Podcast Episode #29: How Many Critters Are Living In YOUR Gut, Making You Fat, Tired, Lazy, Bloated and Sick? (hint: more than you think)

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One of the most cutting-edge, exciting and life-changing interviews yet featured on our show! In this January 27, 2009 podcast, Ben Greenfield interviews New York Times bestselling author Ann Louise Gittleman about her brand new book, “The Gut Flush Plan”. Ben gets the full scoop from Anne about dozens of tips, tricks and secrets that you can use to cleanse your body of toxins, maximize athletic performance, destroy the yeast, superbugs, parasites growing in your gut, and eliminate food sensitivities. Included in this episode:

-The exact foods that you must begin avoiding today if you want to maximize your energy

-The #1 recommended way to get tested for food allergies (hint: it ain't blood)

-Ann's 3 most recommended compounds for reversing the damage that you've done to your digestive system

-A top-secret Romanian supplement that Ben Greenfield has never heard of, but that he's going to try

-Two herbs that will wreak havoc on the bad bacteria in your gut

-Why someone who has a perfect exercise program and seems to be eating healthy can still not lose any weight, and might actually be gaining fat

-How a runner, a cyclist, a swimmer, a triathlete or a weightlifter can use this type of information to massively boost performance

You can e-mail Ann at [email protected] and you can get her book here.


Also In This Podcast

-Listener Q&A:Listener Jen asks…

Ben, I discovered your site last year from an article you'd written on Training Peaks and loved that one of your focuses is metabolic rates. From someone that has struggled for years with food/weight/exercise, to hear someone actually SAY that isn't just “calories in, calories out” was like a salve to these woefully sore ears!

Anyway. On to my question, with a bit of a backstory … 2 years ago I had a Deep Vein Thrombosis in my left leg. It was treated and I was told the clot had “dissolved”. One year ago I started on my Ironman Journey – training and
completing an ironman before my 50th birthday – which I'll be doing this August (2009) in Louisville KY. (my son is doing it with me!)

Despite medical reassurances that everything is “normal” I continue to have issues with my left leg – a pulled hamstring last year – occasional soreness in my left knee if I'm not very careful. (ie track workouts seem to be really hard on it, stretching religiously etc.). To heal the hamstring last year my PT used Craniosacral Therapy with good results and told me there was an imbalance/blocked energy in my left leg.

Fast forward to last week and again, a track workout started playing havoc with my left leg. Focusing on energy flow I can “feel” the blockage. Now to my question … is there perhaps a nutrition regime through food and/or supplements that are known for creating good energy/blood flow? I'm surmising that I sustained vein damage from the DVT but if I could create more vein/blood flow in that leg I might circumvent further problems as I continue to ramp up my training. Click here to listen to the podcast episode with Ben's response…also, here is a link to a nitric oxide containing product that Ben recommends: Millennium Sports Carnage.carnage

-Research Corner: Research from the Journal of Strength & Conditioning including:

The effect of rest intervals on the hormonal and strength response to exercise…

The effect of compression socks on running performance, whether or not core strength actually helps runners…

Whether cycling and running testing needs to be done at different times…

The effect of caffeine on sports-specific endurance performance…


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That's all for this episode! In the future, we have upcoming episodes on maximizing swim performance, an injury rehabilitation technique called primal reflex release technique, more very exciting news about the power of oil of oregano, and a very interesting interview about goat's milk…

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2 thoughts on “Podcast Episode #29: How Many Critters Are Living In YOUR Gut, Making You Fat, Tired, Lazy, Bloated and Sick? (hint: more than you think)

  1. Alex says:

    Hi Ben:
    I'd like to download the transcript for this podcast # 29 but it's not linked on this page. I followed the Transcriptions link on the sidebar but when I get there and use the search, lots of other things come up. It's not the first time I tried with the same results. Is there a way to search on the Slideshare page using the podcast number or article name or keywords? I tried for example "ben greenfield podcast 29". The main page shows the latest transcribed ones but looking for older ones like this one seems tricky. Thanks a,lot for your help!

  2. David says:

    Your podcasts are great! The q &a and technical posts/comments are very insightful and useful. My workouts and my client workouts revolve around your fitness industry experience, knowledge and reputable views! keep them coming!

    David from Denver

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