Episode #193: What Makes Women Gain Weight As They Get Older And What To Do About It

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In this May 2, 2012 free audio podcast: What Makes Women Gain Weight As They Get Older And What To Do About It Also: Do recovery boots work, swish and spit carbohydrates, how does cold effect calories burnt, opposing muscle strength ratios, coffee and dark circles under your eyes, reversing the damage from frostbite, decreasing drive, matcha tea, do veggies make you more attractive, and a good half marathon race strategy.

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As compiled and read by Brock, the Ben Greenfield Fitness Podcast “sidekick”.

Robert says:
G'day Ben I have a question for the podcast. I wanted to know what your thoughts are on the Recovery Pump compression boots, also its competitor NormaTec also as a comparison. Their claims seem to be supported and they do what they claim to do from the literature I have read. Have you tried them? What would the effect of the recovery pump be when treating peroneal synovitis? Or other tendinopathies? Would you recommend this as a recovery modality with other traditional methods such as ice baths, NSAID's etc.

Kathryn asks:
I've read about recent research that found that swishing a mouthful of carbohydrate solution and then spitting it out rather than swallowing was effective in providing energy for a workout. Would this be an effective way to train in a fasted state occasionally, as Ben recommends, without the negative effects of inadequate fueling? I'm someone that doesn't tend to do well without food before my am workouts, even easy recovery type activity but I would like to try some fasted workouts occasionally.

Rob asks:
How many calories are you really burning when it is 10 degrees out. If I run 13 miles and my little Garmin says I have burned 1300 calories, how much does the cold, and my body dealing with the cold, add to the equation?

Anton asks:
I was wondering if there was ever a study done about inter-relationships of the amount of weight opposing muscle groups can lift. What I mean by that is: if I can bench press 225 10x should my shoulders be strong enough to handle say lateral raises with 35lbs 10x or shoulder presses with 130lbs 10x so on and so forth. Or be able to do 10 perfect form underhand pull ups (body weight of 210) and that would be equal to curling say 110lbs 10x?

Jason asks:
I developed dark circles under my eyes for the first time in my life in 2004 during a time of heavy work stress and little sleep. When I was able to return to a healthier lifestyle the dark circles persisted. Only later did I make the connection that I had also started drinking coffee during that same time period. I have been able to rule out caffeine as the cause by consuming sources of caffeine while abstaining from coffee, and I don't experience the raccoon eyes. Many sources refer to allergies as a common source of dark circles, but I have not found any sources referring to coffee as a possible allergen. Any ideas if coffee could cause an allergic reaction? If so, other than staying away from coffee, are there any other related food or beverage sources that I should also avoid? Love the podcast, keep up the good work and thank you very much.

Brad asks:
Always love the podcasts, and thanks for all the help you give. When I was in high school, I ran a winter race in zero degree windchill, and stupidly didn't wear gloves. I'm pretty sure I had what I now know to be second degree frostbite, but never saw a doctor about it. Now, ten years later, I still get tear-inducingly painful cold hands very easily, and have to wear gloves at pretty much all times outdoors except for the summer months. I've looked for alternative explanations, and my symptoms don't seem to match up with Raynaud's. Is this normal for a post-frostbite victim, and are there ways to reverse the effects?

~ In my response to Brad, I mention Sweet Sweat at www.sweetsweat.com

Anonymous Podcast Fan writes:
Often, you cover how to increase drive. How about the other side of the coin? Are there ways to decrease drive without negatively impacting health or fitness?

Angie asks:
I'm interested in knowing more about the link between hormone imbalances and fat stored in particular parts of the body. I am currently working on the reduction of fat in general through a combination of Metabolic Typing, a healthy diet and exercise however i seem to have more fat around the back of my upper arms down to my elbow compared to other parts of my body and wondered if there were any truth in some of the articles i have read regarding specific hormone imbalances causing fat to be stored in particular areas of the body and if you can give any advice whether from a hormone or exercise perspective which i can incorporate into my existing routine (heavy weights/interval training mainly). Huge thanks as always for all the amazing content you put out every day!

~ In my response to Angie, I mention estrogen dominance symptoms.

Brian wrote:
A friend told me about the benefits of MATCHA TEA for weight loss and general health benefits, which peaked my interest. I brew green tea daily from loose tea leaves, and have decided to make the switch to Match Tea. I used MATCHATEASOURCE.COM to purchase the tea. The site touts the many benefits of Matcha Tea. I googled your website for matcha and there were zero hits. What do you know about the benefits of matcha and would you recommend this stuff as part of a healthy nutritional plan. I'm interested in lowering my weight and keeping it down below 200lbs. My metabolic typing diet pegs me as a mixed type. My nutrition, when I'm disciplined, is whole, natural foods, about 35% protein, 40% fats and 25% carbs. Vegetables and fish are a common dinner. My morning meal is generally steal cut oats or quinoa with Heed2 30. My daily supplements include: Enerprime, Vitamin D nano spray, Magnesium oil (Ancient Minerals), fish oil (LivingFuel), Oil of Oregano, and Udo's 3-6-9 Oil. Will Matcha be that kick-ass metabolism boost I'm looking for?

Adam asks:
I was wondering if you could comment on the accuracy of this article about how eating more vegetables can make you look better.

Brock interjects:
What would you ideally recommend as a good Half Marathon race strategy?

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4 thoughts on “Episode #193: What Makes Women Gain Weight As They Get Older And What To Do About It

  1. Andrea says:

    Regarding the half marathon PR race, I have to say that my own half PR was at a minimum uncomfortable as far as speed during the first half. After 8 miles it got harder. After 10 miles I started thinking, "here comes the hardest 5K of your life, now DO IT." It hurts. A lot. Get familiar with your pain cave – Matt Fitzgerald is wonderful for this in his books, like Run Faster.

    Good luck!!!!

  2. Skepticalatbest says:

    If strength ratio of quads to hammies should be 3/2, then quads should be 50% stronger than hammies, while hammies should be 33% weaker than quads

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