Podcast Episode #35: What It Truly Takes for Lightspeed Exercise Recovery!

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In this March 10, 2009 podcast, I interview Jeff Spencer, MA, DC. Dr. Spencer has worked with some of the world's most successful individuals, including Olympic, World, PGA, WTA, Tour de France, triathlon, motocross, and NASCAR champions, a World Series MVP, ultra-successful business executives, rock band legend and MLB and NFL athletes. His clients have won eight consecutive Tours de France, 22 national championships, Olympic medals and multiple world championships.

In his book, Every Second Counts, pro cyclist Lance Armstrong said:

“Jeff is part doctor, part guru, part medicine man…we believed Jeff could fix and any and all of our problems…While he fixed us physically, he also fixed us mentally…If you judged the most important man on the Postal team by the foot traffic in and out his door, then it was Jeff. Without him, we knew we'd never make it to Paris.”

During the interview, Jeff talks about the exact techniques that he implemented to garner such praise from Lance as well as the myriad of other pro athletes and teams who he helped achieve enormous success through proper muscle and biological system recovery from exercise.

In this free audio podcast, Jeff and I  discuss:

-the underlying scientific basis behind his unique rapid recovery techniques

-how he uses a technique called “Cold Laser”

-why you need to eliminate “Inflammatory Pockets”

-how muscle connective tissue length going into an event can make or break your performance

-Jeff's opinion on nutrition supplements, including CoQ10, proteolytic enzymes, digestive enzymes, probiotics, and vitamin B complex

-where a “stick” or “foam roller” might fit in and how you can use it

-how the concept of “Earthing” fits into proper recovery and restorative sleep

-the concept of “Prehabilitation” and Jeff's top resource for implementing it into your exercise lifestyle

…and more people than just “elite athletes” can benefit from Jeff's proven techniques!

For example:

Are you sore after exercise? Tired? Chronically fatigued? Do you get sick more when you start exercising? Do you have difficulty motivating yourself to perform a hard workout?

Then listen in.The concepts Jeff discusses in the interview can affect the life of anyone, including a non-athlete individual who is working to achieve general fitness, fat loss or optimum wellness. In addition to the links provided above, Jeff also talks about his “Become Your Own Champion” website and the “Connect With Dr. Jeff” website.

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Also included in this podcast:

Remember last week's interview with Josh Carter? I surfed over to Josh's website and checked out his book and a bunch of other very useful information. I want you to witness this yourself. Just click this link and you can see the video that blew me away.

-Listener Q&A: Listener Frances asks: I heard on the radio about a new multi-vitamin study that found that multi-vitamins don't actually give you any advantage. What do you think about this study? Just listen into the podcast for my answer, and remember, you can now ask your questions to me via the free Skype software by simply “Skyping” me at username “pacificfit“.

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5 thoughts on “Podcast Episode #35: What It Truly Takes for Lightspeed Exercise Recovery!

  1. Phil Hess says:

    Hi Ben,

    I’m interested in your metabolism boosting exercises video. But I want to point out that it says “Sunday, March 26.” March 26 is a Thursday (tomorrow). Is the video going to be on Thursday, or on Sunday, March 29?

    Thanks for your answer,

    Phil Hess

    1. First, that was a date error on my part, it was supposed to be Sunday March 29.

      Second, as announced in the last 2 podcasts, that class has been cancelled due to my being in Atlanta on March 29 and unable to record. Online live TV Q&A will resume on the last Sunday in April and on the last Sunday of each month in 2009…episodes will be announced on both the blog and the podcast…

  2. steve says:

    Excellent pod cast Ben! Very informative on recovery; I’ll have to try some of these protocalls!

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