The Three Pillars of Fat Loss Video With Ben Greenfield and Paul Jaminet

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In this free video presentation by Ben Greenfield with guest Paul Jaminet (author of the Perfect Health Diet book) you'll discover how to burn fat faster, boost your metabolism and maximize your weight loss…without destroying your health!

Three Pillars of Fat Loss Video:

This is a presentation that was recorded live for the Perfect Health Diet Retreat in Austin, Texas. You can learn more about the Perfect Health Diet Retreat – and how you can use it to accelerate your fat loss learning curve and get equipped with everything you need for a perfectly healthy lifestyle – at Ben Greenfield will be personally presenting at the Perfect Health Diet Retreat from March 3-6 – so that would be a perfect time to attend the retreat if you're interested in going and want to learn face-to-face with Ben (although you can attend anytime you'd like!)

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6 thoughts on “The Three Pillars of Fat Loss Video With Ben Greenfield and Paul Jaminet

  1. There are no magic foods. Some foods may help you suppress your appetite a little. Some other foods may slightly increase your metabolic rate. Unfortunately, the effect is miniscule. The only way to really lose fat is to consume fewer calories than you burn. This way your body will tap into the fat stores to get the energy it needs.

  2. Nicole says:

    Thank you for the thorough and informative article!

    Do you know if this diet is safe for breastfeeding mothers? They say to increase caloric intake while nursing but that has just made me gain more weight on top of the extra 20 pounds that refuses to budge! I run for 30 minutes when possible and stationary bike and mat exercises when not.

    I thought if i kept the same caloric intake but cut down on carbs it might jump start weight loss…


    1. Nicole says:

      I’m sorry, I actually meant to post the above comment on your low carb article…

  3. Jas says:

    Thanks Ben. Question: I am interested in trying the fat loss protocol you outlined in this presentation, but I have extremely limited opportunities to work out in the afternoon or early evening on weekdays (I usually get home from work at about 8). My only chance to work out on weekdays is usually in the morning before work. How would you modify your fat loss protocol accordingly? Or would you follow a different protocol entirely? Thanks for your thoughts!

    1. Just do your whole workout in the morning before work! A good plan that you do is better than a perfect plan that you don't! And then just be as active as possible at work!

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