Podcast Episode #83: Double Chins, Heart Rate Monitors, Testosterone, Soreness, Pre-Race Jitters, and Protein!

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In this February 24th free audio episode: The Latest Research from The Journal of Strength & Conditioning,  Double Chins, Heart Rate Monitors, Testosterone, Soreness, Pre-Race Jitters and Protein!

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Listener Q&A

Listener Troy asks: Hey Ben, I have a question about spot reduction.  I know people always say that it is a myth.  However, I used to be a triathlete, and I was very lean.  My workouts consisted of lots of intense workouts.  I switched my focus to marathon running.  I still do some intense training, but obviously I focus much more on mileage and longer slower workouts.

Anyways, as I have switched to my marathon training, I have realized that my face is fatter.  I am just as lean as I was when I was triathlon training.  I have low body fat and you can see my abs but I have more face fat than I ever have.  I sortof have a double chin and I am very self conscious about it.  It doesnt make sense that someone who is marathon training has this problem.  I see people who rarely workout who don't have nearly the fat around their neck/face as I do.  I understand that it is probably genetic, but is it possible that the type of training that I am doing affects my fat distribution?  If the answer is yes, doesnt this negate the idea that spot reduction is a myth?   Finally, is there any way to reduce the fat around my face.  I already have very low body fat, and any more fat reduction would require a great deal of sacrifice and supplements.  I was wondering if there are any particular exercise I can do that will target this area.  Would adding more intense workouts help?

Listener Kevin asks: You recently aired an episode about your testosterone levels.  You mentioned that yours was 46 and you increased it to the lower 70s with supplementation.

(1) I had blood work done last month and mine was 345. My doctor advised that the range is between 200 and 750.  I certainly want to be on the higher end of the range.  I supplement my 2100 – 2500 calorie diet (30% Fat, 33% Carb and 36% Protein) with a multi, vitamin D, BCAA, L-Arginine, Fish Oil, Flax Oil and Flax Mill. I also consume whey isolate and casein.  I'm in the gym daily – doing cardio 30 to 60 minutes (LISS and HIIT) and weight lighting 5-6 days a week.  My Polar monitor records 700 to 1000 calories per workout – typically at 55% body fat burned.

I'm 50 years old, 5'11”, 195 lbs and 18% body fat.  My goal is increase my lean body mass by decreasing my body fat by 5 points.  Do you have any ideas on how I can increase my test level?

(2) Why do I have a 345 number and you a 46?  My exam was via blood and yours saliva but I would think we'd still use the same testosterone scale. No?

Listener Lorenzo asks: Can you get low testosterone from being hit in the head (too many concussions)…my doc said that it is a possibility and that it can disrupt your pituitary gland.  If the answer is yes, what can you do about correcting it?

Listener Elsa asks: I started my strength training a few days ago (squats, push ups, crunches) but it really made my muscle sore and it takes me a few days to recover. Is it that my workout is too intense and too long? Or is that normal? Do all lean people feel a bit sore in their muscles all the time? Thanks!

Listener Wendy asks: My husband is downhill ski racing in a week or so and he is working with some pre-race jitters already. He has worked and trained so hard and i am would love to see him have some tools to deal with all the junk that gets in your head! Do you have any suggestions for pre-race poopiness! Thanks Ben.

Listener Sondra asks: I am fairly new to your podcast and love the information that you have made available.  I am also a member of your Body Transformation Club and look forward to what you have in store starting in March. I have started taking MSM (1000 mg capsules once a day in the morning with breakfast) a little over two weeks ago.  This week I have noticed a splotchy rash that seems to be getting progressively worse.  I first noticed it on my arm but now it is pretty much everywhere.   Is this a common reaction to MSM that will subside or should I discontinue it?

Listener Patrick has a call in question about heart rate monitors and how to improve accuracy, as well as a question about whether to take a supplement like NatureAminos if he's still eating protein from real food on a refeeding day.

Listener Richard asks: Thanks again for the fantastic Podcasts and resources! Just two quick questions:

1)     Do you see any benefits of Hemp Protein over Whey Protein (or vica versa)  – I have recently switched to Hemp and find I get far less bloating.

2)     Do you think it is possible to ‘overdose’ or stress your liver and kidneys with too much protein.  I tend to use protein only after exercise (25 grams) and a little (25 grams) in my breakfast porridge as it keeps me satiated for longer.  As long as I drink plenty of water, how much is too much?

Best wishes and keep up the great work.

Finally, listener Eddy wants to run marathon 9 weeks before an Ironman. Will it negatively affect his Ironman? 1-920-428-5644. He also has a question about “The Marathon Dominator.”


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