Podcast Episode #38: Learn Exactly How Low-Fat Diets Make You FAT.

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This is a jam-packed podcast episode! In the feature section  of this March 31, 2009 free audio episode, Dr. Dallas Clouatre,  a well-established author and consultant in the alternative and complimentary medicine and nutrition field, gives a compelling, thought-provoking, and incredibly informational talk on exactly how to rapidly accelerate fat loss, tone and enhance lean muscle tone using proven scientific techniques. Along the way, you'll learn some very fun and interesting facts, including:

-Why fat is not a problem in your diet if you're trying to lose weight

-Which nutrition compound exactly is the problem and how many pounds of it you unknowingly consume

-Why something called “protein decoupling” is a key in weight loss, and how not understanding could cause failure to shed fat

-How popular fat loss supplements can destroy your kidneys and leave you more likely to gain fat

-A very simple explanation of why insulin is one of the prime keys to weight loss, and how even non-diabetics can have insulin resistance

During this interview. Dr. Coutre doesdiscuss brand name “Impax” dietary supplements, particularly LeanFactor and ThermoFactor, mentioning the ingredients “Guggulsterones”, “Forskolin” and “Advantra Z”. But this is not meant to be a commercial for supplements – trust me, you're going to get alotof incredible information from this talk.

Also included in this podcast episode:

Product Review: I review the cutting-edge “Yoga For Endurance Athletes” interactive DVD, which actually really impressed me, since I often don't have the time to attend, say, an hour-long yoga class. This DVD includes over 2 hours of yoga moves, but let's you “mix-n-match” your own sections, like IT bands, Shoulders, Breathing or Hamstrings. My wife and I actually were able to do a quick but highly effective 25 minute yoga workout while the kids were napping and we hit the exact sections we wanted by just selecting them on the DVD menu, without having to worry about driving to the gym, warm-up, or laying on the mat for 10 minutes afterwards (although that is an option on the DVD). There are also some pre-set routines, like “Strength”, “Balance”, or, my favorite, “Focus”, which is supposed to get you ready for a race. Just below, here's a video with even more information and a demo. You can get the “Yoga For Endurance Athletes” DVD by clicking here.

Listener Q&A:

Ronnie asks: “I'm looking for a good energy drink – do spinning classes but feel quite tired through the class. I am fit but recently legs struggle a bit during class.”

Bob asks: “Ben, I have a couple questions. I am a relatively new triathlete (Olympic distance) and am also trying to lose about 20 pounds of body fat.  Unfortunately, I am unemployed due to the economy and have limited funds.  I have been struggling with feeling good on my workouts as well as with weight loss.  My questions are: How does stress (mental such as stress of being unemployed) affect workout and weight loss? And how would you prioritize a limited budget for weight loss/workout?  For example will I get my most bang for the buck with supplements and a store bought workout plan, or would I be better off spending all the money on a personal trainer, etc.  I know that is vague but would appreciate the guidance. Thanks as always for the great support and advice.”

Call-in listener Drew also has a question about too much testosterone and whether or not it could be harmful for cross country runners.

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Special Announcements:

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    Awesome podcast, very insightful. I wish they would have taught us this in Health Class in High School.

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    Great podcast, I really took something away from this one! Download it NOW!

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