The Exciting Future Of Holistic Dentistry (& How Ben Greenfield Is Re-Inventing His Mouth!) With Dr. Eniko Loud.

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I've done plenty of podcasts about “holistic dentistry” in the past, including:

But when a dentist named Dr. Eniko Loud walked up to me at a health conference and began telling me about a host of issues she saw from across the room,  specifically related to my jaw and teeth, I perked up and listened, because I could tell right away she was very smart.

Then I went and visited Dr. Loud at her Whole Health Dentistry clinic in Phoenix, Arizona, where she offers functional dentistry and holistic care via advanced dental procedures, health and nutritional coaching for men, women, and children. Being trained in functional medicine and equipped with advanced dental training, Dr. Eniko Loud implements a host of cutting-edge tools and techniques I'd never heard of before.

Her Whole Health Wellness philosophy involves balancing the three body systems. Your hormonal system produces your sex and stress hormones; your digestive system breaks down food for use by the body; and your detoxification system protects you from free radicals and chemical toxicity, both from your environment and from your diet. Every health issue can be traced back to a problem within one or more of your three body systems. Through targeted lab testing that you can do in the privacy of your own home for each of these systems, Dr. Eniko Loud is able to assess how each system is working and design a program to rebalance your body. With an individualized diet plan, a scientifically based supplement program, stress reduction, and exercise, a person’s health can improve dramatically—not only physically, but emotionally. With an ongoing wellness plan, many health problems can be avoided, such as diabetes, cardiovascular disease, obesity, and female hormone imbalances.

Her services include spectrum thermography, safe amalgam removal, biological dentistry, oral surgery, Invisalign, and many other advanced but holistic dental protocols. Dr. Eniko Loud's credentials include:

  • 1999 – Received a DDS from the University of Oradea, Romania – 2002 moved to the USA
  • 2006 – Obtained her DMD from Case Western Reserve University School of Dental Medicine, graduating at the top of her class.
  • 2006 – Completed an AEGD residency, obtaining extensive experience in full-mouth rehabilitation and complex implant dentistry.
  • 2011 – Became the Market Dental Director for Bright Now Dental, overseeing the clinical development of 13 dental offices.
  • 2019 – completed a 3-year functional medicine program and became a certified IFM provider – globally only 3 dentists are certified.
  • 2020 – certification of Biorthosis – only dentist certified in Arizona.
  • She is a member of:
  • 200-hr certified yoga instructor

In this episode, you'll discover:


-Dr. Loud's background and history with holistic dentistry…07:45

-A review of Ben's scans from his previous visit…13:15

  • Columbine Scan is a 3D imaging device that looks deep into the teeth, into the joints, measures the airways, looks in the sinuses; looks for hidden infections and systemic diseases
  •  80% of heart attacks and strokes are from the mouth
  • Bacteria from the mouth is inhaled, most often causing upper respiratory infections
  • Small amounts of blood or cuts can be openings for bacteria to enter the bloodstream
  • DNA saliva test to sequence the bacteria
  • Cone beam scan measures bone density
  • Results are reviewed by a radiologist
  • Two scans: the head and the neck area
    • Looking for degenerative disease in the joints
    • Symptoms of dislocation in the jaw:
      • Tightness of the jaw in the morning
      • Clicking and popping noises
      • Migraines, neck pain
      • Difficulty chewing hard foods
    • Dysfunctions in the nasal cavity are common
    • Looks at and measures the airway; constricted nasal passages possibly causing sleep apnea
  • The Oura Ring is very soon going to be able to measure SpO2 levels (% of oxygen in the blood)
  • For sleep apnea, a professional home sleep test (two nights) to measure:
    • Brain waves
    • Heart rate
    • Oxygen saturation level
  • SpO2 night levels for someone with sleep apnea can go as low as 80s, enough to cause mitochondrial dysfunction
  • Cumulative effects of minor hypoxia lead to more damage over time
  • Tooth wear is related to a restricted airway; the more teeth wear down, the more the airway and the tongue are pushed back

-The Intraoral scanner…28:51

  • Creates a cast (3D printed) for the mouth to retrain mind/muscle connection; to get joints back into the proper location
  • Muscle memory and brain memory work when teeth come together
  • Goal of a balanced bite is for the teeth to come together evenly
  • It's the imbalance in the bite that causes the wear in the teeth
  • Balanced bite and nighttime grinding don't go together
  • When the teeth are not in the right position, the brain wants to balance everything out
  • When a tooth wears down, it loses its supporting enamel and starts wearing out the dentine (softer inner part of the tooth, wears 6x faster); eventually the tooth cracks
  • Tooth loss often occurs when teeth wear down
  • Pain always starts in the back molars; first to touch when closing the mouth (when out of alignment)
    • Gets a crown but the crown does not solve the problem
    • Then gets a root canal that still does not solve the problem
    • Then an implant but the implant will fail
  • Addressing the problem:
    • Bite analysis to look at the function of the teeth to bring the joints and the teeth together makes the big difference
  • Bite appliance is made in Germany; worn all the time

-A bacterial test and undergoing a scan of Ben's mouth in real-time…39:15

  • Methylene Blue Troche
  • Safe mercury removal 
  • Looking at chewing motion dynamics reveals dysfunction
  • Ben to work with a multi-functional therapist to retrain chewing muscles to correct lateral chewing
  • Lateral chewing causes the teeth to collide and wear unevenly
  • Healthy teeth allow for vertical chewing
  • The end goal is to keep natural teeth throughout our lifetime
  • Doing proper analysis creates a balance that lasts for a long period of time

-Why “optimal dental health” is a misnomer…49:50

  • There is a big knowledge gap in what is optimal dental health
  • Just like in medicine, 98% of patients have disease
  • Conventional dentistry just fixes when things break down instead of looking at the function as a whole
  • The form of the teeth determines the function
  • Function suffers if the form is lost
  • Treating patients to health is a form of rejuvenation
    • Become younger looking
    • Feel better
    • Airways get better
    • Chew better
    • The face changes
    • Eyes open up wider
    • Wrinkles lessen
    • Less strain on the face

-The results of Ben's oral DNA test…54:28

  • Looking at biomarkers that indicate cardiovascular dysfunction
  • TD (Treponema Denticola) and FN (Fusobacterium Nucleatum) can be linked to cardiovascular health
  • Low copper and low zinc
  • Functional medicine is about linking

-An ideal tooth care protocol…59:08

-What occurs after the treatment…1:05:57

  • The dental appliance is called the Biorthosis
  • To be worn for 6-8 weeks
  • Adjustments will be made on the Biorthosis in that time
  • Whole Health Dentistry center also offers
    • Ozone therapy for gum infection
    • Laser therapy (soft and hard tissue laser) for bone and periodontal disease; can penetrate up to 100 microns into the bone
    • Makes ozonated water and gas for use after extractions
  • Ben uses the Quantum 5 Ozone Generator

-And much more…

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30 thoughts on “The Exciting Future Of Holistic Dentistry (& How Ben Greenfield Is Re-Inventing His Mouth!) With Dr. Eniko Loud.

  1. Anna A says:

    What would you recommend for a bone graft, I’m hesitant to the cadaver’s graft and at the same time I’m scared of the dentist showing off my own jaw bone to use autograph for my dental implant. Any other option? Should I be sceptical of the cadaver graft ?

  2. Steve L says:

    Could you recommend a practitioner in the Los Angeles area?

    1. Ben Greenfield says:

      you can call her office at 480 563-4141 and ask for a referral

  3. Sage says:

    Hello! I have a few questions for Dr Loud!

    1) is there a specific brand of chewable probiotic you recommend?

    2) how do you treat cavities? Is it similar to a regular holistic dentist? Drill and fill? I understand aligning the tmj helps also with the process.

    3) do you recommend a diet similar to Weston a price? Or what is the diet you recommend?

    Thank you!!

    Thanks Ben for having her on!

  4. Robert says:

    Do u know of any people in New York

  5. Priya says:

    How many times are we supposed to sign up to read the transcript. If we were not already signed up we wouldn’t get the emails right?

    Tech team kindly look into the matter

  6. Steve says:

    Excellent podcast, thank you.

    Is there anyone that you know of in the Maryland area that does what you do or at least holistic dentistry?

    Thank you!

    1. Eniko Loud says:

      Sadly I do not know anyone in your area

  7. Could you kindly rundown the sorts of nasal depression checks you perform? Much obliged

    1. Eniko Loud says:

      Hello William,
      Can you be more specific regarding what you mean by nasal depression checks?

  8. This was so interesting and I cannot wait to follow along! I am a dental hygienist who has been researching myofunctional therapy and considering it for myself and my 13 YO daughter. I would love for my dentistry field to become more functional. I have been on a journey to learn everything I can since my daughter was born with life threatening allergies. Please share a recommendation for a at home sleep study if possible. Thank you so much Dr. Loud and Ben for addressing this extremely important issue.

    1. Eniko Loud says:

      Hello Carmi,
      I am so sorry to hear about your daughter. I hope my answers offer you some guidance.
      We use EZ sleep for home sleep studies. Our hygienist is a myofunctional therapist and she might be able to give you some direct guidance on its benefits You can reach her directly at [email protected]
      You might want to look into Buteyko breathing or contact Dr Casey Jones @drcaseyjones on social media to learn more about it, they have special training for children.

      1. Thank you very much! Sending gratitude to you for these suggestions.

  9. Ben says:

    Is there anyone that you know of in the bay are preferably north bay (SF) area that does what you do or at least holistic dentistry

    1. Eniko Loud says:

      I do know two amazing doctors that practice according to very similar principles and I know one of them really well;
      Dr Katherine Brown and Dr Michael Nasakin.

  10. Jane says:

    Dear Dr Loud

    2 months ago had had two crowns installed, I woke up the next day with dizziness, tinnitus, fullness in ears. I took a flight and my ears wouldn’t stop popping. An ENT diagnosed me with Eustatian Tube Dysfunction and put me on antibiotics + steroids even though I don’t have an ear infection, sinusitis, or rhinosinusitis. The dental temporaries where on for 18 days, do you think bacteria could have built up in my mouth and migrated to my ears during this time, my gums looked inflamed. What other reasons could have caused this from a dental perspective? I’m 50 yrs old, very healthy, not obese nor do I smoke. I have no history of ENT issues either, this has come out of the blue. I’m 3 days away from finishing the antibiotics but can’t see any improvement.

    Kind regards


    1. Eniko Loud says:

      Hello Jane!
      From the dental perspective if the temporary crowns are causing bite imbalances this could shift the way your teeth come together and could cause acute TMj issues – fulness in the ears could be a symptom. Do you still have the temporary crowns? Did you ever have jaw joint issues in the past before these temporary crowns were placed?
      Dr Loud

      1. Jane says:

        Hello Dr Loud
        The temporaries were taken off for the porcelain crowns were installed. They are the two upper central incisors and it looks like I now have a slight over bite. Do you think an overbite could cause ears to stay blocked. I’ve never had TMJ issues but since the crowns when on my jaw is making clicking sounds.
        Thank you for your help
        Kind regards

    2. Eniko Loud says:

      Hello Jane, Without an actual exam is hard to determine what is happening. A certain amount of overbite is actually healthy. I found a video that could help you understand what might be happening based on what you described. In the video you will see how the joints are influenced by the slope of your front teeth, the jaw joins are just in front of the ear. I could try to find you a dentist with similar training to mine in your area to perform a joint/ dental exam.

      1. Jane says:

        Hello Dr Loud
        Thank your your feedback it’s very helpful and thoughtful of you to respond. I’m in Sydney Australia, I’m not sure if anyone here works like you do.

  11. Matthew says:

    I was wandering if you take out of town Clients and how they might go about that. Thank you for the awesome podcast you two!! Always learning. Absolutely love the approach of getting to root cause. Way too many band aid pushers in too many fields of health care. Thanks again

    1. She does, and you can call her office (see details in shownotes!)

      1. Eniko Loud says:

        Dear Matthew,
        We work with clients form all over the county. We can help you coordinate a discovery call so we can talk via zoom and then help you set up your dental visits. Please call the office at 480 563-4141 and one of my staff members will be happy to assist you.

  12. Ben, this was very disappointing. I have followed you for many years as I find you always provide such valuable information regarding health , nutrition, exercise, etc. I’m not an expert in those fields so I never questioned your info. As a practicing biological Dentist for 40 yrs I question the process Dr. Loud is recommending for you. She talks about getting to the root cause and not just treating the symptom or disease. But she should never have fabricated you an appliance (anterior deprogrammer, orthotic, bite spline or whatever you call it) without a sleep study. Your tooth wear and any Temporomandibular joint dysfunction could be due to nocturnal bruxism which often is a compensatory reflex reaction to a compromised airway. If you are bruxing this leads to chronic microtrauma which can lead to TMD issues. This must be ruled out before any appliance fabrication or restoring teeth w/ composite buildups(which you will fracture off if you’re still bruxing). Looking at your CBCT the airway is narrow due to an elongated soft palate. Dr. Loud did not show an AP(anterior-posterior) view of the TMJs looking for cranial asymmetry. This is important to address any cranial distortions prior to trying to correct someone’s bite. If a sleep study indicates any apnea, oxygen desaturation, snoring or bruxism then there are options to correct the airway and improve your sleep. I did not get a good look at your digital models but I would also evaluate for any narrowing of the jaw structure which affects tongue posture. In most cases the bite is off due to a malocclusion that may be a result of poor jaw development related to cranial distortions, mouth breathing, not breast feeding, early introduction of soft foods for infants, etc .These issues should be addressed if you want get to the underlying root cause(s). I did also notice some forward head posture that is common is patients w/ breathing or airway issues. The bite should be the last issue to address after correcting the airway, cranial distortions, tongue posture and other myofunctional concerns, chiropractic alignment, etc. Taking a bite w/o these corrections will never be correct because the body is out of alignment. It was great to see Dr. Loud uses ozone, dental lasers, a CBCT, digital scanning and safe mercury amalgam removal.

    1. Eniko Loud says:

      Dear Dr Gene Sambatar you made extremely good and critical points in your comments.The podcast was meant to demonstrate only parts of the process we are working on with Ben, it did not include the comprehensive exam we completed which addressed all the concerned you have brought up. In the podcast we discussed the importance of a multidisciplinary approach to addressing complex issues related to jaw/ head/ neck/teeth and airways. We work with myofunctional, cranio-sacral therapists, chiropractors, naturopaths and functional medicine doctors to provide truly comprehensive care to our patients.

      1. I understand you are comprehensive. I did not want to insinuate that you are not. My main points first is you’re starting w/ an intraroral appliance w/o a sleep study. Second you’re fabricating some new bite w/an appliance from Germany stating that will balance out his bite and TMJ’s and stop the damage to his teeth. And finally it sounded like you would then remove the appliance and restore his teeth w/ biocompatible composites to his new bite determined by the Orthotic. I don’t understand how you determine a physiological bite w/o evaluating his sleep patterns, cranial imbalances, chiropractic misalignment, a myofunctional evaluation, etc. My question was not whether you were comprehensive. I just didn’t understand the sequencing you were recommending.

        1. Eniko Loud says:

          Here are a few links you can look at that explain the principles I follow:

          1. Thanks for sharing the videos. Again I wasn’t questioning the principles as I’ve been treating TMD issues and occlusal disease for 40 yrs. What I noticed( as I previously mentioned) in both videos is there was no mention to the causation or etiology. These patients aren’t born w/ occlusal disease. The underlying etiologies may include trauma, malocclusion(related to poor jaw development), myofunctional issues (ie poor tongue posture, reverse swallowing, etc), cranial distortions, skeletal misalignment, sleep disordered breathing(including bruxism, apnea, etc.), to mention a few causes. These all need to be addressed before restoring to normal form and function. Although I will admit the restorative treatment was beautiful, I noticed tori from bruxism, poor tongue posture and cranial distortions that were not addressed. What will prevent these patients form destroying the restorations just as they did their natural enamel(the hardest substance in the body) without addressing the causative factors?

  13. Nick says:

    Would you please list the types of nasal cavity scans you perform? Thanks!

    1. Eniko Loud says:

      3DDental imaging – cone beam scan- it produces three dimensional images of your teeth, bone, nasal passages, sinus cavities

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