328: Burn Fat & Build Muscle At The Same Time, The Best Time Of Day To Drink Coffee, Is Warming Up Overrated & More!

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Aug 12, 2015 Podcast: Climbing Stairs vs. The Stairmaster vs. The Elliptical, Is Warming Up Overrated, How To Burn Fat and Build Muscle At The Same Time, What to Do About Gut Issues During A Triathlon, and How To Get A Girlfriend.

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Listener Q&A:

As compiled, deciphered, edited and sometimes read by Brock Skywalker Armstrong, the Podcast Sidekick and Audio Ninja.

Climbing Stairs vs. The Stairmaster vs. The Elliptical

Bill says: He has one of the old Stairmasters where the pedals don't go back and forth. He has heard you say that the elliptical is bad for people, long term. Would that problem be the same for the stationary Stairmaster? He only does about a half hour per day – for the last 20 years.

Is Warming Up Overrated?

Phillip says: He is a multisport athlete who has been doing a lot of yoga lately. His instructor puts a lot of emphasis on warming-up the muscles before they start stretching them (using the old “cold rubber band” analogy to explain why) using movement and by turning up the thermostat. But he is not a rubber band, and his muscles are always at a toasty 98.6°F. Do muscle actually get warmed up? Or is there another physiological process in play? Does he actually need to warm up?

How To Burn Fat and Build Muscle At The Same Time

Bryan says: He has read that in order to gain 1lb of muscle over a week, you need to consume an additional 3400 calories and then burn those calories in resistance training. If this is true, can he avoid consuming the 3400 calories and burn a pound of fat and gain a pound of muscle – or – would he lose 2lbs of fat and gain one pound of muscle? Can you explain how this works?

What to Do About Gut Issues During A Triathlon

Rusty says: He is a very well established marathoner who just did Lake Placid Ironman. He has one 70.3 under his belt, that went very well. In Lake Placid, he had a good swim and bike but started vomiting violently half way through the run. He took on as much nutrition as he could on the bike. But during the run he got very light headed and was not able to finish the race. He is looking for an explanation and advice on how to avoid that in the future.

In my response, I recommend:
Ginger chews
Peppermint Tums

How To Get A Girlfriend

Michiel says: He is 5 foot 10 and 198lbs. He has been doing HIIT training. He quit smoking, is eating organic as much as possible and has a “pretty fair face”… but still doesn't have a girlfriend. Can you help him out?

In my response, I recommend:
The ArtOfCharm website & podcast


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