“The Kona Diaries” Day 4, Part 1 – How To Register For An Ironman Triathlon & The Latest Fitness & Triathlon Tools.

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Welcome to Day 4, Part 1 of the Kona Diaries, in which you’re going to get a stark, honest and open look into the life of one of America’s top fitness experts – and find out what I personally do to design my daily routine for optimum health, get my body into the best shape ever, and prepare my mind to enter the pain cave.

Day 4 started off with a trip down to Dig-Me Beach, where many hot, fit bodies gathered to prepare for the race..

In the video below, you'll see exactly what I go through when registering for an Ironman triathlon:

After registering for the race, then getting a full body massage from a fabulous place called “Body Rhythms Massage & Spa“, I headed to the Ironman expo, where I took some interesting photos of cool new fitness and triathlon toys.

First, I bought raffle tickets for the Kona underwear run, which raises money for the Special Olympics. And I look like I am an excited 5 year old boy.

Kona underwear run raffle

Next, I headed over to the Trek booth and photographed these “Speed Concept” bicycles, and the Specialized booth to photograph a “Shiv”. These are top-of-the-line triathlon bikes, and as you can see, nice to look at too.

Trek Speed concept

Specialized Shiv

Next, I tried on some Yurbuds, which are special headphones designed to stay in your ears even during the most vigorous of exercise sessions. Here I am attempting to yank them out of my ears, with no success.


During my race, I'll be wearing those shoes you can see in the background behind the treadmills in the K-Swiss booth. I thought it was actually a smart concept to have treadmills in a shoe booth, although I never actually saw anyone running on them.

KSwiss booth

At the Ford Motivational Mile booth, family and friends can leave special messages for athletes, and these messages appear as we run through the toughest part of the course – “The Energy Lab”. It always brings a tear to my eye as I see special encouragement from my wife, little boys, friends or family as I run through that section – and that always keeps me going strong for at least another mile. It's those little things that help!

ford motivational mile

I then went over to the BH Body Vibration platform booth, where they showed me how I could do full body vibration and biceps curls at the same time (check out those guns!) and also how vibration can improve flexibility, at least for touching your toes.

BH Vibration Platform

BH Vibration platform

My next stop was a special booth where TriGallery art was displayed. The piece on the left is a triangular swim buoy, the middle made of tubes and meant to represent two bicycle wheels(I think), and the one on the right is meant to look like the inflatable finish line at a triathlon, and is made out of shoelaces to make you think of running. Although I grew up painting watercolors, I personally do not buy art – but thought this stuff was pretty creative.

Tri Gallery triathlon art

Stay tuned, because later today, I'll be releasing video footage as a camera follows me through the world famous underwear run in what may be the skimpiest video ever to be released at BenGreenfieldFitness.com!

If you have questions about any of this stuff, or certain topics you'd like to see covered in videos or posts over the next week, simply leave your comments below.

Coming tomorrow: “Kona Diaries” Day 5 – The World Famous Underwear Run, What I Put Into My Transition Bags, How I Deal With the Pain Cave, and My Official Nutrition, Racing & Pacing Strategy for Ironman Hawaii

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  1. The Marcellus Shale says:

    The easiest way to meet these requirements is to have food and water in the transition areas and then refuel during the cycling stage.

  2. baltic amber says:

    In general, participation in a triathlon requires an athlete to register and sign in..

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