Stephen, a 42 year old computer programmer, was very specific when he outlined his goals for this program:
“1) To get my body fat down to 10 – 12% by end of March/April – it's currently 20%.

2) Strengthen my core, correct my muscle imbalances (left leg is very weak), and increase flexibility.  Previously I have not incorporated any core, or strength training in any of my training schedules.  I just started core about 10 weeks ago 1 hour every wednesday.

3) Bike — Even though my biking will benefit from core and strength training, I really need to work on my technique (pedal stroke).  Since I'm so new to competitive cycling I have plenty of room for improvement.

4) Run —  Correcting the muscle imbalances, strengthening my core, and increase my flexibility will improve my gate, but I still need to concentrate on improving my technique – gate, and fore foot striking vs. heal toe.  Some good off-season drill will be good.

5) My Swimming will benefit from the core, and strength conditioning.  I need to work on better body position to reduce drag, improve body roll, and bi-lateral breathing.”

Just like Irva, Stephen will be given full access to the cutting edge TrainingPeaks software that Ben uses for testing and coaching, from Pacific Elite Fitness. Using this software, Ben will be setting Stephen up with complete annual training and racing plan based on his unique schedule, personal profile, skill level, limitations, and racing history. He will be e-mailed with detailed daily workout instructions every night, or he can look ahead and see what the next week's workout will bring! He can even export his workouts to his Outlook calendar or phone to keep everything in one place in his schedule, and full training logs are provided for him to fill out after his workouts.

Nutrition will be a key part of Stephen's training plan and his plan will allow him to record meals for Ben to analyze his nutrition, help plan his menu, and ensure peak performance fueling. Planning, graphing and analysis capabilities will allow Ben to track his training and nutrition progress and monitor improvements and changes.

Beginning of Program

Weight: 164.5; Body Fat: 22%


12 Weeks Into Program

With consistent training for the past 3 months, Stephen has checked off the first goal, beating his old half-marathon PR by 3 minutes for a time of 1:39. Next stop…the Kinetic Half Ironman on May 4!

Weight: 161; Body Fat: 18.5% (Starting Weight: 164.5; Starting Body Fat: 22%)

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