The Single, Most Comprehensive Stem Cell Procedure Known To Humankind: How A “Full Body Stem Cell & Exosome Makeover” Works.

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Full Body Stem Cell Makeover
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Note from Ben regarding the Full Body Stem Cell Makeover: I mentioned 30K as total cost on the podcast. That actually is the cost for all the stem cell and exosome injections into the spine and joints. The *cosmetic* and *sexual* add-ons tack 12-15K onto the total cost of this procedure. Just a heads up!

What you are about to discover in this podcast is one of the most advanced, fringe, cutting-edge biohacks and forays into self-experimentation I've ever done…

…a full body stem-cell makeover at Docere Clinics in Park City, Utah…including a little-known type of compound called an “exosome”.

Dr. Harry Adelson, my first guest on today's podcast, was one of the early adopters of stem cell therapy for the treatment of pain. He began his training in regenerative injection therapy (prolotherapy) in 1998 while in his final year at The National College of Naturopathic Medicine, in Portland, Oregon after having been cured of a rock-climbing injury with prolotherapy. During his residency program in Integrative Medicine at the Yale/Griffin Hospital in Derby, Connecticut, he volunteered after hours in a large homeless shelter in Bridgeport, Connecticut, providing regenerative injection therapies to the medically underserved while gaining valuable experience. He opened Docere Clinics in Park City in 2002 and from day one, his practice has been 100% regenerative injection therapies for the treatment of musculoskeletal pain conditions. In 2006 he incorporated platelet-rich plasma and ultrasound-guided injection into his armamentarium, in 2010, bone marrow aspirate concentrate and adipose-derived stem cells, and in 2013, fluoroscopic-guided injection (motion X-ray).

Since February of 2010, Dr. Adelson has performed over 5,000 bone marrow and adipose-derived adult stem cell procedures and has injected stem cells into over 500 intervertebral discs, placing him among those most experienced in the world with the use of autologous stem cells for the treatment of musculoskeletal pain conditions.

Dr. Amy Killen is also a guest on today's show. She joined Docere Medical after moving to Utah from Portland, Oregon, where she was the Medical Director of an anti-aging and regenerative medicine specialty practice. Dr. Killen’s medical training began in Dallas, where she attended medical school at UT Southwestern and received her M.D. degree, graduating in the top 10% of her class. She completed a residency in Emergency Medicine at the University of Arizona and served as Chief Resident during her final year. After working as a board-certified emergency physician for more than 7 years, Dr. Killen began studying and training in anti-aging, regenerative, and aesthetic medicine in hopes of approaching patients’ wellness and beauty from a different perspective and with a new toolbox of innovative and effective treatment options.

Advanced training has included completion of the fellowship in Anti-Aging and Regenerative Medicine through the American Association of Anti-Aging Medicine and certification training in Age Management Medicine. Dr. Killen is certified by the National Institute of Medical Aesthetics in both basic and advanced cosmetic injections and trained with Dr. Lisbeth Roy to learn the O-Shot and P-Shot PRP procedures. Further PRP injection training was provided by PRP Life Lift and she completed the Hair Coach certification program with Dr. Alan Bauman in Florida, which taught a comprehensive approach to non-surgical hair loss. Dr. Killen learned how to extract and process stem cells as part of the U.S. Stem Cell Training Course taught by leading stem cell scientist Dr. Kristin Comella. Dr. Amy Killen has also spent many hours in the operating suite learning directly from Harry Adelson N.D. at Docere Clinics.

Dr. Killen has spoken nationally about PRP and stem cell therapies and teaches a physician training course for ApexBiologix outlining current best practices for using regenerative therapies in aesthetics and sexual optimization.

During my discussion with Harry and Amy, you'll discover:

-How Harry got started with prolotherapy and PRP for pain management in farmers and construction workers…14:45

-The “Stem Cell Theory of Aging”, which states that biologic aging is a result of loss function and population of stem cells in musculoskeletal tissues…24:00

-How Harry is harvesting stem cells from bone marrow, supplementing them with exosomes (the “currency” of stem cells, the inter-cellular communication blocks), and then injecting them into all major moving parts as well as skin of face, scalp, and penis…28:30

-Why umbilical and amniotic stem cells could potentially be dangerous due to exposing the body to foreign DNA…32:30

-What “MSC's” are, why are they different and better than other stem cell therapies, and how they differentiate into musculoskeletal tissues and have been called “medical signaling cells” because they trigger the healing of damaged tissues…42:00

-Why somebody would undergo a full body stem cell treatment, and whether is it going to “rejuvenate all of the cells in my body”…49:30

-What to expect after a full body stem cell makeover…57:00

Interview with Dr. Amy Killen:

-What PRP therapy is, and how it differs from stem cells…1:07:00

-What happens when you inject stem cells into a man’s “unit”, and why Amy injected Ben…1:11:30

-Why Amy injects stem cells and PRP into vaginas, and how the O-Shot improves the power and duration of female orgasms…1:15:20

-The secrets of the vampire breast lift and other cosmetic procedures she has done…1:18:15

-What causes hair loss, and how to fix it with stem cells…1:22:15

-What V-cells are and how they work…1:27:00

-Post-treatment care and biohacks to enhance recovery and efficacy of the treatment…1:29:00

-And much more!

Click here for the full written transcript of this podcast episode.

Resources from this episode:

Docere Clinics in Park City, Utah

-Video: What Are Exosomes? Ben Greenfield Interviews Dr. Harry Adelson On Full Body Stem Cell Makeover

-Video: Ben Greenfield Interviews Dr. Amy Killen About Stem Cells, PRP, Exosomes & P-Shot

-Video: Ben Greenfield Full Body Stem Cell Makeover With Exosomes: Part 1

-Video: Ben Greenfield Full Body Stem Cell Makeover With Exosomes: Part 2

-All the recovery biohacks I implemented to recover from the stem cell procedures and enhance stem cell production:

Flexpulse PEMF
Pulsecenters PEMF
Biomat Infrared
Water and Wellness molecular hydrogen
Joovv Infrared Light
NanoVi DNA Repair
Exogenous HVMN Ketones
Omega-3 DHA Superessential Fish Oil
Vielight Photobiomodulation
Kion Flex
Clearlight Sauna

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28 thoughts on “The Single, Most Comprehensive Stem Cell Procedure Known To Humankind: How A “Full Body Stem Cell & Exosome Makeover” Works.

  1. John says:

    Ben, you may have been hoodwinked. Why not get your stem cell treatment from an actual MD instead of an untrained ND?…

    1. I don't know, because you are asking an "untrained" journalist and "untrained" author and "untrained" podcaster and "untrained" speaker who only has a physical education degree. You'll have to find someone with a fancy piece of paper to ask that question to, I'm afraid.

  2. Jennifer D says:

    As someone who has gone to Panama 3 times I can give you a perspective as to why people go down there for treatment.

    1. The Stem Cell Institute has been around about 15 years. Which means they have done way more research and clinical trials than doctors in the United States as far as umbilical cord stem cells are concerned. Because of this extensive history, they are able to give significantly more stem cells as part of their protocol. I received 8 million stem cells per knee and about 125 million stem cells via IV. The US has not had enough clinical trials to administer that kind of dose (for lack of a better word). Clinics I visited in my city could only offer me 1 million per knee and the ones I visited did not offer IV. (Granted, that was about 3 years ago).

    2. The Institute in Panama is a full time stem cell clinic. Most doctors in the US offer stem cells as a side hustle to their more prominent practice, so I have more faith in the people who are focusing on it 24/7 and have dedicated their lives to this area of medicine.

    3. Some of us just don’t like the idea of having surgery, so using donor cells feels like a better option.

    4. Not all stem cells are created equal. The institute in Panama uses a banking analogy that some of us are born “rich” (good, strong stem cells) and some of us are born “poor” (weak, less effective stem cells) which makes sense why there is a non-response rate for using your own cells. In Panama, they only use the “golden” cells and discard many donated umbilical cords because they want the highest success rate possible.

    1. Jennifer D says:

      Also, the Institute was started by an American doctor and is located in a beautiful facility in a skyscraper overlooking the ocean. I think a lot of people picture a strip mall in Tiajuana when they think of leaving the country for medical treatments, but it’s very high class.

    2. Joseph DeGeorge says:

      Jen…my name is Joe from NYC

      I assume it’s the Riordan institute in Panama…how well did it work for you ??



      [email protected]

      Please contact me

  3. Daniel Davies says:

    Hi ben,
    I have a shrunk, defunct, inflamed member. Do you think they’re is hope for me in stem cells, I understand 3 sessions over a month is my solution. If you find any new tech/revelation/solution please let me know and likewise. I have a potential suprise for us there if I can get to to the states. I’m open to work with you from England I. e. Stem cells makeover lab, etc.. Should I hold out a couple of years for a step up in the game?.
    All the best

  4. dave says:

    my wifes hormones have been very bad, and she stopped getting periods when she was 30, she doesn’t make eggs anymore, although overies look normal, doctors aren’t sure what the issues are. She also has low thyroid and is on naturethroid. Can your stem cell therapy kick her overies back into business? and jump start her body? she is 39

  5. Yoshi says:

    Hi Ben,

    I’m really struggling with chronic joint pain and am interested in a large stem cell treatment. Do you have a top 3 recommendation for clinics that do that type of procedure? I really appreciate the information you have here and am curious to do some looking around myself too. Do you also have any other recommendations on where to find the latest research about stem cell therapy and joint pain?

    Hope you can reply.

    Thanks very much!

    1. I have a ton of resources, just do a search for "stem cells on my site.

  6. Bill S. says:

    Ben: I am scheduled to do my entire spine and IV treatment from Dr. A. as well as cosmetic stuff from Dr. K. in about a month. In doing my pre procedure homework, I see some criticisms of a ND doing these types of procedures vs. a traditional physician. I guess I’m basically looking for some comfort in the level of professionalism, skill, sterile conditions, etc. with this particular group and I figured you’d be the guy to ask – especially since I know how much due diligence you do. After all …. it is injections right next to the spinal cord we are talking about here. Plus, with the sheer number of injections involved the risk of infection must always be considered. Respect your work and hope you have time to reply.


  7. Maryna says:

    HI Ben! Very interesting and eyeopening information! Thank you, always find your posts so helpful! Bought a few gadgets with your advice. Work great. Would like to have done the Stem Cell Makeover for my husband, but we cant fly to US, could you advice a respectful clinic in Europe.
    Best of all your reader Maryna

  8. Rita Mastrovito says:

    Well I did it! I flew to Docere Clinics in Utah and Dr. Adelson injected my shoulders, hips, knees, and ankles with stem cells. He harvested some fat and some bone marrow and then added exosomes and wharton’s jelly. My whole body was a wreck for 1 day but then I traveled home the next day and I feel great! I didn’t have much pain to begin with but at 57 I wanted to thwart any chance of arthritis or other age related degradation. Really looking forward to the next 57 years of activity! I would say that if you have the opportunity to go, you should definitely invest in your future. Thanks for the advice, Ben!

    1. Glad you're feeling great!

  9. Hi Ben.

    First, Thank you for your incredible incredible work.

    It s amazing we live in a world so connected that is possible to tap into people like you from distance. I follow from ItalyEurope, and I had buied many of the product you suggest. I do light treatments, fasting, keto diet, pemf with E.Pulse, I supplement with many products.

    Now, I would like to do the stem cell treatment.

    But I am in Europe, and I would like to stay in Europe to do it.

    Do you have any suggestion (clinic you reccomends in Europe)?

    What do you think about Emcell in Ukraine?

    Thank you man. You are changing the world, 1 article, 1 podcast, at a time ;)

    1. I haven't used that particular clinic so can't comment. You may want to post this question to the Kion Community. Or try contacting US Stem Cell Clinic, they may be able to offer you advice:

  10. Dale AKA Healthnut says:

    I just attended a local event to learn more about Stem Cell Therapy. It appears Surgenex viles of Ambiotic Membrane Injections are done quite often. They expressed they do Ambiotic since many patients are over 50 other than athletes and who would want 50-60 year old stem cells place somewhere else throughout the body. Just trying to understand the advantages of using my 47 year old Bone or Fat with Exosomes vs just going the Ambiitic route. Are there any studies comparing the two?
    I have a ruptured ACL and used my hamstring graft (that locks up) and I would like to have this repair done and open to any thoughts on what I wrote above.

  11. Dale Myers says:

    Ben –
    You have any updates on how you feel? Other options if only 10K max could be spent?
    I just did the Longevity Test and look forward to talking with you soon.

  12. Margaretha K. - Norway says:

    Hi, this is extremely interesting, but I need some help since I’m living in Norway, Europe. Is there any way to find therapists and doctors with the same experience and skills over here in Europe, or do I have to travel to the states to get this done? You mention that the US is behind on stem cell therapy and that it has been tried and tested for many years outside the US, but are you referring to the Southern American clinics or are there European ones as well that are as good as the one down in Utah?

    1. I would contact Docere Clinics and they should be able to point you in the right direction:

  13. Mike says:

    I’d love to hear how you feel about this treatment now that you are 4+ months out…is this therapy worth doing?

    1. I think we are still waiting for that post. I just used US STEM Cells (Same facility Ben used) last week. I am pretty lean and she tortured me with that cannula for 1 hr and 10 minutes. Still VERY VERY sore and the bruising and blood draining south is significant. I had the IV, a shoulder injection, and a knee injection for 11K. Curious as to any improvements for Ben?

  14. Anthony Llabres says:

    So what has been the outcome of all the stem.cell work? How ya feeling? Need an episode in that for sure.

  15. Anoop Mishra says:


    I can not see the transcript for this episode. When are you likely to put it up Ben?



  16. Enid Ginn says:

    Hi – I am very interested in Stem Cell therapy for a longtime osteoarthritic condition in my lumbar vertebrae. In your opinion, which is the best stem cell type for this condition: bone marrow, fat-derived or PRP? Thanks

  17. lake says:

    Hey Ben,

    Do you know if Cochlear Implants emit EMFs? I have a Med-El CI and was trying to find information online, but what is there is scare or unsubstantiated so far as I can see. I have a bluetooth necklace I can use that loops directly to my processor, which allows me to listen to music, podcasts, etc,. with ease. But if this furthens my exposure to radiation, then i want to take the necessary precautions to allow my body to fight and cope with the radiation.

    1. This would be a good one to call into the podcast!

  18. Scott Bryant says:

    Does stem cell therapy treatment have a temporary or permanent effect? Based on the theory described, it certainly sounds like it is permanent in that newer tissue is formed and repaired in the area treated. The clock has essentially been rolled back on the treated area and, if properly maintained, the new tissue should last a lifetime. Why then, does Dr Adelson state that the effects last years and that he expects patients to come back to him from treatment in 3 to 6 years? What would cause the tissue to return to its original state a few years later and require another treatment?

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