The 5 Most Potent Age Defying Secrets From The World’s Leading Expert On Anti-Aging.

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My podcast guest in this episode suffered a stroke when he was 22 years old.

That's him, at right, in the blue shirt, at age 23 – at 25% body fat and over 210 pounds.

That's also him, 6 months later, still at age 23, after he dropped 55 pounds of fat and weighed in at 160 pounds.

And finally that's also him now, at age 60 in January 2014, after adding muscle from his 20's to weigh in at 184 pounds.

So how did this all happen?

His stroke actually set him down a path that would change his life forever. Within 5 months, he had dropped those 55 pounds, lowered his blood pressure from 200/90 to 110/70, and began developing the anti-aging system and five age defying techniques that we talk about in today's podcast.

At age 53, using his own techniques from his anti-aging protocol, he has now shattered the world endurance record for most pounds lifted overhead in an hour (53,640 pounds). And now he plans to break the record for aging.

His name is Nick Delgado, and in this amazing audio episode, we delve into hormones, hypoxia, nutrient density, fats and oils, trampolining, telomere testing, and much much more.

Resources from this episode:

The Delgado Protocol

-Nick's book How To Stay Young

CVAC Pod and the Hypoxic air generator Ben and Nick discuss

The MindAlive light/sound device to achieve brain theta waves

Telomere Length Testing

TA-65 extract for telomeres

Astragalus herb in TianChi that Ben uses

Marine Phytoplankton for essential fatty acids

Melatonin Cream for wrinkles

The olive oil that Ben smears on his face every day

The Weston A. Price / Okinawa study that Ben mentions

Mini trampoline for lymph flow

-Finally, if you want The Purigenex Intensive Collagen System that JJ talks about in the podcast, it has only been sold to plastic surgeons, doctors and medspas for the past 5 years. But this transdermal collagen mask and serum is being made available exclusively to Ben Greenfield Fitness Subscribers for $300 below the doctor price with FREE overnight shipping! Check it out here. You can also get the Age Reversal Serum she talks about here.

Do you have questions, comments or feedback about how to break the world record for aging? Leave your thoughts below!

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69 thoughts on “The 5 Most Potent Age Defying Secrets From The World’s Leading Expert On Anti-Aging.

  1. Karen Talarico says:

    I am interested in knowing where in Massachusetts the Koreans he mentions live and what doctor they’re seeing.

  2. G says:

    Always good to get different perspectives. I disagree though that the nutrition recommendations would be optimal for all people or even required for long living. Emma Morano, an Italian, died at 117, and had a diet that primarily contained raw eggs, raw minced meat, pasta, milk, biscotti, and hazelnut chocolates.

  3. Steve says:

    Hi Ben, what are your current thoughts on CVAC for improving

    performance and health?

    1. This would be a great one to call into the podcast! Can you call it in?

  4. halfmoonray says:

    I think the shoes he's referring to are by Body Glove not body glide, lol.…

  5. Jeanninerenae says:

    Whelp, I just bought Estroblock Pro Triple Strength and despite disagreeing with his dietary advice I sure hope this product helps with stubborn fat loss because I’m at a loss. P.S. Olive oil and coconut oil are on a daily rotation in my bathroom! My skin loves oil. P.P.S. I appreciate your diplomatic approach towards Dr. Delgado during this podcast despite obvious differences, a sign of true professionalism. He needs to turn it down a notch (WHY ARE WE YELLING!?) haha

  6. steve says:

    Thanks Ben do you know if something like this would be safe for children ? My neice is 10 and has diabetes type 1 she has to inject insulin my brother ignorance makes it so much worse because of his diet fluctuations high insulin spikes and steady insulin shots to accommodate bad food choices. Any insights on treating diabetes naturally for kids any resources will help thanks Ben.

    1. With a huge cocktail/shotgun of herbs like this, I'd call the company and ask them to make sure. Good companies like this are usually honest when it comes so shooting straight with you. I would be feeding children a high fat diet, then listening to this podcast we did on ways to support a healthy pancreas:…

  7. steve says:

    Hey Ben as far as telomere support I found this product that has many health supporting properties it has been formulated by some scientists and the ingredients are 100% organic what do you think??? Nuvi stemtelo…

    1. It has Spirulina Powder; Soursop; Pomegranade; Olive Leaf Extract; Acai Berry; Royal Jelly; Goji Berry Extract; Bilberry Extract; Fo-ti Extract; Ashwagandha Extract; Wakame Algae Extract; Grape Extract, skin and seeds; Bovine Colostrum; Astaxanthin; Beta Glucan; Brown Algae Extract; Curcuma; Kino Tree; Green Tea; Milk Thistle; L-Carnosine; Eleuthero; L-Arginine and Reishi Mushroom

      I get most of this stuff from what I personally take, including the Thorne multi…but this wouldn't be a bad option…

  8. tickle says:

    Maybe the key isnt so much low carb or high carb but instead to avoid all processed foods and to eat the freshest and healthiest foods possible.

    Obviously he’s doing something right when he has that kind of stamina to press 53,000 pounds in one hour.

    Great podcast Ben.

    1. lehnerto93 says:

      We share the same opinion. I've met people who eat vegan, who also eat 100% organic, homegrown, or farmer's market (local), and their health is incredible! Notably there are nutrient deficiencies when it comes to vegan, but at times I wonder if the benefit of total avoidance of yucky processed foods outweighs the nutrient deficiencies… it would be better to have meat though. I couldn't go without steak or bacon.

  9. gabrielove says:

    OY! Total egomaniac! You are one patient man Ben.
    I did the raw vegan thing for 3 years. I am not convinced!
    Thanks for sharing perspectives other than ancestral though.

  10. CMA787 says:

    Thought provoking interview Ben, I enjoyed it. However it doesn't dovetail very well with the LCHF KETOGENIC program I've been following for the past 14 months. Thoughts on low-glycemic carb-cycling integration?

    1. I’m a fan of Kiefer’s carb back loading approach when it comes to that: this one

  11. vegpedlr says:

    The "Weston A. Price/Okinawa Study" Ben links is NOT a study. It is an opinion piece on a blog that promotes beef. The post does not cite or link any research to support its assertion that the traditional Okinawan diet is based on pork. This unreferenced article is in direct opposition to the published research that shows a diet as Delgado describes: high carb, very low fat, low in animal products (including pork and fish) The Okinawan diet has been well researched since 1949 by the Japanese government, and more recently by the Wilcox brothers. Weston A. Price did not to my knowledge study the Okinawans or any other Asian population.

    1. CMA787 says:

      Reference GARY TAUBES (short) writings on THE CHINA STUDY.

      1. MontanaJack says:

        Unfortunately, Taubes' information is pretty much a non-peer reviewed repeat of writings found in other publications including Atkins, etc. In addition, Taubes' writings come from an individual whose idea of primal or "Paleo" comes from sitting in an office in downtown NYC. I've suggested to Mr. Taubes in the past, via postings on his blog, that to primal is not even close to what he advocates. Simply spend a few weeks in the woods and see what your 'diet' is comprised of…anyone who has been through survival school, for example, will be the first to tell you bugs, root and leafy vegetables, fish and small animals (rabbit, etc.) comprise most of your diet while trying to find bigger and more substantial game.

  12. ktmmojo says:

    Hello Ben, I was wondering if you could comment on the statements made about cooking with oils like coconut oil. I recently threw away all of my seed oils and purchased Extra Virgin Organic Coconut Oil from Jarrow Formulas and use it for all my cooking needs. I'm aware that you need to use low heat with Coconut oil and have been using this specifically when cooking eggs. Should I not be doing this?

    1. Actually I encourage butter and ghee and bacon fat as being BETTER than coconut oil because they are lower smoke points. Avocado and macadamia nut oil too. But coconut is better than many of the seed oils.

  13. Pestodude says:

    Delgado quotes from podcast:
    The moment oil is taken out of olives or coconuts the composition of the oil is destroyed.
    High fat diet causes fat deficiency.
    Using a quarter cup of olive oil in recipes you're setting yourself up for "freak'n disaster".
    Olive and coconut oil is mechanically "sticky" and it rolls into bloodstream undigested, coats blood cells, and suppresses oxygen to capillary beds.
    Olive oil is THE leading cause of high blood pressure and one of the leading causes of breast cancer and several other diseases AND THAT IS WELL DOCUMENTED.
    Ben, are there any respected studies that back up ANY of these statements???

    1. Yes. There is. Check this out: – unfortunately oil production is not controlled very well at all!

      1. Pestodude says:

        I get that there is bad oil on the market masquerading as extra virgin but will a high quality oil such as the one you use do the things he's saying?:

        "Olive and coconut oil is mechanically "sticky" and it rolls into bloodstream undigested, coats blood cells, and suppresses oxygen to capillary beds.
        Olive oil is THE leading cause of high blood pressure and one of the leading causes of breast cancer and several other diseases."

  14. jdgee2 says:

    Great podcast interview, thanks! It is beyond me, how generous Ben is with his time and energy.
    The word humanitarian comes to mind…

    …jus' sayin'

    For Nick Delgado: Congrats for finding an all around program that works (for him), and best wishes on the goal to see the year 2074!

  15. JB says:

    The establishment field of human nutrition has made a LOT of bad mistakes over quite a long period of time, and there is not a one-fit-all healthy diet. But I believe that it’s a good idea to state your biases up front if you are going to promote yourself as an expert in nutrition. Delgado got his graduate training at Linda Loma U, which is a Seventh Day Adventist program. Seventh Day Adventists are committed vegetarians . The school only provides a vegetarian cafeteria and the nutrition department is heavily slanted toward vegetarianism which it readily admits. For me, unacknowledged biases muck up the work of trying to get to reliable nutritional information, in much the same way as the public and vocal members of the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine push vegetarianism for health when they are a front group for PETA. Possibly the most famous member of this group is T. Collin Campbell, who’s China Study was proven to be remarkably poor science, and to which Delgado refers as a basis for his own scientific beliefs. Religious and animal rights are good reasons to refrain from eating animal fat and protein, and more power to Delgado for being able to remain healthy while doing it (while also addressing his dietary deficiencies with supplements), but religious and animal rights motivations for touting vegetarianism, comcomitant with villifying fat and animal protein as something that will seriously mess you up (because of observations of live blood analysis on top of it – a methodology considered completely questionable; I’ll leave it to the readers to look that up) is just bias plain and simple.

    Tom Naughton at Fathead did a take down of Delgado a couple of years ago following a youtube video in which Delgado claims you can be made diabetic in six hours by drinking a small amount of olive oil and eating a sandwich. It was much more dramatic than that, but that was the basic bit. The video itself is an embarrassment. It was taken down from the Fathead site, but may still be available on youtube. However the discussion on Fathead about it is interesting. You can google Fathead and Delgado and easily find it if you are interested.

    1. very, very insightful. And awesome. Thanks for this.

    2. vegpedlr says:

      Can you link to the peer reviewed journal that published how "the China Study was proven to be remarkably poor science? To my knowledge, Denise Minger is not published in the literature.

      1. MontanaJack says:


        Chris Masterjohn does provide a critique of The China Study on his website:…

        Granted, not peer reviewed, but, from a couple of reads it appears to be fairly objective. In addition, I've read the first part of the China Study twice and tend to find Dr. Campbell's statements a bit conflicting. For example, in Forks Over Knives and other discussions, he states above a certain threshold, protein intake becomes carcinogenic and freely applies this statement:

        However, is this true? For example, is it certain amino acids? Is it the "protein" raising IGF-1 levels — which endocrinolists and oncologists are more concerned with? Etc.

        Campbell's information is a good start, but, IMHO and as a layperson, still needs qualification. It is akin to statements from vegan MDs claiming a plant-based diet is the only way to reverse heart disease. Not true. Dr. K. Lance Gould, MD, was the pioneer–before Ornish and Esselstyn–in the reversal of heart disease using a moderate protein, low fat diet.

      2. Bruno says:

        Bruno del Bruniotaatio. Del Bruno Del Berunk

    3. Inogen MacKenzie says:

      Surely, what Delgado demonstrates in the video is what he says in the podcast – taking oil alone, without all the fiber that accompanies it in nature, is not healthy. I don’t know what the truth is, but I do think that it’s something worth thinking about. If he had explained this in the video, things would have been clearer! I have been vegan for around 30 years and am in excellent health, by the way.

  16. chuckhazzard says:

    As for TA-65, it, similar to Isegenix Product B, have a very mild effect on telemere health, so are not really worth the money.

  17. chuckhazzard says:

    It is interesting that Nick's diet is low fat, but uses bio-identicals to balance his hormones. I highly recommend the book, "The Doper Next Door" or listen to Dave Asprey's interview with the author (, who used Wiley Protocol ( for one year. I think the jury is still out on the pros/cons from long term use of bio-identicals.

  18. Jonathan Emery says:

    I know you don’t agree. My point was that this isn’t really evident from the podcast.

    Always good to hear other people’s opinions but you get nearer the truth through argument (the good-natured variety). Always have this problem with Fat Burning Man show as well. Loads of interesting stuff though, so thanks.

  19. Jonathan Emery says:

    Ben you should have called this guy out. I know he looks a little fierce but you can’t just duck out of a confrontation when someone advocates a low-fat diet when you spend most of your time promoting a high-fat paleo-type diet. This isn’t a small difference it’s a big one and you can’t both be right. At one point you said you agreed that people should steer clear of the wrong sort of oils. But he was advising just staying away from oils period.???

    1. There isnt one way for everyone, it is possible that his way actually works for him. He has some interesting and valid points that are worthy of discussion. I don't agree with a lot of his recommendations and in the end we all benefit from this type of information.

  20. Karl_M says:

    Hi Ben, Nick makes mention of using a Tesla neuromuscular electro stim device. I did a quick search and found this – – not sure if it's the same thing? I am getting closer to pushing the button on a Marc Pro for trying to help me get over some lingering injuries and for general recovery. Would you still think the Marc Pro is the best choice or is the something else I should consider?

    1. Tesla (or compex) are fine for training. But MarcPro is a Therapeutic waveform. For injury or recovery, it's undeniably the best. (better yet, you can a $32 discount at with discount code "Ben")

  21. ParkF says:

    I would have liked to hear his views on What Makes Olga Run and the contrasting diet recommendations. I think Ben was very gracious and diplomatic, but there were some puzzling comments about olive oil, protein, toxins and a 7% body fat claim?

    1. Yes, too bad we had limited time!

  22. Ireland113 says:

    Hi Ben you mentioned an olive oil you order from Europe in the podcast that you apply to the skin what is it called?

  23. allened says:

    Ben, this guy is almost directly opposite of your pyramid. He advocates heavy fruit consumption and zero fat consumption. The second tiniest tiniest fonts on your pyramid is fruits (indicating eating less of this) and the largest part of your pyramid advocates heavy fat usage.
    I know you stated that following your pyramid is what you recommend but for someone trying to find his way through this labyrinth of diets and methods, this podcast simply added to my confusion.

    1. He had gems. Pick the good stuff that he talked about and ignore the stuff that you know I disagree with. I am more steeped in a focus on Ancestral living than Nick is. But some of his tips are indeed quite good.

  24. jkdigges says:

    Any idea were you can get the Body Glide shoes?

  25. Darren chen says:

    A lot of what Delgado said in this episode makes me think of the concept in Chinese Traditional medicine called ‘Jing’, which in a word is a person’s life force. Jing is a finite physiological resource that is consumed throughout life and it is completely depleted in a natural death. His talk of Sexual health, a positive attitude/outlook, and having a balanced nutrition are all related to this concept. Is there a scientific/western indicator or explanation for this substance? Thanks!

    My sources:

    1. I'd suspect beginning with micronutrients and organic acids would probably be going down the right route in looking for a way to "quantify" Jing…e.g a Spectracell analysis, organic acids profile, etc.

  26. RonHamiltonJr says:

    What were those shoes he mentioned? Body Glide? I can't find reference to them online.

      1. jkdigges says:

        Aha – Must have been why I couldn't find them! Thanks.

        1. RonHamiltonJr says:

          Yep, and I'm glad I'm not the only one who was looking for shoes that didn't exist.

  27. Interesting podcast. His views are contradictory to what I have read and heard about on podcasts, but everyone’s dietary needs are different. Being type 2 diabetic, I will stick with low carb and ketogenic diets.

  28. shanasturtz73 says:

    It was good to get another perspective on the diet thing. However, since changing my diet to a lower carb, higher fat diet, I have eliminated most of my food cravings and am leaner and at least feel healthier than ever. I don't believe Delgado's diet would work for me. I can hardly tolerate raw foods and the quantity he talks about are not realistic for me. However, I am curious about the reco. for melatonin cream. I take melatonin internally for sleep and wondering if the external application is only for cosmetic purposes or if it will actually also make a person sleepy. Has anyone used topical melatonin cream, and for what purposes?

    1. It can get absorbed via the skin, so if I personally used it, I'd take it before bed at night!

  29. Trirod48 says:

    wonder what someone like dr. attia would say about his bloodwork compared to delgado? color me confused! seems like high fat low carb is working on me and being an older gent i don't have time to chase different paths.

  30. Doug N says:

    Ben, what are your thoughts about Nick’s dietary recommendations?
    His pyramid looks quite a bit different than yours. Just when I thought I had dialed my diet in…..

    1. read the other comments…

    2. nkfenn says:

      Very interesting podcast w/you and Nick this a.m. on my bike ride, thank you! Can you pls tell me what it was that he recommends for adrenals (I have adrenal fatigue) thanks!

      1. You should go here:…

        and read the adrenal fatigue section.

  31. Rc says:

    I agree w There’sa all confusing especially when Delgado says blood analysis poor scold water on high fat types, wonder what attia would say?

  32. There'sa says:

    Listened to Nick this morning while on the Zero Runner. And yet another informative interview and podcast about fat and protein consumption. But I didn’t expect this one. It is no wonder it is all so confusing?!? Not sure, at 48 years old, what to try next or to just stop trying new stuff. What Nick said makes as much sense as Dr. Atkins! What now?

    1. If I were you, I'd stick with my dietary recommendations rather than Nick's – unless you want to take 30+ supplements like he does.

      1. MatthewTS says:

        I was thinking that this guy reminds me a lot of Jack Kruse, but nearly everything he says is the exact opposite (at least the diet recommendations are 180 degrees opposite). So Ben, I guess that means you won't be switching to a low-fat, low protein diet?

  33. CFCollins1836 says:

    Ben; How well does the mind alive work? I will start using my earth pulse next week. wondering if this is another tool to add to the regime. thanks.

    1. The MindAlive like this: works well, but I haven't yet combined it with the EarthPulse. Keep me posted if you do that, and what you find!

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