The Most Powerful Cellular Exercise Machine That Exists, How It Works & Exactly How To Use It.

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At my bedside is a tiny handheld unit called a “Flexpulse”, which I consider to be a small, portable “DJ for my brain”. By adjusting the frequency emitted by the device, I can use a 3Hz frequency to lull my brain into relaxed Delta brain waves, a 10Hz frequency to generate focused Alpha brain waves or a 23Hz frequency to produce high alert Beta brain waves.

The Flexpulse generates a special kind of frequency called “PEMF”, and I’ve personally found that placing the square pad of unit on the back of my head (directly on my occipital bone) for a night of sleep or a quick nap (often combined with the Cranial Electrotherapy Stimulation you’ll discover later in this article), I can knock myself out in no time flat for a perfect portion of slumber. Lately, I've been experimenting with an even more affordable alternative to the Flexpulse that seems to elicit very similar results: the ICES M1, which, in particular, has been shown to increase blood flow in joints for up to three years after a single use!

While small, portable devices like this are a perfect introduction to the wide variety of potential therapeutic applications of PEMF, the true “Cadillac” of PEMF therapy is a very large unit – about the size of a massage table – called the PulseCenter XL Pro. Both myself and Tony Robbins, Gerard Butler, Brandon Routh, Stevie Wonder and Rick Rubin are huge fans of this massive, whole-body-treatment setup, which can be used for everything from muscle sprains to headaches to sleep induction. Not to mention lots of American Ninja Warriors, countless Nike Master Trainers, lots of professional athletes who wish to remain anonymous for fear of having their secret weapon yanked, high profile biohackers, MLB, NBA, NFL players, high profile sports team owners, motivational speakers, entrepreneurial leaders and even professional bull riders.

A few months ago, a guy named Emilio Palafox came to my house to train me on this table. The guy is a wealth of knowledge on PEMF therapy so I figured I should get him on the show! Emilio is the Channel Development Manager at Pulse Centers, spreading awareness of the game-changing, disruptive Pulsed Electro-Magnetic Field (PEMF) technology. Emilio looks to identify individuals, organizations and corporations that are looking for healing, faster recovery, peak performance or all of the above. Emilio speaks about being the rising tide that lifts all boats and has been collaborating with people and organizations across the world that want to help impact humanity for the better. He is extremely grateful for the opportunity to be a part of Pulse Centers team, helping to lead and shift the collective consciousness of health, wellness, fitness and longevity.

During our discussion, you'll discover:

-How PEMF works…10:30

-How the cells respond to magnetic signals…14:45

-Why the earth has actually changed in terms of the grounding and earthing effect it's able to produce…19:00

-Why the PulseCenters table feel so much more powerful than the other PEMF devices…23:30

-The difference between PEMF frequencies, intensities, etc…28:30

-How to use PEMF to “charge” the brain or get nootropics delivered more efficiently to the brain…35:30

-How to use PEMF to treat areas like the testes, colon, heart, liver, etc…38:30

-The difference between the paddles vs. the rings vs. the chair vs. the bed…51:00

-How to use PEMF to increase stem cell production…57:00

-Whether you can overuse PEMF…1:05:15

-How the PulseCenters portable system works…1:08:00

-And much more…

Resources from this episode:

The Pulsecenters website

-Book: Healing Is Voltage

-Article:  A Tiny, 1/2 Ounce Piece Of Game-Changing Sleep Technology (And How To Use PEMF For Sleep)

-Podcast: The Myth About “Grounding”, Acupuncture Without Needles, 400% Increase In Stem Cell Production & Much More.

-Podcast: The Potent Ergogenic Effects of Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy to Enhance Athletic Performance

-Article: How Something Called Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy Can Make You Sleep Like A Baby (And Do Much More Than That).

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14 thoughts on “The Most Powerful Cellular Exercise Machine That Exists, How It Works & Exactly How To Use It.

  1. Inogen says:

    Why do you keep pretending that you have a deep voice? You let it slip ever so often, and are exposed as a tenor rather the a bass. Pretending just makes you sound as if you have a sore throat.

  2. Not sure if this will help anyone but will give it a shot. I am a pharmacist and my wife and I also own a PEMF and cord blood stem cell business and use PULSE machines. We did not start out with the intent of starting this type of business.

    We came across the machines and got great results. Like a lot of business ideas it solved some of our problems so it would probably solve other people’s.

    The results that we have gotten for patients for many conditions have been tremendous. I don’t use that word lightly. They often surpass what drugs can do and with virtually no side effects. (And to answer a common questions YES, PEMF can cause side effects if you get too carried away with the intensity. I had TMJ and the first time I pulsed my head I did too much and ended up giving myself a pretty decent headache. This is why these are the Cadillacs of machines).

    If you have questions on the science behind it all read the book Ben referenced in the podcast. Very in-depth.

    In short, I will not be without one of these machines in my own home. I use it multiple times a week as does most of my family.

    If you have any questions I or my wife are happy to answer them. (I’ve provided a link to my wife’s website in my name) or you can go to

  3. Dr Sheperd says:

    Teslafit is another great high power PEMF system that is quite affordable compared to Pulse centers products. Poor man’s high-power system if you may. Other than that, I bought the BioBalance and it’s excellent, blows anything else out of the water, broadband waves do something unique that i didn’t find happening some of the older generation devices such as the EP or ICES.

  4. Moe H. says:

    “While small, portable devices like this are a perfect introduction to the wide variety of potential therapeutic applications of PEMF, the true “Cadillac” of PEMF therapy is a very large unit”


  5. Ward says:

    Agree with all previous commenters, listening to this guy talk around every question for the entire podcast was tiring and then, thinking back to Ben’s glowing introduction to him was just depressing.

  6. Hal Weiss says:

    I have an older ICES PEMF device that I’d used for awhile to help with sleep. I stopped using it because I was getting no discernible results. I think it uses 10Hz & 100 Hz. Since the mag field under high power lines at 60hz can f’ us up royally (single and double DNA strand breaks; calcium-gated channel f-ups, etc.) how do I know if these devices are harming me????

    I don’t want to be the guinea pig at this time.

    BTW – Love B.G. & family. Much L.A.R.A. to Ben (that’s Love, Admiration, Respect and Appreciation). You are a huge contribution to all (especially them what has ears to hear).

    Would really love a podcast on DDW (Deuterium Depletion), maybe with that Boros guy.

    1. Ward says:

      I just ordered the m1 ices – you are aware the coils have specific lifetime? Is it possible that is the issue with your device?

  7. Sara says:

    Thank you so much for the discount code for the MicroPulse ICES. I borrowed one from a friend, but they need it back. I have to buy one for myself.

  8. Leo Yang says:

    This guy clearly does not contribute any real insight into PEMF, he just spouts out what he has heard from other people and avoids the tough questions. He’s just another PEMF marketer, not a scientist. This is just clearly just another over-priced NASA-rip-off PEMF technology.

  9. Beau R Beard says:

    Never answered what was actually different between PEMF and just standing on the ground. Also, I’m very I’m just a bit suspect of the resonance of earth being changed due to 5G.

  10. David Smith K Smith says:

    I’ll recommend for you to use a light emitting device instead of a PEMF device. Why? With anything you have to plug into a wall socket, you don’t want to be consistently sleeping on or using as a daily use device. “Don’t ya think” or ” don’t you think”? Figure it out. Similar devices have been around for a long time, this stuff ain’t new. My advice would be to stick with light, sound or vibration as a vehicle to deliver information and energy, especially if you are recommending this to anybody. I have had a few friends who really got into the electromagnet devices using them as a daily ritual, Unfortunately, they are now pushing up the tulips (6 ft under). I might add that none of the deceased died of natural causes nor were any of them diagnosed prior to their deaths as having illness in fact they lived exceptionally clean lifestyles and were actually models of good health. They did not die 10 or 20 years after the fact either. The similarities I noticed was that besides practicing and living extraordinary clean and healthy lifestyles these guys also were constantly and consistently consuming nutriceuticals for supplements, I guess their mindset was we can tweak nature and end up with something better than nature. I find this not to be the truth when it comes to supporting the creation of health.

    As you know there is always liability attached with what we say, or do, or present when recommending to others, regardless of the disclaimer at the bottom of the page, paper is worthless when the script says something else.

    The question I have for you is…… were you using direct localized application of PEMF when you had stem cell therapy injections into your penis and have you noticed any abnormality since then such as , swelling, lumps, nodules, rash, discoloration, retention problem, skin discoloration?

    Your niche appears to provide both beneficial information and information that attracts the modern day nim-rod minded health enthusiast who see something and then say to themselves, without giving much thought “yeah that’s what I need to be doing”.

    The moral of the story is we always have to watch out for the nim-rods in the world, because they are people too. Always give a nim-rod more reasons not to do something then reasons to do something, when in doubt.

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