Is It Possible To Get Stem Cells Injected Into Every Joint Of Your Body (& If So, What Happens?): The Full Body Stem Cell Makeover.

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full body stem cell makeover
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Several years ago, I traveled to Park City, Utah, where I underwent one of the most advanced, fringe biohacking procedures for longevity that, to my knowledge at least, currently exists. I literally had almost every joint in my body injected with stem cells, from toe to head, and then several organs too, including my skin and genitals.

Now don't laugh.

This is not much different than the standard stem cell protocols people do every day for getting rid of joint pain, growing hair, smoothing skin, improving sexual performance, or increasing longevity, but the protocol that I did just does it all at once, which is kind of unheard of.

No surprises here: the effects were pretty profound for me, including notably faster workout recovery (as in, almost immediate recovery from soul-crushing workouts), getting sick less, a somewhat more youthful appearance (reduction of wrinkles, greater hair volume, darker hair coloration, etc.), shockingly improved sexual performance, particularly for erection firmness and size…pretty much everything else I wanted out of the procedure. Any of my friends who have wound up in Park City since for the same protocol have reported similar results back to me. So there's definitely something to this.

So what is this treatment called, exactly? It's one of the most cutting-edge forays into self-experimentation I've ever had performed on my body, and it's called a Full Body Stem Cell Makeover. The procedure was designed by Drs. Harry Adelson and Dr. Amy Killen of the Docere Clinics, and what it entailed was injecting my entire body with my own stem cells.

Dr. Adelson was one of the early adopters of stem cell therapy for pain treatment. He began his training in regenerative injection therapy (prolotherapy) in 1998 while in his final year at The National College of Naturopathic Medicine, in Portland, Oregon, after being cured of a rock-climbing injury with prolotherapy. From the day he opened the Docere Clinic, he has been performing 100% regenerative injection therapies for treating musculoskeletal pain conditions. For a deep video dive into Docere Clinics, watch Dr. Adelson's 60-minute Nick Nanton film “The Stem Cell Solution” and also listen to these podcast episodes:

In 2006, Dr. Adelson incorporated platelet-rich plasma and ultrasound-guided injection, in 2010, bone marrow aspirate concentrate and adipose-derived (fat-derived) stem cells, and in 2013, fluoroscopic-guided injection (motion X-ray).

Since February 2010, Dr. Adelson has performed over 7,000 bone marrow and adipose-derived adult stem cell procedures and has injected stem cells into over 2,000 intervertebral discs, placing him among those most experienced in the world with the use of autologous stem cells for the treatment of musculoskeletal pain conditions.

Dr. Killen, who is Dr. Adelson's partner on this protocol, has spoken nationally about platelet-rich plasma (PRP) and stem cell therapies and teaches a physician training course for ApexBiologix outlining current best practices for regenerative therapies in aesthetics and sexual optimization.

After my first stem cell makeover in 2018, I visited with Drs. Adelson and Killen on my podcast to talk in detail about the procedure and my results. Since then, there have been several notable advances in the science of stem cells and regenerative medicine. So this past April, I had the Docere Clinic doctors back on the show to follow up and – you guessed it – after we recorded the podcast, I underwent a second full-body stem cell makeover using all the latest tactics up the doctors' sleeves (you can also watch a video of me getting hooked up for that procedure here). Now that I've experienced all those results again, but even more noticeably, perhaps because I'm five years older, I now plan on continuing to repeat this protocol or a version of it for years to come. It is literally the closest thing to the fountain of youth I've ever experienced.

Pop in.

Get younger.

Pop out.

Boom. Done. Younger again.

Now, this is admittedly not an inexpensive treatment, costing tens of thousands of dollars. The facility is state-of-the-art, the machines are top-of-line, and both doctors attend to you throughout the hours-long procedure – so the costs obviously add up, and was previously really only available to those who wanted to invest in their bodies the way they would invest in a fine Ferrari.

However, you're about to learn how a special variant of this procedure is making stem cell therapy available to a much wider base of people through a new clinic and a tithing program. You'll learn more about the background and history of stem cell therapy, the latest on musculoskeletal pain and longevity, and the future of stem cell treatments. Enjoy the information below, straight from the stem cell genius himself: Dr. Harry Adelson.

Stem Cell Therapy: The Health Freedom Debate

Most people are familiar with the concept of stem cells in medicine, yet the behind-the-scenes world of stem cell therapy is not nearly as well-known.

Back in August, The Cell Surgical Network defeated the Food & Drug Administration (FDA) in federal court. This was breaking news after a long and hard fight between my friends at the Cell Surgical Network and the FDA regarding autologous stem cell therapy.

The controversy started in 2017 when the FDA took issue with taking stem cells from adipose (fat) tissue, claiming that clinics offered treatments with unapproved and unlicensed products. The FDA asserted that this practice was akin to dispensing “drugs” and non-FDA-approved drugs. First, the FDA sued Kristin Comella, Ph.D. of the U.S Stem Cell Clinic. The judge, in that case, granted the FDA a summary judgment, meaning the judge determined that Kristin was guilty without a trial. Soon after that, the judge on that case resigned from a lifetime appointment as a federal circuit judge and took a position on the advisory board with a stem cell company that is trying to gain FDA approval for their line of umbilical cord cells. In a newspaper interview, the judge said that when a former clerk went on to launch a biotech company, it “ignited a spark,” kindling a long-suppressed urge to “do something entrepreneurial.”

In this case, I’m happy to report that the judge ruled in favor of Cell Surgical Network and determined that the FDA was functioning outside its jurisdiction. A quote issued by the International Society for Stem Cell Application explains:

“This news opens up the possibilities and sets an important precedent for clinics in the United States to use autologous cellular treatments derived from adipose tissue, giving patients the right to use their own tissue to enhance regenerative processes and fight disease.”

Clearly, this is a huge victory for the entire industry of stem cell therapy and medical freedom in this country.

When I started injecting stem cells in 2010, there was a great deal of interest in autologous stem cells (the word “autologous” means donor and recipient are the same person; so, cells from your own body that we move from one place to another). Kristen Comella was the one who led the movement of using cells from your own body instead of cells from birth tissue—meaning umbilical cord or placenta, also called “allogenic” cells, where the donor and recipient are different people.

When the FDA sued Kristen, it put a gag order on her and the rest of the industry. Fearing similar attention from federal authorities (myself included), most stopped broadcasting their use of autologous cells from fat. During those years, people with a vested interest in placental/umbilical cord cells harped on the “superiority” of allogenic cells, and everyone started going abroad for birth tissue stem cells. Because the entire autologous industry was looking over its shoulder and keeping everything on the down low, there was no voice for using your own cells over umbilical cord/placental cells.

Well, now that my friends at Cell Surgical Network have won their case, I plan to be that voice!

Where did this whole idea that birth tissue cells are superior to your own cells come from? Well, it originated from the field of tissue regeneration, where researchers are 3-D printing organs and tissues in the laboratory for surgical implantation. If you want to grow a kidney in a lab, yes, it is true, birth tissue cells are superior. However, does that mean they are superior in treating an arthritic joint or painful low back? The answer is that no one knows for certain at this point, but I personally strongly suspect the answer is “no.”

Here's why…

I've used both. During 2010-2014, I commuted every other month to Bogota, Colombia, where I did hundreds of procedures for my patients who wanted birth tissue cells. After trying both, I have found autologous cells to be at least as good as, if not superior to, birth tissue cells for treating pain in the spine or joints. That experience is compounded by the fact that I would prefer to use my own cells rather than introduce someone else’s DNA into my organism. I spend a lot of time and energy on keeping my own internal and external environments clean, so why would I introduce the DNA of someone I know nothing about?

The industry thinks allogenic cells are safe, but we don’t know. After all, you can have Graft-versus-host disease (GVHD) as far out as three years after an organ transplant! So, the point is, we don’t know how safe allogenic cells are, and I, for one, would rather wait until we know more.

As such, my belief, Ben’s belief, and the belief of many a biohacker is this: if you have pain in the spine and/or joints, and you can do the trick with your own cells, why risk using someone else’s cells? Sure, if you have something extreme like Parkinson’s or some hideous degenerative neurologic disease, the risk/benefit ratio is there. But for joint and spine pain? I’d rather use my own stuff for now.

Stem Cell Therapy & Musculoskeletal Pain

While stem cell therapy is being used for a myriad of purposes worldwide, I want to specifically focus on how we use peoples’ own cells to address musculoskeletal pain, which is what we did for Ben and all that we do at Docere Clinics.

To understand the role of stem cells in musculoskeletal pain, you need to know what's happening to cause this pain in the first place.

In most cases, musculoskeletal pain is caused by changes in the microanatomy of your connective tissues, such as degeneration of the collagen matrix and irregular formation of blood vessels. When looked at this way, we can say that chronic musculoskeletal pain is a form of a non-healing wound.

One thing we know about stem cell therapy based on the scientific literature is that it triggers the growth of new connective tissue and promotes wound healing. When you inject stem cells into your tissues, it assists the wound in healing by increasing collagen formation, growing new blood vessels, increasing blood flow, and then growing skin.

Therefore, by viewing musculoskeletal pain as basically a form of a non-healing wound, we leverage the activity of stem cells by taking them from an area of your body where they are robust and injecting them into an area that needs healing.

Once the stem cells are in the presence of damaged cells, they recognize this, and in response, they signal them to go into healing mode. As such, you get a second chance at healing without any new tissue insult. This is truly in line with the central tenet of naturopathic medicine, “the healing power of nature.”

How Musculoskeletal Pain Impacts Longevity

One of the most obvious ways chronic pain impacts longevity is its effect on physical activity.

Staying physically active is one of the most impactful things you can do to increase longevity, resulting in greater reductions in mortality risk factors, including (but not limited to) stroke, diabetes, cancer, heart disease, and hypertension.

Unfortunately, for those in pain, movement can range from uncomfortable to excruciating, depending on the individual and their injury. This can slowly chip away at your physical fitness and increase mortality risk factors.

However, it is important to remember that longevity is determined not only by physical health but also by mental and emotional well-being.

In fact, one of the greatest determinants of living a long and healthy life is having a sense of purpose. When you feel that you have a good reason to get up and out of bed in the morning, it not only enhances your mental health, but research shows it also improves physical health to decrease mortality risks.

In other words, having a purpose in life will make you live longer. Ben talks about the importance of finding your purpose in this recent article.

For people in chronic pain, feeling a sense of purpose can be greatly diminished due to the all-consuming challenge of daily life. Those in pain are also much more likely to suffer from emotional challenges due to the ongoing stress and discomfort of the pain, which can cloud their ability to feel present and engaged.

These issues become even more magnified for those whose sense of purpose is directly related to physical movement. If you're someone that loves to run, you dream of making it up Mount Kilimanjaro someday, or you simply find your joy on the golf course, physical pain can significantly inhibit your ability to connect with your purpose.

Simply put, chronic pain won't kill you, but it can slowly but surely destroy your quality of life. Stem cells can fix that, fast.

The Development of the Full Body Stem Cell Makeover (FBSCMO)

Back in 2010, I was one of the only people in the U.S. using bone marrow stem cells.

Athletes were going abroad to get treatments, but here in the U.S., it still hadn't caught on.

During this time, I spent a great deal of time overseas, learning more about stem cell therapy from doctors in Central and South America. Since my practice was relatively slow due to a lack of awareness of stem cells, I split my time between the U.S. and Brazil, where stem cells were hot.

This experience allowed me to learn with doctors skilled in stem cell treatments, with a high volume of patients–about 20 procedures per day. Over time my work in Brazil allowed me to become very efficient and proficient at stem cell therapy.

Meanwhile, back in the U.S., most of my patients were Wyoming ranchers, cowboys referred to me by their veterinarian. You read that right–their vet referred them.

How exactly did this come about? The ranchers owned expensive workhorses that were getting old, so they would bring them to the vet for stem cell treatment. The vet would give the horses some injections, and viola–the horses would be able to work an additional two to three years.

The ranchers would witness the transformation and ask the vet if he could give them a little injection to ease this pain or that. Understandably, the vet would say no, because, well, he’s a veterinarian. Instead, he started referring the ranchers to me, which created the base of my stem cell practice.

When these ranchers came in, it wasn't just a little back pain or a slight neck throb; they had arthritis throughout their entire bodies. So, to treat them, I needed to give them injections all over their body–the neck, low back, hips, knees, shoulders, etc. This is when I jokingly started calling the treatment Full Body Stem Cell Makeover®.

At the same time, stem cell therapy caught on with the biohacker community. They understood that stem cells were used to address pain or injury and could also be theoretically used preventatively to avoid such issues. They would come in asking, true to biohacker form, “can't you just do this to my whole body?”

Of course, the answer was yes, and that's when I officially started Full Body Stem Cell Makeover (FBSCMO).

Five Years And Almost 200 FBSCMO®s Later

It's been five years since the launch of FBSCMO, and we've been honored to perform nearly 200 FBSCMOs thus far with amazing results.

Ben was one of the first when he received his initial treatment, and then he received his second one at the time of our most recent podcast.

I want to take a moment to delineate what makes FBSCMO different, aside from the fact that it addresses the whole body instead of just small areas of injury. First, the FBSCMO uses your own stem cells (autologous) from bone marrow, fat (SVF), and blood (VSEL), which provide your body with repair cells it already recognizes. As I said earlier, I am a strong believer in using your own cells, I believe them to be safer and more effective than birth tissue cells.

Second, our treatment method uses precise injections as opposed to the standard IV stem cell treatment, as is done routinely in places like Panama or Mexico. The big benefit here is that although IV gets the cells to internal organs, it doesn't get them to the spine or joints where there is relatively little blood flow.

So, when people ask me, “Should I come to you or should I go to Panama?”, I answer, “You should do both… they are completely different.”

Democratizing Stem Cell Treatments: The Launch of Stym Clinics

While the Docere Clinics is the only place that offers FBSCMO® and no one in the world is doing anything remotely similar, the fact is that these treatments are expensive, ranging from $40,000 to $60,000.

Something that occurred to me when I had my own health episode (bacterial endocarditis that led to a stroke and an aortic valve replacement) is that even if you have something that is the most wonderful development in medicine, if someone can't afford it, it doesn't do them any good.

So, what about the rest of the world that may be in pain but can't afford the FBSCMO or even a simpler treatment at Docere Clinics that starts in the $20,000 range?

Enter Stym Clinics. In the spirit of democratizing technology to alleviate human suffering, Stym Clinics, a partnership between myself and Dr. Josh Redd of Redd River Health and Wellness, will, for the very first time, provide the highest caliber of regenerative cell therapy at an affordable price to those suffering from spine and joint pain or who want a “quick” more affordable anti-aging hack with a stem cell protocol that is safe and effective. We are currently taking names to be notified (click here) when we are up and running in early 2023.

Stym Clinics will consist of an army of nurse practitioners that perform 20% of the stem cell interventions that I do, which works in 80% of cases. It will be a vast simplification of Docere Clinics intended for straightforward cases, greatly reducing cost ($2,000-$8,000 range) without compromising quality.  To expand our support network, I plan to train an army of nurse practitioners so that we can grow Stym Clinics and help as many people as possible.

While Stym Clinics is meant to create more accessibility to this technology, I also understand that even the $2,000 to $8,000 range is beyond their budget for many people. From my experience with physical pain, I also understand that helping people get out of pain is a gift. For this reason, I created a tithing program that offers individuals free-of-charge services.

For people living below the poverty line, we offer two pathways for enrollment. The first is for combat service veterans; if you've served in combat, I will do the treatment completely free of charge. The other is treatment in exchange for documentation of community service hours.

We've been doing the tithing program at Docere Clinics for a day a month for about four years, and it's one of my favorite and most fulfilling parts of my work. You can go here to learn more.


So there you have it.

I'm very excited that Dr. Adelson and his team have now cracked the code to get you results quite similar to a full-body stem cell makeover at a fraction of the price by using this new Stym Clinic protocol, and without a long wait time.

If you want to see the videos of the entire FBSCMO procedure in nitty-gritty detail on YouTube, head on over to this video. The Docere Clinics website also has a wealth of information in their “Library” if you're thinking of trying one the most cutting-edge ways to upgrade your entire body.

Finally, in case you want the executive summary, here's a recap of the top points Dr. Adelson made above:

  • Recently, the Cell Surgical Network defeated the FDA in federal court, which was a major victory for the field of stem cell therapy.
  • When you inject stem cells into your tissues, it assists the wound in healing by increasing collagen formation, growing new blood vessels, increasing blood flow, and then growing skin.
  • Stem cell therapy is highly effective in addressing musculoskeletal pain.
  • The Full Body Stem Cell Makeover® (FBSCMO) first began in the U.S. when ranchers would come to Dr. Adelson with full-blown arthritis throughout their bodies, for complete treatment and transformation.
  • Dr. Adelson is opening Stym Clinics to provide the highest caliber of regenerative cell therapy at an affordable price to those suffering from spine and joint pain, or who want a big dose of longevity enhancement at a low price.

This is obviously a new, cutting-edge, groundbreaking biohacking and anti-aging protocol that I'm stoked to be one of the first share with you. The potential for healing through stem cell therapy is unlimited, and I'm definitely going to be watching the field closely and continuing to talk to Dr. Adelson, as the science advances even further.

Do you have questions, thoughts, or feedback for me or Dr. Adelson about stem cell therapy and these unique stym protocols he is now offering? Leave your comments below, and one of us will reply!

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  1. Larry Bennett says:

    Dr Adelson – do you happen to do work with any Ehler Danlsoe Syndrome patients? And how are results for EDS folks?

  2. Mama Dee says:

    I feel like this should be something that is attainable for single parent/sole providers. Our kids need us to be our best and be there for them for the long haul.

    Any chance this is every going to be in the affordable range?

    Homeschooling/FT working Mom.

  3. Marie says:

    Tony Robbins’ book Lifeforce covers stem cell therapy and he has spoken to the top doctors in the world as is common for him. Tony and his team of doctors say that stem cells from your own body do not compare at all to stem cells from the placenta or cord blood. Tony Robbins himself has had this procedure for a severe injury, you can read about it in his book and he has not had to repeat the procedure. I absolutely trust Tony Robbins’ opinions on this subject, you really should research his data. He goes above and beyond to find the best. He is affiliated with a company called Cellularity.

  4. Alena says:

    What about urine therapy for stem cells? I’m just learning about this and it seems like the best and cheapest way to get stem cells custom for our own bodies. Have you explored this? There is no $ in urine therapy but the stem cells are there. And aged urine even more.

    1. Steve Anderson says:

      Where do I get urine therapy stem cells

      1. Martin says:

        Interesting! Time to bring out the piss juggs, lol.

        “…urine-derived stem cells (USCs), all of which have been demonstrated to be capable of self-renewal and multidirectional differentiation, regenerate corresponding tissues, such as functional bone, muscle, nerve, and endothelial tissue (Zhang et al., 2014). Among ADSCs, BMSCs and USCs, USCs have been noted to exhibit a higher proliferative rate and vascularization potential and to have better adipogenic, myogenic, neurogenic and endothelial differentiation potential with high efficiency; moreover, the collection of USCs is advantageously noninvasive and inexpensive (Kang et al., 2015; Wu et al., 2018). Therefore, the study of USCs could be of great value.”

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        Your urine. Either the first pee in the morning or your first clear pee of the day (different reasons for using one vs the other). You can catch it and drink it, but you don’t have to drink it. You can rub it on your skin and your body will absorb like that. You can give yourself an enema with it (fun, right?) or even put it in your belly button and let it sit there.
        And if you want a super high concentration of stem cells, you age it first.

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