of modalities to improve your well-being, many of which you’ve stated make you feel a million bucks. Surely you’ve reached the limit of feelings of well-being long ago if your claims are what you say they are.

        As I say below, there may well be a psychological component to your response to the CDs. But unless you have found something which overturns centuries of very well understood physics (which by the way was not on display during this episode) we can very safely dismiss this stuff as a placebo inducing waste of money and contributing to humanities pool of false ideas.

        (Sorry I am passionate about this issue, one I know a great deal about with advanced degrees in physics and mathematics and significant research in biochemical dynamics. )

        1. Stan Huang says:

          If it doesn’t work for you, then don’t buy into it. No need to shun things that work for others. The Human condition is not closed system that doesn’t respond to the current state that physics has led us to. I am an engineer and have my reservations about all that Ben says are “woo woo”. But have you ever asked yourself, even if the things that Ben talks about are outlandish, how will your life be different if you believed them to be true? For example, if you believed QiGong could you heal you from disease and there is no scientific evidence, would be compelled enough to go to find the people that were healed?

          We all have our N=1 experiences and simply doubting potential truth by touting your “advanced degrees” and research only reveals to me your level of humbleness. As some people tell me from time to time “Stay in your lane” and “If it works for me, that doesn’t mean it’ll work for you.”

          1. CL says:

            That is true wisdom!

          2. Katherine Quartz says:

            Well said! I’m a firm believer! I’ve done this model music for a year…true healing…i would know, I’m Katherine Quartz Paiute Indian from mineral county Nevada…blessings to Michael for bringing healing to a society w little faith in natural remedies and wonders even in music frequencies! Love and compassion 528 hertz 💜💜💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓

  17. ted bennet says:

    just an idea…is it possible this dude is right and wrong? As noted early in the comments. Tyrell is wrong about, at least , Segovia’s style of playing/composition. But sounds like this stuff might have genuine effect anyway.

    One way to find out, play it for your pet rabbit, if she jumps higher and acts more introspective, then, bam there you go.

  18. Hi Ben! I heard you mention a guy in Sedona, AZ. I think you’re talking about Porangui, a Brazilian artist. I helped him set up for his album release party in Sedona on his birthday. He is a wonderful guy. I live in Phoenix and if you plan to travel here or to Sedona to meet him. I’d love to tag along as it will be nice to connect with him again and meet you in the process too. If you’re lucky enough, I may even buy you a cup of coffee or a big a** salad at the giant Whole Foods in Sedona :)


    1. Awesome! I definitely plan on coming down to meet with him.

  19. Ben M says:

    I’m very curious about this stuff, especially as a musician myself. But I’m very skeptical. I’m going to keep my eye on this post and see if others get it and their experiences. The religious stuff on the wholetones.com website makes me uncomfortable.

  20. Bill says:

    Thanks for the podcast Ben, I really enjoyed it! I like how you push the boundaries of what is possible for health.

  21. Tannauz says:

    WOW! I just went to Mr. Tyrrel’s site and listened to the samples and my heart broke open and tears just started to flow. No music has ever moved me this quickly and profoundly. I will be using his music for my yoga dance therapy.

    God Bless you both for spreading such powerful healing tool. I will be the Canary that will spread the news of this medicine LIKE THE SUN THAT NEVER RESTS. And perhaps one day I would be blessed enough to meet Mr. Tyrell and kiss his feet for walking this earth.

    Thank you….

    With all my Heart and Soul.

  22. Tannauz says:

    Nice one Ben. You Rock!

  23. Martin says:

    I wonder how frequencies in different media compare. What I mean is say in PEMF you typically use alpha (10 hz), beta (20 or so), delta, (3 or so) theta (7 or so), gamma (I forget what this one is) delivered via an electro-magnetic field. Now in sound Tyrell is using 396 and so on. Is there any correlation? Also with PEMF there is the gauss factor (power). Fascinating topic and mind bending… Thanks

  24. Michael says:

    Does whole tones help with athletic performance. Heard the podcast which is great but I do not recall the subject coming up. Or is there another type of music form that is better?

  25. Andreas W. says:

    In 1978 Hans Cousto, a Swiss mathematician and musicologist discovered the natural law of the COSMIC OCTAVE as the link between different kinds of perodically occurring natural phenomena, such as the orbit of the planets, the weather, colors, rhythms and tones.

    Using the formula of the Cosmic Octave f . 2n ( = multiple doubling of a certain frequency) Hans Cousto firstly transposed astromical periods into audible frequencies.

    For example the first-ever Cosmic Octave calculation:

    The octave-tone of the rotation of Earth:

    The period: of the synodic day of Earth:

    The period of the rotation of Earth around its own axis when the Sun is high in the south until it is high again next day.

    1 day (24 hours . 60 minutes . 60 seconds = 86 400 seconds).

    The frequency of the rotation of Earth around its own axis:

    1 : 86 400 seconds = 0.000 011 574 Hz (cycle per second)

    This frequency multiple doubled into the audible range:

    0.000 011 574 Hz x 224 = 194.18 Hz

    (224 means 24-fold doubling).”

    From http://www.planetware.de/octave/

    Greetings from Germany


  26. Cryo says:

    Sound waves are interesting.

    Does this work with a low volume, or higher the better?

  27. Martin says:

    Ben, is there a list of organs and what frequency they relate to?



  28. Charlie says:


    You mentioned that you use a clay mask on your face twice a month or so. Do you have any recommendations for what clay mask brand/make is good to use?

    With thanks!

    1. This is the exact one I use…"Alitura": https://amzn.to/2ak1lLk

    2. Charlie says:

      Thank you!

  29. Uncle Pete says:

    I agree with other post; this is rubbish. The Placebo Effect can goes a long way to explain much of the experience people have with stuff like this. It’s a good bet that 1,000 people bought these CDs after hearing the show through the referral link. A podcaster perhaps gets $2.00 per referral…not bad for a day’s work! That is all I can come up with as to why this kind of stuff gets selected to broadcast.

  30. Joel says:

    I knew that this podcast would stir up a lot of controversy, and it was brave of Ben to do it, but he is spot on here folks. These sound frequencies are being used for healing all over the world, and there are even free apps you can download on itunes. The Solfeggio Sleep and Relax app is pretty amazing, and I use it quite often. My guitar is also tuned to 444, and it makes a huge difference in how the music feels and affects you. 528 hz is the third note in the scale, and also happens to be the exact frequency biochemists use to repair broken DNA. All ancient instruments were naturally tuned to 432, which is also in tune with the human body, and has healing properties as well. It was back during WW2 that all musicians in Europe and the US were suddenly told by their governments to change to 440. Research it. It was heavily protested, and the information regarding this change stinks of conspiracy. Since this change in tuning, music has taken a downward turn and is making society focus on their primitive nature. Fear, ego, greed, sex, and money are all things that make it easier to control the masses. What do you see on your television every day??? What is the mainstream media feeding you??? How calcified is your pineal gland from the sodium flouride and chlorine in your municipal water??? Is our human potential being stopped before we can make the next jump in evolution? Are you sleepwalking without knowing it… cuz people get pissed off when you try to wake them up.

  31. Suchi says:

    One more thing..

    I love what you’re doing..

    You’re working hard and I appreciate all the knowledge you are sharing

  32. Suchi says:

    I’ve been using various frequencies as the background music with my clients for about a year..

    Short answer.. It works.

    If you don’t resonate :) then exercise your free will and move forward.

    What I want to know is if he offers the frequencies without music and if multiple frequencies (without music) can be played at the same time.

    Also have you heard of Dr. Kurt Ebert and Attractor Field Therapy?

  33. Tim says:

    There’s nothing that’s “too far” out there. There’s just people that choose to limit or restrict what they believe to be possible. If you listen to Bens podcast he’s always a big proponent of not just believing things as they are explained, but researching & experimenting for yourself to come to your own conclusions.

    Thinking anything is impossible or too far out there is your choice, and just fine, but it’s those that decide to go too far out there that get us to the places we’ve never been.

  34. jde says:

    Hi Ben,
    I am a regular listener of your podcast and I enjoy it very much. I am writing to you as you seem to have invited a fraudulent guest who passes himself as an ‘expert’ in music and psychoacoustics it seems. I just listened to a chunk of this whole tones episode… His knowledge of acoustics is also pretty doubtful. I will just pick out a few gems… Segovia did not play the flamenco guitar, in fact he hated it. His whole aim was to ‘dignify’ the repertoire of the classical guitar by playing transcriptions of music from the ‘great’ repertoire (Bach) or the well known piano music of the time (Albeniz, say…) or the actual classical period music of Sor and Aguado. He also said when describing the guitar strings that the guitar ‘is tuned in 5ths’, wrong, it is in 4ths except for the interval between 2nd string B and 3rd String G. As to why we use 440 for A, check out this very informative reddit thread: https://www.reddit.com/r/musictheory/comments/2l8euv/why_do_we_tune_440_hz/

    The Joseph Goebbels story is poppycock! Orchestral and instrument tuning standard A, has varied since music exists and it depends largely on how much you can make a string taut before it snaps or cut enough tubing for a given column of air (say for brass instruments). And about ‘broadcasting radio in 440 Hz”, that is the single most flawed thing I heard before I had to stop listening and come and write to you. If you modulate audio (say the whole of your podcast) to that frequency, you get an alteration of the rhythm of the recording and pretty severe at that, depending on which note you nominate to be the sampling root – this is easy to demonstrate with any current sampling instrument. 440Hz is not a ‘range’ as described by Tyrrell, he really has absolutely no idea what he is talking about, that is simply a value – a range needs to values, upper and lower just to state the obvious. This business of only the US and Canada at 440 is also rubbish, Individual orchestras may choose their tuning standard and you will find that it varies by stylistic era… so anything after the 1930s favours 440 whilst early music specialists favour 415. There is ample research in the Psychology of music that documents how our perception of pitch and indeed dissonance and consonance is cultural, not inherited. Some interesting studies are ‘Effects of Culture on Musical Pitch Perception’ by Wong )(2012 et al
    and more generally for music universals here: ‘Universals in Music: A Perspective from Cognitive Psychology’ (Harwood, 1976) – punch that into Google and you will find them.

    I regret to say that I had to stop listening as this episode section, at least, is a waste of time. Tyrrell is NOT an expert other than of his imagination. I wonder where he got his stories from. If you doubt some of the facts I mention earlier, then just head over to Scholar.google.com (which I imagine you know already) where all the music and acoustics journal articles can be found, and verify it. In fact, any scientific or social sciences journal is available through there although there may be a paywall in some cases…


  35. Chris says:

    Too far Ben. I have been listening for years but never felt compelled to comment until now. Your combination of science and open-mindedness is what drew me to your podcast, but your mind has been far too open of late. Please don’t let your brain fall out, because I generally love your podcast. I appreciate that you need to generate content and explore new rabbit holes, but crazy is just plain crazy.

  36. Tim says:

    Ben, another interesting podcast.

    A few questions:

    1. Are these available in analog anywhere?

    2. Would there be any “conflict” with using multiple frequencies at once, like sleeping with the earth pulse & using whole tones?

    3. Could you per se listen to your podcasts via headphones with this playing in your car or on a CD player or does the ear have to be able to catch the frequencies?

    Thanks again, cool stuff

  37. Gawain says:

    Fascinating stuff. I came across this video the other day, and it got me thinking about how non-native emf and sound frequencies could affect our cells – check out the final demo:


    About to order the Wholetones set to experiment!

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