A Step-By-Step Guide to Interpreting Your Bloodwork – Video Walkthrough of Ben’s WellnessFX Blood Panel

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About every 3-4 months, I test my blood with a WellnessFX Performance Panel.

Part of this is pure and simple preventive medicine. In other words, I want to know if there are things happening inside my body that might cause me to be building up arterial plaque, suffering from hormone deficits, or on the threshold of immune system breakdown.

Part of it is the fact that I'm constantly using my body in guinea-pig experiments and I need raw data (such as my back-to-back body damaging triathlons or my recent 30 pound mass gain experiment).

And finally, part of this is that I want to be able to continue in my quest to help you achieve amazing feats of physical performance without destroying your body – which means you must be healthy on the inside and healthy on the outside. That's not a “guessing game” – the only way to truly know is to test.

So in the video below, I walk you step-by-step through my blood results and give you as much valuable information as I can along the way!

Click here to download a .pdf of the WellnessFX results if you want “close-ups” while watching the video.

-Click here to do a WellnessFX Performance Blood Panel like the one you see in the video. Notez Bien: I had the “premium” version of the test.

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