Podcast Episode #22: “Eight Ways to Instantly Increase Your Low Metabolic Rate.”

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In this November 18th podcast episode, Ben Greenfield talks all about low thyroid, low metabolic rate and natural methods for improvement. Included in this podcast:

-The most accurate home test to determine if you have a low metabolism.

-Will too much exercise damage the metabolism?

-Which thyroid medication might be your best bet.

-The one oil that you should be consuming (at least 2-3 tablespoons daily).

-A shiny, blue-black, solid mineral that is crucial to thyroid activity and metabolism.

-Two compounds that must appear on the nutrition label of your multi-vitamin.

-A home recipe for thyroid maximizing juice.

-Eight foods you must completely avoid if you have a low metabolism.

During this audio episode, Ben Greenfield also unveils how anyone who lives in Spokane, Washington can easily win a FREE Gymstick, the hot new European muscle-toning exercise tool that is just now hitting the States! Also featured in this podcast:

Click here for a link to the Delta-E and Enerprime supplements that Ben mentions.

-What is the relationship like when you have an online personal trainer or online nutrition consultant?

-An introduction to Mark Cavallaro (click here for more), the new personal trainer and triathlon coach at Pacific Elite Fitness.

-How to rank the Ben Greenfield Fitness podcast in iTunes – click here, then click “Write a Review”.

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One thought on “Podcast Episode #22: “Eight Ways to Instantly Increase Your Low Metabolic Rate.”

  1. Angelique M Cummings says:

    the podcast cuts out at 20 minutes! I did a search for it on my podcast app and no luck. Did it disappear?

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