Did Ben Greenfield Get Vaccinated (Yet?), Can You Get COVID Twice, The Latest On Omicron, Treating Long Haul COVID & Much More With Dr. Matt Cook.

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About two months ago, I had a deep and wide-ranging podcast conversation with Dr. Matthew Cook about COVID and vaccines.

That podcast wound up creating just as many questions as it answered.

Those included the extremely frequent, “Did Ben get vaccinated?” question (for my latest thoughts on that, check out this recent Instagram post), along with many questions regarding vaccine safety, efficacy, unvaccinated vs. vaccinated immunity, transmission, and many other topics—and also included a quite helpful pre/post-vaccine support strategies document you can download here, and several recent additional follow up episodes on immunity, COVID, and vaccines, including:

So today, Dr. Matthew Cook is back.

Dr. Cook has been a previous guest on the shows:

Dr. Cook is the President and Founder of BioReset Medical and Medical Advisor of BioReset Network. He is a board-certified anesthesiologist with over 20 years of experience in practicing medicine, focusing the last 14 years on functional and regenerative medicine. He graduated from the University of Washington School of Medicine and completed his residency in anesthesiology at the University of California San Francisco (UCSF), and has completed a fellowship in functional medicine.

Dr. Matthew Cook’s early career as an anesthesiologist and medical director of an outpatient surgery center that specialized in sports medicine and orthopedic procedures provided invaluable training in the skills that are needed to become a leader in the emerging field of regenerative medicine.

His practice, BioReset Medical, provides treatments for conditions ranging from pain and complex illness to anti-aging and wellness. He treats some of the most challenging to diagnose and difficult to live with ailments that people suffer from today, including Lyme disease, chronic pain, PTSD, and mycotoxin illness. Dr. Cook’s approach is to use the most non-invasive, natural, and integrative treatments possible.

During our discussion, you’ll discover:

-Ben's “Cook-esque” morning routine…05:45

-What we know about the Omicron variant…09:00

  • More contagious, yet less severe than other variants
  • Can still be a cause of long COVID
  • Will boost natural immunity in the population
  • Still a big deal for immunocompromised

-Can you get COVID twice?…12:53

-Whether Dr. Cook's thoughts on vaccines have changed since the last podcast…18:15

  • Many vaccine injuries have been reported to Dr. Cook since the last podcast
  • Vaccines are not created equal
  • In the next months, data will be coming out regarding vaccines:
    • Which ones actually work
    • How well do they work
    • How long do they work for

-How to manage vaccine injuries…21:50

  • A lot of people with vaccine injuries also often have the classic causes of chronic fatigue syndrome and chronic fatigue stress (Lyme, mold, Epstein-Barr)
  • Functional medicine assessment of overall health:
    • Ozone therapy
    • Peptides that regulate the immune function; immune peptides in particular:
      • Thymosin Alpha-1
      • Thymulin
      • Thymosin Beta-4
    • Optimize Vitamin D
    • Maraviroc CCR5 antagonist – regulates and blocks monocytes activity
      • Maraviroc activity:
        • Prevents monocytes from migrating all over the body
        • They express the receptor that Maraviroc blocks CCR5
        • It also reprograms macrophages, so they stop making IL6, ranted VEGF, TNF alpha
        • Having high levels of these inflammatory cytokines
        • High persisting cytokines VEGF, and IL6 and another marker for activated platelets called soluble CD40 ligand (a marker for clotting)
    • Statins (Pravastatin) – calms down inflammation in the blood vessels (decreases vascular inflammation)
  • Peptides ultimately regulate the immune system  back into a calmer state
  • Exosomes and stem cells
  • Kimera Labs

-Peptides used to treat COVID…32:30

  • BPC 157
  • LL37
  • Thymosin B4 versus Thymosin B4 fragment 1-4

-Efficacy of Hydroxychloroquine and Ivermectin in treating COVID…33:46

  • Both have some benefits in COVID but significantly less effective than vaccines and monoclonal antibodies
  • Ivermectin could have some GI side effects
  • Vaccines and monoclonal antibodies were more effective a few months back but that effectiveness is somewhat waning
  • People are also using Fluvoxamin antidepressant
  • Will use these in people who want to use them
  • Pfizer has come up with a new medication that is very effective at preventing hospitalization called Paxlovid, a repurposed AIDS medication
  • There are new monoclonals that are very effective against Omicron
  • Dr. Mercola says to prepare so that it is not a surprise when you get it
  • Ivermectin for Prevention and Treatment of COVID-19 Infection: A Systematic Review, Meta-analysis, and Trial Sequential Analysis to Inform Clinical Guidelines

-How to find the treatments Dr. Cook is recommending (monoclonals) in this podcast…38:30

  • Regeneron's REGN-COV2 is used as:
    • Treatment
    • Prophylaxis for immuno-compromised people
    • Generally available in urgent care centers
  • Bam (Bamlanivimab), made by Lilly
    • Generally available in urgent care centers
  • These monoclonals are used via infusion but effectiveness has waned
  • Sotrovimab by Glaxo Smith Kline appears to be effective for Omicron but is very difficult to obtain
  • Evusheld by AstraZeneca may be used for prophylaxis
  • Therapeutics Distribution

-What to include in a COVID “home first-aid kit”…42:10

-Therapies to combat coagulation, inflammation, antibacterial issues…51:07

  • Ozone will reduce the viscosity of the blood (for clotting)
  • Aspirin
  • Eliquis
  • Peptides also have a blood-thinning effect (decreases blood viscosity)
    • Thymosin Alpha-1
    • Thymosin Beta-4
  • Azithromycin – only if pneumonia is a concern
  • Doxycycline
  • Pulmicort nebulized inhalers for cough (prescription required)
  • Use anti-virals, peptides, supplements, medication for a total approach to supporting and regulating immune function

-Particular lab tests post-COVID or post-vaccine to keep an eye on health markers…54:35

-What are the things being done regarding long COVID or vaccine injuries that people should know about…57:42

  • Before and after getting the vaccine:
    • IV Vitamin C
    • Glutathione
    • Peptides if they are doing peptides

-Could there be more variants with fewer side effects and adverse consequences popping up?…1:00:21

  • To some extent, viruses tend to become less damaging over time, sometimes
  • The virus will have short- and long-term consequences

-And much more!

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114 thoughts on “Did Ben Greenfield Get Vaccinated (Yet?), Can You Get COVID Twice, The Latest On Omicron, Treating Long Haul COVID & Much More With Dr. Matt Cook.

  1. Name says:

    It’s interesting, in your show notes about “Whether Dr. Cook’s thoughts on vaccines have changed since the last podcast…” that you mentioned all the negative stuff he said, but didn’t mention that he does still recommend getting the vaccine, and no mention of how much faster and easier it is to treat a vaccine injury than it is to treat long covid. Hopefully nobody is just reviewing the show notes without listening to get a full understanding of what he said. I know you strive to provide a full picture of this situation, but there definitely seems to be some bias against vaccination in what you’ve chosen to include and omit in your show notes.

  2. Dennis Toomey says:

    Hey Ben, you have a link to the Betadine Nasal Spray with the words (providone iodine) next to it – the Betadine Cold Defense Nasal Spray does not contain providone iodine. I wrote the company to be sure and they confirmed.

    Is there a nasal spray with this providone iodine in it that you would recommend?

  3. Xilla says:

    I can’t figure out why Ben continues to give Dr. Matt Quack a platform to spew his nonsense? He talks out of both sides of his mouth. My guess, Matt Kook’s business took a nose dive after his last interview with Ben and after an appropriate cooling off period he is back to try and save face … er I mean save his wallet. He is doing the “I love big pharma but want to pretend I am a functional doctor so I can look cool” dance.

    Ben, I know you are buddies with Dr Matt Kevorkian, but please do us all a favor and stick to legit functional medicine docs.

    1. Xilla says:

      Ben, I can’t tell you how happy I am that you stopped your Sunday School podcasts, not because I didn’t enjoy them, but because after I read your Instagross post about your latest feeling on the vaccines, I came across this quote from you regarding why you will probably ultimately take the jab … “ not necessarily because I’m convinced it’s crucial for my immunity, but rather because it will simply make some of the societal restrictions we’re currently bombarded with just a bit easier to navigate. “

      Just a reminder: “And he causeth all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, to receive a mark in their right hand, or in their foreheads: 1And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name.“ Rev 13

      In other words, it will be a choice you get to make. You know the type of choice that does permanent damage but will simply make some of the societal restrictions we’re currently bombarded with just a bit easier to navigate.

      1. Ben G says:

        Hi I’m Ben Greenfield, I am all about beauty, brains, Braun, longevity, and bio-hacking. I bow hunt pigs on the big island, I drink raw liver smoothies for breakfast, I run ultra marathons for fun, I teach my kids how to survive alone in the woods, I forage wild dandelion roots, milk my own goats, raise my own chickens, and basically live off the land.

        Oh no, there is a flu spreading throughout the land. It is 99.9% survivable and the test to measure its existence was just decertified by the fda as being faulty. But my benevolent over lords, their paid fake doctors, and hoaxed media tell me if we don’t all take the dangerous spike protein inducing vaccine, then I might lose some of the simple conveniences I have grown accustomed to such as getting baby stem cells injected into my face. Oh, and please don’t criticize me. It really really hurts my delicate feelings almost as much as me getting my p-shot. Please I want you to be an adult.

        Btw, go to my Instagram account and look at the pretty virtual signaling shirt I designed to make myself and all the woke Karens feel better about giving our bodily autonomy away voluntarily to people with nefarious purposes. As long as I can still have my simple conveniences, I will just comply like they did in Nazi Germany, Cuba, & China, Compliance, it’s a thing, right?

        Oh yeah, Please go back and listen to all my spiritual podcasts where I pretend to understand the Bible -even though I really haven’t gotten to the part (yet?) about sacrificing your soul by complying with the government to keep enjoying simple conveniences.

        I truly can’t wait for Dr Matt to stare lovingly into my eyes as he plunges an mRNA, hydrogel, graphene oxide, experimental gene editing therapy into me. Oh the new world order is going to be fun. I hope I am an insider because I am doing my part to spread confusion. Yeah!

    2. Sue Williams says:

      I have no interest in a product where “over 6-8 months we’ll have data that tells which ones actually work, how well do they work and how long do they work for.” This doctor recommends that the entire population join in this experiment to provide this most basic data? If we don’t know the above we also don’t know what the long-term negative affects are, what organs or systems could be affected or damaged, what other health risks they pose, how do we undo the damage and/or how long will that take? Typical sound advice from our medical establishment.

  4. Jeff says:

    Can’t copy or print the protocol, please change, thanks.

  5. Mike says:

    I am kinda behind in my podcasts… anyway the very 1st thing Ben says is Dr Cook is treating COVID… in his prior interview Dr Cook said he didn’t treat COVID !!!! What the Heck Ben!!!!

    Dr McCullough says now that Omicron can infect people with natural immunity from Original or Delta and Vaccinated.

  6. Aleh Shypitsyn says:

    What do you think about supplement called Mildronate? In Russia/Belarus all Drs are recommending this for post Covid recovery.

  7. Carolyn Singer says:

    Dr. Matt sounds very well informed on both the vaccines and Covid. But he completely lost me when he compared the relative risk reduction of the vaccines to the absolute risk reduction of Ivermectin and Hydroxychloroquine. This is a litmus test to me – are they trying to promote the agenda or looking at the science? He failed this one.

  8. LMW says:

    Has anyone bought peptides from Direct Sarms? It has a LL37 nasal spray:
    Just curious if it is a legit site as a premixed nasal spray is compelling.
    btw – it’s difficult to find LL37 powder to mix in the nasal spray with Xylitol as noted in the podcast.

    Frankly the only peptide I ever bought (once) was BPC157 pill form from Dr Seeds (note it’s no longer available).

  9. Patricia soza Cotten says:

    This was such an informative and helpful podcast. Thank you Ben and Matt Cook for doing this and sharing information and doing it with grace and non judgment.

  10. Vahagn says:

    Q&A 666: Does the COVID vaccine turn you into a zombie, does the spike protein give you a magnetic penis, should you believe conspiracy theories or should you believe science (what does science say)? Sudden heart palpitations: anxiety or statistics, how government propaganda is actually a form of hormesis; and much, much more!

  11. Hope this gets through all the political talk. You are taking 300mg suppository of Meth Blue, yet your nootropic guy, Lucas Aoun suggested 2-3 mg. Why such a difference?

  12. Bill says:

    You guys where going on and on debate whether or not you could get covid twice when in fact the disease is caused by an engineered spike protein. Looks like Matt was wrong about the one thing he disagreed with Mccullough about.

    “The reason the disease is so confusing is because it is less a virus than it is engineered spike proteins hitch-hiking a ride on a SARSr-CoV quasispecies swarm.” – USMC DARPA

  13. Ben says:

    Always the same answers hearing from people making money off this ridiculousness. Appreciate you adding both sides, but Matt has found a money tree.

    1. Melanie Honeycutt says:

      I’m just wondering how he’s healing vaccine injuries fairly quickly because I am still completely debilitated over a year later, and I’ve used NAC, NAD, all kinds of infusions, HBOT therapy, peptides, red light therapy, sauna, and so much more that he said. I also have hundreds of friends severely injured like myself who have used the UV, the ozone filtration, eboo, and all of this from functional doctors and they are still debilitated. I’m very very skeptical to believe he has healed any vaccine injuries.

  14. jon says:



    1. Thanks for the suggestion Jon!

  15. Bobbi LeSueur says:

    oh Man! had to gag my way through this podcast 🤢 by far the most BS I’ve heard on one of Ben Greenfield’s shows. Dr Cook had some small nuggets of wisdom to offer, but overall an untrustworthy Dr. In the same breath that he’s promoting the vaccine he’s acknowledging it’s ineffectiveness. It was laughable. I did appreciate how he acknowledged, that it should be a choice and not mandated, however, Any medical professional who will not admit that these vaccines to date, have done more harm than good, has no integrity. This one was painful to listen to.

    1. Bobbi LeSueur says:

      oh and I love how most of his awesome protocols that he was recommending for covid infected or vaccine injured individuals, you will never find in conventional medicine and he himself doesn’t even use on his patients. Every doctors lousy recommendation, is to take aspirin… which is terrible for your health!

  16. Henry says:

    So did Ben get vaccined?

    1. Frank says:

      no, because he had COVID, therefore he has natural immunity

    2. I'm not comfortable with the long-term safety of the current vaccine options, and because I'm neither elderly nor immunocompromised (and thus less susceptible to COVID risks) and because I've already had COVID, I've decided to wait for a more safe and effective vaccine (such as Novavax) to be approved.

  17. Tyler says:

    Can doctor cook address what is a safe home care kit if pregnant with Covid? I think so much is lacking there and so pregnant women are kind of left out to figure out how to manage . Are peptides safe? Can I take a one or two days worth of aspirin? Apparently quercetin isn’t okay while pregnant..: but if it’s o my for a few days would that be okay?

    1. Random says:

      You know what quercetin is, right? Aspirin is not safe, being pregnant isn’t a handicap, take D3, k2, vit c, quercetin, and zinc… those are all natural with no issues, with zinc you need some copper from time to time but that’s it, they are literally convincing pregnant woman that taking a gene therapy disguised as a vaccine is safe and they have people afraid to take something derived from apple skins🤦🏻‍♀️ Look into Dr. Cowan, Dr. Tenpenny, Dr. Mercola, just to name a few, this guest is a shill…

      1. Rob says:

        It is hard to listen to a “doctor” discuss all the steps and processes that can be used to treat what appears to be a multitude of damage being caused by an injection that has been emphatically professed as “safe and effective”. In Canada, while they debate provincial mandates, we have a choice to “vaccinate” or not (but with the understanding you will be excluded from all employment that is federally regulated as well as all businesses/work environments that self-mandate a vaccine requirement, in which case those fired for being unvaccinated will not be eligible for employment insurance [which in my case has been contributed to via taxes for the last 26 years], we are further excluded from all services/environments deemed non-essential)…., but you know, it’s a choice.

        Mean while, let’s see how Pfizer was able to bring their product to market.


        It’s not fear or hesitancy. It’s being informed and taking personal responsibility for ones own health.

        From a former pilot

  18. Will says:

    Ben, during the last minutes of your podcast prior to the one with Dr, Matt cook you mentioned that some alarmingly vaccine injuries that his clinic was dealing with. You mentioned that since the last podcast his clinic had been dealing with a lot of injuries including somebody coming to Dr. Matt cook because they had gone blind from the vaccine. Can you speak to that? Dr. Matt cook said he is having better luck getting people through vaccine injuries than complications from covid, was he then able to reverse the persons blindness?
    How many other cases of blindness have been reported?

  19. Mateo says:

    What is ASA on this list of things in the embedded document? is that low dose asprin at 325mg?

  20. Diane James says:

    Dr. Matt is a voice of sanity and is my health hero. He treats people with science based protocols but does not limit his thinking and uses functional and traditional protocols in his practice. The best preventative health strategy for any adult in 2022 is to get a vaccine. The facts and real world evidence speaks for itself. Ben is no longer my health hero. Ben is willing to inject and subject himself with NAD+, stem cells and countless other protocols with no real scientific evidence of preventative efficacy but vaccines with all the science and real world evidence behind them are a no go ???? Vaccines preventing smallpox, polio, diphtheria and other childhood disease (that parents no longer worry about thanks to vaccines) have been the biggest contributor to public health in this century. I visit the graves of my 2 aunts who died at 3 and 5 years of age (1915 and 1918) of diphtheria and the 1918 flu epidemic and thank God my children and grandchildren have vaccines.

    1. mike says:

      A voice of reason in a world of insanity. Truer words were never spoken an so eloquently too!

    2. LMW says:

      To be fair and unbiased, you should read The Real Anthony Fauci book to be more informed – then make your decision. Also, remember that these shots are mRNA and not like the prior real vaccines you mention – therefore a big distinction with a difference. BTW, did you read the literature that comes with the mRNA shots before you got the shot? I’ll take the under on that. I’ve heard so many stories of mRNA shot injuries – and these stories are from friends of the family and acquaintances – not the internet. The evidence would suggest that at best they are high risk treatments/therapy and with so many low risk treatments available why would you not use low risk treatments/therapy.

      1. Jason says:

        Yep, poor Diane and Mike are delusional

    3. Ben G says:

      No, Matt is an ‘effing idiot. He is paid opposition. A complete ‘effing quack.

  21. LA says:

    Great resource, thanks Ben!

    Any concerns with Quercetin with regards to messing with testosterone, gut permeability, and heat shock proteins?

  22. Stacy Flout says:


    1. LMW says:

      Good callout Stacy. If one is to be truly fully informed, you assess all sources that use evidence-based information.

  23. Mike Thorsen says:

    I appreciate your interviews Ben, taking a deep dive into this topic. I do wish Matt would have been challenged to his statement “COVID will be us in the foreseeable future”. Yes, the common cold and influenza viruses mutate and are still with us. Yet they have not reigned terror into the hearts of people. I would also like to know Matt’s thoughts regarding the masking nonsense, will that be with us in the foreseeable future as well?

    The prevalence of the disease is way overstated (people getting sick/dying with the virus instead of due to the virus), positive tests overstated (detection inside your nostril, especially at a high thread hold means minimal, just shows the innate immune system did its job!).

    It’s time we release people and allow them to enjoy life and let this thing run its course.

    1. LA says:

      Ever heard of Spanish Influenza that killed millions in 1918-19? Not terror enough for you?

      1. Random says:

        Ever read the study Fauci did on the ‘Spanish Flu’? The deaths were caused by respiratory infections due to…… masks, who’d have guessed. For following someone like Ben you don’t do any research apparently. Science is to be questioned, if you don’t, and use ‘faith’ guess what, it’s not science, it’s religion and dogma.

        1. LA says:

          Oh, okay. Millions died from wearing masks, got it. Thanks for the science!

  24. Bill says:

    There have been people unvaccinated that have died with covid. There are people vaccinated that have died with covid. However, both are rare. My question is, of the unvaccinated people that are dying with covid, how many did prevention strategies and got early treatment? My guess would be most if not all didn’t do anything. Since it’s so rare to have serious issues with covid, then isn’t it possible that the people having the serious issues are the ones that did nothing to prevent or they didn’t get early treatment? What’s the survival rate of someone that uses a couple prevention strategies? I bet it’s really close to 100%. Say it’s 1 in a 100 that have serious issues, couldn’t it be 1 in a 100 don’t do any prevention or don’t get early treatment? Maybe 100% would survive if everyone does just a couple things right. But the thing is, everyone won’t. You will always have a percentage that don’t.

  25. Vahagn says:

    Imagine how hilarious it would be if Ben, in his search for the “ultimate biohack”, got himself injected with a COVID “vaccine”.

  26. Al says:

    Hey thanks for a informative episode. There was talk of a protocol for long haulers. Perhaps this is something to revisit in the future. Good information to have…

  27. David Croft says:

    Hi Ben, on this podcast, and the last, Matt says that he thinks people should be vaccinated but also says that he has a protocol that he puts patients on before and after. If the injections are safe and effective, surely he wouldn’t need to do this. Most people here in the UK aren’t privy to such protocols and get their injections in a pop up tent in a car park somewhere, and are in and out in 2 mins with no follow up checks. It would be good to get Matt’s thoughts on this and if he supports vaccinating everyone, without his safety protocols, considering that’s how the majority of the population are done.

    1. Will says:

      Dave, 99.9% of Americans are not privy to Matt’s protocols either. I reached out to Dr. Matt’s clinic because I live close. I was told the next appointment with Dr. Matt would be in 6 months. I could get the opportunity to meet with his colleague but it was going to cost me $1500 just to find out if I would be a candidate for any of these protocols. I am a teacher raising 3 kids, so this is out of my budget. I do appreciate the resources he shared and I will buy as many as I can afford and manage in my own. But there is no help in the US, you are on your own.

      Ben the covid first aide protocols do you have a breakdown of dosage and time?


      1. Hi Will! I'm not a doctor and this isn't medical advice by any means. Please consult a licensed medical professional about this. But this might be a helpful resource: bengreenfieldfitness.com/virusqa — These are just my personal thoughts and not a prescription or a diagnosis or any form of health care whatsoever.

  28. Ryan Chandlall says:

    Thanks Ben, I believe that I may have mold covid but for some reason it got into my digestive tract. I’ve been taking all my supps. It’s not debilitating but just uncomfortable. I am curious if this situation came up in conversation.

  29. Kingsley says:

    Hi guys, Thanks for the episode…. for some reason from Australia I can’t get some of the supplement links to work. The one I’m chasing is this one… https://bengreenfieldfitness.ehealthpro.com/produ… can someone let me know what the brand is?



    1. Kevin says:

      Just drink organic green tea instead of coffee.

    2. Charles says:

      The product link is by Designs For Health.

      The founder is Jonathan Lizotte, who Ben has referenced at the beginning of both Dr Barrie Tan interviews on tocotrienols and GG geranylgeraniol.

    3. You're going to need a VPN in order to access Designs for Health from Australia. Their site is available only in certain countries, including the US, Canada and the UK.

  30. Monica Delgado says:

    Ben, since you last podcast with this Dr. I stopped listening to you. It was a disappointment hear you say that you might get vaccinated so you can travel. You are giving up into the evil people’s game. Why is it so hard for you to see that the vaccines are very very wrong. After the comments of this podcast, I am completely unsubscribing from your emails and podcasts.

    1. Mike says:

      Ben is actually pretty smart and while late to the party he can understand basic statistics. 80% of the people in the Hospital for COVID are not vaccinated. It’s a well published statistic you can find anywhere. If you had bothered to actually listen to the podcast today, Doctor Cook, who Ben interviewed has an enormous amount of experience with COVID patients and he recommends people get vaccinated.

      In a recent survey published by the American Medical Association, 96 percent Trusted Source of practicing physicians have been fully vaccinated against COVID-19. Let me do the math for you. If you took 100 doctors, 96 of them would be vaccinated.

      Some people, like you, can’t or won’t learn. It doesn’t make any difference how many facts, statistics or experts say about the benefits of vaccines, you won’t get it. The Doctor actually alluded to this. All we can do is wish you good luck. Hopefully the people around you have more sense then you do and will ignore what you say and not follow your bad advice and example.

      1. Vahagn says:

        You are a Big Pharma “fact checker” at work ;-) So in order to get the actual numbers, we need to reverse the ones you come up with.:

        80% of the people in the Hospital for COVID ARE vaccinated.

        1. Ryan says:

          Source for your claim, Vahagn? See below from the Texas Department of Health:

          From Jan. 15, 2021 to Oct. 1, 2021, unvaccinated people were 40 times more likely to experience COVID-19-associated death than fully vaccinated people.
          From Sept. 4, 2021 to Oct. 1, 2021, unvaccinated people were 20 times more likely to experience COVID-19-associated death than fully vaccinated people.


        2. Apologies to Vahagn says:

          Vagahn, Chris here, I’m sorry I didn’t pick up on the sarcasm in your post that I commented on with some harsh words. I have since read your other posts and now realize we are clearly on the same page like the majority that follow Ben. Dr. Mercola and natural immunity bashers strike a nerve with me. My 78 year old dad who didn’t take the shot is just recovering from Covid using many of Dr. Mercola’s “Snake oil” regimens and breezed through it. He first showed symptoms last Saturday, tested positive with a home test on Sunday and a PCR on Monday and woke up today (Tuesday)feeling much better. Clearly well on his way to a quick recovery. Ivermectin, prednisone, a vitamin d level of 90, zinc, vitamin c, quercetin, magnesium and a few others seemed to work well. His doctor and most of his friends have been pushing him to get the shot for a year now and he stood his ground . Once again, hard to beat the “snake oil”.

      2. Bob says:

        I don’t think Ben is pretty smart, I think he’s actually extremely smart. Unfortunately, you need more than smarts to see the truth. You say 80% of the people in the hospital for covid aren’t vaccinated. How do you know this to be true? Are they really discerning the difference between the patients that came to the hospital because of covid versus the patients that check in for something else and test positive? Also, do you really think an unvaccinated person is going to check into a hospital? The unvaccinated know not to go there. It’s the vaccinated that aren’t doing anything to prevent or treat covid. That’s why they go. They are so eager to get tested. Get that positive test even though many don’t have symptoms and run to the hospital. The unvaccinated aren’t doing this. Also, if you test positive within the first 14 days of being injected then you will be labeled unvaccinated with covid. 80% of the injuries are occurring within the first week. I don’t see your point about 96 out of 100 doctors choosing to get vaccinated. Just because they did it, doesn’t mean they really believed they should. Remember Ben saying he was thinking of doing it just so he could travel? Doesn’t it make since that 96 out of a 100 are just doing what they are told so they keep their job? They’ve been told it’s perfectly safe. Everyone needs to do it. Just do it and it will all be over soon. And then there’s 10’s of thousands of doctors, nurses, and other health care workers that have said no. They have taken all the required vaccines their entire career, but now with this one they say no. How do you explain this? Shouldn’t a doctor or nurse know better than anyone whether or not to get a vaccine? Why would they refuse this one? Don’t you want to know?

        1. speed steve says:

          Well said. :)

        2. Mike says:

          The statistics are overwhelming that people that are vaccinated are much less likely to get COVID or if they do, as is now more common with the new Omicron variant, they are less likely to be hospitalized or die.

          I do have another source, which is my wife who works at a large hospital in California. I hear firsthand accounts of patients that are not vaccinated getting COVID and the Doctors that work with my wife complaining about this. What’s reported in the News (maybe you call it fake news) mirrors what my wife sees everyday.

          The one thing mentioned in the comment section is the “Big Pharma” conspiracy throrie(s), and that vaccines don’t really do anything except make money for the Drug companies. It never occurred to me that my wife is an agent of big pharma. I’ll have to call her out on all her lies about this.

          Here is more data on this, but it could be fake news, Big Pharma Propaganda or part of the Deep State. Maybe all three!

          “British and Canadian findings mirror those most recently reported by the New York State Health Department. It finds that the daily rate per 100,000 of COVID-19 hospitalizations stands at 4.56 for fully vaccinated people, compared to 58.27 for unvaccinated people. That means vaccinations are 92.3 percent effective at preventing hospitalization from COVID-19.

          Other data from around the U.S. are in line with these findings. For example, in Greenville, North Carolina, The Daily Reflector reports that out of the 120 COVID-positive inpatients at Vidant Health hospitals, 101 had not been vaccinated; 30 out of the 34 COVID ICU patients were not vaccinated.”

          1. Bob says:

            Mike, labeling someone unvaccinated in a hospital isn’t accurate. Does your wife go around asking patients if they are vaccinated? If she did, she would find that most covid patients are. They just don’t have them in the system as taking the shot. This is an interview with a hospitalist physician’s assistant that provides emails & recorded phone conversations exposing the truth of what is happening. thehighwire.com/videos/these-patients-deserve-to-be-heard-vaers-whistleblower/

            Maybe instead of your wife being an agent of Big Pharma, maybe she is just simply following orders. A plan has been created and it’s being executed. For your wife to believe what she believes isn’t an accident. This is done by design. This isn’t a conspiracy theory. It’s out there in plain site for anyone to see if they are willing to have an open mind and do a little research.

      3. Trent Teegarden says:


        its a bit awkward when those claiming 90% of those in hospital with COVID are unvaccinated. We have multiple reports and stats from other countries that actually have a reporting system that is accurate(we don’t in America) like Israel, Iceland, Scotland, Wales, that show the opposite that in fact most admitted to hospital are vaccinated. In Wales its 92.4% of vaccinated patient entering the hospital. Scotland is at 88% vaccinated. Latest UK data finds fully vaccinated have greater risk of having COVID than the unvaccinated. Then you add in the VAERS data that shows over 20,000 deaths and over a million vaccine injuries from the vaccine.

        Anyone can win an argument if they cherry pick data. Anyone who is antivax can match someone who is provax 1 for 1 on data that supports their argument. It’ll be unending. I’ll tell you what provaxxers CANNOT win on Logic.

        Fact: The vaccine comes with significant risk of injury and death. It might give you less than 1% chance of being injured or dying but it’s still a risk. COVID-19 comes with a risk of injury or death. It might give you less than 1% chance of being injured or dying but it’s still a risk. I say this with a straight face, taking a vaccine that has less than 1% chance of injuring you or killing to stop a disease that has less than 1% chance of injuring or killing you is indefensible. It’s literally the definition of stupidity. If you don’t take the vaccine you have a 99.7% chance of surviving COVID-19 and a 100% chance of surviving the vaccine. You can’t be injured or die from something you don’t take. Any other argument is absolutely asinine, ignorant, and utterly stupid. You cannot make a counter argument to this one because it is not an opinion, it’s a irrefutable statement of fact.

        1. Mike says:

          I guess it’s a matter of where you “Cherry Pick”. You can pick Cherries from a Tree or in a sewer. You can get your COVID statistics from the CDC or other international government sources or from guys like Mercola and his Merry band of Grifters. I’m more then willing to listen and study statistics from real sources.

          1. Jason says:

            LOL, “real sources”, you mean like the CDC who is really a whack-SIN-E company owning more than 50 patents on Jabs. You couldn’t see corruption if it stared you right in the face. Talk about getting your info from the sewer, WAKE UP

      4. Chris says:

        Mike, I’m sincerely sorry you have been brainwashed by the mainstream narrative. Your statistics are incorrect because they are being cherry picked and manipulated with the number games they have been playing through this whole plandemic. I’m not going to go through the details of all the number games here because it would be several pages long. Ben is not late to the party. He is highly intelligent and I’m sure he knows as much or more than many of us what is really going on. He has to tread lightly and there’s many things he cannot say in a podcast such as this.

        It’s sad that only 4 doctors out of 100 actually know what’s going on. Medical doctors that receive conventional medical school training have been brainwashed since medical school. They have been trained from a pharmacological standpoint from day one and very few have the ability to see the big picture. Their training in nutrition is next to none and all they know is how to do prescribe the next drug and/or combinations of drugs. Essentially, they are mechanics that are usually really good in crisis care situations but generally have no clue how to deal with degenerative diseases and get to the root cause. They are intelligent individuals who have been trained to conform to the system. When a patient comes in with an issue, open up the medical journal and punch in the symptoms and standard of care treatment options with what drugs to use will appear. The most difficult part of becoming a medical doctor is definitely medical school and the long hours. When it comes to diagnosing and treating, it’s all spelled out for them. I’m sure there is percentage that did get the shot that did not want to get it. Many doctors know what’s going on but are living in great fear of lawsuits or losing their medical license if they don’t conform and actually talk about what is really going on. That is why I truly admire and appreciate the brave doctors who come out and speak the truth.

        I appreciate Dr. Cooks dedication to helping as many people get through Covid and vaccine injury that he possibly can. Those he cannot help are the young athletes dropping dead on the sports fields, airline pilots dying at many times the rate that has ever been seen, myocarditis in young adults and kids in which some cases are dying and the others will have damaged their heart to the point that a high percentage of them will have future heart related issues and ultimately their lives will be shortened. The fact that the so-called vaccine is actually an experimental gene therapy falls under the definition of a therapeutic and not a vaccine. The classical decades long definition of a vaccine is an inoculation that prevents one from getting a disease. They have since changed the definition during the current health crisis to lessening the severity of an illness rather than preventing it which is the definition of a therapeutic. This therapeutic inaccurately called a vaccine has caused more deaths and serious outcomes than all vaccines combined over the last 30 years according to the CDC’s VAERS system. (Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System) A 2009 Harvard study concluded that the VAERS system is under reported by a factor of between 1 in 10 and 1 in 100. Vaccine programs have been shut down for a fraction of the deaths that have been reported to VAERS. This vaccine program would have been shut down by mid January of 2021 for excess deaths at any other time in history. There are much safer and more effective therapies available for treating COVID that should have been made widely available to the general public early in the plandemic. The Zelenco Protocol, The Front Line Critical Care Alliances I-Mass, I-Mask+, and I-Recover protocols are just a few of highly effective treatment options that have saved many lives without the negative outcomes.

        Dr. Cook mentioned many good nutritional strategies that I use and recommend along with a few others that should have been promoted 24/7 on all mass and social media platforms from the beginning. An emphasis on improving metabolic health and aggressive programs to help people learn how to get healthier could have and still can make a big difference in minimizing the serious outcomes.

        The other important issue Dr. Cook does not address is the long term effects of this experimental therapy. Proper long term safety studies have not been conducted and essentially we are all part of the study. At this point, evidence strongly suggests that the most vaccinated country’s are having the hardest time controlling Covid and the least vaccinated countries along with taking Hydroxychloroquine and/or Ivermectin are doing significantly better. Many prominent scientists and doctors that are NOT compromised are saying that each time you take the shot it damages the innate and adaptive immune systems making you more susceptible to having negative outcomes from future pathogens and can promote antibody dependent enhancement (ADE), cancer, auto-immune disease, neurodegenerative disease and/or cardiovascular disease as well as blood clots and strokes. In other words, the more times you take the shot, the more you’re leveraging your future health and longevity for a disease that is killing far less than 1 percent of those it infects even with the suppression of safe and effective therapeutic options. If these doctors and scientists are correct, we have only just began to see the negative outcomes from this experiment. I could have never imagined more of a pathetic response to a health crises by our government and health officials. Spending billions of dollars on ventilators that ended up killing more people that they saved. Giving hospitals financial incentives for putting people on ventilators, using highly toxic therapies such as remdesivir as well as Covid 19 related deaths. I’m quite sure that had a significant impact on manipulating the numbers. Lockdowns and masks that will have collateral damages on millions of lives for years to come. Really? Are they serious? Masks on kids that have next to a zero chance of spreading or dying from Covid. Not to mention but I will that cloth masks have been proven to promote disease, immune disfunction as well as multiple other physical and psychological issues. Results speak for themselves. States that didn’t have as strict of lockdowns and mask mandates faired better than states that did. Constantly stating that they are following the science when they are doing the complete opposite in most cases has been painful to witness. They clearly cherry pick the science and manipulate parts of it to fit their agenda. Constantly censoring and discrediting information that would have saved countless lives.

        I was very disappointed in the last interview with Dr. Cook back in September. He was clearly caught up in the moment and did not realize he was violating his Hippocratic oath to do no harm. Pushing the shot on Ben was ridiculous. Ben’s metabolic health is as good as it gets as well as he has natural immunity. He breezed through Covid the first time and if he gets it again, it would likely be even less severe if not asymptotic. Ben getting the shot has no up side and only a potential for a down side. I was extremely happy to hear he didn’t get it. I was also disappointed in Dr. Cook for suggesting that Ben getting the shot would provide protection to his kids. For Dr. Cook to not know that Ben’s kids have a zero chance for a negative outcome from Covid was concerning. It seems that Dr. Cook has learned a lot since the last interview and he is beginning to open up his eyes and somewhat see what is going on. I know he is still advocating for the shot but I have confidence that time will reveal the overwhelming evidence that this experiment will go down as the greatest mistake ever made in human history.

    2. RoxAnne Eli says:

      I agree with Monica! When Matt says there are relatively low risks with getting the vaccine he clearly has NOT looked at the data with VAERS and other reporting systems showing over 20,000 people have DIED as a direct result of this vaccine and over a MILLION have had life altering adverse events!

      Please tell Matt to stop watching and reading mainstream media and go watch non partisan media such as TheHighwire.com or Children’s Health Defense.

      You both have very powerful voices! PLEASE, I beg you both, we NEED YOU to get educated on the horrifying results of these vaccines and STOP letting people think they are okay.

      1. Ryan says:

        VAERS is self reported. I can literally go into VAERS right now and say my significant other died 5 minutes after taking the vaccine and that counts. The Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) is a passive reporting system, meaning it relies on individuals to send in reports of their experiences. Anyone can submit a report to VAERS, including parents and patients. https://vaers.hhs.gov/reportevent.html
        Please, YOU, get educated. Look, in the end, we can debate facts all we want, but COVID does not care. Way too many people who were “educated” end up begging for the vaccine in ICU before their ultimate death. Here is one from near me who bragged about her religious exemption to the vaccine before getting it and passing away.
        “Canon wrote on Facebook in November that her employer granted her a religious exemption request from vaccination. Posts from her account about the symposium and the vaccine appeared to have been deleted by 3:30 p.m. Tuesday” “Kelly Canon, a vice president of the Arlington Republican Club, died Monday of complications related to COVID-19.”

        1. Mase says:

          No…you can’t do that with VAERS, go in and try to do that. Let us know how easy it is..after you spend a few days on it and get tired of putting in all of the information, we’ll forgive you for your false statement..

          It’s why they say at maximum 5% are reported, and the majority are done by doctors and nurses who have the information to adequately fill out the information.

        2. Random says:

          You come off as a fed or someone paid to spread these lies…. How anyone at this point in time can believe what you’ve stated is cause for concern, the data doesn’t support any of what you’ve said. Most doctors don’t know what VAERS even is and the process of filling the documents out is soo tedious that they decide not to do it. Also, it’s a felony offense to knowingly make a false claim, with a fine and possible prison time. Lastly, the numbers that are shown are ones that VAERS has confirmed, they don’t just accept what is submitted, they investigate before adding it to the data base.

  31. Marcie says:

    Matt Cook needs to learn about the VAERS report (even though the report is under reporting the true amount). When he said he hasn’t seen any vaccine injured patients, maybe that’s because they are too sick to travel or can’t afford his treatments. Please get your head out of the sand & join us in the real world. Matt has drank the cool aid & is a puppet of big Pharma. So disappointed in him.

    1. Marcie says:

      P.S. Matt, have you ever been diagnosed with Guillain Barre Syndrome (GBS) and been paralyzed from your neck down? I have…….courtesy of a vaccine.

      1. Mike says:

        In the U.S., an estimated 146 million fully vaccinated people have received either the Moderna or Pfizer COVID-19 vaccines (both of which require two doses). To date, the FDA has not seen a statistical increase in GBS in patients who received the Moderna and Pfizer COVID-19 vaccines.

        The Johnson & Johnson has caused some cases of GBS in about about 0.0008% of the people vaccinated.

        My advice, go with the Moderna or Pfizer vaccine or roll the dice and don’t get vaccinated.

        1. Don says:

          Mike, I’ve never known anyone with GBS, but now I know 2 – both from vaccines. I never knew anyone who died from vaccines, but now I know 1. I never knew people with facial palsy, but I know a few (luckily it reversed in weeks), and I know more people with terrible side effects from the vaccine, like not walking for 4-5 days (literally having to crawl). In the past, vaccnes only seemed to negatively affect children (I know many of them), but now affecting adults directly. I assume that has to scare big pharma. I get that you’re very much in-favor of the jabs, and that’s fine, but to trust the FDA and CDC after all we’ve seen seems off (trying to be kind). I’ve had covid and have no plan to get the jab. I don’t call it a vaccine since it doesn’t prevent covid and doesn’t prevent shedding. Anyway, I wish you well. It was a good episode:-).

  32. Heather H. says:

    I’m confused about the conflicting information in this episode compared to when Peter McCullough was on a few episodes back. Didn’t McCullough state people absolutely can’t get Covid twice? How is Matt Cook’s perspective that people can get it multiple times so drastically different? They did seem to align in what they recommend for treatment…

  33. Wes says:

    I’m unsubscribing.

    Very disappointed.

    I’ve been with you since you the early days Ben. I expected better.

    You’ve taught me a lot over the years. But I just can’t listen to this.

    Good luck and god bless.

    1. Jason says:

      Indeed very unfortunate he learned nothing from all the info shared below his first podcast, there are over 800 comments over there and many showing some of the FACTS that Cook and the MSM are conveniently ignoring

  34. Mike Schmidt says:

    The covid first aid kit sounds really helpful. Any thoughts on ingesting/applying essential oils like oregano?

  35. CJ says:

    Had to turn it off after “Im stuck basically reading the news trying to figure out that side of it” . WHAT A JOKE!

  36. Victor Cozze says:

    Wow, what insanity. How sad to see that Matt Cook is a complete sellout. That is absurd to promote any idea of vaccine effectiveness, as anybody can simply go look at the numbers and see that the vaccines are devastating. We had no change in all cause global mortality when the scamdemic stormed the world in 2020. But once the vaccines hit, we are seeing a serious impact to global mortality, and the numbers all over the world show that the vaccinated are the ones driving up the numbers of deaths, infected, hospitalizations, etc…. not to mention the insane number of death and injury from the vaccines themselves. Go read RFK Jr. book and check all the references there.

  37. Chris VanOver says:

    Once again Matt Cook is brought to you by Pfizer.

    1. Dan says:

      Well said.

  38. Matt says:

    Considering what Cook said in their last podcast I won’t be listening to this propaganda. Not sure why BG brings this crook on? Especially considering BG alludes to a disagreement with vax efficacy in other podcasts. What side you on Ben?

    1. Brad says:

      Ben is actually doing a good job with Covid by providing info from both sides. He has had Dr. Mercola on to discuss his views on Covid and he has also had Dr. Matt Cook. It’s good to hear multiple opposing viewpoints. My main constructive criticism of the podcast in the past is that it sometimes covers only one perspective or has an extreme bias (often with diet and exercise).

      Many people are only interested in listening to information that seemingly confirms their own pre-existing beliefs. (I can fall into this trap too sometimes). No matter what your current beliefs are, I think it’s good to keep an open mind and to track data provided by both sides and to critique both sides.

      1. Trent Teegarden says:

        I would agree with you if there were good arguments on both sides with real facts and data. However it is extremely clear based on the literature and statistics that the vaccines are not effective. We now know too much to not be bias.

        1. V says:

          Precisely. Cook has no data to back his statements, and is simply following the mainstream news narrative, which, like Cook, is completely contradictory to the facts. It’s insane that Cook is quoting numbers like ‘90%’ without anything to back them up.

          1. Trent Teegarden says:

            Brad’s statement makes an assumption that two opposing viewpoints can be legitimate and the truth is agnostic. He’s naïve.

          2. Trent Teegarden says:

            What Cook fails to mention is that in the Moderna and Pfizer trials they has “acceptable death rates” from the vaccine. How can a vaccine be even 10% effective when the study design shows an acceptable death rate???

        2. Mike says:

          Traffic to Mercola’s site has been throttled by Google. This hasn’t happened to Dr. Cook. Nor has DR. Cook been fined by the FTC or warned by the FDA.

          The United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has warned Joseph Mercola, an osteopath who heads a large online “alternative medicine” business empire, to stop selling products falsely touted as preventing or treating COVID-19.

          The FDA warning letter states: “As described below, you sell products that are intended to mitigate, prevent, treat, diagnose or cure COVID-19 in people. We request that you take immediate action to cease the sale of such unapproved and unauthorized products for the mitigation, prevention, treatment, diagnosis or cure of COVID-19.”

          You may view Mercola as a “Hero” and a victim of “The Deep State.” Most practicing physicians, Government entities and sensible people view him as a modern day “Snake Oil” doctor, who is making millions off the ignorant people who believe him.

          1. Jason says:

            Ignorant people who believe him? Hello kettle LOL

          2. Vahagn says:

            Why can’t these “Snake Oil” doctors just leave people’s health to Big Pharma, who clearly have people’s best interests at heart. The disease-industrial complex has been at war with natural remedies since the days of Rockefeller but these “Snake Oil” doctors just won’t shut up. Buy more meds, people! Natural immunity is a conspiracy theory.

          3. Tom says:

            How about instead of believing Mercola, listen to the 300 experts Mercola has interviewed.

          4. Chris says:

            Vahagn, I forgot to comment on your comment that “natural immunity is a conspiracy theory” WOW, wow and wow again! It’s amazing how many “conspiracy theories” have turned into absolute facts in the last couple years. Are all of the prescription drugs your taking contributing to a severe case of brain fog or has it progressed to cognitive decline? Maybe it’s just temporary insanity because you’ve been drinking the kool-aid spiked with a couple shots of moonshine and laced with a micro dose of fentanyl. Sounds like that could scramble the brain pretty effectively. I’m not sure If I’ll read anything that’s more ridiculous the rest of the year. Attention Vahagn, BREAKING NEWS ALERT!!! If the entire human population all of a sudden loses their natural immune system, it would be considered an extinction level event. I have to assume you do not follow Ben Greenfield. If you do, you’ve obviously not learned much from him at this point.

            I personally know hundreds if people including myself that have had Covid that didn’t get the shot and some that claim to have had it twice that all did just fine. That is called natural immunity doing its job. I deal with thousands of people in a given year and currently do not know anyone personally who has died from Covid. I know 4 relatively health people ages 57, 49, 45 and 32 that died within 30 days of the first shot. The 49 and 45 year olds died in 3 days and 1 day respectively. I know dozens of people that have been injured by the shot. Fortunately only 1 of them is still dealing with long term issues. A 65 year old hands on hard working landscaper that can’t physically do his job anymore and claims he feels like he aged 25 years in 24 hours after the shot. That was 5 months ago. I do know 2 people allegedly dealing with “long haul Covid” that both got it in the spring of 2020. One of them is a woman in her early 50’s that has always been vulnerable to whatever new sickness is going around. The other person is a woman in her late 50’s that her doctors determined the virus triggered a rare neurological disorder that can be triggered by any virus.

        3. Brad says:

          Hi Trent:

          In terms of covid death and serious covid hospital cases, the vaccinated appear to me to do way better than unvaccinated. Does anyone have data to the contrary?

          “The Office for National Statistics’ latest report on deaths from covid-19 covering the period from January to October last year in England found that the age adjusted rate of death was 96% lower in people who had received a second dose of vaccine than in those who were unvaccinated.”

          Source: Covid-19: Fact check—how many patients in hospital are unvaccinated?
          BMJ 2022; 376

          1. Trent Teegarden says:

            Hello Brad,

            good point! However I can show you data that show the exact opposite in Israel, and Iceland.

            Anyone can win an argument if they cherry pick data. Anyone who is antivax can match someone who is provax 1 for 1 on data that supports their argument. It’ll be unending. I’ll tell you what provaxxers CANNOT win on Logic.

            Fact: The vaccine comes with significant risk of injury and death. It might give you less than 1% chance of being injured or dying but it’s still a risk. COVID-19 comes with a risk of injury or death. It might give you less than 1% chance of being injured or dying but it’s still a risk. I say this with a straight face, taking a vaccine that has less than 1% chance of injuring you or killing to stop a disease that has less than 1% chance of injuring or killing you is indefensible. It’s literally the definition of stupidity. If you don’t take the vaccine you have a 99.7% something chance of surviving COVID-19 and a 100% chance of surviving the vaccine. You can’t be injured or die from something you don’t take. Any other argument is absolutely asinine, ignorant, and utterly stupid. You cannot make a counter argument to this one because it is not an opinion, it’s a irrefutable statement of fact.

          2. Chris says:

            Mike and Vahagn, it appears you have been drinking the kool-aid for some time now. Pharmaceutical products have helped many people over the years but have also injured and killed many people. If they would have had antibiotics during the Spanish flu, millions of lives would have been saved to deal with the secondary bacterial infections that developed and could not be controlled. Antibiotics have saved millions of lives since they were adopted but like anything, too much of a good thing has the potential to be bad. The overprescribing of antibiotics the last few decades has contributed to declining health and an epidemic degenerative diseases. The industry has become more profit driven than ever and with control over the government health agencies, the medical schools, hospitals, medical doctors, scientists and all mainstream media, they can literally get away with mass murder and they are.

            If Dr. Mercola is a snake oil salesman then I guess I jumped in line for the miracle oil. I am 54 and started to follow Dr. Mercola when I turned 50 because I was 25 pounds overweight and was developing mild aches and pains and lacking the energy I once had. I started following Dr. Mercola’s advice and quickly began to see amazing results. Within 4 months, I reached my ideal weight with much more energy and all aches and pains disappeared. I discovered Ben Greenfield in a Interview with Dr. Mercola and have been following him ever since. At 54, I am in optimal metabolic health and can do anything physically that I could do in my mid twenties. My blood test numbers are at optimal or close to optimal levels. My friends ask me what I’ve been doing and if I made some sort of deal with the devil. I tell them no but that l learned how to heal and seal my gut and kick the crap out of inflammation. I attribute the fact that I breezed through Covid back in September because of many things I learned from Dr. Mercola, Ben and a handful of others. Sounds like some pretty effective snake oil. So Mike and Vahagh, are you two interested in getting off your statin drugs and blood pressure lowering medications now and getting to the root cause of your issues with some of this miracle snake oil?

            I agree that pharmaceuticals have an important place in medicine but they have their limitations. I believe that the function medicine approach is the best because it’s main goal is getting to the root cause. This can be a combination of holistic, integrative and in some cases pharmaceutical strategies to accomplish an effective and safe solution to a health problem. Pharmaceutical products are amazing for crisis care and can act as effective short term band aids. It is sad the number of people that rely on multiple drugs on a daily basis to get through a day.

      2. Pat P says:

        Good point!

      3. Great perspective Brad! Thank you!

    2. Pat P says:

      True said. If there were a medical purgatory, Matt Cook would be there.

  39. Jason says:

    Once again Dr. Matt Cook is NOT up to speed on many facets of this Plandemic. Jabs are more effective then Iver? Not even close, more than 55 studies show the effectiveness of Iver and the World-wide results show it is a remarkable treatment especially when administered early AND it can prevent convid unlike Jabs which are a monumental failure just look at the 100% jabbed cruise ships that had huge outbreaks, and many more examples. Jabs are also NOT even a treatment, you can’t save yourself by jabbing when your sick, you can definitely KILL yourself though and if not damage yourself for life. Permanent injuries are NOT RARE from Jabs and especially these ones, the numbers in the European injury database are over 30K dead and 3 million injured, it is Russian Roulette, period. He is brainwashed when it comes to Jabs, I’ve been researching them deeply for the last 20 years and can tell you that they are NEITHER safe or effective, exactly the opposite is the truth, useless and dangerous, and hundreds of books studies and reports from Experts dating back to 1810 ALL show this. The brainwashed always point to Small Pox as a victory which is hilarious, 200 years yes 200 of pointless jabbing, it had NO part in why it finally went away.

    1. Jason says:

      Then we can talk about how convid is actually a parasite, and THAT is why anti-parasitic drugs work so well….

    2. Anthony says:

      How do you not fall down more?

      1. Jason says:

        Fall down? I have a working brain because I don’t foolishly inject myself with toxins and fraudulent experiments. Seems you can’t say the same, a shame that, many have to learn the hard way

    3. Vahagn says:

      The suggestion that jabs are more effective than Ivermectin is Big Pharma propaganda. COVID is just a seasonal flu with some people having allergic reactions (loss of smell, etc) to the spike protein (the result of “gain-of-function” research). It is less deadly than the common flu and the only reason we are even discussing it today is the massive amount of state and media propaganda around this phenomenon. We don’t have a pandemic — we have a global media campaign.

      1. Ron J says:

        Nicely put Vahagn and Jason. Skimming this article, this didn’t age well! Anyone not seeing how ineffective this experimental potion is by now, is probably beyond help at this point, sadly.

  40. Gary says:

    Hello, where do you get the povodine Iodine and which is acceptable for nasal use? It is hard to find…

    1. Shelley says:

      I found it at walmart.com.

    2. Layla D says:

      Go to FLCCC I-Mask website

      You can buy iodine and make it yourself

      This is what I did ! it helps a lot

    3. SCS says:

      Povidone Iodine Options for Purchase: https://www.amazon.com/s?k=povidone+iodine&crid=PHBWFZDWK05V&sprefix=povidone+iodine%2Caps%2C119&ref=nb_sb_noss

      How to use Povidone Iodine: https://www.americaoutloud.com/dilute-povidone-iodine-nasal-oral-washes-for-the-prevention-and-treatment-of-covid-19/

    4. Jenny says:

      Gary, provodine iodine is good as a nasal spray and to gargle with. Must dilute. Look up i mask protocols on Frontline Doctors or Peyer McCullough. I got 15% strength but had to fiddle about with the Maths of diluting it. Not being home schooled it was a struggle 😂

      Black Seed Oil is a natural alternative for Ivermectin for those who can’t get their hands on it.

      I feel Matt Cook hedges his responses and I don’t feel confident in his replies. Seems like Ben has a soft spot for the good doctor which makes the interview process poorer. I wish you both godspeed.


  41. Eric Thomas says:

    Great podcast, very informative. The question is how can people find a doctor, like Matt cook, who takes the time with patients and finds alternative strategies to help them. Might be something to explore on a future podcast. Looking for a doctor like this in the Richmond Va area.

    1. Dale aka Healthnut says:

      I hear you. I flew from Texas to see Dr. Cook. He is amazing. I am still fighting a leg issue but he was
      definitely extremely helpful. I now live in Mexico and cant wait until he becomes available down here.

  42. jody manley says:

    What can safely be put in a nebulizer?

    1. scs says:

      Dr. David Brownstein’s blogs on everything you need to know about nebulizing for COVID:

    2. Pat P says:

      My wife and I have been nebulizing 3% hydrogen peroxide (food grade) for 8 months. I alternate adding one drop of Lugol’s iodine to the 3% hydrogen peroxide and 10 drops of ionic silver to the 3% hydrogen peroxide. I rotate through these protocols 3 times a week and nebulize for 5 to 7 minutes. We have not been injected nor have ever contacted Covid.

      I apply this protocol and the onset of a cold symptoms.

      Another powerful home remedy is adding a drop or two of lugol’s iodine to a netty pot filled with with warm filtered water and doing a nasal flush.

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