Podcast Episode #43: Live Cell Blood Analysis, Colon Cleansing, & Controlling Flatulence from Beans!

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In this May 13, 2009 free audio episode, I interview certified live cell blood analyst Cody Dahl, from Journey of Healthin Calgary, Alberta. During our discussion, he answers the following questions:

1. What is live cell blood analysis?

2. How is live cell blood analysis different from blood work done at a lab?

3. What can you see in a live cell blood analysis?

4. What kind of results and or benefits can one expect from a live cell blood analysis?

5. Who would benefit from a live cell blood analysis?

6. Why is this technology not used by mainstream medical doctors?

For any listeners or readers in the Spokane, Washington area, Mr. Dahl will be at Fresh Abundance on 2015 N Division St on  May 16 & 17. Swing by and get your blood analyzed!

Also in this podcast episode:

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“Dr. Fitt” from Podcast Episode #42, submitted some fantastic bonus reconmmendations on resources for learning more about hypothyroidism and yeast overgrowth, as well as more thoughts on vitamin D, stress fractures, and magnesium oil.

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Listener Q&A: I answer the following questions  in the May 13, 2009 free audio episode:

From Listener Ron: “I see the value of eating beans, since they're a low-glycemic index carbohydrate and all that, but what about the terrible gas? I'm driving my family nuts since I started eating black bean dip with vegetables, hummus with garbanzo beans and putting beans on my salad.”

From Listener Kelsey: “I just got the BenGreenfieldFitness CD Set and I've been listening to all the episodes in my car on the way to work. I just finished the episode with Dr. Gittleman, where she talks about the Gut Flush Plan and her Colon Cleansing Kit. I feel like this might actually be the answer to all my bloating and fatigue. But how long does a colon cleanse actually take? If I've been eating crap for 10 years, will I have to take it for the next decade?”

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3 thoughts on “Podcast Episode #43: Live Cell Blood Analysis, Colon Cleansing, & Controlling Flatulence from Beans!

  1. Chris M says:

    Kalli, I am sorry you are so closed-minded.

    I have lived through a systemic yeast-infection and if it weren’t for it being detected through a live-cell analysis, I would be dead right now.

    The only reason this testing isn’t embraced is because the AMA is worried that their black and white stance on illness will be seen through for the farce that it is, and enables it to be a profit-monger for the drug and health insurance monopolies that benefit the federal government. Too many of our politicians are in these drug and insurance companies pockets to care about what happens to people on a cellular level.

    Wake up.

  2. Kalli Phillips ND says:

    “Systemic yeast infection”?

    No one who has a systemic yeast infection would ever be able to walk into someone’s office off the street. Anyone with actual yeast in the bloodstream would be in the hospital on life support. Blood is normally sterile and anyone with any type of microbe in the blood be it yeast or bacteria would absolutely be on death’s door.

    The “systemic yeast infection” belief has been a great way to sell services and supplements to a the public but is not actually true, and as a Naturopath I have seen many folks who have wasted their money and time pursuing this myth.

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