Three Ways To Get A Better Chest That Looks and Performs Like An Olympic Athlete.

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Whether you’re a guy or a girl, a better chest is something that can help you look fabulous in a swimsuit, triathlon suit, jeans and a t-shirt or a business suit.

But getting a better chest goes far beyond simply looking good or having nice pecs.

This is because the chest muscles are responsible for flexing your upper arm bone (as you’d do when swimming), moving the arm inwards (as you’d do when holding bike handlebars) rotating the arm bone towards the body (as you’d do when running), and breathing deeply (as you’d do during any intense physical exertion).

Because of those actions, getting a better chest is crucial to both aesthetics and performance – whether you’re a power lifter, weight lifter, recreational exerciser or endurance athlete.

So here are three ways to take your pecs to the next level and get a better chest:

1) Press From All Angles.

Don’t just bench-press or do push-ups. Instead, include exercises on a decline or incline bench, or with your feet or hands elevated to work all angles of your chest. On a weekly basis, you should include incline, decline, and flat chest pressing or push-ups so that you attack your chest muscles from all angles. For variety, do exercises like decline pushups, incline bench press, and dumbbell chest press. You can even incorporate explosive angled chest exercises such as medicine ball chest throws (shown below):

2) Fly.

Flies help develop the inner pec muscles that presses have a hard time targeting, and there are many variations of the fly that you can use, including machine chest flies, decline dumbbell flies, flat dumbbell flies, seated cable flies, and standing cable flies. When you do flies, don’t go outside your comfortable range of motion, as it can be easy to hurt your shoulders if you don’t do flies properly. A standing cable chest press (shown below) can also help develop the inner chest muscles.

3) Work Your Postural Muscles.

Slouched shoulders can make your chest look droopy, so when you’re working your chest, you also need to include shoulder posture exercises like seated rows, single arm cable or dumbbell rows, pull-downs and pull-ups. When you’re at your computer, reading a book, or sitting in a car, bus or airplane, always make sure you’re not letting your neck or shoulders roll forward, as this can lead to a sagging chest. Notice in the video below how I keep my shoulders squeezed back as I perform seated rows:

It's that simple! Press from all angles, do flies, and work your postural muscles, and you'll be able to watch your body transform and get a better chest that looks and performs like an Olympic athlete.


But no discussion of how to get a better chest would be complete without addressing “man boobs”, which are medically referred to as gynecomastia – or abnormally large mammary glands. This condition is not physically harmful, but can be embarrassing and an indicator of more serious underlying hormonal conditions.

If you’re a guy, and you find that no matter how much you work your chest, you can’t get rid of the extra fat tissue on the chest, you should:

1) See an endocrinologist or a naturopathic physician. Sex hormone imbalances and a reaction to pharmaceutical drugs are commons causes of man boobs. Also, check out the transcript for Podcast Episode #152, in which I talk about gynecomastia.

2) Wear compression garments. Compression sports-wear, such as supportive t-shirts, can help with both appearance and comfort as you work on getting rid of man boobs.

3) Watch your diet. Some folks simply store more fat in certain areas – and any caloric excess is going to go straight to your trouble spot, especially if that’s mammary tissue! For getting rid of man boobs, pay special attention to limiting alcohol, sugars, and processed fats such as baked goods and vegetable oils.

If you want to learn more about how to swim, bike and run lightning fast, but also have a nice body, (and get access to the other 6 articles in this series) then check out the video below, or head over to for a brand new approach to training for the ultimate triathlon body.

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10 thoughts on “Three Ways To Get A Better Chest That Looks and Performs Like An Olympic Athlete.

  1. Elan says:

    What bench do you use?

  2. harish singh says:

    Thank you for sharing chest workout and guide I tried these at home and I see good results in 1 months
    And I also share some workout and guide how to do these workouts

  3. Robert says:

    Rows and all that are fine for “postural muscles” but you forgot face pulls! Face pulls are an absolute must for shoulder health if you’re doing a lot of pressing, and I’m guessing they work these postural muscles (not even sure what those are to be honest) as well.

  4. Marco Postma says:

    What about the row ergometer like a concept2? Works a lot of those muscles and is a cardio workout as well. Would be my favorite, but does it work as well? What’s your opinion (Ben)?

    1. It can definitely work for the shoulder stabilizing part, but not really for any type of muscle gain.

  5. rednavelracing says:

    Great article! I am a triathlete/ultra-runner who was looking to add a little definition to my chest, glad I came across this link on your FB Page!

  6. Evilcyber says:

    I'm not so sure if you can target the inner chest, as the pectoralis maior is one muscle. Other than that I think you are correct, especially about the variation; a combination of chest presses, push-ups and inclined flyes works very well for me.

  7. Joe says:


    You need to draw a distinction between excess fat in the chest and gynecomastia. Gynecomastia is actual breast tissue and no amount of working out will get rid of it. The only option is surgery. I highly recommend as a resource.


    1. That's what I said in the article Joe. You should read the gynecomastia section again!

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