Podcast Episode #58: Does Hypnosis Really Work for Weight Loss?

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In this September 1, 2009 free audio episode, I cover the following topics: hypnosis for weight loss, how to build muscle with a Gymstick, a question on vitamin and mineral deficiency, how to ride your bicycle uphill, and how lean can a 55 year old man get?

Featured Topic:

Today's featured topic is an interview with Dr. Roberta Temes, author of multiple books, including (pictured above): “The Complete Idiot's Guide to Hypnosis”. Dr. Roberta is a psychotherapist with a Ph.D. degree is in counseling psychology, and her specialty is hypnosis for weight loss. In addition to the book pictured above, Dr. Roberta also has a CD entitled “Enjoying Weight Loss”, available by clicking here. During our discussion, Dr. Roberta and I talk about:

-a typical program of  utilizing hypnosis for weight loss…

-whether the results are permanent, or  reliant upon continued hypnosis…

-how weight loss hypnosis compares to versions that we see in popular media,  such as magicians and Hollywood movies…

-the type of studies and  research have been done on hypnosis for weight loss…

-whether  standardized permits or certifications are necessary for a weight loss for  hypnosis practitioner…

-if a hypnosis program must be combined with lifestyle,  exercise or nutrition modifications?

-does hypnosis really work for weight loss?

-and much more!

Listener Q&A:

Listener Eric Asks: “I have been told that standing to pedal up hills in a triathlon is “taboo” because it burns too much energy.  I have also been told that the ‘not standing rule” is bunk and it is fine to stand when “needed”.  Which is true?”

Listener Chris Asks: “I came across your website while looking for some routines for the gymstick. I already own a silver gymstick but used it very briefly before starting up at a gym. As I now have a mortgage and gym memberships seem to have gone up since I was last at a gym (7 months ago), I'm now thinking of revisiting the gymstick as an alternative. My question is; i'm over trying to bulk up and have superwide shoulders, yet still want to have some width but mainly be toned and defined. Can the silver (or gold) gymstick increase muscle size (even slightly) at all or is it strictly for strengthening and toning?”

Listener Christian Asks: “I have once before emailed you over some knee pain and IT band pain i have suffered with for some time. you were very helpful with the information. i have not gotten the book yet just short with finances right now. i had heard a pod cast of yours awhile back over the benifits of Magnesium oil and how athletes lack in it. im a triathlete and i take a GNC womans athlete multi vit and total omegas. i got into using an amino acid powder blend for training with and add additl. gludamine to my shakes in the morning. to stay hydrated every day i use a half a Nuun tab a day and a whole one on long rides. I continue with exercies to strenghten my hips and roll out my IT often and stretch every day. i eat very clean- prot shake with blueberries and banana for b-fast. then i snack on organic gluten free cereal with granola mixed. i have spinach chicken with tom and cucumber for lunch. snack on celery and carrots  and then eat a rice cake before i work out or train. then do chicken and broccoli for dinner. im 135 and i believe i get about 1400-1500 calories a day. im getting disappointed in not being able to trim down a little more but more importantly im not recovering from training sessions. i rode the Ironman course Sat and did an easy ride to Higgins in Cda on Mon and swam tue night. plan to swim again tonight because my legs just are too sore to ride or run. im frustrated that im not able to bounce back like other athletes that are much older than me. im only 24 and i feel like im 60. im stiff all the time even with stretching. i got lots of knots that i get worked out of my legs and im just not seeing improvement. it seems like my body is not flushing the lactic acid and i dont see why not. i eat and drink plenty. my question is am i lacking some vit or mineral that will help with the inflammation and aches and pain. i take an aleve a day now and thats not cutting it. i want to continue doing what i love and next year im doing Ironman, but i got to get this old lady feeling out of me. I realize im not a paying client of yours but i would truely be grateful for any advice you could give me. Thanks so much for your time, frustrated and in pain.”

In my response to both Christian, I mention what I have found to be a reliable source of magnesium chloride: Magnetic Clay Ancient Minerals Ultra Pure Magnesium Oil.

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Special Announcements:

1. How lean can a 55 year old man get? Check out the video below, then click here to read more about the training program that he's been following.


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7 thoughts on “Podcast Episode #58: Does Hypnosis Really Work for Weight Loss?

  1. junayed says:

    My wife was able to lose over 40lbs in a short period of time, within a month with this https://tinyurl.com/3a6ch8yh It may work for you also.

  2. how does hypnosis work says:

    I really like looking through a post that can make people think about Hypnosis.
    Also, thank you for permitting me to comment!

  3. Well, I’ve actually had a few listeners and two clients who heard the podcast actually pick up Dr. Roberta’s “Enjoying Weight Loss” CD’s…so we’ll see what happens!

  4. Hey Chuck, I’m no Ben Greenfield but I can give you some advice from experience. I do a lot of high intensity training as well, and come across the same muscle fatigue problems. The answer of course is rest. But what if your not mentally tired and it happens to be a training day? Mark Allen mentions in his recent book Fit Body Fit Soul, that “Slower makes you faster.” What he is saying is to incorporate consistent aerobic workouts into your training. An example would <70% running, <65% cycling, figures that would be in your "fat burning zone" opposed to high intensity workouts. If you go out and work out in these zones, you'll find that your recovery time may decrease. Plus, you wont be as sore as before if you condition your legs to go on easy runs post long runs. My coach tells me to "spin the legs out" after long endurance runs. What he is saying is to get on my bike and loosen up my legs for tomorrow. I found that when I do these cool-down work outs after intense ones my body is able to recover faster. More than anything else, we all dread this, but seriously ice baths work miracles. An ice bath will reduce inflammation by constricting your blood and lymphatic vessels (google it). It will also take some, if not most, of the aches and pains one may experience. I think in every Runners World magazine the word ice appears several times. Make it a habit, your body will adapt to the freezing cold. Now for Ben. I sent you an email touching the surface about podcast 58. I have to tell you boss, this one through a curve-ball that I couldn't hit. At the end of the interview with Dr. Roberta I was left with a...huh? She is very knowledgeable in her field and if her clients have success with weight loss then right on. However, I'm very skeptical when it comes to abstract weight loss solutions and aliens visiting earth. I truly and passionately believe for weight loss it's 50% exercise, 50% nutrition, and 100% psychology. Anyways I feel I’m beginning to get redundant. I’m flowing off the "does it really work" theme, which influenced me to ask you the question I did in the email. For those reading this I asked Ben about toxin cleansers. The question I asked went something like, "Does cleansing the body of toxins really work?" My friends will starve themselves and drink these juices that “detoxifies” their bodies. WTF? I thought the liver and kidney work fine. There were also follow-up questions as well. Thanks for the podcasts Ben, I've listen to all 58 (even though they're really 57) and listen to past pods everyday. Oh yeah, before I sign off, not to dis you bro, but Podcast 58 would've been a great halloween special.
    "...I reminded myself that pain and suffering are often the catalysts for life's most profound lessons." ----Dean Karnazes

    Posted by Ben for Tommy

  5. Tommy says:

    Here is a second test to another lengthy comment I’ve tried to send…….

  6. Tommy says:

    This is a test.
    I sent a lengthy comment that did not appear on here?

  7. Chuck says:

    Hey Ben,
    When I train its mostly high intensity type of work. I think because of that, I often feel like my legs are more tired than my lungs/cardio system. So while I feel like I’m in shape enough to keep working out, my legs say “no”. I can do the elliptical or something but some days I just can’t do a run even if feel like I’m in “good enough shape” to do so. Any advice?

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