Everything You Need To Know About Protein Powders, Amino Acids, Animal Vs. Plant Protein, How Much Protein You Need & Much, Much More With Kion’s Angelo Keely.

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Angelo Keely
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It's protein time, baby.

Angelo KeelyGet strapped in to have all your burning questions about protein answered…


-How much protein you really need…

-The difference between all of the different kinds of protein powders out there…

-Whey concentrate vs. hydrolysate vs. isolate…

-How to choose the right protein for your needs…

-Animal vs. plant protein…

-The fascinating history of whey protein…

-And much more!

In this podcast episode, I interview Angelo Keely, a previous podcast guest who appeared in the episode “What Yoga Trapezes, Laser Lights, Kettlebells, Mini-Meditation & Ketogenic Doughnuts Have To Do With Building A Nutrition Supplements Empire.”

Angelo Keely is the co-founder and CEO of Kion, an active lifestyle, supplement, and functional food company dedicated to helping people fully experience a joyful, active life by providing pure, energy-enhancing solutions. Angelo has a truly diverse and unique background having put himself through college as a professional musician—beatboxing, rapping, and drumming.

During our discussion, you'll discover:

-Ben's desire to make the Pumpkin Spice Colostrum Cake…05:45

-How Angelo Keely has become a world-renowned expert on protein…09:50

  • Was raised as an all-natural, “crunchy” kid in the 80s
  • Pescatarian and plant-based diet
  • Learned the importance of mixing protein sources from a very young age
  • Mom was obsessed with amino acids (AAs)
  • Traumatic incident at age of 16; began whey protein as a means of recovery
  • Underwent a health transformation in 2020

-How Angelo Keely and his health transformation caused a hyper-focus on protein and amino acids…15:30

  • Watched calorie intake; upped daily protein intake; strength training
  • Higher protein intake, good sources, allows satiety with lower calorie intake
  • Protein Leverage Hypothesis

-Overview of the different types of amino acids…31:30

-Creatine as an amino acid…39:48

-The appropriate amount of protein and aminos to intake…42:45

  • AAs by themselves are not protein, but proteins are partly AAs
  • 20g of AAs has same amount of EAAs as 40g of whey protein isolate
  • Hard to determine an exact amount of AAs and protein intake per day
  • RDA is .3g of protein for every lb. for a sedentary person
  • People with active lifestyles, athletes require far more AAs (.5-.8 g per lb.)
  • Numbers go way up if you're strength training or trying to lose weight
  • Too much protein in one sitting loses the efficacy

-The ranking of the quality of animal-based protein sources…50:45

-The good and bad when it comes to protein powders…59:00

-Concerns and problems with the safety certifications…1:07:30

  • Organic, “grass-fed” can be misleading
  • There is no such thing as a 100% grass-fed whey protein

-The long history of whey protein…1:12:25

  • Archaeologists discovered pure whey from as far back as 7,000 years ago
  • Hippocrates prescribed whey for immune issues, skin conditions, etc.
  • European whey houses 400-500 years ago
  • Tendency to bash what has been around for a long time
  • Science proves whey to be the superior protein powder

-How to get a protein powder that doesn't taste like ash…1:16:10

-And much more with Angelo Keely!

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18 thoughts on “Everything You Need To Know About Protein Powders, Amino Acids, Animal Vs. Plant Protein, How Much Protein You Need & Much, Much More With Kion’s Angelo Keely.

  1. Deborah says:

    Love the gelatin recipe and so does my husband. A great evening snack when we have early dinner. It was too dense to chew, so I melted it down again and “watered” it down with some kefir and got a better texture. But Ben, don’t work so hard on stirring gelatin into a hot mix. Gelatin blooms in cold liquid. Chill your coconut water first. Then sprinkle gelatin in gradually on the surface until it absorbs. Let sit a few minutes, then put on low heat just enough to melt. Add the rest. Done!

  2. D says:

    What is the maximum amount of protein in one sitting? And then how long after a meal does that kind of reset?


    1. Erik says:

      Interesting, but 99% of the listeners can’t afford $50/day in aminos. The amounts these guys are taking are unreal.

    2. jackie says:

      Long ago I read many times that 36 grams protein at a mean was good … wouldn’t be unused for energy causing it to go to fat. This was for the average person, not a bodybuilder nor person like Ben. They can burn more.

  3. Esteban says:

    Ben – I know things are very customized with nutrition but generally speaking what would be your break down of supplement vs foods? Seems like EAA and why could provide allot of bang for the buck calorically?

    1. Esteban says:

      *with regard to protein

  4. Steve says:

    I made the Nighttime Jello-O recipe and the texture came out like chewy rubber. How big of a cube would be a good size to start with?

  5. Hi, You guys said that old guys like me (76) should be taking a lot more EAAs. I have been taking 5 Kion tablets before and 5 after workouts and I think it has helped. I just ordered 3 more bottles. If I up that amount I think I might need to win the lottery first.

  6. Morten Lund Kirkvik says:

    Great podcast! A lot of consice information!

    One question about spaced protein intake… What about those who do OMAD? For example John Jaquish?

  7. spyrelx says:

    Even though you mentioned creatine, I’m still confused on whether it is necessary if you are ALSO using EAAs. To put it another way – assuming you are a normal active person (not heavy training) and you regularly supplement with EAAs, is there any reason to ALSO take creatine? Does the answer change if you’re over 50, 60 or 70? Thanks.

  8. Florian says:

    I wonder why Ben does not bring up the percentage of NNU of Kion’s newly created EAA formulation, with added Histidin.

    Faintly I remember something abouth Canada, EAA’s with Histidin and that the NNU is dropping in utilization (only Master Amino Acid Pattern achieve 99% NNU)

  9. Kelly Candeur says:

    Does Whey block absorption of polyphenols and other nutrients?

  10. Kelly Candeur says:

    Awesome podcast. Super informative.

    Could you advise how to check nitrogen balance to determine if you are eating too much protein? – any test strips to recommend?

      1. RICHARD G HAY says:

        thanks. helpful

  11. RICHARD G HAY says:

    Excellent podcast on protein. Can you comment on excessive protein and associated body odor?

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