#229: How To Legally Boost Hematocrit, Limit The Damage From Night Shift Work, The Dangers Of Vasectomies and More!

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Feb 6, 2013 free podcast: How To Legally Boost Hematocrit, Limit The Damage From Night Shift Work, The Dangers Of Vasectomies and More! Also: should you eliminate all dairy if you have asthma, and how to run faster for longer.

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  • If you're a dude doing yoga, be careful.
  • To those people that say diet is more important than activity for reducing fat, I say geek out on this.
  • About 500ml (16oz) of beet juice in 40 hours and BOOM – magic happens (and lotsa red poo). ;) ~ In this news flash, I mention organic beet juice.


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As compiled, edited and sometimes read by Brock, the Ben Greenfield Fitness Podcast “sidekick”.

Audio Question from Dwight @ 00:24:14
He is a shift worker who works alternating days and nights – 3 on and 3 off. He finds it hard to get into a routine at the gym or with regular meals. Can Ben offer some workout routines for coming off nights and on to days and also any supplements that might help with the transitions back and forth.

~ My recommendations to Dwight:
Home or Office “light” workout gear
MostFit Suspension Strap

Sleep (Supplements)

-400-500mg potassium citrate combined with 400-500mg Natural Calm magnesium (30-60 minutes prior to bed)
-MillenniumSports Somnidren GH (use on empty stomach, 30-60 minutes prior to bed)
-Hammer REM caps (use 15% referral code 80244)

Sleep (Testing/Tracking)

Zeo Personal Sleep Coach system
-More affordable alternative to Zeo: SleepTime app by Azumio

Sleep (Tools)

-Install “Flux” on computer so it dims at night
-Wear blue light blocking glasses, especially for evening computer use. Recommend Gunnar.
-Install low blue light bulbs, and put blue light blocker screen on computer
PZizz iPhone app for quick naps
Dream Essentials contoured face mask and fitted ear plugs
“The Delta Effect” CD’s/mp3 downloads
-Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy for enhancing deep sleep cycles – recommend EarthPulse
NatureBright Sun Touch for morning light therapy
Sunrise Alarm Clock for waking

Audio Question from Jenny @ 00:38:29
She has heard that reducing or eliminating dairy can help with asthma. Does this extend to goat and sheep milk or is it only cow. Should she also cut out whey protein (even the Mount Capra stuff) and eggs as well?

~ In my response to Jenny I mention the Metametrix Immunoglobulin testLivingProtein (vegan protein source),  and my goat's milk vs. cow's milk interview with Joe Stout from Mt. Capra.

Audio Question from Jim @ 00:48:43
He is currently doing a lot of interval work, mostly 5 minute intervals and some 1 minute intervals based on the Jack Daniels system. His job is very physical (on his feet, lifting and pushing). What would you suggest he do to work on extending his ability to maintain a fast pace.

~ In the response to Jim, Ben mentions his book “Weight Training For Triathletes” and suggest supplementation with oxaloacetate.

Audio Question from Mike @ 00:59:00
Is wondering about Hematocrit levels. His is usually between 39 and 40. He has heard that levels above 50 can be suspect for “doping”. Is 40 low? What would it mean, performance wise, if his was 45? Is there a natural way to raise it? Would he want to?

Anonymous asks @ 01:13:16
I am thinking of getting a vasectomy but I don't want to mess up my race season or my health. How long will I need to take off running and lifting after the procedure? I'm less concerned about cycling and swimming, but that is also a factor. The medical literature says “don't bathe or swim for 48 hours”, “take it easy for 2 or 3 days”, “limit your activity for 5 days” and also “strenuous exercise or lifting should be avoided for a total of 7 days”. That doesn't sound too bad…. does it?

Interview with Craig @ 01:22:44
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11 thoughts on “#229: How To Legally Boost Hematocrit, Limit The Damage From Night Shift Work, The Dangers Of Vasectomies and More!

  1. Dan says:

    I had a vasectomy back in December 2010, it was a newer method using tiny clamps…. I was in and out in about 20 minutes, tested and had no swimmers… Anyways, weeks later my family noticed a round spot on my face where I was was missing facial hair. I googled it and its called "Alopecia". It was there for about 6 months, then finally went away. Do you think having these "clamps" removed could possibly reverse any damage that might have been triggered?

    Keep in mind that months later, I got sick, went on antibiotics (avelox) and my life took a turn for the worst. I think I honestly got the one, two punch with the vasectomy and then leaky gut from the meds.

  2. cfilice says:

    Hi Ben. I am a BIG fan of the show telling everyone that this is the only fitness/nutrition podcast you need to listen to! However, I was dismayed about the piece on vasectomy. Of course, I do not have your credentials but I believe your message was somewhat misleading. Though some studies showed a link between vasectomy and prostate cancer, we are talking about correlation perhaps, certainly not causation. Here are two of many solid opinions you can read: http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC14726… http://www.vasectomy-information.com/moreinfo/pro…
    I agree with Kem above – it is a safe and responsible way for men to make a contribution to reproductive decisions in relationships. After all, why should it be all put on women to protect themselves, take meds and monitor their daily temperature?? Pregnancy, childbirth, possible job displacement, menopause, etc….we've got it easy, guys! A safe little snip is the least we can do!

    1. I'd still review these before you do it:<p align=”left”>Antypas, S., et al. Bilateral effect of unilateral vasectomy on testicular testosterone biosynthesis. Journal of Pediatric Surgery 29: 828-831, 1994. <p align=”left”>Geirerhaas, B., et al. Morphological and hormonal changes following vasectomy in rats, suggesting a functional role for Leydig-cell associated macrophages. Hormone Metabolism Research 23: 373, 1991.<p align=”left”>Giovannucci, E., et al. A retrospective cohort study of vasectomy and prostate cancer in U.S. men. Journal of the American Medical Association 269:878-882, 1993.<p align=”left”>Petty, R. Erectile impotence. Practitioner 237: 828-832, 1993.<p align=”left”>Reuters World Service. Vasectomies increase risk of male impotence study. London, October 5, 1994.Hsing AW, Wang RT, Gu FL, Lee M, Wang T, Leng TJ, Spitz M, Blot WJ. Vasectomy and prostate cancer risk in China. Cancer Epidemiol Biomarkers Prev. 1994 Jun;3(4):285-8.

      1. Mike says:

        Thanks very much for posting, Ben—actually had a consult booked w/ a urologist, and was considering a vasectomy (since we've done the extremely selfish thing and gone and had children! Ok, enough sarcasm). Had a chance to listen to your podcast on a recent roadtrip, and it gave me pause. Next week, the consult was canceled.

        After listening, I wanted to dig up these studies. Once again, thanks!

  3. kem says:

    I am quite happy with my vasectomy. It is the only way to take the onus of secure contraception for males. I also believethat being childless is my gift to the earth, which is becoming more hot flat and crowded daily

  4. cogrick2 says:

    Hi Ben, I tried to subscribe to your fitness tips but the service replied that I used an unrecognized keyword. I confirmed that I input the phrase that was requested of me. I have an older phone so that might be the problem.

    1. It's probably your phone. You need a text messaging platform!

  5. Diego says:

    Hi Ben,
    Regarding the hematocrit question, in the march issue of Bicyling magazine there was a small article regarding a product called epo boost (www.epoboost.com) claimed to be completely natural/safe and totally legal. It has/lacks some of the natural supplements you said in the audio, like echinacea/omega3 respectively. Could you give me your opinion about it and how safe/efective do you think this suplement could be or the mix of suplements you described in this audio.



    1. Yes, I've discussed on podcast. It actually has some pretty good stuff in it, but nothing too different than I already get in the https://getkion.com/shop/body/tianchi-chinese-adaptogenic-herb-complex/ adaptogenic herbs, so I really don't see a reason to double up. My TianChi herbs are friggin amazing – for endurance, stress control and even sex. Ben

  6. Cara says:

    My husband had a vasectomy, but 2 years later we found out that it was unsuccessful. So, does that eliminate his risks that are associated with successful vasectomies?

    1. Depends on what you mean by unsuccessful. I would suspect risk is lower ,but there's probably some inflammation still present!

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