351: Secrets Of The Fittest Old People, Ben’s Top Healthy Baby Tips, How To Get Rid Of Injuries Fast & More!

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April 20, 2016 Podcast: 351: Secrets Of The Fittest Old People, Ben's Top Healthy Baby Tips, How To Get Rid Of Injuries Fast & More!

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Listener Q&A:

As compiled, deciphered, edited and sometimes read by Rachel Browne, the NEW Podcast Sidekick.

How To Stay Fit When You're Sitting

Dougie says: He's seen you write a lot about sitting and sedentary behavior. He has to sit in the same position for the 60 mins/day every day when he drives. He can't decrease his sedentary sitting time. Do you have any ideas for house to combat this?

Ben's Top Healthy Baby Tips

James says: His wife just had their first child. What are some of things you did with your boys to make sure they were flourishing and healthy?

How To Get Rid Of Injuries Fast

Neale says: He’s been having issues with RSI in his shoulder and his hip. He's wondering if you can give him any suggestions for how to get these things sorted out? Anything food/supplement related? He's currently doing LCHF diet, for the past year and its going well. He wanted to get consistently running again, can you help him out?

What To Eat Before, During And After Workouts

Rachel says: Her question is, what should she be eating pre and post workouts? She's heard a lot of conflicting information on protein, fat and carbs and when you should be eating them. She'd love to get your insight.

In my response, I recommend:


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Ask Ben a Podcast Question

14 thoughts on “351: Secrets Of The Fittest Old People, Ben’s Top Healthy Baby Tips, How To Get Rid Of Injuries Fast & More!

  1. matt says:


    Wondering the best placement for the Marc pro while sitting (driving) ?

    1. Depends on what you're using it for!

  2. Todd says:

    I was interested in some of your recommendations regarding what to eat before, during and after a workout, but the gray notes section for that portion of the podcast above is blank. Will you be posting some resources there for us to check out?

      1. Todd says:

        Thanks Ben! I’m also looking to get back into weight training, and wanted to see if you had any resources to recommend (blog post, book, etc.) on meals to eat before and after a weight training workout.

  3. Seth Longacre says:


    Onnit is only showing a 5% discount when you follow your link:

    Ben Greenfield Special


    1. Should be 10% on supplements, 5% on fitness gear…double check!

  4. Luke says:

    Great podcast Ben.
    Does BPC-157 need to go INTO the joint or just close?


  5. Will PT says:

    Love the podcast in general, and this episode for the most part. Only
    comment I had was about Niel’s question about his hip bone spur and
    shoulder RSI. I think it would have be wise to mention to him that seeing a
    good Physical Therapist (that’s “Physiotherapist” to Rachel) could help a
    lot. Although your treatment suggestions were good, they may be
    oversimplified. He could have some biomechanical prolems that are causing
    these issues and a good PT is the best resource for analyzing and treating

    Will, DPT

    PS. Ben, I bet I know why your right gluite is hurting after kneeling over
    your left. It’s complicated, but you probably have a left AIC pattern.
    Check this out to learn more:
    https://www.posturalrestoration.com/the-science Another thing a good
    “Physio” can help you treat. :)

  6. Stephen says:

    Hi Ben,

    I’m a fairly recent listener to your podcast, but I’m enjoying it a lot – thanks for the effort in putting it out there.

    I just wanted to comment on the “fit old people story”. My Grandfather is 100 years old and only just now he is about to leave the house that he has lived in for almost 70 years. This is probably as much about my mom (in her 70s) not being able to support his independent living. He is still going strong (had a pacemaker put in last year at 99), but I think the recent loss of his driver’s license and having to move into a residence has taken a bit of wind out of his sails.

    Here is a 90 second short film I made about him preparing for his driver’s test at 99, and a bit of his daily exercise routine. I made a longer 10 minute documentary about his life that I played at his 100th birthday party this year, which goes deeper into his life story (riding the rails during the depression, potentially becoming the “great white hope” in boxing), and his “secrets” for longevity. I haven’t yet published it though, hopefully soon.


    So what are his secrets? From my interviews and knowing him for about 60 years, this is them in order of importance.

    1) Move. He grew up in Canada on the prairies, before cars were in use and walked everywhere and did hard labour (threshing, lumberjacking). He continued walking at least 5 miles every day until very recently – rain, shine, snow… He lifted weights at his gym until a couple of years ago, but now does a dumbbell routine at home (see video).

    2) Eat well. He cooks and made his food from scratch (soups, yogurt, bread, wine), avoided sugar (except for his home-made date squares). A glass of red wine with his evening meal. He also doesn’t overeat – stops when full.

    3) Keep your mind sharp. He left school at 12 to run the wheat farm when his dad died . That didn’t stop him from teaching himself Norwegian, becoming a Officer PE trainer during WWII (kept getting stripes himself), studying to be a factory engineer at Lever Brothers. He is an avid reader, and kept sharp by memorising Robbie Burns poetry before going to bed. He still vividly remembers stories from back to his childhood up to today including names, dates, and with details that put me and most people to shame.

    4) Be social. 200 people were invited to his 100th birthday party – some family, but most of them were his personal friends from his community centres, the self-brew shop, his chiropractor, people he met walking in the park each day, his church. I cannot say I have personal relationships with nearly as many people.

    Is my Grandpa a genetic freak? Maybe, his sister died at 100, his mother at 94, and his aunt at 113. However his father and three brothers didn’t make it into their sixties. Surprisingly all the ones that died early lived out in the country, on the farm. The longer-lived ones lived in the city. Also, two of his brothers that died the earliest were bachelors (loneliness kills?). Interesting, but anecdotal.

    My conclusion is that genes help, but it is more lifestyle that influences longevity. I think we have much to learn from our elders, if we bother to listen.

    1. Stephen,

      Very interesting story and really appreciate you sharing it so others can benefit!

    2. Meg says:

      There isn’t a “Like” or a “Thumbs Up” button for listener comments here, but if there were, I’d press both of them. Great stuff.

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