How Sound Healing Works, Why Most Music Is At The Wrong Frequency, The Best Music For Sleep & Much More With Wholetones Composer Michael Tyrrell.

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Composer Michael Tyrrell first appeared on my website in the podcast episode “Unleashing The Phenomenon Of Using Sound & Music For Performance, Recovery, Healing & More.

In that episode, I describe how, at a health summit, someone handed me a book called “The Sound Of Healing”, written by Michael – along with a handful of CD’s that Michael had recorded. These CD’s, called “Wholetones” were described on the cover as music that “heals, repairs, and protects against disease.”

So, skeptical but curious, I sat down and read the entire Sound Of Healing book, and I began occasionally listening to the CD’s while driving, while getting a massage, while sitting in my sauna, etc. Every time I finished a CD, I had such a unique feeling of elation and satisfaction after listening, I downloaded a digital tuning app and retuned my guitar and my ukelele to the “frequencies” Michael described in the book. This may all seem a bit “woo-woo”, but it made a huge difference in the ability of a song to make me feel uplifted and full of positive energy as I played it.

During that episode with Michael, we discussed why the music and sound you listen to every day is not tuned the right way and can actually be destroying organ function, how sound frequencies affect the human body, water, plants and more, how to “re-tune” music and sound to heal organs and provide therapy to the body, how to combine light and sound to de-stress your body, why digital sound from CD’s and mp3’s are not as good as analog sound from things like vinyl albums (and what you can do about it if you don’t want to buy a vinyl record turntable), the best way to use the sound to heal your body and to target specific organ systems, what Michael thinks about the use of tuning forks as vibrational sound therapy, and how a musician can “re-tune” their instrument to the correct frequency.

So who is this guy?

Michael is the founder and president of Wholetones, Inc., a healing frequency music project that helps aid health, creativity, productivity and wellbeing. After recording seven songs at different frequency levels, Michael released his album, Wholetones, accompanied by his book titled “Wholetones: The Sound of Healing” in 2014. Passionate about musical healing, Michael travels nationally and internationally as a key-note and motivational speaker on the power of musical therapy. Always connected to music, Michael bought his first guitar at the age of 10, which later lead him to study classical guitar with Joseph Lazarro, a protégée of the “grandfather of the classical guitar,”Andre Segovia.

In recent years, Michael has traveled and ministered withChristian singer-songwriter, Jason Upton, and toured and recorded with Rick Pino and Fire Rain ministries. In 1987, Michael worked with Gospel Hall of Famer, Mylon Lefevre, and his band Mylon and Broken Heart, earning him a GMA Dove Award as well as a Grammy award. Michael has been in full time ministry for the last 26 years and has toured and played with many well-known Christian and secular bands. His experience as a youth pastor, worship leader, accomplished musician, producer and itinerant speaker has allowed his personal music frequency project to transcend international borders. Michael currently resides with his wife, Lillian, in Margate, Florida.

He just released a brand new set of Wholetones music called “Life, Love & Lullabies“.  Life, Love & Lullabies is comprised of six beautiful songs, each approximately 30 minutes in length designed to help you fall asleep and stay asleep. I've been playing it for my kids and also for relaxing evenings in my infrared sauna.

During today's discussion with Michael, you'll discover:

-My sound healing session with a guy named Porungai in Sedona, who had a vibrating sound table and played didgeridoo, gongs, crystal bowls, etc. combined with bodywork…[11:10]

-How sound effects the human body and human cells, and what kind of science or research is out there on the effect of sound frequencies on the human body…[18:00]

-Why Michael tunes his instruments to the frequency that he does, and why some music is actually damaging to the human body…[24:45]

-Why Michael almost fell asleep in the studio while recording “Life, Love & Lullabies”, and how it is supposed to affect sleep…[42:20]

-The details behind the six pieces in Life, Love & Lullabies, and how each is different…[50:55]

-The best way to listen to Michael's tracks (bedside speakers vs. headphones vs. CD player, etc.)…[55:25]

-Why Michael designed a specific sound frequency for pets…[61:28]

-And much more…

Resources from this episode:

-Life, Love & Lullabies CD's

WholeTones ToGo

-WholeTones Tru Energy Sleep Mask


Porungai sound healer in Sedona

WholeTones Calming & Healing Music For Dogs

The monochord

The LoveTuner Ben wears around his neck

Dr. David Hawkins books on Amazon

The WholeTones Christmas albums

-The WholeTones Healing CD’s

The Sound Of Healing book

-Digital tuning device

The Biomat device

-Royal Rife

-DETA electromagnetic bioresonance devices

Research on sound frequencies and healing

-DELTASleeper device

-Earthpulse device

-SADIE recording software

-Tuning the Human Biofield book (tuning fork therapy)

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10 thoughts on “How Sound Healing Works, Why Most Music Is At The Wrong Frequency, The Best Music For Sleep & Much More With Wholetones Composer Michael Tyrrell.

  1. Katherine Quartz says:

    Does anyone know about Dr Kirk last name unknown, is a neuropsychologist study energy field, such as grief, cancers etc…please assist..thx.
    [email protected]

  2. Angelo says:


    Here’s an interesting podcast which is related to this podcast about Medical Musicians that work in hospitals:…

  3. drw says:

    is there a promo code for greenfield listeners on the wholetones store?

    1. Not right now.

      Are you signed up for my newsletter:

      And VIP Text Club? Just text the word "FITNESS" to 411-247

      I send out tips and discounts there first.

  4. Freelancelot says:

    Music isn’t always or even primarily about getting relaxed. Nuff said already.

  5. Michael says:

    I’m sorry, Ben. I really like your stuff, but you have had some dodgy people on recently. Hot on the heels of the man who visited an unspecified temple in China for an initiation that he said was normally closed to foreigners comes Michael Tyrrell. Well, I looked up about where A is tuned. It turns out the standard for 440 Hz has nothing to do with Joseph Goebbels–that’s a conspiracy theory–and is quite common outside the U.S. and Canada, despite what Michael Tyrrell incorrectly stated.

    I bought and downloaded an audiobook by Tyrrell, giving him the benefit of the doubt, because anyone can make one mistake, and because sound is an interesting topic, but honestly his book was so riddled with ridiculous and unsupported opinions and, which is worse, appalling factual inaccuracies, as to remove all credibility from him.

    I shall give you an example. He asserted that radiocarbon dating had been used to claim a false date for “the dinosaurs” (which ones he did not specify). Bearing in mind the what the half-life of carbon-14 is, how could it be possible to date any specimens from the time of the dinosaurs with radiocarbon dating? And no one has ever made any such claim–C-14 would be useless for the purpose since the cut-off date for C-14 dating is around 50,000 years ago, whereas the dinosaurs were around from around 250 million years ago (Triassic) to around 65 million years ago (Cretaceous). Your little sons probably know that. Frankly, Tyrrell just makes stuff up as he goes along. Here are relevant references:……

    I think you risk damaging your own credibility with some of these guests.

  6. C says:

    The “science” on the Wholetones website is, demonstrably, nonsense. It is impossible that he does not know this. This makes us all suckers to be trimmed.

    Read the study he cites. It’s simply a study done on the effects of large doses of relaxing music on traumatized soldiers. Indistinguishable from everyday relaxing music.

    There is NO SCIENCE that this will “repair DNA” any better than playing an elephant trumpeting or a whale song over and over. Ben, there is no way to isolate your results from this, given all of the other modalities you’re using.

    We can do better than this. “This” being slick marketing nonsense and abusing the placebo effect to get us suckers to hand over dollars. Reminds me of the guy, let’s see who was that again? who said “all coffee is moldy, brain killing garbage except for mine”. But I guess he’s doing pretty well. So….blech. Please, stop this.

  7. Perry says:

    As per last time, there was so much wrong with with what MT said. For some serious science in this field, head over to the guys at

  8. David says:


    I would like to order all of your music. What products are the best way of doing that so I don’t spend money on the same songs that are on multiple albums!

    Thank you

  9. Hey Ben, im a huge fan of your work, listen to all your podcasts. I am a pharmacist, work closely with Wim Hof, I made the soundtrack and breathwork journey music to the Wim Hof method, so music is a big passion. However I am listening to your latest episode on sound healing – have to say I was really into this 432hz stuff till I read a very compelling debunking on it.

    Also the 528hz stuff seems to be totally made up nonsense by a dentist called Dr Horowitz. I prefer to stay on the end of science, esp when its so easy to make stuff up on the internet.

    I’d love to see someone prove it right, and debunk the debunking, but i’ve not really been able to, as I sooo wanted it to be true, but after deeper research, it most likely isnt!

    528hz absolutely is not used to repair DNA as its been claimed – I actually asked some geneticists and there is nothing on it anywhere apart from what Dr Horowitz claims.

    The whole Nazi conspiracy related to 440hz is totally BS too. I have friends who work in music tech and are concert level musicians who laugh at this theory, as the history claimed of how we got to 440hz is totally wrong and not factual.

    The whole planet has had different tuning in different parts of the world. Pythagorus also had no idea of hertz and frequencies as this measurement of frequency was invented a lot later on in history by Frederich Hertz.

    I suspect it could be a mix of the usual conspiracy scaremongering and clever marketing to sell 432hz music – classic example of how to create markets online and the wonders of the ‘placebo effect’

    In fact several years ago I uploaded a track I produced to youtube with 528hz in the title as a social experiment to see how people would respond to it. Judging by the positive feedback and that it has had over 100k views since, I think it’s a great example of the placebo effect in action. Check it out here:

    My dilemma is do we spoil the magic, or let people believe that 528hz and 432hz tuning can heal you.

    The danger of this is: 1. People forgoing lifesaving treatment in favour of these ‘healing tracks’. 2. People freaking out that normal 440hz music is now going to mess with their heads and dumb them down, when in reality it most likely isn’t (unless they listening to EDM on loop)

    Would love your thoughts on this :)


    Niraj, The Renegade Pharmacist

    Here are some links to the debunking:………

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