#237: Is Red Meat Really Bad For You, Which Artificial Sweeteners Are Good, Is Bench Pressing Bad For You, How To Get Rid of Restless Leg Syndrome and More!

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April 18, 2013 Podcast: Lasik eye surgery for sports performance, natural remedies for restless leg syndrome, how to get rid of side stitches, can blood sugar go up during exercise, which artificial sweeteners are good, and is bench press bad for your shoulders?

In the opening we talk about Ben's Vietnam Race Report.

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As compiled, edited and sometimes read by Brock, the Ben Greenfield Fitness Podcast “sidekick”.

Craig asks @ 00:32:38
After listening to the interview with Dr Cobb, he was wondering if Lasik (laser) Eye surgery might positively effect performance.

~ In my response to Craig, I mention the Z-Health interview and the Bates Method.

Ian asks @ 00:42:27
His father has Restless Legs. Every night when he goes to bed his legs and shoulders twitch. He doesn't take any supplements but he does have lowish thyroid. Would like to know what he should be eating or taking. Could this be an inflammatory issue?

~ In my response, I recommend: Magnesium lotion, Floradix, Full spectrum antioxidant with Vitamin C and E, such as LifeShotz, Bitter melon extract, Valerian Root, Folic acid, Near Infrared, and Fish oil.

Sidestitch says @ 00:53:10
She gets a left sided stitch when she drinks more than 4oz of water on a long run (she also gets an annoying sloshing feeling) and also at the end of shorter more intense sessions, if she has eaten less than 2 hours before. What's up with that and how can she stop it? Also, is there an easy way to find topics that have been covered on past podcasts?

~ This response can be found as part of the Ben Greenfield Fitness Top Hits, Vol. 1.

Jim says @ 01:13:17
He is 46 years old and has been performing fasted workouts for the last 25 years. Lately he has been keeping an eye on his glucose levels due to a fasted glucose test of 129 and an A1C of 4.8. He noticed that during his hard fasted workouts his blood glucose increases up to 35 points. He has increased his cinnamon intake, is only eating carbs after workouts and is supporting his liver with bitter melon. He is curious if there is a way of quantifying that 35 point rise in terms of calories released by the liver.

~ In my response to Jim, I mention bitter melon extract.

Katie asks @ 01:19:50
She knows there are a lot of artificial sweeteners in low carb products and would like to know the pros and cons of them. She also likes to drink tea and chew gum during her morning fasts and would like to know how artificial sweeteners can effect fasting.

~ In my response, I mention this B-Fresh gum.

Matthew says @ 01:27:29
On a previous podcast you mentioned that you are not a fan of the bench press and is wondering if you could expound on that and if you could suggest some alternatives.

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7 thoughts on “#237: Is Red Meat Really Bad For You, Which Artificial Sweeteners Are Good, Is Bench Pressing Bad For You, How To Get Rid of Restless Leg Syndrome and More!

  1. Andrea says:

    I was curious about the Stamfod workshop coming up in May. Can you post the times of the clinic and the actually location in Stanford. Thank you so much.

  2. Gareth says:

    Hey Ben is there any discount on the HD version for those that attended the live superhuman event on spreecast?

    1. Yes, you get it FREE, Gareth. Just email me [email protected] and let Marge know.

      1. kate says:

        Do Superhuman Coaches receive this as well? Email Marge?

  3. Trevor says:

    Regarding the lasik stuff, the impact of getting lasik and fixing/improving peripheral vision can't be understated in my opinion. Your subconscious uses your peripheral vision more than you might think, and is actually far more accurate that looking directly at something most of the time when simply relying on reacting to your environment.

    1. Good point, Trevor.

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