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BJ Tucker is a long distance runner, health advocate, father of 5 and has been married for 28 years. His journey started 2 1/2 years ago when he was tired of being overweight, tired and not able to walk up a flight of stairs without losing his breath.

So he started eating plants. And running. And eliminating alcohol and grains. Since then he has lost 75 pounds, and become a successful long distance runner with achievements like back-to-back marathons.

BJ recently featured my “10 Steps To Mastering A Plant Based Diet” post on his website. Why was BJ so interested in that? Because BJ is a self-described “plant-powered athlete”. He eats no meat.

So in today's audio podcast, I ask BJ:


-How did you lose 75 pounds over the past 2 years?

-Where did alcohol fit into the picture for you?

-How do you manage to eat a plant-based diet and yet go, as Vinnie Tortorich says, “NSNG”? Aren't grains very common on a plant-based diet?

-It's no secret that plant-based diets often contradict what I personally recommend here at BenGreenfieldFitness – namely a high-fat diet combined with avoidance of long, slow cardio. But you eat a plant-based diet and run long distances. Are you concerned about your blood work, hormones or gut, or do you pay attention to that?

-What's your running protocol look like? Do you have any special strategies you want to share, such as run-walk protocols, pacing methods, etc?

-Do you strength train, and if so, what do you do?

-How do you manage 5 kids, a successful marriage and long distance running? Any tips for our audience?

-Does your family also eat a plant-based diet? If so, do your kids ever ask about eating meat?

Do you have questions, comments or feedback about how to lose 75 pounds by eating plants? Leave your questions, comments and feedback below and BJ or I will reply!

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3 thoughts on “How To Lose 75 Pounds by Eating Plants – Premium Podcast!

  1. Green Bean says:

    This is totally inspiring. I want to lose over 100 lbs and thanks to you, I know where to start.

  2. Green_Gca says:

    It is good to see your success, keep it up.

  3. Max_GCA says:

    Well done Bj keep it up, you’re an inspiration to all of us. Losing 75 lbs takes some doing. Max

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