Podcast Episode #41: How To Gain Weight Without Getting Fat, What To Do If Your Spouse Doesn’t Eat Healthy, The Best Cooking Oils & Food Combination Diets

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In this April 21, 2009 free audio episode, I address several additional listener Q&A's, including, among other things, the best type of cooking oils, what to do if your spouse doesn't eat healthy, how to gain weight without gaining fat, a simple way to increase daily caloric intake if energy levels are low, and food combination diets. But before we get to those topics, check out this video!

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Listener James asks: Just wondering about healthy oils – if you cook/heat oils such as olive oil, canola oil, flaxseed oil, does this spoil their healthy attributes?

Listener Mindy asks:I read somewhere through your website about combination of foods to get the best digestion. 1. Eating fruit by itself. 2. Eat mostly carb OR protein meals. So my questions are: 1. Your Shape 21 book doesn't seem to follow these guidelines, so what is the best way? 2. I personally am finding it difficult to follow and understand those 7-8 guidelines that you listed and would love for you to talk more about it and give more examples of combinations of food that do work. I've attached an easy-to-understand food combining chart for Mindy…

Listener Monica asks: I want to eat healthy, but my husband has a high metabolism and doesn't need to eat healthy. I don't have time to cook two dinners at night. What should I do?

Listener Charles asks: For a long time now I have battling an eating disorder, anorexia and over exercise.  I have been through a lot of treatment in the past and am currently still meeting with my support team and things are going well.  I may not look too underweight, but I am not the weight by doctors would like me to be and body fat is around 3%. My goal is to get up to about 165 lbs- I am currently about 147- and the nutritionists and doctors have set a goal weight for me of about 172 since I am just about 6-feet tall. I was wondering if you had any advice on what type of a program I could do in order to: (a) help me gain healthy weight- NOT fat.  (b) maintain the level of conditioning I have now- meaning to not get slower, as well as to build more muscle to improve my bike and swim.My nutritionist and I have developed a good healthy meal plan, but I am afraid if I gain weight, it will just all be fat and hurt my performance, even though I have been told repeatedly that with the way I work out and exercise. once I fuel my body correctly, I will see a lot of improvement.

One of Ben's coached triathletes asks:I just wanted to let you know that my bike ride last week was great but I had quite a feeling of hunger about 3 1/2 – 4 hrs into the ride where I felt almost as if I was getting faint.  I took in one more goo and that helped a little.  There was no bloating which was good but that “empty” feeling made me feel weird.  Also, I have been generally really hungry lately and I'm taking my supplements. Thoughts?

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