Is Your Corporate Wellness Program Making You Sick And Fat?

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Do you work at or own a corporation?

Do they have a corporate wellness program?

If so, do you have any clue if it's run the correct way, or if it's just making you sick and fat?

In truth, there are few investments you can make that provide you with a higher return than a properly designed corporate wellness program, which can significantly reduce health care, disability and sick time expenses, and vastly improve employee productivity.

But it's gotta be run the right way.

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For today's post and more information on corporate wellness, I have an audio interview with US Corporate Wellness coach Sabryna Little, I ask the following questions:

-As some with “time in the trenches” what do you think is the biggest barrier or issue facing employees staying fit or well in the workplace?

-What practical ways can somebody use to stay fit while sitting at their desk on a typical workday?

-What kind of changes can a corporation make in a workplace to enable employees to stay more fit?

-What kind of simple ways can corporations get or enable employees to eat healthier?

-What would an ideal corporate wellness program look like?

How about you? Are you an employee who works at a corporation, or currently involved in any type of corporate wellness? What would you like to see added or changed to your corporate wellness plan?

Finally, to inquire directly about setting up a wellness program for your corporation with US Corporate Wellness, click here or e-mail: [email protected]

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