Episode #190: Do Belly Fat Loss Supplements Really Work?

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In this Apr 11, 2012 free audio podcast: Do Belly Fat Loss Supplements Really Work? Also: does being on your feet all day count as a warm-up, anti-inflammatory foods instead or prednisone, fuelling recommendations for a multi-day hike, do hormones and exercise create acne, the benefits of fasted exercise sessions, are carbs really killing you, adapting to a low carb diet, is popcorn a superfood, and do vitamins raise your chances of death?

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  • This is why I always try to exercise as soon as possible after I fly somewhere, even if I'm tired.
  • How I'm building my kid's brains now.
  • Burdock root for boosting testosterone may actually be pretty good stuff, but I'd need to see this in humans.


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Audio Question from Craig:
Craig wants to know if he needs to warmup before a run even if he has been on his feet all day. He also wants to know if there is something better/safer than steroids to take for erythema nodosum.

~ In my response to Craig, I recommend the dynamic stretching routine. I also mention the GAPS diet book.

Audio Question from Tony:
This summer Tony is going after an unsupported speed record on a long trail (272 miles). He is looking for light/portable food recommendations and also an approximate amount of calories he will need for 40 miles per day over 6+ days. He is 5'6″ 135lbs.

~ In my response to Tony, I mentioned LivingFuel SuperGreens, CapraCleanse and Tian Chi.

Audio Question from Frances:
Frances wants to know if there is a connection between hormones, acne and exercise.

Amy asks:
Can you comment on this study regarding fasted exercise and weight loss: “Exercising fasting or fed to enhance fat loss? Influence of food intake on respiratory ratio and excess postexercise oxygen consumption after a bout of endurance training.”

Keely wrote:
Ben recently posted a link entitled “carbs are killing you”. This was pretty interesting and I am curious if you know where any of the information on this handout is coming from. The archive information only gives information about the website design. Is there any scientific evidence behind this, especially steps 1-8? Here is a copy of that link to make things easier.

Maria asks:
I recently purchased your Low Carbohydrate Diet for Triathletes book and I have a question about transitioning my diet. I'm a Crossfitter with a history of blood sugar crashes and bonking, so I'm quite apprehensive about doing a WOD during the first couple weeks of the diet. Do you recommend cutting my carbs gradually, going low intensity on my workouts for a couple of weeks while my body adapts, or just going all out and seeing what happens?

Bruce asks:
Hey Ben and Brock, what do you guys make of this article about popcorn having “more of the healthful antioxidant substances called polyphenols than fruits and vegetables”?

Ralph asks:
Mayo Clinic Health Letter, 3/2012, Risk of vitamin supplements: …analysis of latest research, the Iowa Women's Health Study (38,000 women 55 & older for 20 yrs), “…indicated that the risk of premature death increased 3.6 percent in those taking magnesium,…” (www.HealthLetter.MayoClinic.com) I don't know the protocol of the study, not my area of expertise, so I thought I'd ask for your thoughts.

Osa asks:
What supplement would you recommend for reducing belly fat? Saffslim is the new belly fat supplement that I am using that has gained a lot of traction since it appeared on the Dr OZ show and Montel Williams raved about it. What do you think about it? Are there better supplements on the market for specifically reducing belly fat? I know your not mainstream like Dr OZ but if you could recommend one or more supplements specifically addressing belly fat, what would it be? Maybe once you open your mouth it will sell like hotcakes all over the United States like every supplement Dr. OZ recommends on his show.

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6 thoughts on “Episode #190: Do Belly Fat Loss Supplements Really Work?

  1. Alex says:

    Hi Ben:
    On the podcast you mentioned, when answering Keely's question, that you'd put a link to the Carbs Are Killing You infographic in the show notes. There's a link in Keely's question but it doesn't work. Could you let me know how to get to that infographic? Thanks.

    1. Here you go: http://blog.massivehealth.com/post/16530905873/ca…

  2. Cam says:

    Wow your suggestions for the speed hiker sound ridiculous! I have been hiking for a long time and can't say I've ever tried for a speed hiking session and I'm fairly new to your diet suggestions (which make a lot of sense) but these suggestions seem impractical. Nut butter makes sense but chocolate!? It's gonna melt on the first day. MCT? If that or the nut butter leaks anywhere he'll be attracting squirrels and bears every night! A protein powder makes some sense and maybe living fuels is a good way to go for fiber and antioxidants but how well is that gonna go down? Sounds terrible mixed with water! Couldn't he try some dehydrated real food? Wouldn't he need to train his body prior to the event to be able to rely on fats more during the event?

    1. Cam, chocolate depends on the weather. When I'm hunting, I've used it, as well as hiking – but I'm in a Northern climate, where it's cold and the chocolate stays crunchy.

      MCT's and nut butters can easily be kept in a sealed tube or ziplock bag, and LivingFuel SuperGreens and DEEP30 Protein Powder tastes really great mixed with water – and has far lower levels of preservatives can dehydrated food.

      Hiking itself prepares the body to rely more on fats, as it is a primarily fat burning activity.

      Fortunately, I don't really recommend stuff that I don't personally do. ;)

  3. Lance says:

    Are carbs killing you? Maybe not. Okinawans are the longest lived population studied, and their traditional diet was 75%-80% carbohydrate. Ditto for the Tarahumara and the Kenyans.

    1. Yes, those populations are very much genetically adapted to that diet, and they're not exposing fats to oxidation along with those carbs. If you can replicate an Okinawan diet in a genetically adapted American, it could work – but you're playing with fire if your genes don't allow for it.

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