The Peptides Podcast: Everything You Need To Know About Anti-Aging, Muscle Gain, Fat Loss & Recovery Peptides.

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I receive plenty of questions about peptides and SARMs, including:

-How do peptides work?
-What is the safety/side effects of peptides?
-What are the best anti-aging peptides?
-What are the best fat loss and muscle gain peptides?
-What are the best recovery peptides?
-What peptides work for cognition and neural enhancement?
-How do you properly mix and administer peptides?
-Do peptides need to be “cycled”?

My guest on today's show, Jean-François Tremblay, comes highly recommended by former podcast guest and regenerative medicine physician Dr. Matt Cook as one of the world's leading experts on the wonderful world of peptides and SARMs.

Dr. Tremblay studied exercise physiology, biochemistry, and pharmacology. He has been investigating (in theory and in practice) peptides and SARMs since the 1990s and now makes peptides his main research subject. He has developed a wealth of expertise on peptides and SARMs and their practical applications in sports performance, anti-aging, and health in general.

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During my discussion with Jean-François Tremblay, you'll discover:

-The science of peptides and how they work…5:55

  • Amino acids linked together
  • Human growth hormone contains 191 amino acids
  • When enough peptides link together, it becomes a protein
  • Demystifying some of the myths surrounding peptides:
    • They must be refrigerated at all times (only for certain peptides)
    • Methionine bonds
    • Most peptides are long chain, stable at room temp,
    • More sensitive to light than heat (degradation more likely result of overexposure to light than heat)
    • The “local effect” (BPC 157 and TB 500)

-The pros and cons of various means of injecting peptides…15:15

  • Intra-nasal absorption is not 100%; however, what is injected has a better chance of reaching the brain
  • Semax:
    • Originally researched in USSR during the Cold War
    • Russians are meticulous in their research; however, lacking in ethics
    • Icarus documentary
    • Researched on humans before other animals; published only after testing on animals

-Peptide safety and side effects of use…21:30

  • Worst-case scenario of “overdosing” on peptides is that it simply doesn't work; no notable negative side effects
    • Not the case with nootropics; you're messing with the brain's chemistry
  • Bottom line: Don't throw caution to the wind. Be aware of proper dosages and administer correctly to the best of your knowledge

-Legality and sourcing issues with peptides…32:15

  • 99% of them come from China (even if the label says “Made in the USA”)
  • Chinese government dictates who produces what, such as peptides
  • Chinese company released a growth hormone which was very effective, then replaced it with another (under the same name) that had negative side effects
  • Scandinavian company was dishonest about dosage of melanotan (5 mg when advertised as 10 mg)
  • There are only a couple of sources, albeit distributed by many different brands
  • The bacteriostatic water included with the peptide should be crystal clear when it's added
  • There's a reason for the high cost: equipment, repairs, etc.

-Whether peptides need to be “cycled” in their use…44:00

  • Some, yes. It depends on the peptide
  • Effect of BPC-157 lasts around 6 hours
  • Effect of TB-500 lasts 10-15 days, but it's out of your system in 12 hours

-Recommended anti-aging peptides…49:30

-The best peptides for fat loss…58:38

-Recommended peptides for muscle gain…1:02:45

  • Nothing for non-competitive use
  • Requires strict discipline and patience; marginal results at best

-Jean-François' peptide regimen…1:04:51

-And much more…

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Click here for the full written transcript of this podcast episode.

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My first podcast with Dr. Matt Cook

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Icarus documentary

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75 thoughts on “The Peptides Podcast: Everything You Need To Know About Anti-Aging, Muscle Gain, Fat Loss & Recovery Peptides.

  1. Obi says:

    No side effects? That statement is at odds with many negative user experiences on various forums. Peptides can interact with methylation cycles /pathways and cause all kinds of trouble,

  2. Jeff says:

    Good info on dosage here:

  3. Johnny says:

    Having experimented with BPC-157 from canlab, peptide sciences, nootro the strongest most effective is from biopure supplaments. They have a oral version that comes ready to take and it is hands down the best.

    1. Barbara says:

      I looked at biopure and couldn’t find box-157 capsules

  4. Noah says:

    Hey Ben, great interview! I’m wondering about BPC-157 topical preparations, creams… I’m a rock climber and injecting BPC into each joint of my hands and fingers just doesn’t seem viable. If I do a hard training session and then slather my hands with BPC cream, would that in theory help them heal and recover more effectively?

  5. Sarah says:

    Is there a protocol for healing brain post benzodiazepine use? I’ve been off almost 5 months and have severe debilitating insomnia that has led to anxiety. I’ve been using BPC157 250mcg twice daily for about 9 days so far and wondering if that would be the proper protocol? I’ve tried ipamorelin for sleep and it gave me added anxiety at doses of 100-200mcg. Thanks for any help

  6. Jason says:

    Hi, I just listened to this podcast while researching peptides. I have FAI cam hip imgingement and a slight laberal tear. Im going to try peptides before going down any surgery route. I have alot of tightness around my hip muscles, especially the glutes and abductors. Im thinking TB-500 would be worth a try but have also been told 2 weeks of MGF would be good. Could you offer any advice on this or if its possible to consult with a physician online as I am based outside the US. Thanks.

  7. Ed says:

    Hi, can you recommend a reliable source for peptides? Ideally in Europe or, if not possible in the United States or Canada. I am interested in BPC157, LL37 and TA-1 for my bowel problems. I look forward to hearing from you, thank you.

  8. Howie says:

    How does the body produce BPC-157?
    Is there a way to naturally improve its concentration in gastric juices?
    Is there any known factor that is detrimental to its production?
    What nutritional factors are prerequisites for natural BPC-157 production in the gut?

  9. ricardo says:

    Ben, is there Ipramorelin and or CJC-1295 (no dac) for INTRA-NASAL consumption…. Is it effective? If so where can it be safely sourced?


  10. David Zack says:

    I heard on your podcast with Dr Seeds he mentioned hair re growth and am in interested in a Dr who can prescribe and if they actually work for hair regrowth

  11. George says:

    How do I find a dr who is an expert in peptides?

  12. Lynn says:

    Any info on 191AA as far as dosing, benefits, and the best use for this (I.e. body composition improvement vs. anti-aging effects)?

  13. Terry Rodgers says:

    Has anybody had any experience with the oral BPC-157 from Integrative peptides? It’s 500mcg and comes in a couple different forms (instant and delayed release).
    Looks really interesting……

  14. Karen Hartman says:

    I understand that BP-157 is also great for gut healing and that some people have the great “side effect” of ligament healing. I understand that the Dr. Seeds product doesn’t work for the gut. Is there a protocol for gut healing? I’m more interested in the oral product than the injectable.

  15. Craig says:

    Does that t b 500 cause cancer

    1. Craige says:

      I took 5 mg 3 injections over 5 days then stopped because I seen on a web site they can cause tumours or cancer. I am worried

      1. Adam says:

        Correlation does not equal causation. From the literature I have read there were initial concerns Thymosin β4 (TB500) could potentially cause cancer cells or exacerbate cancer growth as it was present in cancer sites. Further research suggests the presence of Thymosin Beta-4 was a reaction and not a cause as it increases white blood cell production to help combat the cancer.
        While much more research is needed in human populations with peptides in general, I personally don’t see the evidence that TB500 would cause cancer. I also heavily rely on trusted resources such as Ben and other well respected advocates that have a much deeper understanding of the science and adhere to strict research methodology standards when reviewing the literature themselves. All that being said there is still risk, albeit small in my opinion as I am currently taking TB500.

  16. Joe says:

    Supersmart sublingual Epitalon 3mg is useless right?

  17. Justin Doll says:

    Jean Francois,

    Are you able to offer a rough protocol for how much BPC and TB to take for recovery/repair of injury? I know you say it can depend, but as a general rule of thumb what would you recommend per week or day and for how long?


  18. Justin M says:

    Hey Ben, love the podcast and all the guests!
    I’ve been looking for a reputable Peptide Retailer to try out GW 501516 for its performance benefits. I have listened to previous podcasts of yours but still cannot seem to find a company to trust. Do you have any that you would feel comfortable using?
    Thank you!

  19. Seth says:

    How much bac water would u use in a 10mg shot of tb-500?

  20. Seth says:

    How much bac water would u use for 10mg shot of tb-500?

  21. Richard Fitswell says:

    I’m sorry if I missed this during the podcast but if I only want to take DSIP what should I take with it to keep a chemical balance, if any. I know you said a mistake people make is just taking certain substances without consideration of how it affects other systems/chemical production.

  22. Kanishka says:

    Hi Ben!

    Great Podcast been waiting for something on peptides for year now! Would love it if you did many more of these.

    Did you see good results with Epithalon from ReJevity? I can’t seem to find any info on this company and you did not really mention it in any of your podcasts. Is this a good one.



    1. Eric Vander says:

      Hi Kanishka, the ReJevity brand sells the old version of epitalon. There is now a much more bioavailable for of epitalon called N-ACETYL EPITALON AMIDATE. From what I understand you can use the N-ACETYL EPITALON AMIDATE in a nasal spray without injecting and it is still more bioavailable than the old epitalon.

  23. Ben W says:

    Interested in a more affordable source for quality Epitalon and Timalin, any ideas?


    1. I recommend posting this to the Kion Community. It’s a completely free online community of like-minded people who both have advice and are seeking advice.

      1. Ben Walters says:

        Will do, great advice. Thanks

    2. Eric Vander says:

      There is now a much more bioavailable form of epitalon called N-ACETYL EPITALON AMIDATE. From what I understand you can use the N-ACETYL EPITALON AMIDATE in a nasal spray without injecting and it is still more bioavailable than the old epitalon.

  24. Mark says:

    Jean-François mentioned that 5-HTP can be dangerous and may have caused an “effect” with his friend. Is there any studies available showing this correlation?

    1. I didn't find a ton, but here's one:

    2. Jean Francois Tremblay says:

      It is very uncommon. It is called in pharmacology the “paradoxical effect” (… Happens with supplements too.

  25. Michael says:

    Hey Ben, hey guys,

    Was wondering about the BPC-157 et TB-500 protocol Jean-François talked about.

    He said BPC 10mg once every 2 months. Does it mean 10mg in one dose or divides over 30 days as seen in many protocols and you do that every other day? Because he said the effects only last 6h…

    Same question about TB-500. He said twice per month, but in one dose or multiple doses? And at what dosage?

    Because his recommandations are very different from the fact sheet from Taylor Made

    Thanks a lot!

    1. Jean Francois Tremblay says:

      TB 500 would be a one 10 mg shot, every 2 months, as a preventive measure. The BPC 157 would be 10 mg too, but spread out over 20 days… As a PREVENTIVE measure. Not curative.

      1. Karen says:

        Hi Jean, Ben, community,

        What would be a curative dose of BPC 157? I’m trying to heal inflammation in my SI joints due to autoimmunity. Specifically, Ankylosing Spondylitis. Also, would an oral dose be 500mcg? How would you take an oral dose? Measured via syringe and then swallowed via spoon or mixed with water/drink?

        Thank you,

      2. Marco says:

        How much dosage per day please?

  26. Angelo says:

    Another great podcast!

    Are collagen peptides in the form of a supplement powder different to the injectable peptides?

  27. Wick says:

    Ben, is there a CJC-1295 pill for oral consumption?

    1. I haven't found a good one yet.

    2. Jean Francois Tremblay says:

      Wouldn’t work orally

      1. Mike says:

        Jean Francois Tremblay,

        Is the bio-avalibility any better with a troche/lozenge than pill form? I am told the cjc1295/ipamorline is absorbed through the tongue and gums vs swallowed like a pill. I imagine there is a loss in the digestive tract vs injection site.

      2. Chasen Kelley says:

        Good day, I am a 42 yo male with chronic lower back pain. I have been dealing with this for 4 yrs.

        This injury happened while on the job as a fireman. I have had multiple MRI’s, a years worth of PT, multiple steroid injections. I am presently taking 1200mg of NSAID everyday and 40mg SSRI’s. I am also taking high dose turmeric.

        I am old enough to be smart about what I’m doing (exercise). I work my core, my glutes, transverse abdomen etc with no luck of solving this issue.

        I am still very active put have to pay the penalty.

        I am very interested in researching more info on peptides, kratom and anything else that helps.

        Are there any good books that you have wrote or info you can send me to help me navigate through this.

        Thank you,

        1. Peter says:

          Try Bowen therapy

  28. Rich says:

    Dr. Seeds BPC product looks interesting. Only containing the protein from which the BPC peptide is extracted, do we know how efficacious this is compared to actual BPC-157? Has anyone ever used this stuff? I’m wondering how a 1mg dose 2x/day compares to say a 250mcg dose 2x/day of actual BPC-157.

    1. I have used it and gotten good results. Injection is still the most bioavailable, but this is a great, efficacious alternative that is much more convenient (and easier on the gut, in my opinion)

  29. G I says:

    Great episode, thanks!

    It’s near impossible to find a source from WITHIN EU (not just one that ships TO EU).

    This is needed, as customs in some EU countries open up and confiscate even packages the contents of which are 100% legal and not forbidden.

    There are too many shady “bro” sites selling roids from China and forged/old HPLC documents and who knows of which potency.

    If anybody knows of a trusted, reliable and 100% legit site with a known track record of servicing from within the European Union, please chime in.

    1. Vic says:


      Did you manage to find a reliable website selling peptides within europe? I am desperate to find a reliable source in order to try and heal my wrist injury.

      Thank you

  30. jay says:

    is there a promo code to canlab? thanx

    1. Jon says:

      Look at the Shipping and return policy on tb500 haha

    2. I don't have one currently.

    3. Jean Francois Tremblay says:

      conf10 for a 10% discount :)

      1. melissa says:

        Dear both

        thank you so much for this podcast- Ben I listen to all your podcasts, sometimes twice because the content is so dense…. thank you so much -learning a lot while front squatting:)

        Dear Jean-francois
        I cannot find where to put the discount code on your website…I would like to order BPC 157 for spasm in lower back and Ipamorelin …. please advise: I am a 42 years female- train almost everyday – functional movements and weightlifting mainly- 52 kg- very healthy diet ….mostly paleo….
        I would like to order from your lab -hoping the quality will be best .
        thank you

  31. Brian Graham says:

    Fantastic info. Wish you had more time to delve deeper into the scope of peptides. Interesting note, smaller regulatory fragments within peptides have profound physiologic effects. The pro-gly-pro sequence determines some of the properties of semax ie: reducing ability of mast cells to release histamine therefore inhibiting a pro-inflammatory state. Semax is a great cognitive enhancer. Probably best to cycle with other nootropic peptides and mitigate risk of diminishing return and/or receptor desensitization.

    1. Tyler says:

      Brian, if semax can modulate histamine response, in theory can it also be used during allergy season/pollenpocalyse for the purpose of reducing allergic reaction?

      1. Brian says:

        Interesting thought and I believe it is slightly more complex. Mast cells have an important role in allergic reactions but also have an important role in regards to neuroinflammation/trauma. Neutrophils release pro-gly-pro during an insult/trauma vs infection resulting in inflammatory and repair processes. Semax is likely geared more towards repair vs traditional anti-histamine response. Regardless, it stimulates Trkb for BDNF synthesis and does not serve as a sustainable approach–long term use would likely desensitize receptors. It would be interesting to hear other thoughts and experiences.

      2. G I says:

        Much cheaper way than using peptides, is to use:

        – nettle root + quercetin (combo)
        – Diamine oxidase (DAO) (porcine derived natural enzyme that breaks down histamine)

        as natural, cheaper, legal and safe(r) alternatives.

        1. Brian says:

          GI, that seems to be a great way to target allergies. The problem we run into living in the states is that the suppplement market can be flooded with tainted products, inconsistent dosing, and questionable bioavailable forms. In regards to peptides, they are expensive but legality and safety arent comcerns if managed by an approproately trained medical professional.

  32. Mark Austin says:

    anyone remember the name of his website ?

    1. Garrett says:

      Scroll up it’s the canlab link

    2. Jean Francois Tremblay says: and

  33. Mike S says:

    Great stuff. Wondering how long (on avg) someone should take bcp 157 to get it’s full benefits? I know Ben has said previously he stopped after 2 weeks, most interested in solving for GI issues.


    1. Jean Francois Tremblay says:

      Stay on until the condition is healed… Rare to be more than 3 months

      1. Sarah says:

        Is there a protocol for healing brain post benzodiazepine use? I have severe insomnia and anxiety after being off almost 5 months. Is there a peptide protocol that can help – sleep is the biggest issue.

  34. Dillon Cartwright says:

    What is a way to configure how much BPC 157 a person needs to take in mg? Same for TB500. Currently taking Dr. Seeds BPC 157 and just taking recommended dose on bottle, would like to know if that is enough or if I need to double up because you mentioned .5mg in the podcast. Thanks man, lots of good stuff.

    1. Jean Francois Tremblay says:

      It really depends on the condition…

      1. Justin Doll says:

        Jean Francois,

        Are you able to offer a rough protocol for how much BPC and TB to take for recovery/repair of injury? I know you say it can depend, but as a general rule of thumb what would you recommend per week or day and for how long?


  35. Jason says:

    more more more on this

    i was looking forward to this and Ben did a great job trying to keep things moving. Get Ryan Smith from Tailor Made compounding on an interview. He’s a wealth of info, sharp on peptides.

    interesting about the bpc only being 50% available in pill form…..the pill form (which is not unlike the one you mentioned , Ben) of BPC that i have hides the amount behind “combination” or “compounding” naming structure so you can’t see ingrediants..

    The 2 pill dosage is for 1 mg, sounds like i might need to take 4 pills per day……..I’ll see if the provider can clarify.

    Ben, is that you’re read on it?

  36. Rob says:

    Did he say he uses 10mg BPC157 once every 2months? I assume this means a cycle of 10mg total over the course of a few weeks and not all at once correct?

    1. Raymond says:

      Why cycle? Just take 1ml of BAC water and inject all 10mg at once.

      1. Jean Francois Tremblay says:

        Because you would way overdose for about 12 hours, then nothing… BPC 157 has a very short effective time of action… TB 500 on the other hand has a very long effective time of action and can be taken all in one dose

    2. Jean Francois Tremblay says:

      Over 20 days… And that is a PREVENTIVE measure, not curative

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