How An Internet Entrepreneur Went From A Fat Keyboard Slob To Conquering SEALFit Workouts.

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Chris Brogan (pictured above after going from a fat keyboard slob to conquering SEALFit workouts) is author of the book “Just Start Here: Lose Weight, Get Stronger and FINALLY Succeed at Your Goals.“.

As an internet entrepreneur, Chris is a self-professed complete non-expert in the field of fitness.

But nonetheless, I read his book.

And it is actually quite good.

So in today's podcast episode, Chris joins us, and you learn:

-Why you need a story that defines you if you want to truly master fitness and diet…

-Why willpower is stupid…

-Why Chris puts so many pictures of himself on Instagram…

-How losing weight should be an “hourly” experience…

-Chris's potent “time quilting” strategy for enhancing fat loss…

-And much more!

Resources we discuss in this episode:

Chris's Instagram account

Just Start Here: Lose Weight, Get Stronger and FINALLY Succeed at Your Goals.

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6 thoughts on “How An Internet Entrepreneur Went From A Fat Keyboard Slob To Conquering SEALFit Workouts.

  1. ffirestine says:

    It was great to hear Chris on the podcast. I think the most I knew about you before was seeing you on Ustream a while back, and various mentions from podcasters of course. I have followed a similar path, with a much longer trajectory over the past 10 years. After I turned 40, I started to address the weight I gained in my 30s. I spent time on the treadmill, then did Pilates videos, Jillian Michaels workouts, P90X, etc. and eventually… Here I am, doing SEALFIT workouts right along with you. (Ben's first interview with Mark Divine was my inspiration.) Thanks for getting the message of fitness out to a community that is very successful in other areas of life. I would love to see them improve their health and fitness, for the benefit of all the lives affected.

  2. danny_boy1 says:

    Great Podcast as usual! One of my biggest takeaways was the "this is not what a warrior eats" mentality.
    The whole concept is kind of like the saying "what's in the well comes up in the bucket", but since it's on a smaller scale, it can help you get those small wins (Peanut butter cups v. Brazil nuts)

    My 4.5 year old son is turning into a mirror image of myself, so I've identified myself as a Role Model. Thinking "this is not what a Role Model eats/does" has really inspired me the last couple days!

  3. sthig says:

    I enjoyed this podcast, it was great and I'll recommend your book to a few friends of mine (I'll add it to my list, but I've got a backlog of reading material). Chris I enjoyed your thoughts on "This is not what a warrior eats" bit… I do that too however I just say "I don't eat those things" (same thing, I just don't use the warrior imagery).

    I'm not a fan of the gym selfies, I understand your point as accountability and facetime… but my coach monitors my progress there and I'm not particularly pro-selfie (a few well put ones here or there, yes).

    Regardless, great job on the podcast – this was one of my favs (and more practical ones). While I don't succeed at it as much as I'd like, I do hourly exercises (jumping jacks usually) or run the steps at work.

  4. stinkyboomboom says:

    Awesome podcast. Chris is a great guy. I think this is what you're thinking of re: not talking about your goals before you complete them.…

    1. Nice. Thanks, Stinky ;)

    2. chrisbrogan says:

      Thanks! I'm glad you enjoyed the conversation. :)

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