Why Fat Is Good.

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When I published the Superhuman Food Pyramid last week, I received many questions about why fat is at the base of the pyramid.

In this audio, you'll learn about why fat is good during my interview with John from UrbanVitality.com.

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If you have questions, comments or feedback, just leave it below, and if you enjoyed this article and audio, you should also listen to my interview with Tom Naughton of the “Fathead” movie.

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34 thoughts on “Why Fat Is Good.

  1. Dave Boucher says:

    Ben what would you recommend for daily intake of cholesterol??

  2. Johson says:

    Pseudo science at its best. lol Do people really believe this shit? Capitalism has ruined America and your page full of ads and bullshit. Are you buddies with Joe Rogan? That dude openly admits to taking testosterone…

    It would be nice if a reputable person gave solid advice online, unlike Ben Greenfield. Oh yeah luckily there is www.nutritionfacts.org

    1. Weldon says:

      That’s a nice capitalist website there, haha. Also, what’s wrong with using ads to earn a living? In fact, what’s wrong with testosterone? It’s safer than multivitamins and advil. Can you over dose? Yes, but you over dose on water, advil, and broccoli too. Thanks for the giggle.

    2. Not Johson says:

      Another psycho-vegan with mental illness due to lack of the proper amino acids and fat in their diet.

    3. Joshua says:

      Wow, Johnson, I am sure your one website makes you well more informed than another single website. Maybe research where your information is coming from? Or God forbid try it out for yourself. And yes, ads make money. When you are giving away free information, you have to make money somehow. You nutritionfacts.org may be a great website but you being so closed minded as to think that it’s a better or perhaps the only great website is just plain ignorant. Also, this might blow your mind, not all doctors are perfect geniuses. Look up the word “fallible” in the dictionary. Next time don’t waste your time leaving a negative comment and spend more time doing research or testing things out for yourself. Your own body is the only thing that will give you a solid answer as to what is true fact vs junk science.

    4. Zoran says:

      As Dr Jack Kruse would Telling you Mr Johson , you are so Dopamine deprived that even if somebody lay out évidences in front your eyes you won t see them ..get outside and take some sun without sunglass, it s gonna help you being amarrer….

      1. Zoran says:

        *** being smarter

    5. Ella says:

      Don’t eat the cookie if you don’t like it. Get your own site and spew there.

  3. Shana says:

    Ben, why do you day to avoid dried meats? what about high quality organic beef jerky and so on?

  4. unknown says:

    Fats provide more energy than any other food. Some foods like fruit and vegetables have no fat at all. Some foods like chocolate and hamburgers have large quantities of fat. Hamburgers are also healthy because they have things like lettuce and tomato, cheese and beetroot in them. The reason why a hamburger is a fatty food is because the meat is cooked with oil and the bread/roll has usually got fatty butter on it also known as margarine.

  5. Alex says:

    Hi Ben:
    Do non-numbered podcasts like this one get transcribed? I can't find it in SlideShare and it woud be great to have it. Thanks.

  6. Alex says:

    Hi Ben:
    As always, great info, thanks. Would you have any insights into why this knowledge is not mainstream? Why physicians, etc do not recommend this approach to fats?

    1. Because A) the Lipid Hypothesis is what is taught in medical schools and B) packaged food and grain subsidies influence the politics of food tremendously.

  7. Alan says:

    I was trying to explain to a friend recently about why he should not be using canola oil but all I could remember was omega 6's and it being over processed. I know this is totally basic but can you post a link to exactly why canola ol is so bad?

    Also, why do so many "healthy" places use canola oil in their salad dressings instead of olive oil (yes, I am thinking of you Whole Foods!)?

    1. Canola oil is cheap to use in a dressing, which is why most restaurants/stores use it. But the omega–3 fatty acids of processed canola oil are transformed during the deodorizing process into trans–fatty acids, canola oil can create a deficiency of vitamin E, and because of its high sulphur content, it goes rancid easily – which means it creates pro-inflammatory free radicals (in addition to the higher levels of pro-inflammatory omega 6 fatty acids)…

  8. Ava says:

    Wow this Ben Greenfield doesn't know nutrition! He says cucumbers, lemons, limes, make you fat?? He wants you to eat lard! Don't fall into this guy's trap.

  9. Annie says:

    Ben, you mentioned in podcast #183 about some recent research articles explaining the benefits of a higher fat diet, i was wondering if you could just give some author names of article titles that you consider to be the most informative/reputable? I don't need the whole citation just a starting point and i'll find them. Thanks Annie

  10. Curious says:

    Ben, you said a vast majority of soy is genetically modified. What do you think about "organic" soy milk? Is that something that should be avoided.

    1. Yes, it should be avoided. Remember: the digestive inhibitors in soy are also an issue…

  11. Osa says:

    I noticed on your food pyramid that you added Safflower oil, Sunflower oil, and Canola oil to avoid. I knew Canola oil was not good, but I was wondering why you put Safflower oil and Sunflower oil on the list. People think those two oils are healthy and they have appeared on the Dr. OZ show as belly fat blasting oils. In fact Saffslim is the hot new belly fat blasting supplement ever since it appeared on the Dr. OZ show and Montel Williams was raving about it, so now people are either taking Saffslim or cooking with Safflower Oil to help them reduce their belly fat. I just wanted your thoughts about this.

    1. Polyunsaturated fat content – these oils are higher in omega 6's and also potential for going rancid and forming unstable free radicals…

      1. Osa says:

        Thanks for the information. Many people even myself and especially some doctors do not know that and continue to recommend the three oils you put on your food pyramid to avoid as healthy. In fact Safflower oil, Sunflower oil, and Canola oil has been featured on Dr. OZ and that is where a majority of Americans, especially women get their health information in the mainstream, which is scary. Its good to have guys like you Ben in this world that are giving right health & fitness information that is based on science and not based on false science or conventional wisdom.

        1. Ashley says:

          Hi Osa and Ben,

          Here is a quote from the SafSlim website: "Polyunsaturated linoleic safflower oil is considered a healthy essential fatty acid, which research has shown to be cardio-supportive and beneficial for healthy metabolism."

          I just thought you may want to check out the science behind SafSlim before ruling out its effectiveness all together. Here is a link: http://safslim.com/safslim-science/index.php.

          Hope this helps!

  12. Kevin says:

    My diet has been about 40-50% fat for several years now and it's working well. I have plenty of energy to train, and I'm not "skinny fat"! Any thoughts on the high omega 6 content of many nuts? I still eat a lot of nuts but have cut down since I don't want my 6:3 ratios too out of whack.

    1. You can balance it out a bit by simply eating MORE omega 3's Kevin – i.e. when you eat nuts, choose walnuts, and do 3-5g of a high quality triglycercide based fish oil such as Pharmax or SuperEssentials…

      1. Derek says:

        Nordic Naturals is also a great choice for fish 🐟 oil.

  13. Scott G. says:

    Awesome interview, will be referring this one to other people. Been eating healthy fats for the last 4 months and feeling sleeping better. I have heard from nutritionists that fats before bed balances your blood sugar to help you sleep, works for me.

  14. Chuck says:

    Awesome interview ben- tons of great knowledge that I can point family and friends to.

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