The Top 24 Most Popular and Useful Posts That Have Ever Appeared at

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Are you curious what people are really reading and finding incredibly useful on this website, or which posts will give you the most “bang for your buck”?

In today's post, which comes just 1 week before PODCAST EPISODE #50 is released, I've dug through the fluff and given you the top 24 most popular podcast posts here at BenGreenfieldFitness.

Over the past 10 months, this  website has become established a source for non “run-of-the-mill” advice about nutrition, fat loss and human performance. You folks who visit to read the posts and listen to the free audio interviews range from the top-notch Ironman triathlete…

…to the weekend warrior…

…to the person whose never exercised before but wants to develop a bulletproof roadmap weight loss.

Each link below will take you to the most popular free audio interviews that have ever been featured on this site. In each interview, I make every attempt to cut through the crap and give you the truth about what works and what doesn't. I guarantee that you will be 10 times smarter about your body after surfing through the posts below.

Enjoy! (And by the way, I made pretty cool little tutorial that teaches you how to automatically get notified whenever a new podcast or post is released. (Click here to check it out…)

The Top 24 Most Popular and Useful Posts That Have Ever Appeared at

24. “The Three Main Causes of Illness and Poor Performance” – Ben interviews Dr. David Minkoff, a complementary and alternative medicine expert, owner of Body Health, director of the Lifeworks Wellness Center in Florida, and finisher of 35 Ironman triathlons. Dr. Minkoff explains his fascinating theories on the three main causes of illness and poor performance and outlines a series of unique steps individuals can take to optimize their body systems and return to health naturally, without drugs. Direct link to shownotes:

23. “What You Didn't Know About Burning Fat” – Ben discusses many fat-burning techniques and myths, including fat burning creams, spot reduction, fat loss supplements, fat loss exercises, weightlifting, caloric equations and the “fat-burning zone”. Direct link to shownotes:

22. “Enhanced Techniques for Exercise Recovery” – Ben interviews US National Swim Coach Jerry White, who speaks about the use of magnets during exercise and introduces the theory that exposing the body to magnetic fields during exercise can enhance flexibility, improve muscular stability and enhance lactic acid clearance. Direct link to shownotes:

21. “Nutrition & Fat Loss Q&A” – Ben answers various questions from listeners about healthy travel nutrition, timing of meals, and “eating when you're hungry”. Direct link to shownotes:

20. “All About Protein, Enzymes & Probiotics” – Ben interviews Joe Stout, an expert in the field of animal proteins. During this interview, Ben and Joe discuss goat vs. cow vs. vegetable based protein, whey protein vs. casein protein, colostrum for sports performance or immune system integrity, probiotics and digestive enzymes. Direct link to shownotes:

19. “Artificial Sweeteners & Vitamin B12” – Ben explains the differences between artificial sweetener brands, and the effect on appetite cravings and weight loss, as well as the effect of Vitamin B12 (methycobalamin) mega-dosing on aging, energy and performance. Direct link to shownotes:

18. “An Expert on Yoga” – Ben interviews Johny Gillespie of “The Balanced Athlete” about the unique aspects of his yoga practice, and how to enhance mind-body awareness and human performance with specific yoga protocols. Direct link to shownotes:

17. “Eating Before Workouts, Recovery & Endurance Secrets” – Ben talks about cutting-edge research on getting the most out of your cardio training, managing gut issues during exercise, enhancing recovery from your workouts and how to achieve vast amounts of endurance in a very short period of time. Direct link to shownotes:

16. “Naturopathic Medicine, Nutrition & Performance” – Ben interviews Dr. Todd Schlapfer, physician of the year. Dr. Todd introduces the concept of naturopathic medicine, and differences between allopathic and naturopathic, then proceeds to give concrete examples of dietary protocols and optimum wellness philosophies. Direct link to shownotes:

15. “Extreme Workout Challenge & Thermofactor” – Ben talks a very tough workout, then about a synergistic formula that successfully addresses major issues associated with weight gain. The ingredients provide powerful thermogenic support and help control the appetite and blood sugar balance. Direct link to shownotes:

14. “What You Don't Know About Sugar” – Ben interviews registered dietitian and sugar expert Stacey Trogdon. You’ll hear some fascinating and very practical advice on sugar, including the true link between sugar, fat and inflammation. Direct link to shownotes:

13. “Eight Ways to Instantly Increase Your Metabolic Rate” – Ben talks all about low thyroid, low metabolic rate and natural methods for improvement of metabolism. Direct link to shownotes:

12. “An Expert on Chiropractic Care” – Brian Mathers, Doctor of Chiropractic, discusses the most common mistakes people make when treating their own low back pain, and the top injuries treated in the chiropractic setting. Direct link to shownotes:

11. “Nutritional Supplements & Pill Poppin'” – Ben is interviewed by a fellow personal trainer on the exact dietary and nutritional supplements he takes on a regular basis and why they work for fat loss, lean muscle gain and human performance. Direct link to shownotes:

10. “Are You Making Your Kids Fat?” – Ben interviews Monica Reinagel, host of The Nutrition Diva’s Quick and Dirty Tips Podcast. During this interview, they talk about the seriousness of the childhood obesity problem, and the fact that kids are dying of “adult” diseases that are intimately tied to junk food, fast food, portion control, and other important nutritional issues. Direct link to shownotes:

9. “Foot & Ankle Health” – An interview with Dr. Darron Woolley about how the foot and ankle health affects the rest of the body, common injuries among active individuals, mistakes that people make when treating themselves, and the million-dollar question – how often should you change your shoes? Direct link to shownotes:

8. “Top Holiday Fitness Tips” – Ben hosts a roundtable with personal trainers Mark Cavallaro and Jolene Wilkinson. During this episode, they talk about very practical and easy ways to maintain fat loss and fitness during the holidays and Thanksgiving. If you’re trying to lose fat or get fitter during the holiday season, you won't want to miss it! Direct link to shownotes:

7. “An Expert on Massage” – Ben interviews his personal massage therapist, Tim Gilreath, about how he uses his magic hands to achieve quick recovery, and clearance of connective tissue adhesions. Direct link to shownotes:

6. “What You Need to Know About Chinese Medicine” – Ben interviews Dr. Pamela Langederfer about how Chinese medicine and acupuncture can be used for wellness management, sports performance and smart exercise recovery. Learn exactly why this may be the key to healing your injuries, boosting your immune system and enhancing your energy. Direct link to shownotes:

5. “Is Your Shampoo Killing You?” – An interview with Susan Jeske, a former Ms. America with a background of more than 20 years in the beauty, cosmetic and personal care products industry, including a successful career with an international cosmetic company. During this interview, Susan reveals some shocking truths about the true health effect of beauty and personal care products. Direct link to shownotes:

4.  “Can Fat Make You Fat?” – John Gilbert and Ben Greenfield have a disagreement about whether eating fat can make you fat, and John talks about “9 Nutritional Myths”. Direct link to shownotes:

3. “What Your Parents Didn't Tell You About Metabolic Testing” – Ben answers crucial questions about resting and exercise metabolic testing and how it can help with nutrition, exercise, and sports performance. Direct link to shownotes:

2. “The Dangers of Dairy” – Ben interviews personal trainer Paul Eastwood about why you may want to think twice before downing that glass of milk, including why cow's milk produced 50 years ago may have been better for the human body than what we drink now. Direct link to shownotes:

1. “How Many Bugs Are In Your Gut?” – Ben Greenfield interviews New York Times bestselling author Ann Louise Gittleman about her  book, “The Gut Flush Plan”. Get the full scoop from Anne about dozens of tips, tricks and secrets that you can use to cleanse your body of toxins, maximize athletic performance, destroy the yeast, superbugs, parasites growing in your gut, and eliminate food sensitivities. Direct link to shownotes:

In next week's podcast episode #50, I'll be interviewing one of the world's leading brain expert's, Dr. Arlene Taylor, about very practical ways to make yourself smarter, naturally. Tune in, and be sure to leave our podcast a rating in iTunes! Just click here to go to our iTunes page and leave feedback!

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    Naturopathic Medicine, Nutrition & Performance” – Ben meetings Dr. Todd Schlapfer, doctor of the year. Dr. Todd presents the idea of naturopathic solution, and contrasts in the middle of allopathic and naturopathic, then returns to give cement samples of dietary conventions and ideal wellbeing theories.

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    Naturopathic Medicine, Nutrition & Performance" – Ben meetings Dr. Todd Schlapfer, doctor of the year. Dr. Todd presents the idea of naturopathic solution, and contrasts in the middle of allopathic and naturopathic, then returns to give cement samples of dietary conventions and ideal wellbeing theories.

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