Podcast Episode #31: Mysterious “Product X” Destroys Microbes, Blowtorches Body Fat, Fights Fatigue, and Powers Performance.

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Alright folks –  I usually don't get this excited about a discovery, but when we're talking about a substance that is all-natural, amazingly simple to find, and incredibly diverse, it is well worth the buzz.

In this February 10, 2009 podcast, I interview a farmer in Palouse, Idaho.

And what he reveals to me is going to blow your mind. Let's just call it “Product X” for now.

Before I tell you more about Product X, I want to remind you about three important studies that are highly relevant to fat loss, and that are going to help you understand why your body is probably more messed up that you think it is. These are studies that your physician, personal trainer, and nutritionist are probably not going to tell you about.

This is NOT run-of-the-mill fat loss advice. Here's the first study (and remember, you should read this part because it ties in very closely with Product X):

1) “Antibodies Against Food Antigens are Correlated with Inflammation and Intima Media Thickness in Obese Juveniles”

What the HECK does that mean?

This study looked at kids, half of whom were normal weight and half of whom were overweight (i.e. “obese juveniles”).

The researchers measured the children's levels of high-sensitivity C-reactive protein (CRP), a marker for inflammation in the body.

Then they used an ultrasound to look for plaque or thickening in the carotid arteries (the main arteries that supply the brain).

Finally, they looked at blood tests for IgG, which show food allergies.

Guess what?

The overweight kids had 3 times higher CRP levels and 2.5 times higher IgG antibodies food allergy levels, and these values are almost 10 times higher than what other studies have found up to this point!

The overweight kids also had much thicker carotid arteries – a huge risk for heart disease.

How did this happen? When the gut is damaged by consumption of foods to which you are allergic, it becomes leaky, andfoodallegy these allergic food particles put your immune system on hyper-alert.

Your hyped-up immune system then triggers an inflammatory response. And guess what happens next? Your cells become insensitive to insulin. This leads to insulin resistance. And insulin resistance leads to belly fat.

So while you're busy counting calories and making sure that you drink the “skinny latte”, I've got NEWS. It is WAY more important that your body is not allergy to those milk proteins then that you are drinking low calorie.

And this is why I am now recommending that every one of my nutrition and exercise clients get food allergy testing. Especially the ones that are having trouble losing weight. But why take my word that a leaky gut causes inflammation? Here's another study:

2)  “Metabolic endotoxemia initiates obesity and insulin resistance.”

This study looked at what causes a leaky gut.

In this study, researchers fed thin mice a very high-fat diet.obese

Why a high-fat diet? Because high-fat diets (and we're not talking about good fats like nuts and olives and avocadoes – we're talking about crackers, muffins, and margarine) promote toxin-producing bugs, and these bad bugs kill the good bugs.

Interestingly, sugars do the same thing.

Here's what the researchers discovered: the toxins produced in the mice triggered killed off the good bacteria in the stomach of the mice and produced inflammation and obesity.

So let's do a review of what we've learned so far: A) food allergies make you fat; B) sugar and bad fats produce inflammation, which also makes you fat.

BY THE WAY, “sugar” and “bad fats” include whole wheat muffins, pasta, wheat thin crackers, and organic ice cream. Here's the third and last study:

3)  “The gut microbiota as an environmental factor that regulates fat storage.”

I'm going to keep this one short and sweet. This study found that people with good bugs in their gut lose weight quickly, and those with bad bugs in their gut gain weight and pile on body fat. And if you want to really get into the details of why, you should listen to Podcast Episode #29 with the Fat Flush Doctor.

So now we know that gut inflammation, bad bugs, food allergies, toxins, fungus, and microbes can make you fat. Not to mention giving you chronic fatigue, bad sports performance, insomnia, repeated bouts of sickness, and a host of other problems.


But how on earth does all this tie into Product X? Consider the following powerful excerpts:

“(Washington, D.C.) Oil from the common herb Product X may be an effective treatment against dangerous, and sometimes drug-resistant bacteria, a Georgetown researcher has found. Two studies have shown that Product X Oil—and, in particular, Carvacrol, one of Product X's chemical components—appear to reduce infection as effectively as traditional antibiotics.…

Harry G. Preuss, MD, MACN, CNS, Professor of Physiology and Biophysics, and his research team, tested Product X Oil on Staphylococcus bacteria—which is responsible for a variety of severe infections and is becoming increasingly resistant to many antibiotics. They combined Product X Oil with the bacteria in a test tube, and compared Product X Oil's effects to those of standard antibiotics Streptomycin, Penicillin and Vancomycin. The Product X Oil at relatively low doses was found to inhibit the growth of Staphylococcus bacteria in the test tubes as effectively as the standard antibiotics did.”

Georgetown University Medical Center
Press Release
October 6, 2001

“Here’s a member of the mint family that’s simply loaded with antiseptic compounds. Product X is useful as a hot tea (inhale the vapors as you drink) or in a massage lotion. You can add a few drops of the Essential Oil to any skin lotion or to vegetable oil. (Page 391)”
The Green Pharmacy
By James A. Duke

“The Essential Oil of Product X is the most powerful plant-derived antiseptic known.”
William Harrison Martindale
Publisher Of The Extra Pharmacopoeia
British Pharmacology Reference Book

“Antibiotic resistance, the ability of germs to become impervious to modern antibiotic drugs, has been called one of the most challenging health threats of our modern era. Yet researchers report that Carvacrol, an ingredient found in Oil of Product X, kills off bacteria without causing antibiotic resistance.”
“Microbiology Letters”
Federation Of European Microbiological Societies
January 2004

“British researchers reported Product X Oil had antibacterial activity against 25 different bacteria.”

“Journal Of Applied Microbiology”
Volume 88
February 2000

“What we found was that certain spices added to foods would be useful in preventing and even killing organisms like E. Coli that can cause disease,” said Dr. F. Ann Draughon, a UT microbiologist who is co-director of the UT Food Safety Initiative.…The study found that Oil of Product X was the most effective at killing all the pathogens.

“Tennessee Today”
Current News From The University Of Tennessee
June 14, 1999

“Researchers at the Department of Food Science at the University of Tennessee reported that, among various plant oils, Oil of Product X exhibited the greatest antibacterial action against common pathogenic germs such as Staph, E. coli and Listeria.”
“Journal Of Food Protection”
Volume 64
July 2001

“Because the essential oils are so sweet smelling, it might be easy to suppose that their value is essentially one of charm. That would be a mistake. The Essential Oil of Product X, for example, is twenty-six times more powerful as an antiseptic than Phenol, which is the active ingredient in many cleansing materials.” (Page 8)
The Complete Book Of Essential Oils And Aromatherapy
by Valerie Ann Worwood

“General (Effects): The Essential Oil, which contains carvacrol, is antimicrobial in vitro. (Page 609)

Physicians’ Desk Reference For Herbal Medicines
by Joerg Gruenwald (Editor)

“Wild Product X, which is quite different than the variety on most kitchen spice racks, has over 50 antibacterial compounds.”
“The London Times”
May 8, 2001

“Researchers from the University of Thessaloniki in Greece discovered that Product X was highly bactericidal (it killed bacteria and sterilized septic water) at 1/4000 dilution.”
“Journal Of Agricultural Food Chemistry”
American Chemical Society
Volume 44-1996

“Egyptians valued Product X for its ability to disinfect wounds and speed the healing process…. After Aristotle observed that tortoises ate snakes and then ate Product X to avoid dying, he recommended it as an antidote for poisoning….

“Product X Oil is one of the strongest antiseptic and antiviral essential oils. It boosts immunity and is especially effective against allergies, Candidiasis, chronic fatigue syndrome, and fungal infections. It stimulates sluggish lymphatic circulation. During convalescence or in states of general weakness, the body can be strengthened and energized by Product X. Its antibacterial action makes Product X ideal for spraying in a sickroom to cleanse or sterilize it and to prevent the spread of infection.

“Respiratory ailments as asthma, bronchitis, colds, flu, sore throat, and even whooping cough respond well to Product X Oil’s ability to fight bacterial and viral infections, relieve congestion, loosen and release phlegm, and soothe coughs, while it eases aches and pains and reduces muscle spasms. Product X alleviates the pain and inflammation of joint and spinal problems such as arthritis, backache, bursitis, carpal tunnel syndrome, rheumatism, and sciatica. It is often used in a pack or poultice to treat sprains, swelling, and stiffness.

“Product X is helpful for all digestive disorders, particularly those resulting from nervousness. It eases indigestion that results from eating too rapidly. It calms the stomach, can stimulate appetite, relieves diarrhea, and can even cure hiccups. Product X can soothe headaches, migraines, and nervous tension. Its antiseptic abilities help to fight infection of earaches. Some people report success in preventing or minimizing motion sickness by drinking Product X herb tea. Others recommend chewing fresh Product X leaves to provide temporary relief from painful toothache.

“The anti-inflammatory action of Product X Oil helps to heal wounds and skin infections, as well as to relieve skin disorders such as dermatitis, eczema, psoriasis, and seborrhea. Because it has strong antifungal and antiseptic properties, it can fight fungal infections of the skin such as athlete’s foot and jock itch. Massage diluted Product X Oil into the fingernails to fight fungal infections there. Applied topically, it helps reduce chronic skin infections. Product X is a powerful insect repellant; it may help to alleviate skin parasites, such as lice, because of its antiparasitic activity.

“Product X can often stimulate the flow of menstruation when used in a sitz bath or when massaged on the abdomen. It also relieves the pain of menstrual cramps and helps to overcome insomnia.” (Pages 103,104)”
Aromatherapy PA
By Roberta Wilson

“Medicinal Actions & Uses: Product X helps to settle flatulence and stimulates the flow of bile. Strongly antiseptic, may be taken to treat respiratory conditions such as coughs, tonsillitis, bronchitis and asthma. It is also considered to be a useful promote of menstruation. The diluted oil can be applied externally to toothache or painful joints.” (Page 240)
Encyclopedia Of Medicinal Plants
By Andrew Chevallier

“Anticancer Effects: Antimutagenic and anticarcenogenic properties have been attributed to rosmaric acid isolated from rosemary and Product X.” (Page 609)
Physicians’ Desk Reference For Herbal Medicines
by Joerg Gruenwald (Editor)

“Product X has seven…compounds that lower blood pressure….” (Page 256)
The Green Pharmacy
by James A. Duke

“Mother Nature has provided us with a powerful antibiotic in Product X Oil. Unlike synthetic antibiotics that are powerless against viruses and funguses, Product X Oil is effective against these pathogens too.”

Dr. Michelle Schoffro Cook
“The Cochrane Times”
June 8, 2005

“Wild Product X Oil: Powerful antifungal agent that has the ability to destroy even resistant forms of fungi.” (Page 393)

Prescription For Herbal Healing
by Phyllis A. Balch

“Oil of Product X is an excellent supplement. It's beneficial for viral conditions, bacterial and fungal problems and can be used both preventatively and during an infection to help clear up the problem.”
Marni Ross
Naturopathic Physician
Toronto, Canada

“Constituents: Product X contains a volatile oil (comprising carvacrol, thymol, betabisabolene, Caryophyllene, linalool, and borneol), tannins, resin, sterols, and flavanoids. Both carvacrol and thymol are antibacterial and antifungal.” (Page 240)
Encyclopedia Of Medicinal Plants
By Andrew Chevallier

“A recent study compared the anti-Candida effect of Product X Oil to that of Caprylic Acid. The results indicated that Product X Oil is over 100 times more potent than Caprylic Acid against Candida.”
“Journal Of Applied Nutrition”
Volume 47

“In a study by the National Institute of Pediatrics in Mexico, scientists found that Product X was effective at killing Giardia, a parasite that causes abdominal distress.”
Dr. Michelle Schoffro Cook
“The Cochrane Times”
June 8, 2005

“A clinical study in Italy has shown that Oil of Product X can be used to treat intestinal parasites.”
“Phytotherapy Research”
Volume 14
May 2000

“Researchers Call Herbs Rich Source Of Healthy Antioxidants; Product X Ranks Highest”
“Science Daily”
January 8, 2002

“Studies are accumulating that the ‘pizza herb’, Product X, is a powerful antioxidant…. In a test of nearly 100 plants in the mint family, of which Product X is a member, the pizza herb was the one with the greatest antioxidant activity.” (Page 59)
The Green Pharmacy
by James A. Duke

“Antioxidant Effects: The Essential Oil of Product X has been demonstrated to be a potent antioxidant.” (Page 609)
Physicians’ Desk Reference For Herbal Medicines
by Joerg Gruenwald (Editor)

“Researchers at the U.S. Department of Agriculture have determined that herbs are higher in antioxidant levels than fruits, vegetables and even spices such as garlic…. Product X has 42 times more antioxidant activity than apples, 30 times more than potatoes, 12 times more than oranges and 4 times more than blueberries…. Product X had 3 to 30 times higher antioxidant activity than other herbs studied.”
“Journal Of Agricultural And Food Chemistry”
American Chemical Society
November 2001

“No significant adverse reactions have been associated with the use of Product X in culinary or medicinal concentrations. The FDA has placed Product X on its list of substances “Generally Recognized As Safe” (GRAS) for food consumption.” (Page 477)
The American Pharmaceutical Association
Practical Guide To Natural Medicines
by Andrea Peirce

“No health hazards or side effects are known in conjunction with the proper administration of designated therapeutic dosages.” (Page 610)
Physicians’ Desk Reference For Herbal Medicines
by Joerg Gruenwald (Editor)

That's right. This stuff works wonders, and people have been observing it for hundreds of years.

In my own personal research, I've found that interestingly, in most commercial grocery stores and health food outlets, what you are getting is not the actual Product X, but rather, a fake knock-off imitation oil or compound that is a complete waste of money, and potentially harmful at higher dosages.

But just 2 weeks ago, I received a phone call from a fan of BenGreenfieldFitness.com, and given complete access to one of the most highly concentrated and certified sources of Product X, at a price so affordable that I literally thought I was being pranked.


It is a 7:1 mixture of Product X and almond oil, bottled in a 1 ounce medicine droplet bottle that lasts 1-2 months, depending on your frequency of use. The almond oil is a Virgin Sweet Almond Oil, which is more readily assimilated into the skin and less greasy that another other available carrier oil, including olive oil, which is the normal carrier oil for Product X.

You can put it on your skin to treat acne and eczema, place a few drops under your tongue to kill fungus, microbes, yeast and bad bacteria in your gut, and even mix a little into a spraybottle to mist in your house and on your kitchen counter to destroy microbes.

But how do you know you're getting the real deal?

#1: The actual Product X utilized in the brand new customized BenGreenfieldFitness.com mixture comes with a laboratory certificate of analysis, is 100% pure undiluted and unadulterated, and contains 75% Carvacrol, the primary indicator of quality and effectiveness. It is the Wild Mediterranean version, harvested in France and stream distilled in a blend that is stronger than other blends that are available on the retail market – at a fraction of the price.

acne#2: I guarantee that you will begin to notice results within just 2 weeks of implementing Product X as a topical treatment for skin problems, microbe killer in your home, or soldier against bad bugs in your gut. And your results will speak louder than any study or certificate of analysis!

What do you think?spraybottle

Are you ready to save money on doctor hospital bills and useless fat loss treatments?

Are you ready to eliminate yeast, fungus and bad bacteria in your gut?

Are you ready introduce a completely natural, healthy, and highly effective microbe killer into your home or office?

Five days after this post, Product X was revealed to be Mediterranean Oil of Oregano, which is available by clicking here.

Click here to get your hands on Mediterranean Oil of Oregano as a power natural remedy today!

Still curious how it works? Just listen to this week's podcast interview with a farmer from the Palouse, or click here to order it immediately and have it in your cupboard within 1 week.

A one to two month supply is $29.99, with FREE shipping. On other websites and health food stores, you're going to pay well over $40.00 for the quality and equivalent of what I'm offering exclusively from BenGreenfieldFitness.com. And you'll have to drive, research, and make sure what you're getting is the real deal.

No joke. This is it. Are you ready to take charge of your health and fitness?

Click here to get Product X, Mediterranean Oil of Oregano today.


P.S. In the podcast, a book called “The Cure is In the Cupboard” is mentioned. Here is a link to that book, which has more specific dosage recommendations and a host of creative therapeutic uses for this product. You'll find out even more interesting facts. For example, this is an incredibly rich source of iron and calcium, and can even be used as a topical anti-inflammatory for muscle strains and sprains!



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