The Timeless Mother’s Day Health and Wellness Gift Guide

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ben greenfield's mother's day gift guide

15 Gifts That Improve Health, Happiness, and Longevity

1. Young Goose

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As a husband and father, I understand the importance of showing appreciation to the incredible women in your life. That's why I'm recommending Young Goose this Mother's Day. They've spent years of research tackling 12 hallmarks of aging skin head-on. From reducing wrinkles, tightening skin, evening out skin tone, and boosting a glow that signifies vibrant health, Young Goose helps your loved one’s natural beauty shine through.

One of the best gifts I’d recommend for rejuvenated skin is Young Goose’s Biohack Aging Systems, which contains molecules I've been talking about for a while, like NAD+ precursors, spermidine, and copper peptides. Additionally, you can tailor your gift by selecting from three options — Minimal, Standard, or Advanced.

Head to Young Goose's website and pick the system you think will make your special someone feel most loved. They're already offering a Mother's Day discount, but using the code below will save you even more money!

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2. Spring & Mulberry

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Looking for the perfect Mother's Day gift? Spring & Mulberry invites you to explore a realm of flavor beyond sugar, with offerings like jammy dates, fruity pollens, rich cacaos, and tangy spices — a delightful treat for mom. Founded by Kathryn Shah and Sarah Bell, the brand was inspired by Kathryn's cancer diagnosis, leading her to quit refined sugar and explore the healing power of food.

Spring & Mulberry’s date-sweetened chocolate bars check all the boxes:

  • No added sugar
  • Organic ingredients
  • Direct-trade, regenerative cacao
  • Tested SAFE for heavy metals

Why dates? They're packed with more antioxidants than blueberries and more potassium than bananas, with a lower glycemic index than sugar, honey, or maple syrup. Dates are also rich in fiber, aiding digestion and gut health while slowing sugar absorption.

Oh, and they’re absolutely, delectable! My wife's favorite flavor is Lavender Rose — you’ve got to try it!

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3. Pique Tea

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This Mother's Day, treat the moms in your life to Nandaka, the coffee replacement designed specifically for women. With Nandaka, they’ll enjoy a delicious morning ritual that nourishes rather than depletes, with cacao to activate metabolism, combat bloat, and curb sugar cravings. 

This delicious coffee alternative slowly releases caffeine, providing sustained energy without jitters or crashes. It also helps combat sluggishness and promotes hormonal balance with functional mushrooms and adaptogens. Say goodbye to hormonal acne and hello to clear, radiant skin, while also regulating PMS and mood.

Pique products stand out with their commitment to quality and purity, ensuring maximized benefits and bioavailability. With up to 30% cacao butter for better nutrient absorption and to help curb sugar cravings, and a blend of mushrooms free of mycelium and grains, Pique offers a unique, health-boosting experience to the women in your life!

Save 15% off Mom’s favorite new energy hack (plus receive a free gift).

4. Canopy

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Give the practical gift of healthy, glowing skin and hair to her this year!

Canopy developed a line of reimagined devices with dermatologists to optimize the home for beauty and wellness. Their suite of products includes an innovative mold-inhibiting mist-free humidifier line designed for bedrooms, large spaces, and nurseries, as well as a brand new lightweight portable humidifier for a dose of healthy moisture on the go.

Humidifiers work by increasing moisture in the air, promoting better breathing, stronger immunity, and a relaxing night’s sleep. What sets Canopy's devices apart is the built-in diffusion well for aromatherapy, enhancing the humidifier's functionality.

Their game-changing filtered decorative showerhead installs in less than five minutes and features a three-stage KDF filtration system that eliminates chlorine, minerals, and other contaminants for an immediately softer skin barrier and healthier hair and scalp. 

All Canopy devices come with a free aroma oil to enhance the relaxing vibes, for a spa-like home experience every day.

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5. Mito Red Light

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Treat Mom to the gift of rejuvenation with Mito Red Light's Mother's Day specials! Red light therapy, also known as photobiomodulation, harnesses the power of specific wavelengths of light to stimulate cellular activity, promoting healing and anti-aging benefits.

Elevate your wellness routine with the Mito Red Light Full Body Mat, perfect for home or on-the-go use. Featuring a cutting-edge triple-chip diode with 1,280 LED diodes and a total of 3,740 LED chips, including 660nm, 810nm, and 830nm wavelengths, this mat offers unparalleled benefits. 

Pair it with the Mito Quad Wavelength Belt, which boasts 1,215 LED chips packed into 405 diodes for unparalleled performance. This belt ensures optimal results with high-density diodes designed to eliminate dead space, featuring unique tri-chip technology with dual wavelengths: 630nm and 660nm (red) and 810nm and 850nm (NIR).

Nail Mother’s Day by gifting the benefits of red light therapy, including improved skin health, reduced inflammation, enhanced muscle recovery, and increased circulation!

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6. Beekeeper’s Naturals

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Moms deserve something sweet this year, and Beekeeper’s Naturals is the brand to turn to. They’re reinventing the medicine cabinet with clean, effective products that contain ingredients sourced from nature and backed by science. 

One of my favorite bundles from Beekeeper’s Naturals is the Superfood Duo, which includes their best-selling Superfood Honey and Bee Pollen. Superfood Honey contains raw, enzymatic honey infused with royal jelly, bee pollen, and propolis. It supports your immune system while improving energy levels and cognitive function. Bee pollen, often called “nature’s multivitamin,” delivers clean protein, vitamin B, and other minerals and antioxidants to your system. Each serving is nutrient-dense and supports cellular function and whole-body health. 

The Superfood Duo is the perfect way to build a supercharged routine. When taken together, Superfood Honey and Bee Pollen are the ultimate combination for supporting immunity and energy levels for a mom’s busy schedule. 

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7. UltraLux Health Clean

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This Mother's Day, show Mom you care about your family’s health with UltraLux Clean — a hypochlorous acid cleaning solution. Hypochlorous acid (HOCl) is 80 times stronger than bleach as a disinfectant, yet completely natural and non-toxic. UltraLux Clean is also FDA-approved, making it safe for humans, pets, and plants.

What you likely don’t know is that most common bleaches, glass cleaners, and disinfectants contain volatile organic compounds (VOCs), a group of chemicals that easily evaporate into the air at room temperature. Once released, VOCs can lead to a variety of health challenges, including headaches, dizziness, irritation of the eyes, nose, and throat, as well as damage to the liver, kidneys, and central nervous system. 

UltraLux Clean combats this issue with its safe, effective ingredients, acting as a versatile, powerful cleaning solution that is perfect for use on countertops, bathroom sinks and toilets, door handles, kids' toys, grocery shopping carts, kitchen tables, video game controllers, and cell phones.

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8. Aires Tech

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This Mother's Day, give the gift of peace of mind with Aires Tech Lifetune. Protect your children from harmful electromagnetic field (EMF) radiation emitted by their tablets, phones, and high-exposure areas like schools and daycares. Due to their developing bodies, children absorb radiation three times more than adults, making EMF protection essential.

Aires Tech is more than an EMF protection company; it's a pioneer in the field. With a rich history of innovation rooted in military-grade technology, Aires Tech offers cutting-edge solutions to protect your family. Their Lifetune series, featuring advanced silicon resonator chips, provides unparalleled precision and effectiveness against 5G technology.

With Aires Tech, you can safeguard your loved ones against the risks of EMF radiation while enjoying the benefits of modern technology. This unique gift bridges the gap between technology and wellness, offering enhanced well-being this Mother's Day.

Celebrate Mom with 30% off orders over $200 using code 30FORMOMS! Valid from 4/24 to 5/12.

9. SiPhox Health

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This Mother's Day, be a champion for health and empowerment with SiPhox Health’s at-home blood tests. These tests measure the most biomarkers at the lowest cost on the market, providing valuable insights into inflammation, cardiovascular health, metabolic health, and hormonal balance with just a few drops of blood. Understanding these biomarkers is crucial for early detection and prevention of various health conditions, allowing for proactive health management.

SiPhox’s comprehensive reports include actionable insights and advice to help improve your loved one’s bloodwork for a longer and happier life. Regular testing can provide a clear picture of her health status, allowing her to make informed decisions about her lifestyle, diet, and exercise regimen. 

Choose from a range of tests, including comprehensive wellness checks, hormone tests, thyroid tests, biological age tests, and more. Give her the gift of health and knowledge this Mother's Day with SiPhox Health!

Use code “happymothersday” for a 20% discount on all one-time test kits, subscriptions, and memberships.

10. Dry Farm Wines

Elevate your Mother’s Day celebration with Dry Farm Wines. Sourced meticulously from European artisans, each bottle is a masterpiece of flavor and health. These wines are third-party certified organic, sugar-free, lower in alcohol, and devoid of harmful additives and preservatives commonly found in U.S. wines. Dry Farm Wines' stringent criteria ensure optimal purity, making every bottle keto, vegan, paleo, and GMO-free.

Beyond exquisite taste, these wines offer numerous health benefits. Lower in alcohol and sulfites, Dry Farm Wines are easier on the body and allow Mom to indulge a bit more without feeling terrible the next day. The absence of harmful additives makes them a safe choice for health-conscious people.

Treat the mothers in your life to a gift that's as thoughtful as it is delicious. Level up their wine experience with Dry Farm Wines, offering a healthier and more flavorful choice.

Snag a bottle today and give Mom the gift of exquisite taste and health benefits!

11. HigherDOSE

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Mom will love the rejuvenating benefits of red light therapy with HigherDOSE's innovative products. The Infrared Sauna Blanket is a standout, offering cutting-edge technology that provides incredible heat therapy while maintaining low EMF levels. Unlike traditional sauna blankets that can overwhelm the body with electromagnetic fields, HigherDOSE ensures a safe and effective sauna experience. Your loved one will cherish wrapping themselves in the Sauna Blanket for a nap after a busy morning, whether they've been chasing the kiddos around or tackling their to-do list.

For a more targeted approach, the Infrared PEMF Mat combines infrared therapy with pulsed electromagnetic field technology for comprehensive wellness support. There are few gifts better than reduced stress, increased energy, better sleep, improved circulation, and enhanced muscle recovery.

Whether the mom in your life is looking to relax, rejuvenate, or enhance her overall well-being, HigherDOSE's red light therapy products offer a convenient and effective solution. Give her the gift of self-care and wellness this Mother's Day with HigherDOSE.

Use code BENHD for an exclusive 20% discount! Plus, from 4/24 to 5/2, every purchase includes a complimentary Serotonin Soak Mini!

12. Power Plate

CODE: 20% discount PLUS a free Pulse Massage Gun (valued at $250)

If you're looking for a unique and thoughtful gift for Mother’s Day, then the Power Plate MOVE is the perfect choice.

This cutting-edge technology is trusted by professional athletes, celebrities, and doctors for its ability to provide a full-body workout in just 15 minutes. Using Whole Body Vibration Therapy, the Power Plate stimulates the entire body with gentle, low-impact vibrations that burn more calories than traditional workouts.

Your mom will enjoy a host of benefits from using the Power Plate, including increased bone density, heightened strength, improved circulation, and reduced stress.

With the Power Plate MOVE, the woman in your life can feel her best in less time while enjoying a fun and effective workout that engages her entire body. 

Take advantage of a special 20% discount PLUS a free Pulse Massage Gun (valued at $250).

13. Thyroid Fixxr

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This Mother's Day, surprise her with the transformative effects of Thyroid Fixxr, a standout supplement in a crowded market of fat burners and energy boosters. Utilizing the potent effects of T2, it promises enhanced fat loss without the jitters or palpitations often associated with other products.

Thyroid Fixxr's unique formulation goes beyond mere fat burning, offering a holistic approach to wellness. It focuses on boosting energy, promoting brown fat activation, optimizing ATP at the mitochondrial level, and even lifting mood. This comprehensive strategy ensures that she not only looks her best but also feels invigorated and vibrant from within.

So, this year, up your Mother’s Day gift by providing the experience of holistic wellness and vibrant health — she'll not only appreciate the thoughtful gesture but also the tangible benefits it brings to her well-being.

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14. Ben Greenfield Coaching

Mother's Day is near, and what better way to honor your mom than with a gift that prioritizes her well-being? BGL Coaching’s package includes a 30-day customized fitness or nutrition plan and four weekly progress check-ins from her coach for support and accountability.

Your mom will receive a personalized plan designed for her, featuring exercises tailored to her fitness level, interests, and goals. The nutrition plan will include targets, recommended foods, and a meal plan with a variety of recipes.

During the weekly check-ins, she'll receive detailed feedback from a coach specializing in accessible fitness and nutrition, allowing her to discuss her goals, preferences, highlights, and any obstacles she's facing.

The Fit Mama Coaching Bundle is the perfect gift for any mom looking to enhance her fitness or nutrition journey. 

Lock in this exclusive offer for the Fit Mama Coaching Bundle now!

15. Boundless Parenting

This Mother's Day, give the gift of Boundless Parenting to the moms in your life to empower them on their parenting journey. Parenting is a complex adventure filled with questions, doubts, and challenges. How do you educate children effectively? How do you set rules that are fair yet firm? How do you discipline with love and understanding? Managing health, diet, and exercise can also be daunting tasks. 

If you want to raise children who are not only successful but also kind, creative, and resilient individuals who can positively impact the world, give the gift of practical wisdom and mentorship from 37 experienced parents. Plus, each chapter of Boundless Parenting shares personal stories and advice on education, discipline, health, and more. 

Read this insightful book on parenting together to help ensure that you and your partner raise self-actualized and happy children, avoiding the mistakes of previous generations.

Grab your copy of Boundless Parenting today!


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