Time Traveling To Heal Trauma, Hyper-Customization Of Diet & Supplements, Past Life vs. Epigenetics & Much More With Teri Cochrane.

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If you've been following me for any period of time, then you probably have heard me mention the fascinating Teri Cochrane.

She not only joined me in the podcast “The Wildatarian Diet: Living As Nature Intended: A Customized Nutritional Approach for Optimal Health, Energy and Vitality.“, but also is featured in my new Boundless Cookbook and wrote an indispensable guide for anyone who wants to eat on the wild side entitled The Wildatarian Diet: Living As Nature Intended: A Customized Nutritional Approach for Optimal Health, Energy and Vitality.

Teri Cochrane is an integrative practitioner and thought leader in personalized health care, designer of The Cochrane Method, creator of Teri Cochrane Brand Supplements (code BEN30 for 30% off), and her one-on-one work in so-called “energy medicine” has been so highly recommended to me by so many in the health industry who I know and trust that I just had to have her out to my home in Spokane to experience what she does one-on-one. Teri Cochrane specializes in complex health conditions in her private clinical practice. She has also developed her own methodology that integrates a multi-level nutritional approach—including biochemistry, nutrition, genetic tendencies, herbology, and counseling—to develop what she calls a “bio-individualized plan” for her clients.

But Teri's work goes far, far beyond mere nutritional programming, and in this podcast, we take a deep dive into some pretty crazy modalities and concepts that I think are going to blow your mind.

During our discussion, you'll discover:

-The work Teri Cochrane did on Ben the night prior to recording the podcast…10:15

-What to expect after undergoing a genetic analysis and working with someone like Teri…19:13

-How Teri Cochrane became immersed in the fields of energy and intuition…25:15

  • Began as a risk manager in the financial field
  • Birthed a child who was given little hope of a normal life by conventional medicine
  • Parents gave her a solution-seeking mindset, which she instilled in her son
  • The research led her to conclude the food she had fed him was poisoning her son
  • Felt called by God to quit her financial job and focus on health
  • Books by Jeff Bland and Joe Pizzorno
  • The Cochrane Method
  • Teri Cochrane Brand Supplements (code BEN30 for 30% off)

-How to pierce the veil of time and tap into the universal fruit of wisdom…34:35

-How Teri Cochrane is different from the garden variety fortune teller at the county fair…38:15

-Teri's process for bringing healing after discerning blocks to a person's healing…51:05

  • A Wrinkle in Time by Madeleine L'Engle
  • An 11-year old girl was having recurring nightmares about a traumatic event
  • Rewrote the story to make the perpetrator a protector
  • Ironclad evidence that her personal history had changed
  • Becoming Supernatural by Joe Dispenza
  • Is it changing history or one's perception of their history?
  • OXTR gene makes a person highly empathic

-How Teri is able to scale her work worldwide…59:30

  • R3 program: Repattern, Restore, Reclaim
  • The most scalable element of Teri's work is bio-individualized precision wellness (The Cochrane Method)
  • Doctors have shadowed Teri to see the effects of the work
  • Muscle testing by proxy
  • BodyBio
  • Phenomena by Annie Jacobson

-Why Teri is obsessed with wild meat, plants, etc…1:05:45

  • Amyloid is a truncated protein structure measured by light chains
  • Food supply is making amyloids part of the standard diet
  • Chicken has been linked to E. coli
  • Know your gene structure before partaking in certain foods like turmeric
  • Vegan wildatarian diet:
    • Pinto beans
    • Brown rice
    • Root veggies
    • Plantains
    • Broths from wild meat
  • DNA transfers in livestock

-Teri's gold-standard wildatarian diet…1:11:21

  • We eat to our genetic blueprint in our current state of health
  • Low-sulfur, low-oxalate
  • Leftovers increase the histamine burden, depends on the food
  • Teri's supplement Stress Mover – “God pill”
    • Has taurine
    • Helps blunt the HPA axis
    • A precursor to dopamine
    • Helps with bile synthesis
  • Thorne SF722
  • Epinephrine is the “dirty cupcake”; secreted by the adrenals when stressed
  • Methyl Genetics software
  • The Cochrane touch

-How to know if it's a past life, or something epigenetic from a past ancestor…1:20:45

-And much more!

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18 thoughts on “Time Traveling To Heal Trauma, Hyper-Customization Of Diet & Supplements, Past Life vs. Epigenetics & Much More With Teri Cochrane.

  1. John says:

    Ben, why promote a product line that deliberately conceals nutrition panels and ingredients?

    Your audience is way smarter than to ingest mystery substances w nothing more than testimonials same as those late night tv commercials?

    I thought you said you only promote products you’ve used yourself?

    Do you ingest products based only on the front facing label?

    Ruins her credibility.

    Enjoy your podcasts and often try your guests’ products.

  2. Meghan Hauser says:

    Ben, I’m glad you brought up the question about past lives. I also don’t believe in past lives. I don’t discount that there are people who can vividly relay things that actually happened to other people in the past. My theory always was that they were somehow spiritually or psychically linked to those people (not necessarily that they were ancestors). For example, I’ve had premonition-like events in which I could tell something bad had happened to someone very important to me because I myself would feel extremely frightened or ill (as if the bad event had befallen me). I just wonder if we can similarly be connected, independent of time, to certain individual “kindred spirits,” without them being us at a different point in time. Just another thought!

    1. Very interesting thoughts Meghan, thank you for sharing!

    2. Meghan, I also didn’t believe in past lives.. up until recently. As a scientist turned healer, I tried to be open to my client’s version of their stories, and sometimes they would name the significance of a past life. I had a client who was so resonant with her past life, that it wasn’t until I healed the trauma from this past life, did she notice significant shifts in her current reality! But even still after that experience, I wasn’t convinced.

      Then recently another healer discovered a past life (mine) where I was an Aztec warrior who’d been severely punished for speaking his truth re: his stance against war and violence. She had no way of knowing that I was feeling inhibited from speaking my truth, and she didn’t know that I’ve always been firmly against war (with rare exceptions). I released the trauma from this past life, and less than a day later I was contacted to give a talk at a tele summit (on a topic I was afraid to speak my truth about, because I was so afraid that people would dismiss what I had to say because it is beyond believable by many). It was so well attended that went from have a full practice to having a long waiting list. I had never connected with the organizer of this tele summit before, and his contact felt like a divine intervention.

      So, if healing the trauma from past lives can affect us that profoundly, (and I’ve helped others release past life trauma, and it always seems to move them), then it seems like the term isn’t that far fetched. But how we can be that impacted by someone else’s experience centuries ago makes no sense to the more materialistic side of my brain. To understand it, I have to put my quantum helmet on!

      1. Tina Huang says:

        PS. Our culture (and schools) and Western medicine teach us to not trust our intuition. But indigenous cultures who are more connected with the land have a lot more Shamans and healers. I think if we were more connected to our land, if we had to survive in the wild, and we accepted that some people are more intuitive, and fostered it in our community, healers would be more mainstream. Luckily that does seem to be changing. As the Neurologist Oliver Sacks showed, there’s a lot of variability in what we are capable of and how we see the world. We become a richer world when we capitalize on all our gifts…and open to the miracles that are possible with energy medicine. I’ve had to constantly expand my notion of what is possible in my work as a healer!

  3. Bruno Ferreira says:

    Teri mentions having healed a women in Portugal, who has started her own journey healing others as well.
    By any chance anyone has the contact of this women she mentions?

    I’m from Portugal and I’d love to set an appointment with her.

    Thank you :)

  4. Dave says:

    Please provide a download button for those of us who listen on mp3 players. Thanks!

    1. Hi Dave! My IT folks are on it, thank you!

    2. Hi Dave! My IT folks just told me the download button is working now, let me know!

  5. Robin says:

    I really enjoyed this episode! Very intriguing!! I definitely believe Hod blesses people with these kind of skills and talents. Im wondering if her kind of work might help uncover why I started housing stress in my back years ago that result in spasms when I never had that before? I’d love yo sit with her to hear what she has to say and what she sees!!

  6. Diana says:

    Thanks but where’s the download button?

    1. Hi Diana! Thank you for this question—my IT folks are on it and it should be working soon! Please let me know if it still doesn’t work for you in the next few days

    2. Hi Diana! My IT folks just told me the download button should be working now, let me know!

  7. Dale AKA Healthnut says:

    I felt this was a great podcast. I have always been curious how genes / environment / food play a part with each other.

    I look forward to connecting with Teri.

  8. Annie says:

    Thank you so much for finding Teri for us, your avid listeners.
    Regardless of anyones bend on religion, the Christian Christ was a metaphysical healer.
    My experiments on myself through your podcasts have helped people around me to live better, period…..
    And this is part of your mission while you are with us after all. I count myself lucky to live at the same time as you to share with others the loving, amazing people you meet.
    Now to start with Teri’s book to research and her website.
    I will be anxious to hear additional results of your work with Teri. God bless you both.

  9. cormac says:

    It sounds like her muscle testing technique is the Bodytalk system. Bodytalk practitioners can make a diagnosis at a distance and they use surrogates also.

  10. Pascal says:

    Hey Ben,

    I am a dedicated listener of yours truly and I appreciate your continuous work a lot.

    I like that you are approachable, down to earth and a cool guy in general. Thanks for all those hours learning more about the sphere of health and Spirituality.

    I was amazed to see that you are a follower of Christ and that you help others to grow in biblical truth as well.

    Two years ago I converted to Christ after I expierenced a lot with Soul/trauma healing practices.

    The Lord opened my eyes and I was shocked where I was trapped in for so many years. He just can open the eyes for the truth. luke 24 13:35 Emmaus disciples

    But that’s not why I write this comment here. As christians we are suppose to care and love each other and since I have great appreciation for you, I am also here to make you conscious about things you may not know…. At least not yet.

    Ask Jesus if those practices and teachings you share with your audience are actually “woo woo” or from the true living God who created Heaven and earth (Jesus). For my understanding and expierence those practices are demonic, even it may sound hilarious for some.

    I beg you to spend time with the Lord and ask from which spiritual source those people and teachings actually come from. It’s only you and Jesus and your relationship first that matters now.

    As 1 John 4:1-2 says ” Beloved, do not believe every sprit, but test the spirits to see whether they are from God, for many false prophets have gone out into the world.”

    You should also test what I have written here with Christ help to be sure. . 1 John 4.3.

    Spiritual warfare is a real thing according to the bible Ephesians 6. And I can’t let you go this path without telling and warn you. That’s true love is right?

    The bible clearly says that there is no reincarnation otherwise the death of Christ would make no sense. False doctrines always try to teach you stuff that leads you away from the cross and God’s victory and final sacrifice in Christ Jesus.

    As Hebrews says 9:27 ” just as people are destined to die once, and after that to face judgement” – sidenote: John the Baptist came in the ” mission of Elijah” and is not reincarnated as many christians believe. read original scripture in Greek.

    If you want to tap into more into the unseen with the christian lense, you find many testimonies from new age converted people everywhere on YouTube or information at Reasonsforjesus.com

    Thanks Ben, Keep up the good work. Be prepared for internal fights. I pray for you.

    Best regards


    1. Zach says:

      Praise God! The above comment is exactly my thoughts as well.

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