#240: How To Get Rid Of Adrenal Fatigue, Lose Fat As Fast As Possible, The Joe Rogan Shake And More!

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May 9th, 2013 Podcast: Nerve pain while running, natural remedies for rosacea, how to lose fat as fast as possible, how to get rid of adrenal fatigue, how to get rid of a peroneus injury, and how to absorb more protein from a protein shake.

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As compiled, edited and sometimes read by Brock, the Ben Greenfield Fitness Podcast “sidekick”.

“Noodle Leg” Ashley asks @ 00:23:44
She ran a marathon last spring and ever since, when she goes for a run longer than 2 miles, she loses muscle strength in her right upper thigh and has trouble bringing it around. Any idea what that could be?

~ In my response, I refer to episode #235.

Paul says @ 00:30:59
He is looking for suggestions on how to help with the condition Rosacea.

~ In my response, I mention www.inflammation-factor.com and superessentials omega fish oil

Thomas asks @ 00:38:41
He has lost 25lbs and 7.5 inches around his waist eating paleo, doing sprints, and lifting heavy. He has 15 more pounds to lose and he has about 6 more weeks until he is back home, seeing friends and family (and wearing a swim suit). Is there anything that is safe in the short term to lose that last bit of fat quickly? He doesn't want to hurt his long term health.

~ In my response to Thomas I mention the www.coolfatburner.com vest, fasted cold thermogenesis or fasted fat burning sessions in the morning, MPX100 Bitter Melon Extract, sauna/detox, alternating HIIT and strength in afternoons, and 1 full recovery day (perhaps with bikram yoga to shed water weight).

Gary asks @ 00:50:19
He hasn't been able to run the way he wants because his muscles are very tight, he is very stiff, he is very low in adrenaline and high in norepinephrine and dopamine.

~ In my response, I mention The Adrenal Fatigue Quiz. Also:
 -1-2 TianChi per day on empty stomach
 -2-3 servings per day Trace Minerals
 –Vitamin D3 ~ 35IU/lb
 -Amino Acids – 5-10 MAP per day

Marie-Claire says @ 01:03:32
After an awesome triathlon season last year, her husband Gerry had a peroneus brevis and peroneus longus injury and is looking for some nutrition and supplement advice to get him back on track quickly. She has been giving him deep massage, he eats nearly paleo, and is getting ART and EMS.

~ In my response, I mention a soft ankle brace.

CT asks @ 01:09:35
He likes to throw berries into his whey protein (from Jarrow) smoothie in the mornings and is wondering if that hurts the impact or absorption of the protein into the system.

~ In my response, I recommend proteolytic enzymes, such as Recoverease, and also the protein powder Deep30 and…

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7 thoughts on “#240: How To Get Rid Of Adrenal Fatigue, Lose Fat As Fast As Possible, The Joe Rogan Shake And More!

  1. Dan Lombardi says:

    Thanks for the info Ben, and luckily it works with my schedule. See you tomorrow!

  2. Dan Lombardi says:

    Ben, can you let me know what time your "Essentials of Triathlon and Distance Running Fueling, Nutrition and Training" in Fairfield, Connecticut will be this Saturday? I can't find a time posted anywhere, and I'd love to attend if my schedule allows it.

    Great podcast as usual, and with the single leg squats on the 1/2 foam roller, I assume you put the round side down so it's wobbly?


    1. Would LOVE to have you there Dan! Check out: http://pacificfit.net/resources/calendar/
      Bring your friends!
      You definitely do single leg squats on foam roller….I do.

  3. Jamin-Time says:

    I don't think you answered the question about noodle leg. The cutaneous femoral nerve is something I have trouble with. But it is a purely sensory nerve and shouldn't impact muscle use (and doesn't for me). The caller didn't mention numbness (sensory nerve), but complained about muscle weakness. That should be a different nerve altogether.

    It seems some testing to see if it is isolated to a single nerve and some evaluation if it was definitely caused by the training or just coincidental timing would be in order. If she stops running, does the muscle control return for walking?

  4. Hemming says:

    Hi Ben,

    Great response to the question about adrenal fatigue!

    I took the adrenal fatigue test and scored 166 which is clearly above the marker for adrenal fatigue. I'm currently trying to recover from an eating disorder and need to gain weight (5'9'', 115lbs). You mention specific foods to focus to on, which I'm eating already. I eat a pretty low carb diet and have experienced that I crave good fat. My question is if you have any recommendation on the best macro ratios for 'curing' adrenal fatigue and gaining weight?

    Best regards,


    1. That's the thing. If you have adrenal fatigue you shouldn't be giving a crap about ratios. You should just be eating really nutrient dense foods when you're hungry. Foods like
      1. Eggs, with the yolk
      2. Sea vegetables
      3. Organ meats
      4. Bone Broth
      5. Shellfish
      6. Natto
      7. Dark Fruits/Veggies
      8. Fermented Foods
      9. Turmeric/Curries
      10. Coldwater Fish
      11. Grass-Fed Beef
      12. Follow the Superhuman Food Pyramid EAT foods, and avoid the MODERATE and AVOID foods.

      1. Andy Smith says:

        I also think this was great advice.

        I've been feeling under the weather for a while and after a week of changing my diet to the above recommendations I feel a lot better.


        P.S: I'd like to see Brock do a video with some goats.

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